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  1. Hi to all, Thanks for your comment, but as a muppet after submitting the ad - worked away then went on hoiday. But good news - job done with the help of 2 lads from local garage. All looking good. Thanks again for you interest. - Rob.
  2. Hi Jerry,

    Thank you so much for your offer of help with the TR4 screen.

    I'm really a bit of a muppet, put the ad in whilst in a tizz then realised I had to work away and then off on holiday. I am back and got 2 lads from the local garage to give me a hand today for "beer money", and hey presto - all in.

    Now the jobs done and decided to read the TR Forum and there you were.

    Thanks again for your interest in this.

    Take care - Rob.

  3. Doing a respray on my TR4. Dismantled screen frame and sprayed separately, now comes the time to refit screen with new rubbers etc. Can't get anyone - not even national windscreens - to tackle the refit. Does anyone have any ideas who may be able to refit the screen for me. Or does anyone want to help me - with guidance from Youtube etc. I live in Aylesbury. Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob.
  4. TR4'er

    H Bracket

    Thanks for the comments on this. I wanted to change purely for aesthetic reasons - yes I liked the TR4a front more. But the gearbox issue seems to be a problem. Is there a difference in the size/location of the gearbox/gearlever. (this will probably expose my ignorance.But I would rather know.) Thanks. Rob.
  5. TR4'er

    H Bracket

    Want to replace the TR4 H support bracket with the TR4a H support bracket. Does anyone have any experience swapping these over, and are there any problems I should be aware of. ie - do they fit and support in the same places. Thanks, Rob.
  6. Hi Alan, could send me a copy of your wiper/2 speed article please. My email address is robbeel@hotmail.co.uk, or on 07528023806 - I can call you whenever you are free. Thanks, Rob.
  7. Hi Bob, Get on the site every now and then. I know the weekend has passed, but I'm happy to travel to Chelmsford tomorrow -Tues 23rd if it hasn't gone to the recycling. Thx, Rob.
  8. Hi, Trying to fit the j type gearbox conversion bracket to my TR4. Impossible to fit the exhaust through the chassis crossmember - should the conversion bracket have spacers fitted to raise the plate and gearbox a little higher. Would this throw out the alignment of the transmission, or is this fairly forgiving in that respect. Spacers appear to be my only option unless I can be advised otherwise. Any help would be appreciated. Thx Rob.
  9. Hi Roger et al, Will go over everything again when I get home, checking the water flow in particular. Will let you all know. Thanks again for all the comments, it puts things into perspective and the sun begins to shine again. Thx, Rob,
  10. Hi Roger, new engine - 2 weeks old, new ally rad, new Clayton , new control valve. Still bl**dy frozen driving to work these mornings. Is this the price for driving in the winter in aTR4. Mind you I have had this one for 15 yrs, but when expectations step up you would think the hype would be matched with performance. Or shall I shut up. Thanks for your comments. Rob.
  11. Sorry a it late into this topic. Fitted a Clayton heater complete to my TR4, with an appropriate three speed switch, but have found virtually no improvement - still negligible blower. Has anyone had a different experience, or amI the only mug. Yours, severely depressed. Rob.
  12. Just about to get my new engine back and would like to get it set up on a rolling road facility - as advised. Does anyone know of such facilities in the Buckinghamshire area. or even further afield if necessary. Help would be appreciated. Thx Rob.
  13. Which carbs should be used on a TR4 - H6 or HS6. And what is the difference and are they interchangeable from TR4/TR4a. Any comments would be appreciated, Thanks, Rob.
  14. The wonders of networking - I found the log - contacted Graham, he got back to me immediately and as of tomorrow I will be happy as a pig in " #### ". Thanks again Graham. Rob.
  15. Browsing the forum some weeks back and saw a member from Aylesbury, who offered the loan of an engine removal cradle, but can't seem to find him now. This is a request if anyone can help with this item for a short term loan. Any replies would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob.
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