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  1. I am looking to have a pair of front grilles anodised, (MK 1 Spitfire) and have found this firm in Birmingham, has anyone used them before and would you recommend them. I know nought about anodising, they are very dull.
  2. pfenlon

    TR4 in front

    Are those American racing services Mag wheels on the TR?
  3. pfenlon

    TR4 in front

    TIM! the TR has just Passed the 40, the Porsche was dead easy. Its Crimbo remember. think nice thoughts.
  4. pfenlon

    Long door TR2 Restoration

    Couldn't get the video to work on my Mac, but lovely car, a credit to you John. my garage, I'm envious too. It also became a paint booth for a while.I
  5. pfenlon

    Replacement seats in a 6

    Hello Mark, is there a reason that you don't wish to fit MX5 seats? I have done this on my TR6 and Spitfire, they are a very good and not expensive alternative, the seat runners can be made to fit original TR floor attachments too. just trying to help.
  6. pfenlon

    MENNO's watch thread continued

    WoW thats a posh one Lebro, I was surprised to find the Casio at the back of the drawer and even more amazed it still worked.
  7. pfenlon

    MENNO's watch thread continued

    thats good advice thank you Miles.
  8. Just thought Menno could check up here, this watch business can get really snobby so lets have some ordinary ones. I got the Rotary for my 21st thats 51 years ago, then reputed to be the thinnest watch available....dont know if its true. Bought the Casio for novelty value it had no hands!! by far the better timekeeper, the swatch. from a second hand shop and The Breitling a present from HWMBObeyed. Menno let us know you have returned.
  9. pfenlon

    early window winders

    they usually crack across the thinnest part of the moulding, I have been looking for a couple of good ones with decent chrome. I found this one, see pic, the top on has a 16.5, sleeve dia and the bottom one a 15mm sleeve dia and is cracked The stouter made handle has cast onto the back 1/3351/2 1/19141/3. WBB the better handle won't go through the original plastic cover, but surely one will have been made for the stronger handle. I would love to know what they were fitted to.
  10. pfenlon

    Water pump help pls

    Niall, I couldn't work out how to get the bearing out of the housing, called Craig and his quote was better than sodding about, have you done one like this before? I did think that others would put me right with ease but no one came up with an answer.
  11. pfenlon

    Water pump help pls

    Hello. Ian. just this minute ordered one from TR Bits at a very good price that I couldn't refuse, but thanks for the tip.
  12. pfenlon

    Water pump help pls

    This pump is from a 6 cylinder 250 engine. Z
  13. pfenlon

    Another at Auction

    Scott, I trashed you when the car arrived, then I realised that you were a deceiver, until the cars arrival I thought I had made a mistake and apologised to you. then the truth came out, you passed the car off for an important item that you knew was missing, hiding behind "I didn't know" won't wash with the friends I have here. especially as you are a TR expert.
  14. pfenlon

    Water pump help pls

    After the NEC trip have been doing a bit on the TR250, it needs a full renovation but I thought I would get it mobile, so got the engine running but the water pump is done for. I have never ever worked on a pump, but having a spare one I thought I would get a kit and recon it. But (isn't there always a but) I cannot see how to extract the front bearing, can an expert tell me where I'm going wrong. or is an extractor tool required? I Cann't see a bearing at the rear of the pump either. The impeller came out OK, see pic pls...............
  15. pfenlon

    Another at Auction

    Hello Tom, the only thing to add, is that I was had, hook line and sinker, I sent a mail to Mr Shepherd with a list of the many cars over many many years that I had never a problem with. All the sellers were truthful honest people. He is the only seller that I have ever had a problem with. His reply was as expected when I asked for a refund, abusive. I did reply in the same vane.

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