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  1. Just testing the waters here, (I have NO financial interest) a pal in the USA has been in touch and asked if the Dove would be a popular car in the UK? I know little about the car except that it is a RHD car, and the owner has health issues which may prevent him driving. I have asked if he has a price in mind, and its location. If there is interest I could put both parties in touch. Have found the following. Car in Texas, and if you google TR4 and the reg number, it will give you some history.................. 1964 GTR-4 Dove | Texas Triumph.webarchive
  2. All of the sides are straight, the "bend" is due to letting the bonnet drop over the years.
  3. Oh ye of little faith....... My days of heel and toe driving Ian are in the long distant past
  4. Thank you gents, looks like nobody makes a correct gun then. Will get the file out.
  5. Apparently a TR4 "H" centre section is a rarity and can cost around £200. So more thought was needed, Rogers suggestion was the answer, and I can now apply the Handbrake without knuckle rash, thanks to all, for their observations/ suggestions. A little heat and a bend, then a good weld around the area did the trick. Note, lightweight Le Mans Racing accelerator pedal, very rare find.
  6. When fitting the 3 "Cups on each door (for tonneau fitting) my rivet gun sits on the top of the cup rather than the Rivet. This means that when you have "done" the job the rivet is nice and tight but the cup is loose. I need a gun with a tapered edge to fit directly on the rivet, I can use a spacer but thats not the answer. A new one arrived this morning from Amazon, that looked like it would do the job but its chocolate fireguard stuff. Can anyone recommend one that will do the Job please.
  7. pfenlon


    Cost was £70, trimmer was pete Lenton in Cheadle Hulme cheshire, now owned by Brian after Pete's death, nice bloke on 0161 4852464
  8. Hello Jase, it has been fettled to fit and the radio hole extended to fit a switch plate with 7 switches, It cost me £70 to have it recovered.

    if still interested let me know.

    1. Jase


      Thanks, not sure I need that amount of switches, I'll hang fire, not in a huge rush to sort my interior out at the moment. Thank you though and good luck with the HB.

    2. pfenlon


      Its Ebay then, good luck with your car, Pete

    3. Jase
  9. pfenlon


    Thats too much work sadly, TR Bitz are going to look for a normal one tomorrow. Roger, knowing my luck it would break, and in its normal position it can worry your leg a little, and more if moved a bit to the right.
  10. pfenlon


    Restoring my USA spec TR4, has not been without its trials and tribulations. The latest is just embarrassing. It had had a TR4A centre section "H" frame fitted at some time, This I had nicely recovered, and along with my new carpet set began to fit it. Now for a LHD car the 4A "H" frame would not present a problem, the right hand application, being OK. For a RHD car, applying the handbrake means Jamming your left wrist between the Brake lever and the "H" section....................... Anyone wanting a TR4A "H" section let me know, ( What a plonker )
  11. Surrey tops are priced outside my remit Roger, so one less to worry about...........
  12. Funnily enough I set my screen angle only this morning. I removed the air vents to access the bottom bolts of each screen bracket, which I loosened, along with the top 2 bolts on each side of the screen. Using special tool number 74-329, and a piece of wood, the screen can be cranked up to align with your windows. Its true that winder mechanisms can also alter the rake, there is a lot to think about. also taking care not to crack the screen, It worked for me thankfully.
  13. This was a bit of a mixture when I bought it, it has or had a wooden dash and a 4A "H" frame, it was a dogs brekky. I made the LH crash pad from 2 separate pieces to make the grab handle style, the RH crash pad is new TR6. As Van de Merver said, "I will Mak a plan", spacers may be the way to go. seems no one else has had a problem????
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