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  1. Here’s a link to the site that I used for guidance on how to fit MR2 seats to my 7V8. http://just-technology.co.uk/?page=tr7&group=tr7_article&item=jt_tr7_40_New_Seats_130
  2. Clive, have sent you a personal message regarding the seat conversion. Rodders.
  3. Great news Paul! Eddy W. Has some panels & bits left over if you need any. Hopefully his should be on the road this year. see you soon, Rodders.
  4. Thanks Steve, I live in hopes. Unfortunately my MRI SCAN shows degenerative disease and damage to a couple of vertebrae in the Lumbar region and am now waiting for a nice man to stick a needle in my spine. I support and have been grateful in the past for the NHS but this time and a bit disillusioned because between each referral, about 6-8 weeks pass during which time I am in constant pain. As I said though, I live in hopes as my GP said, most people in your position recover in about 18 months. So, I’ve only got another 9 months! Unlike the Prostate consultant who said after telling me that ”there is something there” and that at 77, “you haven’t got too much longer to live anyway”. I took that on the chin because we had a good rapport especially after I said to him when he was about to give me the “test”, “I only had my annual check up last week and he stuck his finger up my bottom... do you think I should change my dentist”. C’est la vie say the old folk, goes to say you never can tell. Rodders.
  5. With help from a good friend I have just replaced my original red tartan, (yuck), seats with a pair from an MR2. I think it was well worth it. Not a difficult job. Now, if I can just recover from 9 months of a trapped sciatic nerve, I might get to drive it. Rodders.
  6. My last TR7V8 had a 4 seater conversion. It appeared to be very well executed but I could not see the point. As mentioned the fuel tank was in the boot and not only did it reduce the luggage capacity but also a spare wheel could no longer be carried. The seats could only accommodate very small children and there were no seat belts for them. I’m surprised that it never warranted an MOT failure, but it didn’t. Rodders.
  7. Does anyone have a spare working boot lock with key they would like to sell me?
  8. Could anyone with any information on myTR7V8 regarding it’s rebuild circa 2012 please PM me. I would be most interested and grateful. thanks, Rodders.
  9. Hi, I have just taken delivery of another 7 V8, the first was bl***y hard to manoeuvre at low speed. Besides, my wife, also 76, wouldn’t drive it all. The new one has been fitted with EPS and what a difference. I’m not sure but it’s probably the Corsa mod. I would say for the elderly and bewildered like me who just can’t live without their TR it’s a good investment. With the aid of a bolster cushion and a flashing yellow light, she should be able to drive this one. Strange is it not that in the 60s when I was young, I never even noticed the heavy steering on my 1954 TR2. Age does strange things to you! Rodders.
  10. My thanks John and Mike for the pictures. They do help. Rodders.
  11. See BST. https://www.tr-register.co.uk/classified/2302/Lovely-2007-MX5-2ltr-5-speed Rodders.
  12. Any chance that one of you lucky TR5 owners with a Surrey top might be able to provide me with a couple of photos of the windscreen top rail and or soft/hard top? cheers, Rodders.
  13. More for when being hand held Stan. I’ve always found that using the camera mounted to a good suction mount provides adequately stable videos for on car use. Best not to mount on the “hood “ though as they tend to shake a bit. however, the Gimbal really eliminates all the shaking movement when walking about. Rodders.
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