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  1. Thanks Conrad Very small party on the garden been for a blast to exercise the TR though Cheers Darren
  2. Hi Kc Sorry late reply 8.5m x7.5m with 4.5 m door which opens up to the 3.3 m under side of rafter So Theres a 1.3 m side wall from garage door it's the only way to keep lift to one side so plenty of room For the wife's car she likes 2 m each side know what a mean . Gulf colours just a classic Le Mans fad Cheers Darren
  3. Hi Bill Just installed the 2post lift from automotec collected it myself from there depot in Rugeley great service and struck a deal. They also put me in touch with a registered fitter . If you have the hight it's the only way to go , free access All areas of the car . You will need 3.2 m to the underside of your rafters . Photo attached . Happy garage
  4. Hi Darren how you doin. Just found my way into the forum and yours was the first name I recognised, see you next Wed. Dave B

  5. Had a new hood from santa. great fit, by a chap called Jim King in leicester. he dismantled striped the frame re,painted and fitted a mohair royal blue hood supplied by Rimmers. have to find his card if you need any more info regards Darren.
  6. hi Jeremy Have just fitted my rack. I used a thedded rivit with nylon washer into the hole. four stainless 6ml bolt screwed in just nice. sits 2 ml of new paintwork. can,t help much with supplier came via friend of a friend you now the score. regards Darren.
  7. Hi just got the TR back from a full body restoration and the batteryis GM. GO GM55-T7 Sealed maintenance free Regards. Darren.
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