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    The Red Tomato, 1972, Triumph Spitfire 4 MK1, 1964. TR4 from texas 64, car in rebuild.

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  1. Thanks Mike, I have let Mike know, with apologies.
  2. Seems a good idea, so made my own one, but fitted inside the housing. a bit of plate and an 1/8" welding rod, plus an hour.
  3. It seems I may have inadvertently sent the glove box stay to the wrong "Mike" if you have received it in error would you let me know so I can get it redirected to Mike in Herts. Please.
  4. you could put GRP behind it inside the panel then bondo the outside, just a thought.
  5. TR4 on tour in Scotland, a while back now, loved the trip, sold to buy the Red Tomato, sometimes we don't always get it right, new TR4 due this year (hopefully)
  6. Its one of many ways I tried Roger?? maybe the spacer goes before the bracket at the top?? Pete.
  7. I cannot fit it for the bulb holder is touching the stiffener bracket that goes from the top of the bulkhead to the steering column support bracket just being the dash. the stiffener is about 7"long cranked at both ends one hole is elongated the other not (which goes at the top?) is there a Spacer needed somewhere folks, i have tried with 2 types of bulb holder ??? I have used 3 nuts as a spacer but guessing. nothing shown in the manual.
  8. Go for it Conrad there must be shelves of bits and pieces that some could use I bet.
  9. No must be copper, seems you may have a mixed thread issue, also slave bleed must be at the top, don't ask me how I know.
  10. Dave I still have this one if its what you need, shiny one went to Tim, send me your address if you need it pls
  11. I have had some Forum members help me out many many times, not just with information, but with spare parts as well, saving me lots of searching and money too. I wrote a couple of times regarding the amount of members we have, and the very small amount of "Spares" advertised in Traction. Best Pete.
  12. All bits now on the way to you, Tims could be 15 days away!!! thanks to all I have a little more room.
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