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  1. April 1st had almost forgotten. Paul
  2. Thank you John MacCormack for a memorable ride across the Harbour Bridge yesterday, good to meet you and your beautiful Trs. I will try and attach the video to this but having problems resizing. https://youtu.be/6mrJRcxXaRQ Paul
  3. Good bit of footage John I will know which garage to look for tomorrow. Paul
  4. John similar problem I had many years ago in a Hillman Imp, engine out three times renewed everything with exception of the fork, problem eventually found was a fractured fork which was opening when operating the clutch. Paul
  5. Thats very smart looking Pinky, where did you source the grill. Paul
  6. Waldi I have this type of seat bracket in my 6 and they are not quite as simple as they may look, all four are individually different. Each one is stamped with their correct location ie right front, Left rear etc. quite technical to draw with the offsets. I understand mine originally were suppled by TR Trader. The type on the CD are quite easy to make as I have them on my 4A. Paul
  7. Paul J

    USA Switch Plinth

    Im not sure Peter as the car is undergoing some repair work, the lights are all in place behind so I would imagine they will work. Why would the US market require it as all the switches are easily identifiable, quite a nice feature I suppose Paul.
  8. Does anyone else have one of these switch tabs which fit between the plinth and H frame. I had the pleasure! of removing a TR6 USA gearbox this week from inboard, the dreaded clutch cross shaft fork bolt had sheared, while removing the H frame I noticed the switch plinth switch lettering I had not found on my CR TR6. Was this something unique to the exported cars I can find nothing written about this. Paul
  9. Paul J

    Which Bracket

    Thanks all its the Fascia support, I'm not at the dash fitting out as yet still awaiting my wiring loom. I had visions of having to remove other things to fit it. Best Paul
  10. Paul J

    Which Bracket

    This bracket came with my TR6 as yet I have not found a purpose for it could someone identify it for me please. Thanks Paul
  11. Hi Paul Thats worrying and very annoying, as Im in a similar situation, for it to crack as the the pic I would imagine it must have been over stressed on that end somehow. You kind of loose confidence when that happens. I also had fitted my screen but manage to crack it when trying to adjust it one end, should have kept my hands in my pockets. Did you use any lubrication on the rubber. Paul
  12. Back from the paint finishers, screen this weekend but did not go according to plan, had the glass fitted nicely and should have left well alone.
  13. Hi Dave Im just about to refit mine they are not the same as the ones on the CD rom but are flat plates supplied by TR Trader I think, they were in my car when I bought it . They are all individuals and are not interchangeable. If you wish I can take a pic for you in the morning. I made a set for my 4A copied from the CD rom which worked well. Paul
  14. Paul J

    TR6 Sill Strip

    Thanks Ed the supplier has admitted liability and are sending me the correct replacements. Yours is looking really good even a colour coded matching lift. Thanks again Best Paul
  15. Paul J

    TR6 Sill Strip

    I ordered two new sill strips for my CR restoration part Number 625212 back in December from one of the main suppliers, when offering them up to mark out the rivet holes I found they seem rather short, if its fitted about 1" from the front wheel arch the strip will stop short the rear wing. Could someone possibly measure the length of their sill strip on a CR 5/8" wide chrome strip please, mine measures 47", I feel its approx 6" too short. Thanks in advance Paul
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