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  1. This is what the garage has said, which I find strange as new oil and filter only 1000miles ago: We have checked your TR6. What we have done; * taken off the valve cover, tere was oil at the rockers.. * take off the sump, found no metal parts , * checked the oil pump and driveshaft, all OK, * checked the main bearings shells , all OK. * replaced the oil filter * filled up with new oil (20W/50) Now we have good oil pressure. So if must have been the oil-filter that caused it..? Running the engine we did not see sufficient amount of oil for the lubrication of all the rockers (shaft), The 3rd cilinder / piston / bearing has ceased and is making a noise (under combustion-pressure) This is why I think that i would not be a good idea to drive back to UK. It will create more damage in the engine. Advise: “Engine overhaul”.
  2. It's now in Imparts, specialist garage. Hope my low revs 30 mins of driving hasn't caused any damage! Flying home. Back next week to pick it up. Thanks to all for your help and support, particularly Waldi and the Dutch Tr6 guys. Mk.
  3. Yep at 50th, which was great. Truck on way. Hot and stressed!!
  4. Just dismantled the PRV. It's not that.
  5. Hi. Just in the road to Rotterdam from Germany. Oil pressure has dropped suddenly too about zero. Green oil pressure warning light flickering on (hey, it works!). Assume pump gone? Am I ok to drive at low revs or is it a recovery operation? Got lots of tools, but only half competent. Your advice much appreciated. Matt 07977261629
  6. Great replies, very entertaining and informative. Thanks all! Matt
  7. I am doing the Osnabruck trip this summer in my new to me Tr6. Is there a list of recommended spares to travel with? No doubt asked before, but not easy to search. Thanks. Matt
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