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  1. I Kevin Yes you set the thickness you are welding which sets the automatic timer, press the trigger hold down and it welds until it cuts out. The operator is supposed to wait 20secs between welds, I have often overlooked this as welding 1.2 + 1.2 is well within its perimeters it has not been detrimental to the machine. Its not the lightest of hand tools but very capable and well built, I paid just under £300 for it and am well impressed, against equivalent branded machines its a bargain. As you say I doubt Sealey manufacture their own machines. Incidentally he welding tips are qu
  2. Kevin I purchased a Vevor it seems to be a Sealey copy, I cannot fault it. https://www.vevor.co.uk/stud-welder-kit-c_10075/vevor-electric-spot-welder-230v-portable-handheld-welding-tip-gun-2-0-2-0mm-p_010122235628?gclid=CjwKCAjwve2TBhByEiwAaktM1KE1l4l1zzACRofZEhJD7iaA4kowTUJj3470nU-qVuKdRfys_WyfJRoCKoAQAvD_BwE Regards Paul
  3. No response Paul, easily done once the coupling nut is undone, coupling should slide off the splines then pry out the old seal. Paul
  4. Looking good Dave in the spring sunshine. Paul
  5. I visited the Ace cafe with my son 8 years ago on a Friday night, it was quite incredible the atmosphere and and various bike on show, some being demonstrated. After awhile we decided to move on, I was riding a BMW R80ST airhead and feeling rather nervous I set out down the road following my son amid hundreds of spectators, the worse thing possible happened to me the bike cut out directly in the centre of the crowd, in my haste to get everything right I forgot to turn the fuel cock on, what a plonker lots of cheering etc, the bike eventually fired up again and I pulled away, so mad with mysel
  6. Finding some strange creations, this Forward Diff mount received some reinforcing work in a past life. Very creative but not very effective. Paul
  7. I thought I had problems, just the area under the T shirt panels, the rest seems very sound thanks to very heavy Ziebart application. I think yours has not faired well at all.
  8. My TR5 created a vacuum in the tank enough to stall the engine, found an unvented filler cap the cause. Paul
  9. Hi Stuart/Conrad Going to need plenty of parts Stuart As usual its a lot worse than the pics suggest, not sure if I'm brave or foolish Conrad. Certainly going to occupy me this winter. Paul
  10. Just received another project a rather early TR5 CP422 O. Plenty to do, inner and outer sills rear inner wings and arches, chassis being the biggest concern. Front lower wishbone has lost contact with its anchorage. Paul
  11. Thanks John, the boot lid you sourced for me is in the pic. At long last the traffic congestion down here has eased, we have to make the most of the weather. Paul
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