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  1. Easier than you’d expect John. Trick is to start at the rear and stick the end down before removing enough backing to offer up to each panel at a time before allowing it to stick.
  2. I’ve only just put it on so I’ll see if I warm to it.
  3. I put a white pinstripe on the car today and I can’t decide if I like it or not.. Should I keep it or loose it?
  4. Thanks all, definitely better now. Surprised me how much better it looks.
  5. Please wait while image is uploading...
  6. Managed to pick up a second hand bar with clips and ribbon, and a new powder coated steel bottom section. Amazing how much better it looks.
  7. Found one!! The chap over at TR Trader has two so I’m picking one up tomorrow.
  8. Thanks guys, not an expensive item looking at it so will get one ordered. Still need the centre bar though which I can see having to get a local fabricator to fashion one for me.
  9. I don’t think the centre bar is on its own, unless you can point me to where you can get them? Cheers.
  10. Thanks, I’ll look to get those.
  11. Thanks Stuart, I looked into this and as it’s a 1970 model I was under the understanding that they didn’t have top and bottom finishers, but strangely there are tabs on it as you say.
  12. Hi all, can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier of the bar I need for the front grill, or maybe someone has one to sell? it doesn’t look as though you can buy these outside of buying a full new grill assembly.
  13. Just want to say a huge thank you to Graham for his help with registering my US TR6. just over 3 weeks with DVLA and paperwork done, registration number issued. thank you Graham for your help.
  14. Looking through the paperwork I found the ignition switch, ignore the date, the car hasn’t been on the road yet so the ignition has seen very little use.. looks like they are still available from MOSS and Rimmer.
  15. Thanks, I’ll check it out and see if something looks a miss.
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