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  1. There is an original listed on eBay for sale https://www.ebay.co.uk/myb/WatchListAdd?_trksid=p2047675.l1359&SubmitAction.AddToListVI=x&item=264765945996&rt=nc&srt=01000500000050d219965bad865a788c5d95ff4123b33021868f2824aa9431c1c293b893eb2f27694a708b99aa248ca859f5a07c8005cd90386cdaff360ab29606722aaf92995e1574cc28b739a53e056f5d4c4201513b&etn=Watch list&tagId=-99&ssPageName=VIP:watchlink:top:en&sourcePage=4340
  2. Yes John I think that's about what I paid, my welding had degraded so much that I was just wasting wire and gas, it was not welding ability that was letting me down it was not being able to see the joint or the weld pool. I also do a fair bit of welding besides the car project so I felt it was justified. Buying expensive tools has never been a priority with me I have always tried to make do, not always the cheapest solution. Paul
  3. Graham I was having a similar issue and eventually found the problem after coughing up for a decent weld screen, I was often welding anything but the joint. I think my original screen came from Scewfix, after changing my glasses for a stronger pair and still no improvement, in the past I had made a living from TIG welding, decided it had to be the screen at fault and not my ability, after some internet research I bit the bullet and ordered a Speediglass 3M, the difference was incredible between night and day so much easier and reliable. Paul
  4. Hi Stuart Yes this is a Re- cored Serck rad, I have now lowered the mounting feet about 6mm and with one rubber disc under the foot I have some clearance. Bonnet is now attached and in need of a few adjustments but progress Cheers Paul
  5. Much has been said about stuck Bonnets recently but I have come across another problem, I removed the bracing structures from under the bonnet to sort out some damage and to get paint underneath them, now re-fitting everything I decided to hinge the front brace and position it centrally to receive the bonnet. My problem is the radiator cap when the bonnet is in the would be closed position its almost touching the bonnet cross member, I have also removed the rubber packers from under the radiator mounts to gain some clearance. I think my only solution is to reduce the height of the rad by cutting the mounts and re-welding. Just another little problem. Paul
  6. Graham Have you tried a Norton Blaze stripping disc for an angle grinder they are very good, will remove rust as well. The Norton Blaze is the best I have tried. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Norton-BLAZE-RAPID-STRIP-Medium-125mm-Ceramic-Stripping-Disc/113317109767?epid=20024915321&hash=item1a6239e007:g:DWAAAOSw-~leuz62 Paul
  7. From underneath it maybe possible to release the two 1/4 unf bolts holding the catch to the bonnet. Not going to be easy. Best of luck Paul
  8. The part number is PRC3359 which according to Landy Zone is normally closed. Correct again Stuart. Paul
  9. Hi Stuart yes its a new one the suppliers are sending another so will check when it arrives, think its the same part number as TDI Landrover. Paul
  10. Thanks Steve just what I thought. Time to get on to the suppliers. Paul
  11. I'm fitting and connecting up a pusher fan to my radiator through a relay, with the ignition on and manual override switch off the fan still works, tried a continuity check on the thermo switch and it has continuity with a cold engine. Should this happen the switch is screwed into the bottom water in pipe. Paul
  12. Hi Peter Here is one solution that solved the problem for me on my 4A, unfortunately you do not have the H frame fitted. I made it out of stainless sheet. Paul
  13. The original spring shackles I have measure 31/4" between pin centres.
  14. Jim If you are still in need of a pair I should be able to help as I changed my 4A to IRS and have the redundant parts still. Paul
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