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  1. Originally would a CP car have been 15" flat or dished. Paul
  2. Out in the sunshine with the top down, if only, a long long way to go.
  3. I think there should be a thick rubber packing between the bumper and wing. Paul
  4. Hi Tom Thanks for that Tom very early stages for me at the moment to be thinking of wheel trims, in fact I was not aware the wheels were hard to find as I only have the four. This morning I got the car on a lift to examine underneath, indeed I was pleasantly surprised it has a new chassis completely reinforced in all the suspect areas along with all new suspension gear which has been powder coated and well preserved, new floors, sills and boot. All the attention will be to the tub which has been stripped of its paint 20+ years ago and is coated in surface rust (hopefully), it's a good project that should yield a very tidy TR5. If you still have the Rostyle wheel covers I could well be interested. Regards Paul
  5. Thanks Rodney, Eddies is looking good unfortunately im a long way from that, I hear you are also back into TR ownership that's good news. Paul
  6. Thanks for your words of encouragement guys there will be a fair bit missing, so far the top of my shopping list is a peddle box. Paul
  7. After much thought I have just become the owner of another project car, TR5 UDH 214F Chassis No CP1503 which will soon be replacing my TR4A and TR6. It's a very unfinished project which stalled in the 90s comes with a new chassis, floors and inner and outer sills, originally from Wallsall. Paul
  8. Hi Richard

    Its Paul from down in the far west of Cornwall, Im considering doing a deal with my 4A on a far from finished project TR5 which will require a few parts should if i proceed with the deal, You were once offering overdrive boxes would you still have a suitable box. Will also need a new tank.




  9. 1953 Ariel KH 500 twin, all original with an unusual twist grip dip switch such a good idea.
  10. Having completed the T100 my bench was looking rather empty, this 1984 Honda VF500F came to my attention locally and has become my latest project. Only 8K miles on it but had not been used for 15 years. Got it running and sounds very good, it's now completely stripped, biggest problem is the fuel tank with a bottom that resembled a colander so a little tin work to contend with. Frame off to the blasters and powder coaters. Paul
  11. I recently used the AA European breakdown cover for a single trip to France, insured for the trip only, no problems whatsoever as their services were required for repatriation (water pump failure and head gasket). Cost of insurance was £30 for the five days, hire car provided for the rest of holiday and returnable to nearest agent in UK, my car was delivered back in a covered transporter within three days of my return, fantastic service and no quibble. Paul
  12. Hi Roger If you PM me your postal address when you will be needing it I will post it off to you. Paul
  13. Recently I re-swaged my push rod tubes that were all badly leaking by making up this simple tool, so far it has worked a treat with no more leaks, I also added a little lactate sealant before clamping the swage. You are quite welcome to borrow the tool Roger Paul
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