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  1. Plywood floors ! that takes me back Bob.
  2. I would agree with your logic on which direction the front (smooth) side faces. In practice it works perfectly well either way round. Regarding whether to renew the ring gear when changing the starter - That s a hell of a lot of work !!! Bob
  3. Adjust with spring removed until there is just a small amount of free play, then replace spring. Bob.
  4. Pete. All great stuff, & highly detailed. One thing you may wish to consider is that if you were to decide to use a modern geared starter motor, then the starter gear meshes with the ring gear from the engine side. Bob.
  5. Yes it would - easily. Drain was 80mA when awake, (flat in 4 weeks) 15mA when sleeping (flat in 5 months). Bob.
  6. I have an O2 sim in my tracker. I have selected "auto topup" on their web site, & you can select at what "money left" level you wish it to be topped up. I selected £10. They don't necessarily add £10 every 6 months that way. Re battery drain: If you allow the tracker to "sleep" then drain is very low (6 months to flatten your battery) However, if you set up any kind of regular update then it does not go to sleep, & battery will last (in my case) 1 month. For the first few years of having it, I did not select any regular updates, but just tried to remember to interrogate it every so often (with a phone call) I used to forget to do this, & so O2 disconnected the sim on two occasions ! I was able to convince them to reinstate it. I then thought it would be a good idea to set up a regular position update (text message from device) I chose the longest period available which was about every 3 weeks. Over Christmas I did not use my TR for around 4 weeks, but when I went to - flat battery. Puzzled, I did some checks on current being used, & realised the tracker was to blame. have now reverted to no regular updates, and all is well again. Bob.
  7. I mounted an electric pump under the dash support rail near the overdrive relay, & used a TR3 light switch in place of the wiper switch. 1st pull for wipers, twist & 2nd pull for washers Bob.
  8. It looks to me like a tonneau which is folded down behind the seats as it would have to be when driving the car Bob.
  9. OK, good news, that is a very good price for lamps & bulbs. Bob
  10. That price is for 1 off kit (you would need 2). The bulbs I can highly recommend, the lamps - I don't know, but This company usually sells good stuff. There are some Valeos here - but expensive: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-Cibie-7-HEADLAMPS-60-55w-Main-Dip-RHD-for-Austin-Maxi-1977-81-as-082441/332999303044?hash=item4d884e1f84:g:7m0AAOSwyhBcZov8 Bob.
  11. I have been using this stuff in my parts cleaner fro years without problems. The pump in mine is a simple centrifugal one (I suspect the same as is used in small ponds or large aquariums) no diaphram. Bob.
  12. Looks to me that the fan will be it's self out of balance, & so maybe this is deliberate in order to balance the front end of the crank. In which case it would not be suitable for use on a TR Bob.
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