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  1. I wouldn't attempt to contradict Mick on race car suspension, but a road car needs to get over speedbumps and offer a semblance of a comfortable ride although Mick included soft springs in his set up, which is interesting. The best handling mod I ever made to my 5 was to fit a rear anti-roll bar, but I already had a TR6 front bar fitted so as Mick says I was counteracting understeer. Maybe I should have tried disconnecting the front bar first but this was before the Forum. Anyway, fitting anti-roll bars front & rear mean that you can use soft-ish, tall-ish springs so that in a st
  2. Why do your homemade tools look so much better than mine Roger? All that money British Airways spent on you clearly didn't go to waste. Jerry
  3. Howard, Thanks for all the info. I'm 6' 1" but the crash helmet adds enough to reduce headroom so I have to sit with my head on one side. I've solved this by bolting the seat direct to the floor. Who needs runners anyway. The steering issue is not with the lock, but it is how many turns it takes to get there. To paraphrase a Scandinavian rally driver when told that to pass a UK driving test you had to feed the wheel through your hands "That way you die". In order to get the radio in, I've decided to cut the lower portion of the centre console out and put the radio at the base an
  4. No apology needed, I am in awe. But you haven't made my hedge trimmer any easier to start. Jerry
  5. All here https://www.tr-register.co.uk/group/north-london
  6. Charlie, that is indeed brilliant. If Wayne doesn't put that on the front cover of TR Action there is no justice. I generally quite like the walk, as others have said, therapeutic. It's getting rid of the cuttings that really annoys me. However, getting on with a bit of tinkering whilst the robot takes care of the lawn is very attractive. Jerry
  7. Come and chat with your local group (North London) this Thursday at The Red Lion, Hemel Hempstead, HP3 9TD Jerry
  8. Staff, Hamish? Don't think the Butler would stoop that low. No Premium fuel locally. This bodes well. Jerry
  9. All moderns seem to invent new fasteners, a set of Torx bits is a good investment. While the lights are out it might be possible to drill some ventilation holes in the housing to stop the misting. This low-tech mod is one that Jag had to do on the xk8. Jerry
  10. Is it just me, or is anyone else affected by an outbreak of gardening stuff not working? Firstly the motor mower (4 stroke Briggs & Stratton) won't start when it's hot. Now the hedgetrimmer (2 stroke) exhibits the same symptoms. Both start and run fine on choke when cold. The mower continues to run when warmed up but if it stops, there is no way it will re-start. The hedgetrimmer just stalls after warming up a bit. It's fresh fuel but not sure if it's E5 or E10. Given the extra oxygen introduced with ethanol, is everything going to be too lean to run properly now? Or maybe j
  11. Electrical. It's almost always electrical but you will have to take off the tunnel cover to get to all the wiring. Start at the swich and follow the wires, you might get lucky. Jerry
  12. I can't remember, but the parts book (always helpful) shows it below. https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr5-6/steering-suspension/steering/steering-column-wheels-tr5-6-1967-76.html Jerry
  13. Wouldn't that take it into the boot? I'll have a look tomorrow. Thanks. Jerry
  14. What happens when it rains and the fuel filler well on a TR7 fills with water? I don't see any drain point. Seems to be a semi-circle in the flange but this is sealed. Where should it drain from? Jerry
  15. For the record, I have a Mazda 5 speed in my Hurricane Lightweight (along with the Mazda engine) and it is a really nice box. Easy, precise shift with good ratios. Still prefer an overdrive though. Jerry
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