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  1. Abridged version, 3 blokes come to see your car for sale. 1 distracts you while the others unplug sensor in the engine bay and put oil in the water and air cleaner. Result: blue smoke and engine management light. https://www.jaguarforum.com/threads/three-guys-put-it-in-limp-mode.127272/ Jerry
  2. You are doing it wrong. It is the car that lays on the ramps. Jerry
  3. Looks like a pain in the neck to me. I think you'd soon get tired of moving the trolley jack from side to side. And then one day forget to remove the upright and open the door into it. Jerry
  4. Your main issue is the different fastening arrangements for the soft top frame. That 'brass bush' is not a bodge but the fastener for the pin type 1/4 turn header rail clamp as used on the 250/5/6. By contrast the 4A uses an 'over-the-centre' latch fixed to the screen rail at 90 deg to the capping. Look closer at the capping, you will see that that the 4A is pretty well dead flat and the 250 has a dished area around the fastener. In order to get your 250 hood frame to fit the 4A you need a 4A frame header rail plus the catches (I assume the frame would have the threaded inserts to at
  5. I always said he was mad, now you all know. Does nurse know you've got out again Roger? Jerry
  6. The motor just goes round, so rotation direction won't make any difference. Sounds like you have refitted the wheelboxes upside down. Jerry
  7. Welcome to our forum Mikael. Don't get too hung up on 'matching numbers' which to my mind is a fantasy invented by an auction house frequently used along with 'barn find'. It's a mass produced car that gets crashed, repaired and rebuilt, along with a dubious method of record keeping that frequently throws up anomalies. By all means do your research and due diligence, but don't be surprised if the gearbox number doesn't match the heritage certificate. Jerry
  8. Wheel width will depend on tyre choice so once you have decided that you will get an optimum wheel. A wider wheel will give more tyre options and offer more support to the sidewall. You will then have a huge price disparity. The cheaper ones probably cut corners on a number of areas but the one you will notice is the finish which will peel and discolour very quickly. As others have said, offset is important. A quality wheel (and nuts) should last many years without requiring refinishing. Compomotive are one such. Jerry
  9. jerrytr5

    Car Films

    Another cracking film, thanks Hamish. Jerry
  10. +1 for Dinitrol. Easier to apply and lasts longer. The gun and lance from Rejel works well and not expensive. I think about 40 psi is plenty. Jerry
  11. I do hope that was written in jest. There never has been any 'enemy' and I would hazard that the majority of members would be in favour of club officers making the decisions that they have been voted in to take. Jerry
  12. What wheels & what size tyres? Are the wheels correct offset? Jerry
  13. That'll be a Challenger or Triple-C. https://www.challenger-owners-club.co.uk/about/what-is-a-challenger/ Jerry
  14. You'll find it difficult to undo the plug as it is square ended and will need an open end spanner which is difficult to manipulate through the 'ole, so you may still have to get underneath. Once you have got the filler plug out, weld a nut on it so you can use a socket in future. I actually thought the original fibre covers had access plates for the filler and speedo cable as I thought I remembered cutting holes in the GRP cover and transferring plates over. Maybe 5's and early 6's did, or maybe I am mis-remembering yet again. Jerry
  15. See here: https://jec.org.uk/news/2021/jaguar-land-rover-release-open-letter-to-enthusiasts-regarding-replicas So it looks like existing vehicles will be ok, but not sure where that leaves new kits/replicas. Jerry
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