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  1. Feliz cumpleaños Dave! rodders.
  2. Found it, no thanks to the search engine. Rodders.
  3. Charlotte was also interested in the model TR7 that I had on the classifieds recently, which is why I will only ever advertise in future as members only.
  4. My advice for what it’s worth is, when placing an ad on the Register website, confine it to members only. Rodders.
  5. Thanks Kev. I think that answers my question. I don’t think that it will actually be free until April 2022 but that’ll be fine with me. The MOT will still need to be done each year because the car is far from being unmodified but I’m happy about that. Rodders.
  6. Thanks Tim. My TR7 was not registered until mid 1982 but I do have the British Heritage certificate confirming that it was in fact built in July 1981. I imagine that I probably will need to apply directly to the DVLA rather than present it at the post office. R.
  7. Hi, I have tried to access this info via the search facility without success. I’m sure that it has been covered before but I’d appreciate any advice from anybody who has been through this already. Rodders.
  8. Hamish, there are other videos which confirm that it is a custom built tubular chassis. I would imagine that only the 250 body was used. Rodders.
  9. You have to admit, our friends over the pond do it well. Rodders.
  10. Very sad news indeed. A true TR man! My thoughts are with his family. RIP Chris. Rodders.
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