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  1. Managed to do a few miles on Saturday, after a quick flash over with the steamer cleaner !
  2. I have the Chris Witor version. If you're going distributor less, this piece of kit will do everything:- www.chriswitor.com/proddetail.php?prod=126784A-WR Cheers.
  3. I got the car out at the weekend, after a detailed service/recommissioning. Further work will continue over winter (roll cage, seats, suspension). Now it is time to get a few miles on it. Picture taken at its favourite place, a filling station.
  4. The car gets treated better than me !
  5. A couple of shots from the weekend with its new rims & tyres.
  6. Cheers, Paul. Hope all is well mate.
  7. I had EV Peterson produce a new grille badge, to the same profile as the original TR6, via 3-D printing. Here it is, installed last Sunday.
  8. Agreed above on unzipping rear window and letting it hang down. Cheers.
  9. The recommissioning process continued at Covert Classics & Sports Cars yesterday. New wheel cylinders, competition brake linings, and fresh Wilwood high temp 570 degree brake fluid. Also got chance to attach the new grille badge, which I had made and designed, based on the original badge. Picture attached.
  10. Hi Simon, Any pictures with them installed ? Cheers.
  11. Looks great, Ian. Another job for mine at some point. Cheers.
  12. I took my Mallard 6 out on Saturday, first time in 10 weeks, and went to visit its younger brother, with Cosworth grunt.
  13. I will certainly be having the oil changed regularly, as I do with my other 6. The ECU by today's standards are not that intelligent, and some of the bigger injectors just pour fuel in like a hose pipe, so you get bore washing. Will always be using very good quality oils, and used my last genuine Motorcraft oil filter, etc.
  14. CSCC championship material ?
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