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  1. I think this raced at Oulton Park last weekend (21.05.22).
  2. Had a great, long weekend in Scotland two weeks ago. 977 miles, door to door. Stunning deserted roads, and fantastic weather.
  3. Good to see you yesterday Roy. Hope you get the 250 sorted. cheers.
  4. TRTOM2498PI


    I have a TR6, and use mine abroad, in the UK for trips to Scotland/Wales/Yorkshire Dales, or the bi-annual Round Britain Event- 2000 miles in 48hrs. I run a 15x7 wheel, with 205/60/15, but I would suggest an original 15x5.5j wheel, 195/65/15 is absolutely fine here. Uniroyal Rain Experts are your friend, too. Circa £70 per tyre, fully INC. I do around 7000 miles a year, so have a fair amount of experience in what works, in terms of comfort and grip, etc. Cheers.
  5. Interesting to note how much wear there is on the clutch covers pictured above. Here is mine, which was originally installed around 7 years ago, which has probably covered around 40k miles in that time. This is a 3-piece AP Racing clutch kit, and the associated release bearing. It was removed to change the clutch plate only at the weekend, which had become saturated in engine oil, after the rear crank main oil seal had said enough is enough after 11 years of service. Release bearing was still nice and quiet.
  6. Thanks. Oh, me & you both. My car gets treated like a car much newer than something built in 1970's, with reliability. 6000-7000 miles per year is good going as a second car, too ? Cheers.
  7. Hi Stuart, Any pictures ? Rear springs can go weak. When were they last changed ? What springs are currently fitted ? Cheers.
  8. Agreed. Best to match cam & followers.
  9. For the sake of £200 + VAT for a new cam (Newman), based on a new chill cast blank, £132 + VAT for their EN40 steel followers, it makes sense to not get involved and install a secondhand cam. There are no short cuts to a successful engine ! Good luck.
  10. Much better. More defintition, breaks the color up & looks more like a TR6 now
  11. As a comparison, I did a single lap in 37.91secs @ 82MPH (not the figure of 8). This was back in 2016. A selection of other cars did the following:- A mid-90's BMW M3 was doing between 84-86MPH at 38.05secs (fastest time he did all day). Porsche Boxter (3.2l) = 36.83sec @ 92MPH Mazda MX-5 39.64secs @ 81MPH Nissan 350z - 42.79secs @ 77MPH Renault Clio 172- 39.55secs @ 79MPH Westfield (2.0l) - 35.81secs @ 89MPH I have done a few more improvements since then, so maybe able to knock a few tenths of a second off. Cheers.
  12. Hi H, That is quite respectable. I used to cross the line at 82mph, but I am on a 3.7CWP in my TR6. Good work. Cheers.
  13. Hi Hamish, What is your terminal speed over the line ? Cheers.
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