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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions - I will experiment and revert cheers Richard
  2. Hi Bob, thank you for your quick reply. It's an electronic flasher that I bought with the LED bulbs - I've seen photos of it on this forum - it's the plastic one with the separate earth lead. It plugs into the socket that came fitted in the new wiring loom and it can only go in one way. I have disconnected the indicator switch from the loom (and from the additional cables to the hazard warning switch) and believe I have reconnected everything as it came apart (my rationale being that the correct indicators come on when the switch is engaged - perhaps that is not necessarily a correct assu
  3. I promise I did search the forum before posting this - but I couldn't find a post covering the exact fault I have.... After replacing the gearbox, changing over the column switch positions and reconnecting all the spaghetti, I have noticed that the indicators will only flash if I take the warning bulb out (guess how many hours and swear words it took to arrive at this conclusion). If I put the bulb back in, the indicator LEDs will light but won't flash. The indicators light up correctly on the left side and right side in accordance with the position of the indicator column switch, they ju
  4. OK, the new box is in (well, as good as), with heartfelt thanks to : 1. Rich Crewe-Read, who answered texts at all hours and provided great advice 2. TR Shop who delivered a J-type conversion bracket set to me in Denmark within 24 hours (and at a significant discount to Moss) 3. Members of this forum, who with their informative posts and photographs over the years answered just about every question I could have and provided options that suit every ability and equipment. This knowledge base is such a valuable resource and always my first port of call if I want to find out how oth
  5. Just to close off this thread : after driving a few hundred miles this (glorious) summer and considering trips further afield, I decided for peace of mind that I would find a refurbished box to install over the winter break. In defiance of Brexit, COVID and every other obstacle the fates could throw at it, the gearbox arrived earlier this week and will be fitted in the coming weeks. My thanks go to Richard Crewe-Read and the Cox family for squeezing my order in before the Brexit deadline and for securely packing it in this very strong crate. PS, if anyone in Denmark or northern Germa
  6. Finally got round to fitting my magnolia gauges in my own car - after taking it out into the night, I am sure that the dimmer is a good investment - you can see it hanging to the right of the centre console (will be tucked up into the spaghetti once happy with the brightness level).
  7. I used this design, which avoids the need to get inside the door. I can just see it from the driver’s seat.....
  8. and here’s one I fitted inside a gauge - the 5-way connector allows to connect the other gauges to the dimmer. I think that’s enough messing around with LEDs for now
  9. I was inspired by Tony’s article to buy some small PWMs from China. They took a while to get to me, but I’ve spent the afternoon messing around with one and managed to fit it into an old 6RA case (I don’t have anywhere left on the dash to put a dash gauge dimmer). I figured this could be fixed somewhere behind the dash and at least look like it belongs.... it works a treat on my Spitfire gauge - haven’t tried it yet with multiple gauges though - it gives a good range of brightness. I bought the 5A version, which set me back a whopping £2.80 plus a pound for postage.
  10. Thanks Stuart - I will try that
  11. I guess it helps to read posts properly in the first place.....if removing the front ARB doesn’t help, I will get new rear springs and spring eye bushes...
  12. I will try that - I presume that I could simply disconnect one side for a test run
  13. Hi Micky, sorry if I used the wrong term - I picked it up from here : https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/17836-1966-tr4a-solid-axle-problem/ , which seemed to describe the same issue I am experiencing. Some comments in that thread suggest it’s a design “feature” or that a rear ARB will help, others that it isn’t and it won’t, but there was no conclusion as the author was intending to fit a different transmission system. Both you and Stuart point to the rear spring shackle bushes, so I will take a look again - I also realised that I hadn’t replaced item 51 in the above d
  14. Hi Nigel, I think it could be 7/8” - it’s quite fat - might be the reason it was for sale in the first place....
  15. Hi all, I’ve finally managed to get my TR4A SRA through the lengthy Danish registration process and have put the colossal sum of 60 miles on the car (previous mileage in my ownership was a whole 2 miles, prior to starting the 15 year restoration). After the initial euphoria, my attention is turning to driving comfort and the behavior of the car. One thing I remember from 15 years ago was the torque steer or yaw, under heavy decelleration. After replacing virtually every suspension component, I was expecting this to have significantly reduced, however that is not the case. I can probably l
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