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  1. Thanks for your kind words! Ps, it wasn't the fuel pumop, must have been confused in the stress, it was a blocked oil filter....
  2. Hi, sadly my father passed away recently, and to remind myself of him, I made this short video of our trip to Osnabruck. Thought you might enjoy it! Matt
  3. Thanks Waldi, that is very useful. I couldnt find the flow rates anywhere. So you think I need a Bosch 0580 464 126? Theyt seem to be around £ 70 online.
  4. It makes a noise, full or empty. Seems to be worse in hot weather and if I take out all the stuff from the boot, its better, assume as it's cooler. Waldi - The pump is a Bosch 0 580 254 941 Next line 12V (illegible) 520-25
  5. I have found the invoice from the garage and it is states it is a bosch 5 bar pump
  6. There are no markings on the pump. I have these photos of it helps....
  7. Sorry to hear no banging for 30 years..... Will get a picture.
  8. I have had intermittent fuel pump noise for the last 3 years since a new pump and filter was fitted, the usual system fitted at the base of the fuel tank. For reasons unknown sometimes its noisy as hell, sometimes silent. I have read the various posts on here as far as I can, but its not that easy to search, despite what some people say! In summary, I think the advice is that the peculiar set up of each set can produce resonance in some circumstances, and the way to stop it is to change the set up slightly? I have the black rubber hoses already, so I wondered about putting a permanent pre
  9. My advice (having been interviewed under caution by the DVLA in previous years), is dont volunteer any information that you don't need to. You may be lucky and a get a decent official, but you may be unlucky and get a complete ****. Suggest you let them find, and then explain, their own errors..... Their levels of obstinate bureacracy can bring tears to your eyes.
  10. I think a new switch is in order....
  11. Its a Type A. The gearbox has a series of 25mm dia round switches in the top of it, but not sure if they are logic circuits?
  12. Hi, A few problems with my OD control column switch. 1. Its permanently live, even when the ignition is turned off, not a major issue, but not sure this is correct. 2. The switch is not working, unless I earth the body of the switch against a part of the car (eg steering column). So I assume that the earth connection has failed and needs rewiring? Can I just bodge in a local earth? Or I should I do it properly? Thanks! Matt
  13. Matt1969

    UJ bolts

    OK, got it. Found some off the shelf ones specifically for propshafts from local fixings supplier.
  14. Matt1969

    UJ bolts

    Hi Are both sets of UJ bolts special in anyway, or will anything in mild steel do? Matt
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