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  1. Quite so Roger, there are quite a few selling them but I generally would go through a locksmiths supplies company but even their quality of files are a lot poorer.
  2. I’m in Oakdale, small world Colin.
  3. Hi Richard If you can get hold of some good locksmiths warding files 4” & 6” which used to be got in various cuts ( bastard, second cut and smooth etc.) you’ll find you will be able to remove very small amounts quite accurately. My choice of brand was Nicholson files but I think they are hard to get or not made anymore. I always ground one edge off as a safety edge so to get a nice square edge and this was always useful to polish off the top radius of the key for a nice smooth edge, especially on safe keys. I do find file these days files are not so precisely made and the edges f
  4. I’m in Poole. Devon is lovely though. When did you leave Poole?
  5. Hi Colin The only information I could find out for my Delphi HDF296 filters is that they are 5-7 microns.
  6. Hi Murray I bought these and I’m very happy with them. https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/products/triumph-tr6-warm-white-gauge-10-x-led-bulbs-upgrade-kit-glb987-e10-mes-987?_pos=3&_sid=30b5d159e&_ss=r&variant=8306707365983
  7. Happy Birthday Steve.
  8. I have a March CP760** with 4 holes, ignition lock under the steering column. I know the switch plinth is original. So it all depends on comm no.
  9. Hi Martin I used this company:- http://www.ebaystores.co.uk/WAYSIDE-ADHESIVES-DIRECT car and van sound deadening pads. I used them for the inside of my doors as the original pad had crumbled off. I found them very good. No connection, just worked for me.
  10. Happy Birthday, have a great day.
  11. Hi Roger. Hope you and Sue are keeping well and your recovery went well. Are those not the TR2-4 ones.
  12. Hi Steve I bought the Rimmers uprated rear drop links earlier this year and were very pleased with them.
  13. Hi Richard I had no problem with alignment or stiffness, the only thing I did was polish the shafts before assembly. Sorry I can’t help you anymore than the great suggestions above.
  14. Great news Richard, that’s good perseverance. Well done.
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