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  1. I like many of you I’m sure, enjoyed the live stream coverage of the Revival again this year. It can never be as good as being there but that aside, when I used to visit each year, the interlude that I enjoyed the most was the flying displays. I’m sure that the reason that it is no longer part of the weekend is as a result of some of the tragic accidents that have occurred in recent times. I’m so glad that I was able to enjoy them while they lasted. Here are a few photographs that bring super memories.
  2. A couple more. The first photo was a little fun with photoshop, “ my wife gatecrashing the TT “. Rodders.
  3. My wife and I attended for 10 years but my inability to walk and stand for long periods put a stop to it a few years back. I believe we saw the best years, ( 1999 onwards ), before it got too crowded. Every year we were treated to some spectacular flying displays and people were generally more polite. However, as the crowds increased so the behaviour of a minority fell short. I have now become a couch potato for all three days watching it on YouTube. I save myself a shed load money and the long haul home afterwards but I miss the smell of burning rubber and brakes. My favourite race, wel
  4. Clive, I have just popped the bonnet of my 7V8 and it looks like you might be able to release the catch if you raise the car on a ramp and use a long thin rod or similar. It certainly looks as if it’s accessible from underneath. If all else fails I would explore this possibility. Good luck and don’t forget to post a reply when you solved it. People rarely do this, and it may be helpful to anyone else who might experience the same problem. Rodders. Added later. whoops, the above won’t apply if you have the large tray under the catch, mine has been removed. Sorry.
  5. I can confirm your findings, (sorry, I don’t know your name as you don’t tell us). A couple of years ago I had a 7V8 and removed the twin SUs and replaced them with an Edelbrock carb and inlet manifold. I found that even after short runs, if I parked and tried to restart the car after 30 minutes or longer, it took a lot of cranking to get it to start. after some research I came to the conclusion that the heat from the inlet manifold was evaporating the fuel in the carb over time. So I rang one of the most popular Rover V8 specialists to enquire about a phenolic spacer only to be told that m
  6. Happy birthday Ian. The sun is out just for you! Rodders.
  7. Just been notified that YouTube will be streaming live this weekend. I didn’t know there was one this year. Rodders.
  8. Honey I shrunk the TR! (Bottom pic). Rodders.
  9. The Mountain Inn at Lutton used to be a favourite of ours whenever we were in the area. Very friendly locals even towards the Cornese! Just don’t order a cream tea. Rodders.
  10. My neighbour has just given me a page from next week’s Radio Times which has a short article on Sir John Black. He features as part of “Classic British Cars”, which airs on BBC4 May 17th at 9pm. Rodders.
  11. Feliz cumpleaños Dave! rodders.
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