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  1. Just hope the TR6 diff holds out
  2. Hi mate, Yes, it's pretty good. It is as expected with that turbo and injector combination. We were actually injector limited, as it could be pushed a bit more, but it has been mapped 'safe', with plenty in reserve. Not driven it yet, don't think I want to !
  3. Well, the results are in, straight off the dyno, after a new engine loom, making it safe to map, 357.94bhp @ flywheel. 304.6bhp @ back wheels. 353.56lbs ft torque at flyhweel. 300.9lbs ft at back wheels.
  4. Sounds low mpg for sure, based on the above detail. What's the ignition (dizzy), & carb condition in ? I guess a little worn, or needs setting up.
  5. My engine regularly sees 6500 RPM, based on an accurate (electronic), Stack tacho. Some nice rods (Carrillo), and pistons, rods, crank, flywheel, clutch cover, crank pulley & camshaft balanced, does make a difference. 13 years & counting.
  6. Hi Lee, What front brakes do you have ? Mintex 1144 will be all you need. You can go with competition rear brake linings and high boiling point brake fluid, etc. Depends on how far you want to go, but I have tried many brake combinations over the years, and know what is effective. Cheers.
  7. Hi Roy, That is correct, they are based on the Sierra Cosworth, and use the Cosworth wheel bearing. Cheers.
  8. These are a great piece of kit. I purchased the RG hubs and his CV jointed driveshafts back in 2009, and have been superb 15 years later on my TR6 ! RG tells me these hubs are rated for 400BHP. He has always been great to deal with, and very responsive.
  9. Where abouts are you located ? Cheers.
  10. Goodparts rear hubs are excellent. Mine were fitted 15 years ago. Still nice and quiet, and zero movement/wear in them. RG tells me they are rated for 400BHP. I have these hubs, with his CV joint set-up. Again, still perfect and 80k miles +, & used in anger. Cheers.
  11. Hi Mark, Are you removing those webers for SU's ? Cheers.
  12. What do you usually run, Roy ? Vitalonis ?
  13. TRTOM2498PI


    Hi Tim, Did you end up selling with the H/T ? Cheers.
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