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  1. Lebro

    charging up a mobile

    Another option - completely hidden from view
  2. Lebro

    New Seat Belts

    As we are saying that the bolts should be in shear, then if we assume a vertical bolt passing through a horizontal metal surface (car body ) with a plate underneath, clamped with a nut. If the plate is not actually attached to the body then when a horizontal force acts on the bolt it will tend to be pulling on the edge of the body panel only, the plate will just follow the bolt. So, I would think it is pretty important to firmly attach the two. Bob.
  3. Lebro

    The Missing Link

    We all have one of those Bob
  4. Lebro

    The Missing Link

    I had forgotten that I had the clamp, so retract my previous suggestion ! here is what I have on a 1956 '3 TS9551:
  5. Lebro

    The Missing Link

    Could it be that the turret brackets were introduced at the same time as the split steering column - to support the now shorter tube ? Bob
  6. Lebro

    New Seat Belts

    NO ! Bob.
  7. Lebro

    Out of order ?

    Back when I made this design, I offered it to Gil (BCL) for him to run with if he wanted to - I knew that I could never produce them in any quantity. Just to clear up one fact, I sent him that photo to show him how my design looked on the car. I also sent him one example to test for himself. He did ask me to quote him to make 100 off - that was never going to happen ! Then several months later his new design (quite different, much cheaper to make, & inferior) appeared on the website, with my picture demonstating it !!! I did take it up with Gil, but he said that I had given him permission to use my photos. This was because before any of this I had purchased a set of dashboard lights from BCL, taken photos of the result, & sent them to Gil. He asked if he could use them in his adverts, I was pleased to say yes. AS THEY WERE HIS PRODUCT. Anyway suffice to say I don't buy anything from BCL these days, as apart from the above his prices are way over the top. classicarleds do a much better deal (no connection) for mostly the same products. Probably time to put this one to bed now. Bob.
  8. Lebro

    LED replacement bulbs for rear lamps

    Got it
  9. Lebro

    LED replacement bulbs for rear lamps

    Ian. if you can reply on here, then you should be able to send a PM. just click on my face (top left of this post) then when the new screen opens, click on "Message" you can then type in a subject, & your text. Alternatively, scroll to the very top of the page, & you should see an envolope, which, since I have sent you a message, should have a number next to it in red. click on that to see any messages sent to you. you can then reply to them as you would reply to a normal post. Sorry if you knew all this ! Bob
  10. Lebro

    LED replacement bulbs for rear lamps

    Have not received it Ian ???? Bob.
  11. Lebro

    Out of order ?

    Also on the web site ! https://www.bettercarlighting.co.uk/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=494
  12. Lebro

    LED replacement bulbs for rear lamps

    Ian you have a PM Bob.
  13. Lebro

    Out of order ?

    Just finished reading the Feb 2019 issue of Classic Cars magazine, when on almost the last page I come across this advert: <------------------- Note the photo half way up the right hand side, showing "Unique orange through the red lens conversion" BCL do do a conversion similar to that shown (but orange is at the bottom, red at the top) The photo shown is of my car using my "unique" conversion as published in TRaction a few issues ago. Here is my photograph of my car: Looks familiar !!!! One can only assume that the BCL conversion is not as good as this one or surely it would have been shown instead . Miffed of Leatherhead.
  14. Lebro

    Petrol gauge wiring

    Hi Dave. That all sounds good, & I agree with your diagnostics. Yes easy to remove the sender, just remove all the screws, & ease it away from the tank (try to preserve the gasket) you may have to twist the assembly as it comes out to get the float out. If you have a resistance meter then hook it up between the earth, & the other terminal on the sender & move the float up & down you should see resistance changing from zero (or a few ohms) when float down, to a much higher value (can't remember what exactly, but aproaching 100 ohms) when float is fully up. The resistance should change smoothly, not jumping around. If you don't get a good result, then it can be taken apart to clean the resistance winding etc, I'm happy to do this for you if you wish. Good luck Bob.
  15. Lebro

    TR3A oddity recently sold on eBay

    He advises inspection before commiting to buy, but requires a £500 non refundable deposit before any collection details will be given ? Bob

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