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  1. Kevo_6

    Slipping Clutch

    Hi Cameron Penrite 20/60 is quite a sticky oil and the debate for which oil will rage on. So could it be the oil is frothing in your gearbox. I was recommended to use a GB40 oil in my overdrive box.
  2. Kevo_6

    Slipping Clutch

    What oil did you use Cameron?
  3. Perfect Panch, well done.
  4. Hi Dave I bought a Motolita steering wheel ring and fitted that. https://www.moto-lita.co.uk/accessories/top-ring-screw-kit/
  5. Nice car Gordon, well done. Fastest colour, I was told is definitely pimento
  6. My thoughts exactly Waldi.
  7. Hi Chris, speak to Neil Ferguson. K Raven Smith on this forum he refurbishes all things injection and I can’t recommend him highly enough. P m me if you need his mobile number, he is very reasonable.
  8. I think you’ve got the wrong link there Roger
  9. Hi Roger Sounds like a fantastic wee trip. Glad to hear you had a few swift halves and I hope you had a few drams. Are sure the small bouncy thing wasn’t a haggis.
  10. I try and do mine once a year, I think the reasoning behind it is that a lot of us don’t do that many miles in the winter so the oil is just sat there in the sump.
  11. Hi Roger I use one of these https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/product/148/category/30 would work well with a low amp fuse and then step it up as others have mentioned and when all working well replace with correct supplied fuse and then screw on the knob, job done. Handy little security device too.
  12. Kevo_6

    TR6 owner

    Hi Monty, could you persuade him to come to the international weekend in August. Plenty of TR’s then also we will be celebrating 50 years of the TR6.
  13. Hi Tim I use liquid ptfe and concur with Waldi. This is the one I use and good for fuel too. https://www.toolstation.com/tru-blu-pipe-thread-sealant/p40236 Oh and make sure you get all the crud out inside the block use a bit of coat hanger, you’ll be surprised how much is in there, unless you’ve cleaned it out previously.
  14. If you remove the cable from the oil pressure switch the light should go out, then put it to a good ground it should come back on, if this is the case you probably just need to replace the oil pressure switch. If the light stays on when you remove it the you have probably got a short to ground on the white/brown cable.
  15. Hi Simon, I’ve just checked my wiring diagram which I made up for my car (72 CP) and those are the colour cables for the low oil pressure switch.
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