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  1. have found the "Dot" on the crankshaft gear, its now at TDC, but the gear on the cam has 2 reference points and I'm not sure of which one is to align with the dot on the crank gear. see Pic, note the scribe mark under the lower "dot" TIA.
  2. Let me have his address Chris, and I shall post it to him, best Pete.
  3. sadly not Chris, cant make such long trips at the moment But if another member is going I could post it to him FOC for you to collect any volunteers out there?
  4. Should a member need a LHD steering rack from 1968 TR250 let me know its free of charge bar postage (its a mucky Bugger)
  5. I have a TR250 cylinder head for sale, asking £225.00 Unable to place the head in the parts spot due to my EXCERPT being misunderstood and password problems. PM if any interest, am in the Stockport area of Cheshire.
  6. pfenlon

    Front End

    just as an aside, if you follow the pic that brandus 44 has placed, look at the O/side wing and note the 4 visible bolt holes shown in the pic to connect the top of the wing to the inner wing, but ahead of the nearest hole at the front you will note a smaller hole. That hole is to take a self tapper and secure the front of the stainless steel wing finisher. I have not seen this before, until I bought my TR250.
  7. Thanks Harry, but suspect 4 conrods are for a 4 cyl car, and I wanted 6 for my 250. But good news, this morning I was given a matching set from TR Bits 2018, for which I am extremely grateful. Super service from them, again!
  8. 6 matching conrods required for my 250 engine rebuild. If anyone can assist, send me a PM please.
  9. Hello Dennis, thanks for the info, but Its now at Overdrive Repair Services in Sheffield, being converted from a none O/D box to an A type O/D one.
  10. Should anyone be looking for a new CTM chassis for a TR5 I know of one available. I have no financial interest, or details of price. If interested send me a PM.
  11. Thanks gents, that has saved me some hard earned.
  12. The TR250 I am rebuilding to an ordinary road car, with minor improvements like TR6 cylinder head, rebore, crank to be polished, new pistons etc etc but as for carbs, I believe the rule of thumb is to use H6 SU carbs, now the Stromberg carbs I have are in good nick so why are SU's preferred, how much more BHP are the SU's making?
  13. OK got it will give him a ring tomorrow, tank you for the tip.
  14. Didn't put this in the classifieds due price and many ads being in there for a good while. I have none O/D standard box which I wish to convert an "A" type O/D any advice welcome, how did you do it.
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