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  1. I have been helping a friend re-assemble an Alpine engine, & today I assembled the twin stromburgs onto the manifold using the supplied gaskets. When I checked the throttles for syncronisation one of them had a "sticking point". on investigation the butterfly was just catching on the gasket. Trimming the hole in the gasket, using a scalpel, to be flush with the manifold hole cured the problem. Just a thought that this may be your problem ? Bob.
  2. Have you made a dummy layshaft You may well find (or have already found) that the layshaft is worn, & possibly the inside of the laygear. this is usually the cause of a noisy gearbox in all but top gear. Bob.
  3. So which car will you be tinkering with today Nigel ? or will you just be taking it easy. Have a good one whatever you decide to do Bob.
  4. The last time I tried to add water to a battery (Bosch) I failed to get any access to the cells. sealed for life I guess. Bob.
  5. Found by Fireman Tom, & sent to me. Rather too much for my budget by many orders !
  6. I'll have to re-tune my cats whisker to receive it I think.
  7. or the domestic shower forum
  8. I've stripped several TRiumph boxes in the past (TR, Stag) Only special tool I have needed was a dummy layshaft to hold the rollers in place. Which is easily made. Bob.
  9. Lebro

    Tr4a Hard top

    Easy answer - don't take the hard top, just use the soft top . Bob
  10. The meter is not polarity sensitive, but an electronic voltage stabiliser (if you were to have one) is. I have taken quite a few gauges apart, I find you can usually get the chrome bezel off by twisting it till the tabs line up with slots in the case. If you bend them they are likely to snap off. Bob.
  11. There is adjustment of the max pressure on the filter housing. Workshop manual will explain how to adjust. Bob.
  12. +1 for checking the voltage stabiliser Bob.
  13. Yep, should be 70 at 2000 RPM. Bob.
  14. Agree with not filling the rad to the top, but if you want more coolant in there you can fit a pressurised header tank as described above, or (as I have done) fit an expansion bottle connected to the overflow stub on the rad, pipe must go to the bottom of the bottle, & you need a rad cap which seals perfectly around the top rim. I don't know if these are available for the TR3,(which has a deeper 2nd seal) I made my own seal for the top. You can then fill the rad right to the top, & water simply expands into the bottle, & then gets sucked back into the rad when cooling down. Bob.
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