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  1. I've got a NS (New Old Stock) Stanpart Outer Rear wing for a TR5 and an Offside Inner Rear Wing (not sure if Stanpart but looks original - cover in surface rust) I've listed the outer wing on the classified section but thought I'd give anyone interested a heads up before listing on Ebay etc.... Both been stored since the 70's and both unfitted. Best offer for both and collection from Suffolk only. Regards Mark
  2. So I was asked by a client to have a look at the advert for KRS 613F on the 12th Feb 2019 as I have sold and owned many TR5's over the years. I subsequently HPI'd the car to mainly check the chassis and engine number to ensure it was a genuine TR5, which it is / was. The HPI check highlighted that the car was listed as an Insurance Write off (total loss) with HPI on the 14th Dec 1995. I merely fed this information back to my client and he emailed the vendor to discuss as I understand. That's as far as I went as he didn't want the car inspected based on that information. Regards Mark
  3. CTM Chassis's are also "Jigged" correctly in-house to much better than new tolerance / specification. Worth every penny!
  4. Might break if enough interest..... But would really rather not
  5. Please PM me if you have any Sidescreens for a 1958 3A - Black Only and in VGC please..... Regards Mark
  6. Its been plated and its a bit crispy at the front where the anti roll bar joins, it could be salvaged but I would send it to CTM to use as a donor to do it properly or buy Conrad's one and start the restoration properly.
  7. To be honest....... It's a genuine UK 150 BHP car with overdrive, hardtop, rebuilt engine and some new bits.....(thats the good bits) But does need to be saved.....It needs lots of work but very restorable, needs someone who understands the value once complete. I didn't really want it to be broken for spares as these cars need to be put back on the road..... Sometimes I forget that I only really enjoy "fully Restored" cars....
  8. Ive just picked up a K Reg UK 150 BHP TR6 Project. It needs a lot of work, in fact body off nut and bolt restoration car. The engine has been totally rebuilt and is out of the car on an engine stand, it has an overdrive gearbox, hardtop all gauges, throttle bodies etc..... The front wings and doors are off the car, however they will all repair (the doors are really good) - it looks very sorry for itself....... I have the history file, V5C and it has some new bits included..... Will be advertised on the normal sites shortly but thought if anyone wants a full blown project on here let me know..... £7950
  9. Ive just looked through the History file for the car and these wheels and tyres were £1350 in 1996! They are RFX Revolutions 7 x 16's - Very Expensive. Would be ideal for Track Days or Racing.....very light!
  10. I've got a set of 16" TR6 wheels and Yokohama tyres (205 55 R16) in great condition. Were fitted to a fast road 6 - Any interest, collection would be Brandon Suffolk IP27 0NZ
  11. I would suggest you do a HPI check on the car if you are seriously interested - It is apparently an insurance write off and the seller is well aware. I was asked to look into it by a potential buyer also..... I don't know whether it was withdrawn from sale as a result of this or not! Mark
  12. I'm looking for a set of early TR6 / TR250 / TR5 Gauges.... Speedo, Rev Counter and the 4 smaller gauges required. Will consider single gauges also either good or for restoration don't mind... Please PM me with what you have and how much you want..... Cheers Mark
  13. marko

    Some TR Parts

    Just in case anyone is interested I have listed a few TR bits on Ebay this afternoon as I'm having a mini clear out! Triumph TR6 Used Hood 4 TR6 Powder Coated 5.5J x 15 Wheels TR5 / TR6 High Torque Starter Motor TR6 Steering Wheel - 15 inch CP Series TR6 Steering Wheel - 14.5 inch CR Series TR6 Speaker Kidney Panels Lucas Fog Lights & Reversing Lamp Moto Lita 14 inch Steering Wheel & Boss - TR4, TR4A, TR5, TR6 https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/classic_marks/m.html?item=163410577277&hash=item260c07877d%3Ag%3ArtIAAOSwUfVcBB3G%3Ark%3A1%3Apf%3A1&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
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