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  1. 1953 Ariel KH 500 twin, all original with an unusual twist grip dip switch such a good idea.
  2. Having completed the T100 my bench was looking rather empty, this 1984 Honda VF500F came to my attention locally and has become my latest project. Only 8K miles on it but had not been used for 15 years. Got it running and sounds very good, it's now completely stripped, biggest problem is the fuel tank with a bottom that resembled a colander so a little tin work to contend with. Frame off to the blasters and powder coaters. Paul
  3. I recently used the AA European breakdown cover for a single trip to France, insured for the trip only, no problems whatsoever as their services were required for repatriation (water pump failure and head gasket). Cost of insurance was £30 for the five days, hire car provided for the rest of holiday and returnable to nearest agent in UK, my car was delivered back in a covered transporter within three days of my return, fantastic service and no quibble. Paul
  4. Hi Roger If you PM me your postal address when you will be needing it I will post it off to you. Paul
  5. Recently I re-swaged my push rod tubes that were all badly leaking by making up this simple tool, so far it has worked a treat with no more leaks, I also added a little lactate sealant before clamping the swage. You are quite welcome to borrow the tool Roger Paul
  6. Hi John I used the link on his web page malcolmpdi@yahoo.com received a reply the next day. Paul
  7. Malcolm has replied to an email enquiry from me this week. Paul
  8. I heard a similar noise on a 4 recently, the source was slightly loose fan blades, all blades could be moved by hand, worth checking. Paul
  9. Hi John

    Thank you for your words in Tr Action Forum Focus regarding my courier work to Sydney, just need to point out that I'm from down in Cornwall at the very end and not Devon, they put the cream on first up there!;) I did have a good chat with the knowledgeable John Macormack and spent an afternoon with him looking at his toys, all very nice too, the ride over the Sydney Harbour Bridge was something else.

    Also would like to congratulate you and thank you for your work regarding the forum it seems to already have a positive effect, well done.

    All the very best from sunny Cornwall


    1. John Morrison

      John Morrison

      Hi apologies for the incorrect geography,gues I'll need to stay this side of the Tamar for  a while!

      Appreciate your kind words re all our efforts, think we are going in the right direction, but actions such as yours, highlighted so folk know helps enormously, thought it was a great thing you did.



  10. Boogie do you mean the water is rusty again? Paul
  11. It looks by your pic that the tower may have been repaired on the mis aligned side, I would repair the tower top and re-align the hole. Paul .
  12. Richard I have used Tippers St Austell for classic plates, always very good. Regards Paul Paul
  13. Well done Stef, there is always a reason why, finding it can sometimes be quite difficult. Now we are all more knowledgeable. Paul
  14. Its possible the overriders on the last car in the clip were for guidance of fitting the tub and are possibly removable for that task, as the car in front does not seem to have the overriders fitted but the tub is in position, maybe. Paul
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