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  1. Lebro

    Car Films

    Finally got round to watching it today, great work, & quite funny in places (who owned the piano?) Bob.
  2. I use Esso Synergy in the TR all the time (No ethanol in my area) had no problems. Bob
  3. Just for the record, I find the O/D switch in "my" position is easily flicked up or down without taking hands off wheel. Of course TR2's actualy had a push pull switch in that position ( like the panel light switch) Bob
  4. Glass goes direct onto gauge, but a rubber ring (I use an 'O' ring) goes between chrome bezel & glass, it tends also to bridge the gap between glass & gauge metalwork. Bob.
  5. A is where the heater rheostat goes, the overdrive switch is at the same height & is to the right of A now "B" below: Bob
  6. Mitutoyo digital 0 - 1" micrometer. I don't have a surface plate unfortunately. I did work around (& up & down) each one to find the largest dia. Phones M & C today, they say my stuff will be ready this week, so I presume so will yours. Bob
  7. Nothing special Hamish, just a cylinder. Those weights include the gudgeon pin. Bob
  8. If your TR2 has the correct gearbox there should be a dipstick pushed into a 20mm hole in the top cover. Access is through a hole in the gearbox cover front right hand side. Should be a rubber grommet in the hole
  9. Running out of things I can do now, waiting for block & crank to come back. I did modify the lower radiator mounting so I now insert the 3/8" bolts from the top instead of the bottom. I cut 2 X steel plates ΒΌ" thick to fit under the rad mounting platforms, & drilled & tapped them 3/8" UNF. then secured them under the mounts with a single 5mm pop rivet. Then drilled out the captive nuts on the rad to 7/16" to give clearance. Only other progress was to balance the new 87mm pistons (see other thread on H section rods in the general TR technical area Bob.
  10. For information, I have just been weighing & balancing pistons & conrods. Pistons (87mm from TR shop) 674 to 678 g, now all 674 (metal taken from the base to equalise) Conrods (Maxspeedingrods) all 650 g nothing to do. Bob.
  11. Remaining 6 followers now lightly polished to remove the black coating (whatever that was). Only other TR progress today was to check out the grease channels in my water pump. Must TRy harder tomorrow Bob. Oh & I watched most of the AGM
  12. OK, checked the holes out, they were all clear, re-assembled, & pumped quite a bit of grease into it, & eventualy some popped out of the hole ! So all is well.
  13. Like Ian I ran for a couple of years on 20W50 engine oil, but bowed under forum pressure to switch to Penrite 40 Gearbox oil. Can't say I've noticed any difference. I do think GL4 or GL5 is not a good idea if you have overdrive. Bob. P.S. To rotate photos I just save image to my desktop (windows 7) open it with windows photo viewer, rotate it, & exit, then post it back on the forum.
  14. Well done, it's so nice when you find out what was wrong. (I might join you with a beer myself) Bob
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