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  1. TRTOM2498PI

    LNT 15P

    Hi Lee, Yes, they are 15 x7" Racelites that Craig has. Cheers.
  2. TRTOM2498PI

    LNT 15P

    The mirrors, wheels and spoiler do look well. Here is my creation.
  3. TRTOM2498PI

    LNT 15P

    Great looking TR, Craig. They look like the Racelite (Magnesium wheels) ? Good choice of wing mirror too ! Cheers.
  4. Hi Lee, Not that I am aware of. Cheers.
  5. Hi All, I am after a set of 15 x 7" wheels for a TR6. Must be straight & good condition. Many thanks in advance.
  6. TRTOM2498PI

    LNT 15P

    Hi Lee, I think it is, but Derek Graham will be able to advise. I have seen it at the TR Internationals before. I think it resides in the North East. Cheers.
  7. Hi Tim, 10CR is a possibility in this car. However, I would never contemplate the RBRR in it, far too much risk and potential bad weather for it ! Cheers.
  8. Hi Colin, A Triumph 6 cylinder performance exhaust manifold will cost appprox as follows: Camcoat - £400 Zirotec - £850 Cheers.
  9. Cheers, Paul. Catch-up in the New Year. Have a good one. Cheers.
  10. Bring your spare undies mate !! Happy New Year & catch-up in the New Year. Cheers.
  11. Hi Bill, Many thanks for your observation. I'd like to clarify if I may ? The car is staged on a two-post ramp, that is made by Bradbury, regarded as one of the best in the industry. It is a 3T, 2-post ramp (not the most flattering picture, I know), & specifically dimensioned for Triumph models in this instance. Furthermore, the workshop floor is made up of 18" of steel reinforced concrete, designed to carrying 100T + cranes and heavy plant machinery. Happy New Year & stay negative. Cheers.
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