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  1. They need to be tight to the stanchions in order not to fly out at speed. Bob.
  2. Lebro


    These are what I have, fitted to H4 Valeo lamp units https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/products/latest-led-headlights-h4-philips-z-es-hi-lo-beam-conversion-9-32v?variant=8239030763615 They are the best I have come across, & cheaper than some. Bob.
  3. Pinking ? if so retard the ignition a tad. Bob.
  4. It sounds to me that the oil in the carb dashpots is missing, or too thin. Bob.
  5. The earthing of the bulbs can be iffy, also the bulbs sometimes do not make good contact in their holders. But, as you say many of the bulbs do not work, it could be that one or more of the red / white wires connecting the Panel light switch (or rheostat) to the bulbs has pulled out of the panel light switch terminal. Bob.
  6. You can remove the two wing nuts at the bottom of the center panel, & you only have to loosen the two top ones as the studs are in slots rather than holes. You can then pull the panel down & out at the base, to release the top. It won't come out very far because the oil pressure gauge pipe is holding it back, but that can be disconnected. The next problem is the temperature gauge pipe, but the is usually enough slack to allow the panel to be pulled out enough to get hands behind it. Good luck ! Bob.
  7. I could (& often am !) wrong, but is it not possible to insetr the clutch operating rod in from the other end ? If so maybe the box was last used on a non TR ? Bob.
  8. I agree. the fan is not the problem. The engine should be much easier to crank over when hot. Thinks to check would be battery age / condition, Is the starter motor behaving correctly, is there something else that makes the the engine hard to spin when hot (partial seizure etc) Bob.
  9. Interesting, thanks for posting Bob.
  10. Lebro


    He did ! Bob
  11. Lebro


    Swap the ammeter wires over, All else will be OK unless you have fitted an electronic flasher unit, or LED lights, or a radio, or electronic ignition. Bob.
  12. Normaly the pin is just pressed inwards (it is sprung) to release the knob. Bob.
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