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  1. I bought a new CBX1000, shortly after they were introduced, the retail price then was around £3000, they were being offered at a cutprice £2000, I had a mandatory Honda upgrade to the fuel system almost immediately to stop Hydrauliking??? cant remember. It was a wonderful bike but I almost had a big one on a ride out, and I sold it. I replaced it with a. CB900F, which was a far better handling bike, (for me) The CBX didn't sell well in the early days, How things change! your bike by the way looks stunning.
  2. It does look superb but I don't like all the POP rivets all over it!
  3. Pauper Pete, just back from the local food bank. No luck today rabbiting with our Jack Russel, god life's tough. Does the heater valve work easily, or is it as resistant as most of them are, I found the Taxi heater valve the easiest to operate and cheap at £18, but they look Naff. If its a working one I will be in a position in a few days to go to £20 for the old dog, this subtle method always works on the Antiques road show. Have you got 4 Philidas nuts Andrew? Best Pete
  4. All info in, "the tyre bible", get it off the net. best and full description of ALL tyre markings.
  5. Nice picture John, no wind I see, but a cloudy Cumbria. but why have you got 2 front number plates?
  6. With respect Mick, I think you have missed the point. The forum deserves a place to show their mettle.....................
  7. This is what we all want Ian, hopefully those keeping the doors closed will realise that it would be a change for the better for the club and its members. I am not much of a patient bloke, and it would be easy to opt out, but there are others doing their best to open the doors for us. My subs are due later this month, and I am to renew in the hope that much will change in the coming weeks.
  8. We all have a preference mines a Varta.
  9. The unit in my Spifire is. sadly broken, so I bought this LED type to replace it. They sent me 5 instead of 1, one is distorted, so 3 are available FOC to anyone the can use one. Green LED
  10. I am looking to have a pair of front grilles anodised, (MK 1 Spitfire) and have found this firm in Birmingham, has anyone used them before and would you recommend them. I know nought about anodising, they are very dull.
  11. pfenlon

    TR4 in front

    Are those American racing services Mag wheels on the TR?
  12. pfenlon

    TR4 in front

    TIM! the TR has just Passed the 40, the Porsche was dead easy. Its Crimbo remember. think nice thoughts.
  13. Couldn't get the video to work on my Mac, but lovely car, a credit to you John. my garage, I'm envious too. It also became a paint booth for a while.I
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