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  1. Hi Jochem, Looks great ! Good luck, and good job by the looks of it ! Cheers.
  2. Hi John, The Birkett race was a lot of fun. I recall when you organised a Triumph team at Silverstone, probably around 15 years ago ?
  3. Hi There, This set-up was installed in 2017, and covered 19,800 miles since installation. I can indeed confirm that this catch-tank gets filled with condensation, etc, and is emptied approx every 3 months. The pipes are absolutely clear. Cheers.
  4. This is my set-up. Catch tank was designed and engineering to pick-up existing holes where pedal box is mounted. One very small hole drilled to inner o/s wing to mount it, through a tab welded to the side of catch tank. A drain plug resides just next to the throttle cable, when it requires draining of fluid. A Black silicon pipe comes off the cap, and runs along the outer o/s wing, using two P-clips, and runs into the o/s chassis leg, so is essentially self-lubricating the chassis. The other pipe comes off the regular standard rocker cover outlet, and into the side of the catch tank, as
  5. Well, originally 5 star fuel was specified, but you will be fine without an additive. Cheers.
  6. Hi There, Fuel enhancer should not really be required, if your car (& timing) are set-up correctly. I have used this one before in my tuned 6:- https://www.classic-oils.net/Penrite-Octane-Booster Cheers.
  7. There are many option here with regards to after market exhausts for the Triumph 6 cylinder engine. Do you want to retain your exhaust manifold, or want a full system- manifold to tail-pipe tip ? 6-3-1 configuration manifolds are the preferred one for performance, etc, over the 6-2-1, in terms of efficiency. You can 'team' this up with a single big bore 2.25" system, which looks and sounds the part. If your engine is in good health, it will not be too obtrusive on light acceleration or at motorway speeds. (despite what people say). A lot of the noise/harshness comes from a worn
  8. Good to see it is still going. I do recall multiple articles in TR Action over the years. Cheers.
  9. Hi Tim, Lucas PI on above set-up, and now on EFI with Jenvey throttle bodies. Peak was around 6000RPM.
  10. I do enjoy participating in these type of threads Triumph 6 cyl 170bhp RWP and circa 200 BHP @ the flywheel & approx 200lbs ft is absolutely achievable, and entirely reliable including driving hard, with regularity. The standard crank WILL take it, combined with a good quality piston (AE/Mahle), etc. I am not sure about the standard rods, perhaps they will be OK, but in my case, I have a set of Carrillo rods. Important the the entire rotating assembly is balanced properly (flywheel, clutch cover, rods, crank, pistons, cam & crank pulley). A Newman cam (hybrid) wit
  11. TRTOM2498PI


    Hi Harry, Do you know what camshaft was installed in this motor ? Make/duration, etc ? Cheers.
  12. A high-lift cam, re-worked cylinder head, decent extractor manifold, with appropriate exhaust system, should produce a decent rise in power. Presume your car is fitted with Lucas PI ? That will be the only limiting factor for ultimate power, where top-end fueling requirements can be tricky to get the most from a serious cam. Cheers.
  13. Hi Angus, Looks great ! Take me back, been a while since I was last on track. How did you get on ? What tyres are they ? Dunlop Direzza ? Cheers.
  14. Hi Ian, Would you like be to take a picture for you of where mine is staged ? Cheers.
  15. That was great to watch, Roy ! Well done. Cheers.
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