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  1. You know how simple jobs have a habit of expanding......well I replaced the chassis on one of my Hurricanes (Spitfire kit), and then thought the windscreen frame needed a refurb (it did - both stanchions entirely rusted), which has now led me to the dash. This is a ply flat plank which I covered in vinyl on a 'temporary' basis in about 1985. I never liked it in vinyl, so I'm thinking I might veneer it. However, the toggle switches will only clamp through quite a thin sheet so there are sections of the ply which are cut out and replaced with alloy sheet. With me so far? My question: Is it possible to veneer over alloy and what glue would you use? I'm thinking a high temp resistant contact adhesive. Anyone have some veneer going spare? Jerry
  2. Pretty sure I have some. PM me if you want me to go and hunt in the quartermasters stores Jerry
  3. jerrytr5

    Brake issues

    Didn't some of the export market cars have a PDWA valve installed? Could this cause such a fault? There is not usually any need to use a vacuum bleed on a TR. Just fill with fluid and pump the pedal. Jerry
  4. When I was adjusting mine I have a note "1 shim equates to 2.5 mm alignment change at rim" Jerry
  5. You could start by contacting the TR6 registrar with your commission number if you haven't already done so. Order a build record from https://www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk/archive/heritage-certificates Write in to TR Action. You used to be able to request previous owner details from the DVLA but I believe that stopped this year. On this Forum there is a listing for asking just that question. Good luck with your search. Jerry
  6. Thet usually just need the faces and glass given a good clean which you can do in an evening given they come apart easily - unless you have electro-mechanical issues that is. Jerry
  7. Wot, part 136354 for 23 quid you mean on this page? https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr5-6/clutch-transmission-drivetrain/clutch-systems/clutch-system-tr5-6-1967-76.html Jerry
  8. jerrytr5

    EFI - What Plugs?

    I use NGK BR7ES in mine. As Harry says, resistor plugs and leads are required to avoid ECU interferance. I had a very irritating intermittent misfire caused by using the wrong type of lead. Jerry
  9. I've had these fitted in two cars since 2013 with no issues. Take about 10 days to arrive from China. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/universal-heated-seat-2-seat-round-switch-seat-heater-life-time-warranty-UK/183035597815?hash=item2a9dc593f7:g:dz8AAOxyuDpSGOXw Jerry
  10. The wax treatment suppliers usually include them with the pack - Dinitrol (Rejel Auto) certainly will. Difficult to imagine plastic or rubber of any type not being suitable. Jerry
  11. Make sure that on full bump, the telescopic damper is NOT acting as the bump stop or you will break the trailing arm. The T/A mounted bump stop is the one that does this job. Jerry
  12. Is it the same as on the IRS cars with an earth from the steering rack to chassis? Don't rely on the splines at the U/J's for continuity either, use a link wire between pinch bolts. Jerry
  13. jerrytr5

    Horn Bracket

    I had a root around and came up with two quite similar, but not identical - probably from Spitfire or Herald. Have you tried TR Bitz? Jerry
  14. Passed this one in Devon a couple of weeks ago. Presume it's well known by the locals slumbering with a TR6 shell & an XJS. Jerry
  15. jerrytr5

    TR6 Radio

    Another option: If you don't use the glovebox, take out the liner and fit a couple of brackets in there. The car is small enough to reach across from the drivers side. Jerry
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