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  1. http://www.minispares.com/product/Classic/BDR125.aspx?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjPSM3NDU7AIVleJ3Ch3Z7AEtEAAYASAAEgLajPD_BwE This is available.
  2. I have one those fitted in my car, your right though it is awful.
  3. Hi Ken, I think you should do a compression test as I had similar popping almost backfiring through the air filter box but I think also in the air plenum. It was a head gasket failure, this was about 6 years or so ago and my memory may be a bit faded.
  4. Hi Alan, it’s the ethanol free bit we are not sure about.
  5. I was wondering the same as Stuart, I’m not that far away from Fawley, Southampton. It’s about 35 miles but not sure how to find out where the local Esso stations get their petrol from.
  6. Kevo_6

    Diff oil

    Hi, I use Penrite Mild EP as recommended by my Diff rebuilder.
  7. Welcome Richard, great looking car.
  8. Happy Birthday Ben, Cornish way for me too!
  9. As far as I understand it, he had to be in for the penalty within 3 laps after the safety car.
  10. Kevo_6


    Bluecol http://www.bluecol.co.uk/nevonproducts/bluecol-antifreeze-2-year-5l/
  11. Kevo_6

    Door Pull

    Well you were more lucky than I Andy. No old glue in site every thing as clean as a clean thing and I’ve tried as you a little wetter than usual, 24 hrs later it slips off like a wet kipper.
  12. Kevo_6

    Door Pull

    Mick Thanks, I’ve got to a point now that I’ll get some other ones as the ones I have are also not a brilliant fit and one now is becoming a banana. I did also try some proper grip fill (wasn’t going to use it but just to test as that stuff does generally stick to anything) and that just peeled off as well.
  13. Kevo_6

    Door Pull

    Thanks Stuart, that’s one of the options that I’m looking into. Yes I thought about this and bought a new small tin and tried that, still no good.
  14. Kevo_6

    Door Pull

    Well I’ve tried everything, cleaning, sanding, scratching and every chemical I can lay my hands on but the contact adhesive will just peel away. I did a test piece of vinyl stuck to it for 24hrs then checked it and it peeled off easy as you like, the glue on the vinyl was stuck like sh#t to a blanket. I’ve given up on them and Chucked them in a dark area out of sight. Im looking into a different solution now.
  15. Kevo_6

    Door Pull

    Thanks Stuart, to be fair I hadn’t dried off with a dry clean cloth. I will give it another go before I decide my next step.
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