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  1. The bonnet on my TR4 was not very rusty but, resembled the Alps more or less all over. So I had a look for one and won a red one in Leicester for £28 needing work. The nose was full of cardboard, wire mesh, and even the Bondo had fallen apart, but cutting a front bit from the Alpine bonnet saved the day. Sadly the rear of the red hood was rusted through at both rear corners, so again out with the grinderette and sliced off enough of my original bonnet to again hopefully get it in one piece. Welding and fitting the rear edge was tricky but hopefully when the strengthening plates come back from the blasters it should all go together . Just hope the paint shop man can hide the joins!
  2. JFI, the threads on the float chamber screws is Number 8 NC X 32 TPI.
  3. Thank you John but I will take one of the screws to my local tool merchant and get a tap from there too.
  4. Apparently my USA imported TR4 car had carbs that didn't match, I was gifted an old matching carb to refurbish. sadly one float chamber bolt snapped off. I have managed to remove it and ask what thread size these bolts are, so I can buy a tap and run it through.
  5. Sounds like the pedal box was modified to RHD and the holes accidentally filled with weld.
  6. Thanks Rich I will get back to him and ask for more.
  7. My neighbour has 2 gearboxes with overdrives could anyone please identify them for him please. first one cast into the gearbox is V2947 then 88306812/B SM ont he plate J type O/D 25/115842/004589 and the other one again cast in the gearbox 3086817 then WYF E 336/R On the plate J type 25/11542/007147 Many thanks.
  8. Thanks Gentlemen I'm now on a mission.
  9. Plenty of undersea on the wings and tar from the road too. In the past I used a firm in Preston who removed rust and everything else in their oven and did a grand job. Sadly their prices have gone so far out of reach for me. I did ask a local garage proprietor for advice the other day and he swore WD40 would soften itv so easily. He was wrong. I could try a nlowlamp carefully but am scared that I might distort the panels.
  10. Thanks for that ,worked a treat.
  11. I saw a post about check straps a while ago, but can't seem to find it. I know its been here before, but unless I Take a hammer to it how can I remove it. (Easily) Also has anyone made their own spot light bar, for a bumper less TR, could they share their drawing and experience please. see pics.
  12. This may help? The 2 pins aren't welded in place either they can be punched out, should you need to. this is from my tr4, not 4A.
  13. Well, I haven't fitted the new bushes, for I'm having the rocker tips refaced tomorrow. Didn't know they needed reaming though, will try one, and if that fails, its off to TR Bitz, and get Johnny to do them.
  14. and as if by Magic, took 20 mins thanks for the tip, best Pete
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