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  1. Wow, that must be quite large. Rodders.
  2. Good morning John, to be honest, it’s something I wouldn’t have the skills to attempt. However, these are the chaps I use. https://www.acrylicdisplaycases.co.uk They will make you just the base or just an acrylic cover, any size you want. In my experience they are the best. I will add a photo “dreckly”. Rodders. M
  3. That’s it then, I’m selling mine! Rodders.
  4. Having seen the car, I can confirm that it is stunning! Unbelievable achievement in such a short time. Some people have a very understanding wife. Rodders.
  5. All weekend on YouTube the kind chaps at the GRRC are live streaming the very best of races, drivers and cars from years gone by. Rodders.
  6. Alan, I can highly recommend www.paints4U.com I have had them mix many paints for me when building models of customers cars or model cars from yesteryear that I was asked to build. They are most knowledgeable, helpful, very quick and supply 400ml cans for around a tenner. why not give them a call on 01472 483386, I bet they can help. Rodders.
  7. Well, this is not the best composed photo of a TR but I managed to capture this one when my wife gate crashed the saloon car race at the Revival a few years back. Rodders. PS my smiling emojis were removed!
  8. I had two MR2 seats collected from a seller and delivered to me quickly by “Paisley Freight”. They specialise in carrying car wheels etc., etc. I can only say that in my case they were very efficient. Rodders.
  9. Great video. How nice it is to see TRs being driven in different locations. I’m sure that there are loads of videos out there that have not been shared. Go on, upload them to YouTube and let us all enjoy them. It’s easy and it’s free! Rodders.
  10. I’ll do that Mick. Thanks for responding. Rodders.
  11. I have asked before but received no response. Has anyone any knowledge of this car prior to 2016? I am trying to discover the history of it’s V8 conversion. Cheers, Rodders.
  12. Just spotted this hoard in South Africa. Rodders. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIUMPH-TR3-FOR-RESTORATION-2-of-Triumph-TR3-parts-huge-quantity/174311164699?hash=item2895c14b1b:g:7cEAAOSwWVxe3w-~
  13. Yesterday I took a drive along the coast road between St. Just and St. Ives , (B3306), here in Cornwall. This is one of the Cornwall Group’s favourite roads. Here is a short excerpt from the video of the trip. I’m sorry but the quality of the video and audio are not what I normally expect from YouTube but the flavour is there. It was great to get some fresh air. By the way, I can assure you that my speed was not as excessive as it might appear. Rodders.
  14. Today, HM Gov chief health inspector warns, cleaning your teeth with Gunk can be hazardous to your health. Rodders.
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