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  1. Taken on one of the back lanes in Leicestershire last Friday.
  2. Hi JP, I have the full Emerald EFI kit installed on my 6. I use the original TR6 PI fuel tank, and Bosch pump and filter, as used on many TR6 Lucas injected cars (mine was running Lucas PI prior to going EFI).My pump is mounted in the spare wheel well area. I use the latest diaphragm PRV, and that is it. Pipe work and plumbing all the same. Do you have any pictures of yours ? Cheers.
  3. Hi Roger, I have a TR6 with Cannon inlet manifold with Jenvey throttle bodies, combined with a TLE race exhaust manifold (that wraps around the steering column). What is the issue with the RTR exhaust manifold & Cannon inlet ? I know for sure with most/all after market exhaust manifolds that the flanges are much thinner in thickness to an original cast iron manifold, so you have to 'relieve' metal around where the manifold 'toggles' go, otherwise it does not bolt up flush with the head. The result of this is you get exhaust blow in this area. Also be aware of the quality of exhaust manifold gaskets, as some of the ones are the market are not good, and begin to disintegrate after a short period of time. You can buy good quality ones from Germany, which are made of steel-FYI. If you have triple webers and having the head done, take a look at Newman cams. There is a wide selection of cams from road to race, so will suit most applications. As above, their EN40 steel followers are very good. Their cams are based on a new blank, not re-profiled !! http://www.erstellen.co.uk/newman-cams/PRICELIST-BROCHURE_2020-TRIUMPH.pdf Like anything, depends how far you want to go, and how well built the bottom end is to take the additional power up top. It will certainly be totally tractable with a PH2 Newman cam on webers, with power when you want it. Cheers.
  4. This question has been asked a thousand times, and there are various views on it. My take as follows: If you're not doing huge mileage each year, then a good quality standard rebuilt distributor and contact breaker points & condenser (Distributor Doctor), and more than adequate for your car. If you're wanting less maintenance and wanting to extract evert last drop of power and want to retain a dizzy (as opposed to a coil pack), then a 123-tune dizzy are a fine piece of kit. I had this set-up for years, for thousands of miles both UK and Europe, and never had an issue, and never carried the original dizzy in case of an issue. Good luck. Cheers.
  5. I have the Richard Good Parts drive CV type drive shafts and uprated hubs from the USA. These were installed back in 2009, and have done circa 80K miles thus far. They have been through the mill, both on road, track and endurance events, and still no noises or 'lift' in the bearings, so can recommend these. Quaife hubs (Ford Cosworth derived) are also very good and have proven track record in Motorsport, with the powerful 250bhp 6 cyl race cars. Cheers.
  6. Myself and a few others drove up the Buttertubs pass yesterday. Great day out. 397 miles door to door. 1000 miles covered or there abouts over two weekends and two days. Cheers.
  7. Myself and the young lady took the 6 out last Saturday. Managed 535 miles, door-to-door. Here is a picture of the 6 about the tackle the 1 in 4 hill climb.
  8. Hi Matt, It would be prudent to install a new 3 piece clutch at this stage whilst the gearbox is out, especially if the existing one is of unknown quantity. Also worth putting new bushes in the cross shaft. There is enough to put an extra bush each side (so two per side), which will offer additional support. Gearbox mounting a given, too. Cheers.
  9. Hi Conrad, How are you, sir ? As above, looks like a TR4 breather system, that has two rubber pipes coming off it, that go into a pair of air filters. Fitted to a late 4 with twin Strombergs. Cheers.
  10. I know this is Triumph 6 cyl, but Richard Good parts now sells these:- Timing Cover, Two Piece, Aluminium. https://www.goodparts.com/product/timing-cover-two-piece-aluminum/ Dimensions: 13 × 9 × 2 in Weight: 3.25lbs $399.00
  11. Had my 6, eleven years, and TR4 since September 1990. Will have to find a picture of that.
  12. Hi Jim, I have no experience with County camshafts, but can advise that there has been no issues whatsoever with my Newman cam, which is based on a new blank, with their EN40 steel followers. This was fitted in 2011, and after 70-80k miles, are hard driving, not had a single issue. Valve clearances checked biannually, and no change in clearance when checked, either from valve seat recession (hardened seats anyway), or cam lobe troubles. For the sake of £300 approx for a Newman cam, you have to ask yourself if it is worth the hassle of an unknown quantity cam. Buy nice, don't buy twice ? Cheers.
  13. Hi Andy, The TUV approved ones are the items TR Shop sell, and are made exceptionally well, very heavy duty and well designed. Yes, they use the redundant bump stop. Cheers.
  14. I believe that is a set-up that Revington TR sell.
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