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  1. Hi John, Blatant advertising I know (well I haven't actually advertised it yet) but I have a much nicer TR4 than that......for the same money! Drop me a PM if you want more details..... And Daniel Mahoney - Ask Conrad about him and his threats......
  2. marko

    TR6 For Sale

    I drove it up to King's Lynn as I was basically running out of storage space and I can honestly say it goes like hell!!
  3. marko

    TR6 For Sale

    For anyone interested I've just listed one of our "special friends" cars on the Classified Section Anyone that knows this particular person and the car know's it's been built really well with everything done to it to make it a superb fast road car. It's white, 150 BHP original UK car with overdrive. Now on triple weber's, phoenix exhaust, MX5 seats, polybushed, spax adjustables bla bla. Superb chassis and body, restored 12 plus years ago but still in excellent condition. Anyone interested please look at the pics on the "PAID" advert and let me know before it goes on Fleebay
  4. I've got a lovely condition TR5 Steering Wheel if anyone is in need. Serious offers only please
  5. I wasn't in it for the PR
  6. The vents were just for "show" as they were only cut into the outer panels of the front wings
  7. Sometimes "pricing" and negotiations are for TV entertainment only!!!!.....I won't say too much, having dealt with the production company for Wheeler Dealers (on the Black Alfasud) and Curve Media for the TR4.
  8. I supplied the original car to Curve Media (Salvage Hunters Classic Cars) - It was one of my local customer's cars and to be honest in pretty decent shape and very original with a low documented mileage. I will be interested to see what you think of the before and after....... The programme is quite interesting and the Revington bit was particularly good, especially the "Zoom" Project bit.... Marko - Classic Marks Sports Cars Ltd
  9. So the production company have just emailed me to say the full episode of Salvage Hunters Classic Cars (TR4 Episode) will be screened on Quest (Sky) at 9pm on the 12th January 2022. It will be interesting to see what you think of the "before & after" Regards Mark
  10. They didn't rebuild it Neil, they just modified the suspension, added a glass fibre surrey, wheels, tyres, roll bar, wing vents, Steering wheel etc..... That's only a small clip from a 45 min programme.....
  11. That video snippet is only a preview for the full episode (available now on Discovery Plus or free if you have Sky Q) Salvage Hunters sourced the suspension and go faster bits from Revington TR as I understand it for the finished car and 6VC stars in that episode when they visited Neil. The wing vents were made from a pattern that came from the Zoom prototype designed by Michelotti and a car that Neil Revington had / has in build. Regards Mark
  12. I think they sold it (it was on Ebay for a while) for circa £28k ish.......not sure of the actual figure!! "On TV" they agreed to purchase it from me for around £16,500 I think (can't remember exact figures)
  13. Ahhhhhh Just seen this on Youtube......... I prefer the car "before" the modifications obviously.......It was a low mileage, pretty original car before... I even considered buying the car back and putting it back to the original specification, just for TV purposes Autographs a pleasure!
  14. NOW SOLD - will be fitted to a very special TR5
  15. NOW SOLD THANKS Just a heads up, I've listed For Sale a complete Surrey Top on the Classified Section of the website for any interested. Cheers Mark
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