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  1. Hi Rich, it may of been me. I’ve done quite a few and the last keying alike was about 3 to 4 years ago. Unfortunately I had to retire and sold out to my business partner 3 years ago. I have no spare wafers but I maybe able to source some, I’m happy to have a look for you assuming your existing cylinders are in good shape.
  2. It’s the workshop manual, which has a brown cover and this is the one I have in my glove box https://www.tr-registershop.co.uk/triumph-tr5-250--tr6-glovebox-manual-154-p.asp
  3. Kevo_6

    TR4 Rebuild

    Looking good Roger, keep up the good work.
  4. Hi, I normally take this lot but if doing a longer tour in Europe maybe a few extra bits e.g. wheel bearing kit etc. BOOT SPARES LIST Boot Upper: Warning Triangle, 3/8 Drive Socket Set, Trolley Jack. Boot Bag: 2 Lts 50/50 Water, 2 X H4 Bulbs, Light Bulb Set, Spanner Set. Boot Lower: Coil, Fan Belt, Bottle Of Rad Weld, 1/2 Lt Brake Fluid, Emergency Tape, Overalls, Foot-Pump, Tow Rope, Scissor Jack,Assorted Screwdrivers, Pipe Clamp, Tyre Gloves, Jump Leads. Tool Roll: Brake Adjuster Spanner,Adjustable Spanner, Mole Grips, Magnetic Pick-Up, Feeler Gauges, Stanley Knife, Large Pliers, Wire Cutters, Tape, Long-Nose Pliers. Under Spare Wheel: Injector Push In, Adaptor Seals, Mu O Rings, Red Drive Gear, Large Cable Ties, Dizzy Cap, Rotor Arm, Condenser, Points, Lead Set, Spark Plug Set, Flasher Relays, Relays, Throttle Cable, Radiator Hoses, Jubilee Clips, Wire & Connectors, Brake Light Switch, Battery Screw, Copper Eaze, Rad Cap. In Car: First Aid Kit, Scissors, Fire Extinguisher. Glove Box: Assorted Fuses, Assorted Cable Ties, Manual, Phone Leads etc. Engine Bay: 2 Lt of 20/60w Oil. Maybe it’s a bit to much but the way my luck goes, more the merrier.
  5. +1 I have the same as Andrew with MX5 seats. No problems with the roof and the hood cover goes on perfectly. The flap from the breezebreaker Velcro’s to the hood bars and seals everything off with no drafts and it also leaves plenty of space for behind the seats.
  6. Hi Steve Thanks, there’s a few chandlers around here (Poole) if I struggle to find the stuff Stuart has recommended I pop into one of them and see if they have any.
  7. Hi Pierre I did read a thread in my searches this afternoon but I’m unlikely to get some by Thursday. You’ve just got to love the name though, captain tolley's creeping crack cure
  8. Oh my days, I’m in denial until my screen comes out.
  9. That’s brilliant, thanks Stuart. I have several caulking guns so I’ll see if I can track down some sealant from a local windscreen fitter.
  10. Hi Peter, I’ve had a quick peep under the rubber and it looks surprisingly good in there but I’m not going to replace the rubber for a couple of months so I’ll wait for my big surprise then and possibly another can of worms.
  11. Thanks Stuart, is this something I could do without taking the screen out, if so would I need to do all around the screen, glass side and screen frame side.
  12. Hi Just been out for a nice drive and a pub lunch, on the way back we got caught in a massive downpour, roof up quickly, no problem. Then after a short while water was coming in on the drivers side lower corner and then dripping on my leg. Once home I checked the rubber around that corner and it seems loose and if I push from the inside it looks like the screen would push out, it appears the rubber has shrunk. Never been a problem before and the seal and trim looks original, the insert trim has shrunk by about 3/4” too. What’s the best thing I could squirt in there for a temporary seal. I’d like to do something as it looks like it’s going to be pi$$ing down with rain all the way up to Stratford on Friday and if I don’t do anything I will end up with very wet legs. I look forward to your replies.
  13. I always do the fronts first then the rears. You can always chock the dollies.
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