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  1. That's how I drive home from the pub
  2. I will also be there on the Friday. Bob
  3. Mine is a 1st edition I think, as it has no indications otherwise. It contains many photos, two of them have the TR in them Bob.
  4. Why not try to find a second hand one, The TR shop would probably have them, they have quite a large stock of S/H panels etc. Bob.
  5. Just finished reading this book, while on holiday. Would love to find the time to retrace some of his journey around Britain In the TR of course ! Bob.
  6. OK that is what I guessed was meant. I did use the extension kit on my installation because it was just a bit too cramped in the shell to get everything comfortably inside it. Downside is you need to a fair bit of re-routing of existing wiring. If it all fits inside your shell I would forget the rubber shield. Bob.
  7. I did not think that the later (60000+) cars had the blanking plate ? Bob
  8. Doughnuts ? do you mean the original dust shields? Bob.
  9. Looks like a ball from the 3 point lift on a tractor Bob.
  10. TR shop one was better, but still needed some "adjustment" Bob.
  11. Just goes to show there is more than one way to skin a rabbit Bob.
  12. The sort you have is designed to beep when a level of current is passed through it. I.E. the 21W indicator bulbs on the trailer. To use as a warning you would need to break your existing circuit to either front or rear indicators, on both sides, & insert the "beeper" in that circuit, then it will see current passing though it. Quite a lot of re-wiring IMO. Bob.
  13. Why not just buy a 12Volt beeper with two wires, & connect across the indicator warning lamp. They are dirt cheap on Ebay etc. Bob. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-3V-24V-Active-Sound-Alarm-4216-Piezo-Beeper-Buzzer-Sensor-Elements-Beep-Sound/303247677401?hash=item469af857d9:m:m0NDBB9zR-edOiBTkXHiy-Q For example
  14. 1960's to 1970's Triumph twins (motorbikes) had both pistons traveling up & down together, one on its compression stroke, the other on it exhaust / inlet stroke. difficult to balance which is why they always vibrated rather a lot. Bob.
  15. Since we are all showing & telling how we compress our springs: I used a Stainless steel M12 length of studding (because I had it already) with 1 nut at one end, welded to the studding, & two nuts at the other end welded to each other to make a double length one (more threads in contact with studding). some suitable steel plates at either end, & jobs a goodn. To use I put a ring spanner on the double nut (at the lower end, & an air powered ratchet socket driver on the single nut. Bob.
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