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    CR to CP

    Hi Bruce, PM sent. Cheers.
  2. Looks great, especially in Damson. Looks like an early car, with later rear panel & rear bumper centre section.
  3. A picture of my car from last weeks Round Britain Reliability Run - 2000 miles in 48hrs. A rather wet one.
  4. I have just covered 2188 miles in 48hrs in my TR6 (Round Britain Run). Quite often, E10 only available on the event. No issues with performance, or anything else for that matter.
  5. Hi Tim, We fitted new door check straps to my TR6 back in 2012, and they are very weak. Not as good as the originals. I cannot recall where they came from.
  6. The 3-way map switch is the way to go every time. This way you can have a performance map, with extra ignition and fuel, poor fuel map (in the event you can only get 95RON, & and get some pinking), & finally an economy map- fuel lean and less ignition. For £15 for this option, it has to be worth it. Don't get my wrong, I have mine in full fat mode most of the time, and had it mapped for pops, crackles and flames on closed throttle by Emerald.
  7. I well built Triumph gearbox with o/d is all that is required here. If you have an uprated engine, consider a Triumph Stag derived one, again, built with quality bearings and synchro rings. If your chassis is in good order, in particular, where the diff mounts, that will also be fine for an A-Type unit. A competition o/d unit is rather harsh, but providing you're committed on the throttle (wide open), engagement is smooth and ultra fast. I always use the clutch to disengage though. Cheers.
  8. Go for a Newman cam, based on a new chill cast blank. Also consider their EN40 steel followers. If you're buying the cam from Newman, buy their followers, too. Providing it is installed correctly, and good quality oils are used, you will not have a problem. Don't go too mad with uprated valve springs either. TT double valve springs will be fine with this cam. (If you go for the very hot Newman cams, then suggest their valve springs they suggest (heavier poundage). Mine has been tried and tested since 2011 and 60-70k miles, without a single issue. Checking valve clearances is a g
  9. I know this is not answering the question specifically, but sounds like your mixture is too rich ? My Lucas PI TR6 used to do this if in traffic with a Newman hybrid cam, as mixture was made richer for fuelling requirements of the cam. Would clear once on the move. I would have thought NGK6BPES would be sufficient. I am now on EFI, and run NGK BKR 7EIX, which is a hotter plug, but then again, I have a stronger spark, as long no longer has a dizzy, etc.
  10. MGOT are a great bunch to do track days with. Been a while since I was last on one, but would consider one soon. Just looked at this years dates. Cheers.
  11. Had a productive day on Saturday. 320bhp tuning enhancement kit now installed on the TR6. It has gone from producing 15psi peak, and holding 11psi, to around 25psi, and holding 20. Lively to double lively best describes it. Still running a TR6 diff, with 4:1CWP and Quaife ATB, but not sure for how long ? Kit comprised of: · Bosch Dark Green injectors (Ford RS Cosworth). Capable of flowing enough fuel for 350BHP. · 3-Bar MAP sensor. · -31 wastegate actuator. · Denso Iridium IK27 spark plugs. Suitable for power levels from 25
  12. Hi Peter, Will we see you this year at the TRIWE in your TR6 ? Cheers.
  13. Hi H, Last year (October), when restrictions eased, we drove to JoG, Friday to Monday. That was around 1200 miles. I also did Porlock Weir via Wiltshire in the summer & home in a day, which was 535 miles in 12hours. Scotland two weeks ago (Ullapool and Isle of Skye was 1600 miles), so they soon rack up. No where is far in a TR. Cheers.
  14. Hi Mick, That sounds like a good idea Previous year was 6473 miles, minus 10% = 5825.7 miles. Year before that was 8697 miles, minus 10% = 7827.3 miles. Cheers.
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