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  1. What type of roll bar/cage do you mean? Some are easier than others when it comes to folding the hood. Is the 4 hood frame the same basic design as a six? I've never had a 4 so cannot comment. Jerry
  2. Having dropped my old multimeter it no longer functions. Have you any idea how difficult it is to test the tiny fuse without a multimeter? Anyway, the fuse & betteries are ok, so I need a new multimeter - recommendations please. Jerry
  3. Not sure how you get to 7K from that list unless you are not doing anything yourself. There are quite a few electric TR's, just search the web, not to mention the one featured in TR Action not so long ago. I think it's great to have so much innovation but as previously stated I don't think the numbers add up. Jerry
  4. Well I never, you speaketh the truth. Maybe I've only seen CP ones. I'm sure there will be an expert along in a minute to tell us all. Jerry
  5. 'D' shaped ? Got a picture? I've only seen round ones. Jerry
  6. If there is reduced fuel in the float chambers due to leak or evaporation then it won't start until they fill up. The problem with a mechanical fuel pump is that the engine needs to be turning over to pump the fuel, hence sometimes a lot of cranking is required. An electric pump will fill the float chambers as soon as you switch on the ignition so by the time you have started cranking there is fuel present. it may be that modern fuels evaporate quicker than before so this issue has become more prevalent. Certainly changing from mechanical to electric pump on my Spitfire engine e
  7. Good advice Andy. Not just new cars, anything that has been near a main stealer. Just yesterday had an 80 year old gentleman stop outside my house with a flat tyre having hit a pot hole. I got him to drive in and I put on his spare. However there was no way the bolts would shift. Luckily, two days before I invested in a monster cordless impact wrench to undo the crankshaft nut of my son's MX5 which I had been unable to shift with my air impact wrench. Think it will prove a worthwhile investment. He turned up today with some beers. Jerry
  8. Unless you have a loopback feed for lambda to continuosly monitor mixture, you don't need it. Mine is only used for initial setup. I think Emerald sample the gases at the exhaust pipe outlet when they do the initial setup on the rollers, but I don't have Emerald so stand to be corrected. Jerry
  9. Two Ed, now that's just boasting. Jerry
  10. Indicator side. The operating 'bump' sits in the middle of the switch sprung 'arms'. I'm sure there must be a more accurate descriptive term. For the steering column flexible, put a jubilee clip around before removal. Jerry
  11. I suspect that should be a dowel pin. Part DP619 in the Moss catalogue. There are two to help align the engine & box, one roughly there and another about 180 degrees away - I don't remember exact locations, no doubt somebody will have a photo. Jerry
  12. Take the offside wheel off and select a spot through the wheelarch just above the chassis. That's where mine is. Jerry
  13. Thanks for the heads up on this event. I hadn't been to Donnington for ages and what a good track it is for spectators. Some great racing throughout, especially the swinging 60's. Mark Campbell's pole sitting TR5 was outdragged to the first corner by a splendid Corvette. The TR5 squeezed past the Corvette, but never reappeared for the next lap which was a great shame, the assumption being that something had broken on the car. Nice to see a number of TR's racing along with Sunbeam Alpines, MG's and Minis. Thanks to all the competitors. Jerry
  14. Hate to disagree with Mick, but Triumph specified EP80/90 in overdrive gearboxes and it's something I've used for 40+ years. I think the overdrive will run with almost any fluid given the multiplicity of options given by vehicle manufacturers. In my experience, 95% of overdrive issues are electrical, could be something like a bullet connector disturbed. Jerry
  15. jerrytr5

    Wiper woes

    Mike is saying that the wipers are piggy-backed off the VR which would give them 12v, I'm not sure if Ian you are saying that the wiper feed is now through the VR which only supplies 10v. Jerry
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