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  1. This item has now sold. I know, as I was involved in the logistics. Cheers.
  2. Hi Paul, Good spot, ref Europa. These mirrors do not vibrate at all. There is a screw which must be tightened (well), to prevent the mirror from moving. An additional fibre washer may help in this area (if needed). There is movement within the glass too, so you can articulate to whatever position is required for driving. They really do work, and more than adequate for UK and driving on the continent. I have never bothered with the additional bar, and from memory, they do not include that bar that provides additional support. I think with that fitted it may look a bit agricultural ? Good luck. Cheers.
  3. Looking good, Roy. Hope all is well ? Cheers, Tom
  4. Hi Bruce, Many thanks. They look the part IMO, and provide a great view. Deemon Tweaks sell them (& many others). https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/vitaloni-californian-mirror-247000/ Cheers.
  5. Not one for the purists, but these Vitaloni mirrors are very effective, and look well on a 6, IMHO. Better suited with the right mods, but never the less a great mirror.
  6. Tescos in Ashby, know it well. 3 miles away from me. I got some essentials from there a few weeks ago, too.
  7. Hi Dave, I have the original set-up on my CP 6. If you clean the top of the door area down meticulously, and use Tiger seal, and then use 4 or 5 cable ties to hold into position, and leave over night to set, you will never have any issues with them falling off again ! To remove them now would mean cutting them off the top of the door, metal work included. The cars that have them falling off, or feeling flimsy, have either used poor adhesive, or lack of preparation to allow them to adhere properly. Mine were installed in April 2013, and still remain firm with no flexibility what so ever, and my car has seen a fair amount of action. Cheers.
  8. Hi Dave, What is wrong with the original set-up for a TR5/early CP TR6 ? Cheers.
  9. Photo shoot, PPC: November 2013.
  10. Hi Tony, Thanks. Yes, in control, you just have to grab hold of it by the scruff of the neck, and show it who's boss. Yes, can imagine your face was a picture ! Cheers.
  11. Love the period pictures, Rod. Looks great.
  12. Here is a picture at a sprint at Curborough sprint circuit.
  13. Absolutely agree with Andrew above. Good looking wheel in stock form, Motolita look good too, leather rimmed, of course. Cheers.
  14. Personal opinion of course, but bullet mirrors on a 6 is a no-no, not to mention they are useless for any kind of driving. The original mirrors pictured above are far superior in every regard. I would live with the adjustment every time you reverse out of the garage. Cheers.
  15. I recall Jenkins had an early TR under a cover outdoors at Stonebroom Industrial Estate, (Alfreton, Derbyshire), circa 1994/5, when we had gone to view a Frogeye Sprite Keith Jenkins was selling. Could this have been the car from that time ?
  16. I have a very modified, road legal TR6, and can suggest a Stag derived gearbox, with some use of TR6 components, competition synchro rings, and good quality bearings. Complete with a competition o/d unit, although not for the faint hearted, is a great package, and will absorb all the power you can throw at it, including the kitchen sink. Something great about having an o/d box, and part of the character. Not much can beat the precise, riffle bolt, positive gear change, too. Cheers.
  17. As above, if you are using the car, and fill with good quality fuel, there is nothing wrong with the Lucas PI equipment. Don't do anything radical like removing PI to Carbs without understanding the actual issue ? Cheers.
  18. Hi Jake, Do you have any pictures ? Of course, would need a physical inspection, but we would have half an idea, etc. Cheers.
  19. Hi Glen, Welcome. If I had £15k to spend on a 6, based on the current market conditions and prices, I would be inclined to find an ex USA (west coast car), that would probably have a lovely rust-free chassis and body, and that's largely original. As above, the body and chassis are more expensive to repair/replace than mechanicals. Good luck. Cheers.
  20. Hi Dave, Compliments of the season. Have a look at the below link:- https://www.reverie.ltd.uk/hockenheim-6cl.php Cheers.
  21. Hi Chris, It is entirely up to you of course, but if you attach the CP door pulls with something like Tiger Seal, and use several cable ties to hold in position whilst it sets, you will never have another door pull drop off. Mine were attached like this in 2012, and after 40-50k miles, they have not moved. Granted, typically these are never attached particularly well, but if you apply the above, you will not have an issue, and it will look original, etc. Good luck whatever you choose. Cheers.
  22. Hi Iain, I had my EFI map refined some time ago, by a company called Norris Motorsport, next door to Peter Burgess actually. Karl Norris advised to put NGK BKR 7EIX in mine. This is what I now use, and I have the same set-up as you. I have done at least 15k miles on these plugs in the last two years, with no issues whatsoever. They are not expensive either. Cheers.
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