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  1. Try fitting a rear one, it will corner even quicker with oversteer on tap ! Bob
  2. Nice job, well done Pete. Bob.
  3. Depends on what car the slave cylinder came off, the rod must match up with one variety ?
  4. I guess it would work as long as the piston has a corresponding square recess in the outer end Bob
  5. Actually I had to fit a spacer between the clamp, & the bracket. Having done that it all lined up pretty well. I did have to some radical changes to the rear box pipework when I fitted the rear Anti roll bar though ! Bob.
  6. That clutch rod looked wrong to me - never seen one with a square end ! Bob
  7. Quite so, the cars were never badged 3A, only change was on the TRIUMPH emblem on the front changed from black & red to black & blue, & lost the "TRIUMPH" word. this was replaced with individual letters below it, & also on the rear. The car was always officialy a "TR3" Bob
  8. Worth knowing, Mine is the the one on the right - so far, so good ! Bob
  9. +1 from me too, I made a steel centralising tool which is a close fit as I did not have a spare shaft. Best tip is to get an even gap between engine & bell housing all the way round. Bob
  10. Have a great day Roger whether you read this or not !! (Tell him Sue) (1 year older than me again hee hee) Bob
  11. Yep, nearly over now, hope you had a good one. Bob
  12. Brake & clutch on mine were LHD, (off a later USA TR3 I used as a donor for panels & hydraulics). Very little tweaking required, & I suspect you don't really need to do anything. Bob
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