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  1. Hi, is this any good? https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/switch-bezel-tool-384-960.html
  2. Jonny welcome from me too, look forward to seeing some photos. From a fellow Lancia lover.
  3. My March 72 CP has a green oil light. @droptoptrglad you sorted your oil pressure problem.
  4. Now I might be talking absolute bo$$oc£s but would it have anything to do with the the cars before the 5 & 6 having a spring on the slave and the 5 & 6 not having the spring return!!!
  5. Thanks Mick will do. Do I keep the paid app or download the newer free version?
  6. Hi Mick, What about people like me that have already paid for it. Do we get a refund?
  7. Hi Mick, What about people like me that have already paid for it. Do we get a refund?
  8. I’ve paid for the app but when I go to redeem it says I’ve already redeemed on this code and the first code says the code has been used before.
  9. I’ve used this company, no connection but very pleased with them. https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/products/triumph-tr6-led-bulb-upgrade-kit?_pos=1&_sid=f83f1798d&_ss=r
  10. Hi Richard I had a fouling problem with cyls 5 & 6 so I copied a few on here and replaced 5&6 with the hotter BP5ES plugs and kept BP6ES in the front 4, I haven’t had any problems since doing this.
  11. It’s a good idea to remove all and inspect the T/A brackets as they have a tendency to crack which is difficult to spot when on the chassis.
  12. I had boroscopes similar to Roger for opening safes and strong rooms, I bought it from Keymed in Southend, 6mm diameter solid fixed length and one with a rotating end with Olympus lens and variable light source. Cost me £2100.00 in 1990, I still have use of it if needed but the flexy light tube and variable light source is a bit dodgy. A huge amount of money then but it was a good investment as I opened safes/strong rooms all over England for other Safe Companies.
  13. This is great, more pics please. Love to see ANY cars.
  14. Hi Paul This is a wiring diagram that I altered to show my 1972 CP car, it my help. *** Sorry did not read the post thoroughly, probably not very helpful now as you’re sending the loom back. TR6 kg wiring Diagram.pdf
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