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  1. Good point Rob. I'd just cleared the list of jobs to do on the white board for the TR, now you've given me another. Jerry
  2. Can't remember the rating - it hasn't blown in 20 odd years so 'enough' probably. The location of these things is sometimes brought about by necessity, so I accept probably not ideal. There is a cut-off switch next to the battery. Jerry
  3. Thanks. I spent some time drawing a wiring diagram so that almost everything was individualy fused and/or relayed, then I bought a load of different cable colours and connectors and started cutting and soldering. Not practical or desirable to modify the old loom. If only I was able to get hold of the thinwall cable at the time it would have made the 'packaging' easier. Also swapped the ammeter for a voltmeter as that big fat cable snaking behind the dash always seems a liability. Of course having finished it with every conceivable electrical accesory, I then added heated seats for which I'd run out of fuseways. If you look at the front of the panel there is a large brown wire going through a mini circuit breaker before powering up the main busbar. nah, nah nenah nah. Not quite, now that is a different kettle of fish & I'm not touching it unless I have to. Jerry
  4. Drop down panel in passenger footwell for me. Jerry
  5. Pretty much as Stuart's photo, but I used Y connectors instead of T and then fitted a spare eyeball on short pipes from the cold air ducts in case I ever go somewhere hot enough to need cool air in the footwell. It hasn't happened yet. Jerry
  6. The cheap & cheerful one from screwfix is good enough for occasional use, but heavy. Jerry
  7. Andy, try a post in the general Technical section as not enough people look in here. i don't know anything about the 7 braking system, but it doesn't sound like the master cylinder to me, otherwise you wouldn't get any pressure under any circumstance. Jerry
  8. I think you'll have to get the grommets by part number as they are all weird sizes. Aren't all water hoses in silicone now? They're probably all supplied by the same manufacturers anyway. The inside heater hoses aren't difficult to replace in-situ, I've just done mine. Get some stainless hose clips in stock. While you are under there, consider re-routing the air ducts. The standard setup is to supply cold air to the eyeball vents. If you swap things around, you can route the warm air to the eyeballs which demists the side windows. Jerry
  9. Well here's a funny thing. A long, long time ago when I bought my 5 I swapped the handbrake lever for the much cooler fly-off version from my old 4A that I had crashed. It took me a long time to figure out that a fly-off lever isn't that cool after all, nor as efficient, so thought I'd put back the original. For a long time it has been an accepted mod to re-drill the hole for the cable to improve the handbrake, but I didn't realise that the factory had done this for the 5. There is no sign of an old hole being welded up so I can only presume it is original. Photo shows 5 on the left & 4A on the right. Jerry
  10. Think I'd do something about all those hoses without a hose clip in sight as a minimum. Jerry
  11. We don't need valve stem seals fitted - at least I've never seen any on a standard Triumph engine. Fitting them would imply some other issue surely. Jerry
  12. How about cutting off the thread, drill and tap and insert a new stud. Or weld on a new threaded end. It is possible to replace the mounting pins, but you need to remove the fuel tank and cut a hole in the floor. Jerry
  13. It has been said with troublesome brakes that wedging the brake pedal down and leaving under pressure overnight sometimes clears difficult air locks. Has the car been standing for a time before bleeding? Sounds as if something in the servo is not returning to it's proper position. Jerry
  14. jerrytr5

    Racing engine

    I think your thread title is confusing people. I am assuming that you mean you have an erratic idle, so probably an air leak or throttle butterfly issue - try a search on here and you should find plenty of info. Jerry
  15. Very rarely need to top mine up. They are not known for using oil. What oil are you using ? Oil breather/flame trap fitted ? Jerry
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