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  1. Another for Cascamite.
  2. Welcome Conrad, I echo all of above. I use Penrite 20W60 engine oil.
  3. Happy belated birthday Bob, sounds like you had a great day.
  4. Happy belated birthday Waldi, hope you had a great day.
  5. Hi Colin, if you’ve got a non standard cam the tappet clearance may well be different than the standard clearances. You probably need to check with the cam supplier.
  6. Hi Pete, did your order a new one of These and a new gasket?
  7. Moss catalogue says 7each side, how correct that is I know not. I can check my car later today.
  8. Hi Pete, I get my jacks etc from here. Maybe of some use to you.
  9. Hi Andy, I’ve adapted one of the diagrams above to suit my 72CP, probably a few differences around the alternator and ignition switch etc, it may be of some use.TR6 kg wiring Diagram.pdf
  10. Throttle linkage return spring broken or weakened maybe!
  11. I did a similar thing to my original switch by mounting a mini micro-switch on the side and added spring within the bastardised switch.
  12. My 72 CP doesn’t have a ballast resistor.
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