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  1. I heard a similar noise on a 4 recently, the source was slightly loose fan blades, all blades could be moved by hand, worth checking. Paul
  2. Hi John

    Thank you for your words in Tr Action Forum Focus regarding my courier work to Sydney, just need to point out that I'm from down in Cornwall at the very end and not Devon, they put the cream on first up there!;) I did have a good chat with the knowledgeable John Macormack and spent an afternoon with him looking at his toys, all very nice too, the ride over the Sydney Harbour Bridge was something else.

    Also would like to congratulate you and thank you for your work regarding the forum it seems to already have a positive effect, well done.

    All the very best from sunny Cornwall


    1. John Morrison

      John Morrison

      Hi apologies for the incorrect geography,gues I'll need to stay this side of the Tamar for  a while!

      Appreciate your kind words re all our efforts, think we are going in the right direction, but actions such as yours, highlighted so folk know helps enormously, thought it was a great thing you did.



  3. Boogie do you mean the water is rusty again? Paul
  4. It looks by your pic that the tower may have been repaired on the mis aligned side, I would repair the tower top and re-align the hole. Paul .
  5. Richard I have used Tippers St Austell for classic plates, always very good. Regards Paul Paul
  6. Well done Stef, there is always a reason why, finding it can sometimes be quite difficult. Now we are all more knowledgeable. Paul
  7. Its possible the overriders on the last car in the clip were for guidance of fitting the tub and are possibly removable for that task, as the car in front does not seem to have the overriders fitted but the tub is in position, maybe. Paul
  8. Hi John Having seen your engine bay and standard of finish I can sympathise with your chosen option to try the repair from underneath, best of luck. Removing the apron and engine then refitting will most certainly leave a trail. All bye best Paul Now back home and continuing with the TR6 resto.
  9. Paul J

    Non TR noise

    April 1st had almost forgotten. Paul
  10. Thank you John MacCormack for a memorable ride across the Harbour Bridge yesterday, good to meet you and your beautiful Trs. I will try and attach the video to this but having problems resizing. https://youtu.be/6mrJRcxXaRQ Paul
  11. Good bit of footage John I will know which garage to look for tomorrow. Paul
  12. John similar problem I had many years ago in a Hillman Imp, engine out three times renewed everything with exception of the fork, problem eventually found was a fractured fork which was opening when operating the clutch. Paul
  13. Thats very smart looking Pinky, where did you source the grill. Paul
  14. Waldi I have this type of seat bracket in my 6 and they are not quite as simple as they may look, all four are individually different. Each one is stamped with their correct location ie right front, Left rear etc. quite technical to draw with the offsets. I understand mine originally were suppled by TR Trader. The type on the CD are quite easy to make as I have them on my 4A. Paul
  15. Paul J

    USA Switch Plinth

    Im not sure Peter as the car is undergoing some repair work, the lights are all in place behind so I would imagine they will work. Why would the US market require it as all the switches are easily identifiable, quite a nice feature I suppose Paul.
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