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  1. May suit someone if you can find it! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Tr6-Chassis/174542199715?hash=item28a3869ba3:g:b8IAAOSwQC1fxyeH
  2. Thank you Rodders another year older!! Have managed 350 miles so far, for some reason there had been salt put on the roads which has stopped my driving. Merry Christmas to you both. Paul
  3. Yes that's correct Old English white, thank you for your thoughts, the colour seems to be quite close to the original paint I found underneath. No dry weather now unfortunately to enjoy it. Paul
  4. Nothing like that on mine Dave. Paul
  5. Thanks for all your positive comments much appreciated. 250 miles so far and beginning to relax a little and still have the grin. Paul
  6. Paul J

    Tank pic

    You have a PM Pete
  7. A local upholsterer he also did the seats. Based at Hayle Cornwall.
  8. I did get Jill a puppy in February Rodney very wise move on my part, not so wise now though the hairs on my black carpet are becoming a fixture, as soon as I turn the key the puppy is waiting to get in.
  9. Hi Tim I fitted a Smiths voltmeter with additional wire. Not easy to get exactly what you need from Autosparks, this was the 3rd loom I’ve had from them and I have yet to get it right.
  10. They are MX5 seats Gary had them re-upholstered locally in a cherry red leather.
  11. This TR5 project came my way in late January 2020, it was quite unexpected as I had given up all thoughts of having ownership of a 5 due to the ever increasing value and their scarcity. Sold my TR4A and TR6 and acquired UHD214F which had been a stalled project from late 80's residing in Worcester. Covid lockdown gave me the excuse to almost live in my workshop and garage, there was much to do though the chassis had been renewed in 1990 with new suspension bushes etc, all had perished and needed replacing, there were no B posts, all paint had been removed which had given its rat like look.
  12. I have had good results with having springs powder coated. Paul
  13. Paul J

    Ian kydd

    I find a couple of small ratchet straps most helpful, one either end of the channel and around the the top of the glass making a endless loop, pulls the glass into the rubber nicely, with care obviously. Paul
  14. Yes it has to come out the way it was put in as behind it is a gallery cast in the block smaller than the core plug. Somehow you need to collapse it and pul it out, leaving it in is also an option it cannot fall into the sump and with a hole it can act as a breathing/oil baffle. Best of luck. Paul
  15. I want my switch back can I come and collect it. Paul
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