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  1. Not in the TR, but currently at top end of the Thames at Lechlade in our Shetland. Bob
  2. Is Classic & Modern in Bracknell to far away ? They will do a good job Bob
  3. Check that the regulator points are clean, & make good contact wjen closed. Bob
  4. That was my thought also. Bob.
  5. My layshaft from Moss seemed ok, Gearbox is working well now - very quiet. I also changed the countergear for a 3 bearing type. Bob.
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Don. I hope you can find time for a TR drive. Bob & Pauline
  7. Is this of any interest ? found while looking for something else ! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203482286157?hash=item2f607d484d%3Ag%3AepQAAOSwvYFgpqQF&LH_Auction=1&LH_ItemCondition=4 Bob.
  8. Same here - good weather for a birthday spin Bob.
  9. Surely that's the piston design, nothing to do with the rods? Bob
  10. Hope your recovery goes well Richard, such bad luck, I frequently walk through fields (with a dog) with cows or horses in, never had a problem, even when calves are there. I just look confident, & keep as far from them as possible. Bob.
  11. Can't see a Spitfire, just a couple of Chipmunks Bob
  12. If a bulb connected directly across the battery does not flicker when engine & alternator are working, then that suggests to me a bad connection between alternator & battery. Do you have an ammeter ? if so check those connections. Bob.
  13. 1) No, use non setting mastic 2) The door side 3) Angle is not normal, but to correct it would require pulling out the distributor & oil pump drive gear, & moving it round a tooth or two (in an anticlockwise direction). I would leave it where it is if the car is running OK, & timing is correct. Bob.
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