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  1. You can buy a repair section from Moss at £336 as you may know, but I can buy a piece of steel for about a tenner. How hard can it be? new floors inner and outer sills are now in, fingers crossed. Trouble is I can't get out to buy the material! The Bonnet also has been suffering the usual slam it shut method, bending it from the front of the rear strengthening plate, will have to unpick both front and rear strengthening plates to get it sorted, I haven't done this before any tips would be welcome.
  2. Who said that? Garage is full so am in the bodyshop in the garden.........
  3. I am having the same problem as Gareth, could it be that it was fitted incorrectly somehow, no doubt a hammer would do the job, but...........?
  4. Many happy returns from me too, best Pete.
  5. Thanks to all for your help. The engine had not ran for about 10 Years residing in a Texan Barn, before I brought it to the UK. The whole car is stripped down for Bodywork issues, which I cannot proceed further with, so checked the Gearbox, which has it seems new synchro rings and new Forks. will leave the O/D in place, hoping that its as good as the box. The engine was the next place to look at.
  6. I am renovating a Texas TR4 1965 model, fitted inner / Outer sills new floors etc. Being unable to get out for parts to complete the body, I have started to strip the engine to see whats needed. The bearings are standard, crank looks as though only a polish is needed, pistons are lightly scored but I hope would polish out, and just new rings required. Bores have no top "lip" and again I hope just a "hone" would enable them to be used again. There is no coppering to any bearing. Head would need "Unleading of course. see Pics and I would appreciate your opinion.
  7. Your spot on it would never fit, a refund would be pleasing.
  8. I read this morning that the Covid 19 had marginally reduced the daily infection rate. Thats worrying, in that the Oiks that haven't taken the threat seriously will return to the streets and begin to infect with Gusto. No I don't know the answer either.
  9. Just as a small edition to Rogers post, I fitted a new top dashed to my last TR (Black one) and the fir between the pad and the steel dash was poor. To make it much neater I fitted a piece of Alloy about an inch wide, and above that a piece of black vinyl wrapped around a quarter inch diameter plastic tube, to fill and hide the poor dash fit. The finished article was much neater. Just an idea but also if anyone has a RHD left side grab handle for renovation please get in touch so I can copy Rogers suggestions.
  10. Thoroughly enjoyed the film thanks for the post.
  11. I am renovating a 1965 TR4, brought over from Texas last winter. Some of the repairs are hard to believe............. The damage to the bottom of the steering column, was caused by the Tacho cable somehow becoming entangled around the column???? and thats just one of many........
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