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  1. I think I wrote what I needed to in the title - Whoops -- Anyone can help please - I tried on ebay and generally online but customers reviews were saying not correct match to their French blue code 126 - Maybe there is shades - Mmm ? Any pointers to where I can get a 400ml spray tin from would be grateful -- Andrew
  2. Hey there mtrehy -- Looking Good - had my TR inspected on 16th Sept after applying back in May/June I think it was . Takes a while . All on the car match so its all original - Cool -- Reg due in four weeks time from DVLA -- Then I can start -- Thank you for all your help back early this year -- with form filling -- No MOT needed as you said -- . Regards Andrew
  3. AHH ! My old computer is stuck in caps lock LOL LOL LOL LOL -- ( this is my newER one ) But expect more shouting LOL LOL LOL Andi
  4. I JUST LOVE that word that keeps coming up for classics -- KEITH66 --------------------------------------------------------------------================================================ CHEAP ======================================================================================================================================================================================================CHEAP ====================================================================================================================================================== YOUR MY GUY _____________________________________
  5. Ok long shot but I looked at units for rent over a month with electric and decided maybe there is some one else in Royton Oldham around that area who has a long term project on their hands but doesn't want a large outlay of money per month ON RENT - I noticed a lot of the units for rent are actually big enough for three cars side by side OR FOUR -- SO of course I am taking the body off my TR6 to sort the chassis and body separately. So maybe someone with similar interests as me and a long term project on their hands would like to try and find one WORKSHOP suitable for us both -- Bit of a long
  6. MMmmm !! Double MMmmmmm !! -- As you all know I know nothing of TR6 Registration - I spoke to tons of people AND it seems that it just depends on who takes your form and documents at DVLA, -- Its just luck it seems / maybe --- SO - instead of filling in the forms and risking getting a a big NO straight away - I wrote to them with stamped addressed envelope by return asking them to clarify the process - as if you try and fill in a Application for a Reg you stop on the form at the point CURRENT MOT , So then if you fill in the form for application for MOT exemption, you then stop on the f
  7. Cool - I think its going to rather a while to say the least before it ever gets an MOT -- LOL -- Thanks for that info brilliant -- How can I find the ORIGINAL NUMBER WHICH I GUess was a J reg its must have had one before it got shipped off to the sates ? Cheers Andi P
  8. I am new to everything and what I know I can write on a pin head -- So TR6 1971 about March -- Just got this from america LH drive - No plates obvioulsy docs look in order to get it plated -- SO from I can research I could get a three letter / three number --- number plate ???? obviously would have to buy it first then apply to DVLA ??? is that kind of in the right direction ?? anyone -- I dont know anybody cos I just joined and I just got this crate of rust -- sorry I mean my TR6 !. Any pointers gratefully received -- Andrew Perkins BSC ( Bronze Swimming Certificate ) !
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