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  1. I good friend of mine used to run a TR250, fitted with Lucas PI and Lucas fuel pump. He had a small computer fan that was always switched on to keep the fuel pump cool. That was some 20 + years ago. I run a Bosch pump in my TR6, and just driven back from Scotland, after covering 1600 miles in 30 degree + heat earlier this week, but never experienced any problems. My fuel pump is mounted in the boot, next to the spare wheel. Cheers.
  2. Here is a picture taken on the Isle of Skye last Saturday. 1600 miles covered, door-to-door over 5 days. Great little trip away.
  3. Hi Derek, So sorry, I don't. Can measure next time I get the car out, or see you at Malvern ? Cheers.
  4. Hi Mike, As per my PM, yes, still happy with them, and I think they look great with the de-bumpered look, etc. There are a few TR6's I have seen now with these fitted. Cheers.
  5. A more modern management system with an intelligent ECU is unquestionably the way to go. Let's not forget, this is a very old fashioned set-up, but an effective one. However, I have to stop spending somewhere, and for the use the car will get, I will just operate it with the Cosworth system. Once the 3" exhaust is installed, it will go for final mapping. Apparently I can have different maps, lets say, low power if it is damp, to high power for dry weather. Think that would be worth exploring ! TR6 diff with Quaife ATB is coping well thus far.
  6. A well-set up stage 2, should be sufficient. I think when you start talking stage 3 (T34 turbo) & Group A head-gasket, etc, and another set of injectors, that is when you could say you begin to chase BHP. It is plenty pokey enough now, brutal power and torque delivery, but this set-up will give another 10psi of boost pressure, so could be interesting ?
  7. Exciting times ahead. Stage 2, 320bhp tuning enhancement kit has now arrived. The 3" exhaust system from turbo to tail-pipe tip will have to wait.
  8. Great to see a TR being driven properly, Hamish. Looks like it is going very well. Cheers.
  9. Moss get the new 15x6j wheels via Weller. Just buy 4 brand new, and use your spare as the original width, which will comfortably fit in the spare wheel well on a TR6 ? How many folks really 'use' their cars and get punctures these days ? Cheers.
  10. Not been out in the latest 6 for a bit, so quick run around the block.
  11. Hi Dave, Good luck at the weekend. I would have come along, but away on holiday for a week. Have a good one. Cheers.
  12. A well rebuilt & set-up Lucas PI equipped car, is a very reliable system, despite what people have said in years gone by. Lucas fuel pumps are also OK, but I have always had Bosch fuel pumps when I ran this system. Tens of thousands of miles, all over Europe and never any bother, even with temperatures up to 40 degree heat. Cheers.
  13. Very good. Thanks, Bruce.
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