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  1. I have noticed this on the flasher unit I recommend to people (& supply along with my own LED bulbs) This effect is I think due to the fact that you have replaced the normal warning bulb with an LED type, which requires a lot less current to light up, so much so, that even a few microamps will be enough to make it glow dimly. The wiring between the flasher unit & the bulb is most probably picking up a bit of induced AC voltage behind the dash (say from ammeter wires) this comes from the ripple on the alternator output voltage. (which is why it only does it when engine is running). you could try putting a normal bulb back in, or just live with it (which is what I am doing !) Bob.
  2. +1 for rubber breaking up somewhere in the system. Bob.
  3. I don't think I will be getting him to tune my engine thank you ! Bob
  4. Took me a minute or two to get that one Tom ! Bob.
  5. To speed up the motor you need to reduce the effect of the field winding. Two ways of doing this, Use a series resistor to decrease the current through the winding. The resistor will get warm as it is dissapating energy. Add extra wire to the winding, but in a reverse direction to decrease the magnetic effect of the coils. Wire is cheaper than a resistor, & easier to locate. Bob.
  6. My car had exactly that manifold on it when purchased in 1971. I sold it along with an engine & lots of other parts to the TR shop in 2013. I agree most probably SAH. Bob.
  7. If thermostat seems ok then I would suspect partially blocked radiator. Bob.
  8. I have a USB connected Hard drive of the same capacity as the internal one. Every so often (probably not often enough) I perform a "Clone" of the working drive to the USB one. this copies everything including the operating system. So in the event of disaster I can swap them over, & boot & run from the clone. ("HDClone" is the software if you were wondering) Bob.
  9. I also have a lot to get rid off, as, I suspect, have most other readers. Bob.
  10. +1 for the mechanical switch above. my hydraulic one failed a couple of years ago.
  11. May just be a small "pip" on one of the contacts getting stuck in a small hole in the other one. try rubbing them flat with some abrasive paper in between. Bob.
  12. Very sad to hear this, hope you get back in ASAP Bob.
  13. Sounds like the ball race (at the front) has gone rusty, & is the cause of the "lumpyness" Bob.
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