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  1. The only material differences are as you say the hood / top rail fastening. Does your friend not have a hood frame from the Spitfire as that will tell you for sure. I think that the Mk3's had the pin fitting as per TR6 but I am not 100% certain. Jerry
  2. jerrytr5

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    Another great film Hamish. Keep 'em coming. Jerry
  3. I might be mis-rememberiing, but don't you remove the knob & undo a nut to remove the rheostat? Then push it through so you can bypass it. Or just snip the wires. Jerry
  4. Hi Jerry - You might be right there Why Indeed bore it out when all my research says you dont seem to get that many extra horses from all the work 200cc seems to be the extra capacity max which may or may not give 5 - 6 horses extra-- I could probably get that from other simple low cost work done on the engine -- Mmmm  food for thought -- thanks for that Jerry  ---- Andrew

  5. Why? Just because you can? Jerry
  6. These are reliable. https://www.oxfordwelders.co.uk/index.html Jerry
  7. I've never seen a clutch cover like that before. Where are all the fingers? Jerry
  8. The factory fix for condensation in my XK8 is to drill a ventilation hole in the side of the headlamp unit. Seems to work. Jerry
  9. The spring is almost loose at the end of the winder travel so it just drops out (and in). It only comes under tension as you turn the winder. At least that's my recollection. Jerry
  10. Typical sheared cross shaft pin behaviour surely. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Jerry
  11. I'm not familiar with the 7/Stag arrangement, but many cars with self adjusters have a hole in the drum or backplate so you can shove an implement in either to back off or adjust up the cam arrangement. If the 7 doesn't have this access, could you make one? Jerry
  12. I'm still baffled as to why it broke, and I don't see how the bearing got misshapen. Is there an explanation? I have some spare bearing caps should you wish to investigate that route, but as Mick rightly points out will still need a good engineering shop to verify. There are flat and recessed blocks. Any recessed block in 2 or 2.5 form will interchange. The recessed block has additional casting ribs so is stronger. Jerry
  13. Hi Neil, nice to see you back on the forum. Stuart, you are probably right but I can imagine there being a bucket of them on the production line for those 'it fits where it touches' moments. Jerry
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