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  1. Just to add some information from my experience; I also have a 0580 464 126, as a spare, it is listed as a Bosch replacement for my current pump, a 0 580 254 909, which has been on the car for over twenty years. On my TR6 the setup uses the Sytec glass filter which as said earlier, has an internal bore of a little over 5mm. This I.D. appears to be Identical for the 5/16 and 3/8 filter versions, the only difference I can find is the bore of the chrome ends. Both sizes have the same 4 x 3.2mm diameter holes drilled in each end to allow the fuel to pass out of the input end and through the filter into the output end. The threaded aluminium rod is 67mm long but not drilled all the way through, its drilled 20mm from one end and 25mm from the other. I tried unsuccessfully to find flow rates for these filers. This setup has worked fine, until last year when caviation occurred in temperatures of 40c whilst on tour in France .The fuel level was low probably 2-3gallons and the fuel tank was almost too hot to touch., nearly 50c! To my mind there is still a flow restriction from the small 5mm bore inlet and outlet of the filter. So I am thinking to change this glass pre-filler arrangement to a bullet filter to improve the fuel flow to the pump to overcome cavitation for these high temperatures. The other pipework to the pump and from the tank has larger bore sizes to match the pump and the Tank outlet is also larger at 8mm. I would add there were 2 other injected triumphs (TR5s) on Tour and neither had any caviation troubles. Mark
  2. I remember someone at moss telling me that some Peugeots use the same uhd. Sorry but I cannot recall which ones.
  3. How often do folks running bosch fuel pumps change the large fuel filter? The fuel filter on my car was fitted over 20 years ago and done some 26k miles since its rebuild. I thought it was about time for change. I've not yet got round to fitting the replacement (PN 0 450 905 021 if anyone is interested, cost £22, its for a bosch 909 pump ) but I will open it up to see how it looks inside. i am not expecting much debris as it has a small glass pre-filter and has had a new stainless steel fuel tank since the rebuild. Mark.
  4. Mark V


    Make sure the replacement rad is not a 3 row unit, this happened to me many years ago. I replaced a leaky radiator with new one from Cox & Buckles and the car ran hot and easiily overheated. A 4 row fixed this......
  5. If you have an alloy rocker cover and roller rockers, the ticking could be coming from rockers coming into contact with the cover. I changed my cover and the new one caused a ticking and left minor witness marks on the inside of the cover..
  6. You may find the dashboard oil pressure gauge is inaccurate showing high or low, especially if it is the original. I replaced my original gauge (cica 1969) with a dual oil water/oil version and tested the pressure against my PI pressure gauge when I found the reading was noticeably dropped less on the new one. In my case I found the old gauge was reading between 10PSI high, which was a bit of a shock! But the actual pressure was within the Triumph specification/limits. Mark.
  7. Spotted this in a marshalls car at SPA classic recently, He purchased it from a German TR supplier in Koln. http://blob:https%3A//www.flickr.com/b1a20177-165e-4c5a-ac37-f3649486bcc1 Mark
  8. Hi Tom, Looked like you a had a ball out on the track. I got to to the SPA classic a couple of weeks ago, had 1 track session booked but got persuaded to do another, just had to Here's a short clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sm7kyGWtgmY regards, Mark.
  9. I converted my non-o/d TR6 gearbox from a Stag o/d box many years ago and I recall the solenoid was horizontal, pointed to the rear of the car. It required the removal of a tiny section of the floor pan out flange to give it clearance to the solenoid & make it fit. Mod wasn't noticeable when the cover was refitted. Mark.
  10. My car suffered from fume ingress and did all the usual suspects, lamp seals, sealed up the panel between the fuel tank and cabin, but I found the boot lid seal was the major culprit which fixed 95% of the problem. At time I had standard twin pipe then a falcon twin silencer exhaust system. Since the car was rebuilt, fumes in the cabin have not been an issue – all seals replaced again plus a had a new body shell. Now I’m not suggesting that as a solution as it works out rather expensive…J I’d suggest the lid isn’t sealing so well, you could try a smear of Vaseline on the boot seal and check for witness marks on the lids. However, in order to rid my bumper of the exhaust haze I too have added a chrome tail pipe extension. Similar to the one mentioned earlier, it curves downward and extends about 4 inches at the moment as its not actually permanently fixed. Works a treat, not sure if its “legal” but has passed a few MoTs. Having looked at the various single exhaust pipe systems on Tr6s I have noticed that many follow the rear valance up a steep angle to exit just below the bumper. The exhaust I use dis not like that, it has a more flat attitude which maybe throws the exhaust fumes rearwards and less up into the kamm tail vortex? One problem having the flatter tail pipe is it is more prone to damage on high kerbs when reversing (as I discovered once!) which could be why the majority of tail pipes do rake upwards. Good luck, the fumes problem is a real pain and very frustrating. Mark. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/aowsz0tyigtxjou/w_qyczKHEH https://www.dropbox.com/sc/ymzfkd7otrd6shh/grYutlKlJF
  11. For what its worth, after my tr6 rebuild I took it to be weighed at the local council weigh bridge, came in at 1108kg, full fuel tank, including spare wheel, tools etc. ( but no one in the car) 69 UK car.. However, it is possible, that like myself, it may have put on a few pounds since then...... Mark.
  12. I can add that my TR6 has been on the Cambridge motorsport RR with Chris Connelly tuning it, then later on, in similar conditions it was at Enginuity's RR and the results were almost identical. I have no connection to either place. However, as said else where, best ignore the actual numbers, a RR tuning session can give great return for your £ in finding, fixing problems and knowing the car is nicely setup. Recommend it. Mark.
  13. Hi Andrew, Being over in Grayshott I am fairly local to yourself so If you would like to check out the uprated brakes on my '6 pm me. As Harry mentioned, I too got the pad knock back issue but it was fixed for me when I fitted alloy hubs & the bigger stub axle & bearing that it comes with. That was with regular front brakes.However, it reappeared when I fitted 4 pot callipers & vented disks. In the years prior to the cars rebuild I cannot ever recall this problem.. Mark
  14. We tried the Motorail about 14 years ago, but not in a TR! The journey was overnight from near Dunkirk to Nice & back. We had cabin with a bunk bed as we only had our eldest son at the time, he was 3 so was able to snuggle down with mum. Mum didn't get the best nights sleep though. It was lovely to experience the coastal railway along the south of France, great views and to get in to Nice fresh. We have made the trip a few times in the TR which typically took a day or so to get over! The trip was expensive but was slightly offset by no overnight hotel/fuel costs and not being tired for a day afterwards. Cabins were fine & a croissant or two for breakfast. I do recall being slightly l anxious about the loading, the railway staff position the cars on to the trailer. There was a cracking Le Mans Bentley and a couple of other classics, a Lotus Elan & Morgan already on board. So Presumably this isn't a problem. The car was absolutely filthy when we got it off the train, I reckon it was going backwards through a dust storm all night, it was that dirty. Would do it again (when the kids all left home!) Mark.
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