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  1. Non setting mastic would be the thing to use. I'm sure Stuart will be along to suggest which one. I made a grave error when I fitted mine in 2013, I used a polyurethane sealer, which I now know sets to be very tough, & very sticky. It will be a real struggle to remove my cover when the time comes. Bob.
  2. Pipe attached to front grill with 1 cable tie, fan clamped to radiator tie bar with an aluminium strap see photo No.3 I did originaly have the fan on the other side, but it got in the way of doing any work on the steering box. The pipe had to be slightly flattened where it passes over the rocker cover. There would be a lot more room for the fan if the original LH horn was not there ! Bob.
  3. Will take some photos later, & post them. Bob.
  4. This one I believe: https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p/3-inch-76mm-diameter-in-line-blower-fan-cwp140 Bob
  5. +1 for Ian's explanation above, I have adopted the fix suggested by Ben Freer, which is to insert an in-line axial fan into the fresh air tube. Mine switches on with the main cooling fan, so providing cool (outside) air to the carbs while stationary. Roger H has the same arrangement. Bob.
  6. Also helps to use cap head bolts as you can't get a normal socket on the hex heads. Bob
  7. Unless you are a stickler for originality, I would fit the later L594 lamps, as they give much better sideways visibility. (And of course I would also recommend the fitting of LED bulbs (mine for the rear, & ones I recommend for the front.) Bob.
  8. Just looking in my original 20 TR2 3 & 3A models parts book yes the picture does not look quite right (the glass lens is the wrong shape) yes L489 style. but L488 (early), & L594 (late) is definately correct for sidecreen cars Bob.
  9. Jo. As stated above the wiring diagrams would suggest this - yes. others with early TR4's may confirm. Bob.
  10. I use a socket on the alternator (or dynamo) pulley nut. Combined with pressing the fan belt inwards to temporarily tighten it. Bob.
  11. Hi Jo. I am not sure when the change to "bimetalic" gauges happened, all TR2/3/3A gauges are the early type (magnetic fuel gauge & capilliary temp gauge.) Wiring diagrams suggest the change happened with the 1st TR4 Bob.
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