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  1. Hi Richard, that is Neil Ferguson and he is also on this forum as well. Most recommend him as do I. He is very approachable and will service and recondition your own equipment at very reasonable rates. If you need his contact details, please let me know.
  2. Just fitted a set from the TR Shop and both pieces are a perfect fit and shape.
  3. Thanks Stuart, that’s brilliant as it’s answered all my questions perfectly. I can crack on now and start getting things back together. Once again thanks very much. Cheers Kev.
  4. I’ve just removed my windscreen an windscreen frame to replace all the rubbers and everything is in excellent A1 condition, so I’m very pleased about that but I have a few questions and they are as follows. 1. What’s the best solution to remove the seal-a-strip from the frame, scuttle and windscreen. 2.What’s the best method of fitting the screen, in the frame off the car or fit the frame back in and then the screen? 3. I’m going to respray the screen frame with satin black what the best primer/colour to use? 4. When fitting the frame and screen do I add the non setting screen sealant after it’s all in by prising up rubbers or do I lay a bead down first and then fit the screen frame and or screen? 5. I’ve also got to replace the webbing on my soft top, is it best to do one side at a time? Sorry for the amount of questions but as ever many thanks for your help and advise.
  5. Kevo_6

    MX5 seats

    +1 for mk 2s (separate head rests) very comfy, had them for about 6 years or so.
  6. Nice one Andrew, another step to full recovery.
  7. Kevo_6

    Gearbox oil

    I also use Penrite GB40.
  8. Thanks Waldi and Roger.
  9. Thanks Hamish and Brian, had a great day all be it different.
  10. Hi Simon Both are 1/4 unf, the seats are 1” and the H frame is 1 1/2”.
  11. Hi Andy, I wouldn’t bother with the rubber ones. Mine lasted about 6 months before they almost all disintegrated so I replaced them with blue super pro ones, fitted a treat and been on now for about 4 years and still as good as new. https://www.larkspeed.com/?p=28SPF0275K&a=i
  12. Kevo_6


    You may find this thread useful but it’s a bit of a long read. As Stuart states you need to run the car to settle the suspension which is very important.
  13. Bloody hell John, that looks like a great set up for brewing some scotch.
  14. One thing I strongly suggest you buy is the poly trunnion to vertical link seal. I rebuilt my suspension about 6 years ago with rubber ones and wish I fitted poly then. So I’ve just replaced the old ones which were all split and turned to jelly. A big job to replace a small piece.
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