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  1. Powerspark I believe is virtually the same as Accuspark (one came from the other) I have had an Accuspark hall effect conversion in my 25D distributor since 2013, it has performed perfectly. I do carry a spare in the glove box in case it fails, but have never needed it. (easier to change than to retrofit points etc) Bob.
  2. You should be careful making suggestions like that Roger, you may be Ostrichsized
  3. And I bet that was yesterday !! Raining in Leatherhead today. Bob.
  4. Detectorists was a brilliant series, hoped it would continue, but sadly not. Bob
  5. Ehem, actually the sidescreen hoods when correctly fitted are very good at keeping the water out, they have a flap which does go outside of the top of the sidescreen. Bob.
  6. Well, what I did was to drill & tap M4 threads into the clamps on the side which clamps the exhaust, then inserted some screws with 1.5 'mm thick heads to remove the difference in thickness problem. Bob
  7. Also available in LED form: https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/collections/12-volt-collection/e5 Bob.
  8. Lebro


    Hi Phil. Firstly the "main shaft" is the one which exits to the rear with the propshaft flange on. (or in your case via the overdrive) The shaft at the the front end is the input or first motion shaft. I think you cannot turn this one ? The input shaft always is connected to the laygear, so it may be something obstructing the laygear rather that the input shaft. If you have had the top plate off, then possibly the reverse gear may be in the wrong place. suggest take top plate off again, ensure all gears are in the neutral position, & take a very close look at the l
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Via_ferrata Well I had to look it up ! Bob.
  10. The inner wing can be "adjusted" for more clearance Bob
  11. Have a great day Keith. Bob.
  12. If the cam is at maximum, & the drum can still be turned then either the drum has been skimmed too much, or the shoes (linings) are the wrong ones or just too thin. Bob.
  13. Can't answer the painting question, but consider fitting a plastic insert to protect the battery tray from any acid leakage. They are readily available from the usual suppliers Bob.
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