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    The Red Tomato, 1972, Triumph Spitfire 4 MK1, 1964. TR4 from texas 64, car in rebuild.

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  1. pfenlon

    Tank pic

    here you go Bob, must say a very good kit, but still needed a bit of fettling.
  2. pfenlon

    Tank pic

    I'm an idiot. but no one has a tank then.
  3. pfenlon

    Tank pic

    And a round of applause goes to. well spotted.
  4. pfenlon

    Tank pic

    Did you spot the deliberate mistake????
  5. pfenlon

    TDC, ??

    Grateful thanks for all your replies, will Roger the TDC forthwith, thanks again.
  6. pfenlon

    TDC, ??

    just rebuilding my Engine, its in the car with its gearbox attached. Thin belt conversion done, but foolishly didn't mark the front alloy pulley, whats the safest way to find TDC in this instance please.
  7. Having tried for weeks and weeks to get hold of a wiring loom for my TR4, I have been fortunate indeed. I have tried All the dealers, for used, new, even Left hand drive ones without success, Autosparks are not beginning to get back to production Until 2021.... So, Many Thanks to TR Bitz 2018, in Appleton Cheshire for going the extra mile and sourcing one for me. Credit where its due etc etc a grand outfit.
  8. Bardwell are a good company, I had seals made for an obsolete heater valve, brake and clutch cylinders on my old Pantera, much better than buying from the USA and they have now worked for years, just a satisfied customer, they can if they have the old seal reproduce them with ease.
  9. I have done the door gaps with the wheels on the car, but I made a dreadful error after having the rear axle renovated. Being very short of room in my single garage I stood the axle up against the wall. very slowly the new axle oil I had filled it with, seeped out of the breather and down into the brake drum, which had new liningshetc etc fitted. The pic shows the wheel missing when I fitted the new linings!!! Numpty.
  10. Hello There,

    Thanks for getting in touch my home number is 0161 494 5047.

    Best Peter

  11. Need a wiring loom if anyone has one for sale please, small repairs not a problem. Apologies for not posting in Classified section, but that area beats me every time. Also will the door gaps do?
  12. Roger am looking for one not needing floors, but thanks for helping out.
  13. Too expensive Paul.
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