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  1. Not really, if it was in Autocad you could edit it, but not a .PDF I did my own diagram for my '3 but sadly not in Autocad. I used avery old Schematic drawing program called Board Capture. Here is a .PDF made from it. Wiring Tr3v5.pdf
  2. With a coil between the moving engine & the fixed body any movement is distributed over a long length of the tube where that length is in the form of the coil. with no coil any movement causes the tube to follow it over a much shorter distance, & make it more likely to eventually fracture. Bob. By the way, I have dismantled two of the capilliary type gauges, both definately TR ones, & the bezel does come off as I described above. However you still may not be able to get the can through the hole in the dash, as the remains a narrow lip.
  3. Happy birthday Diane, hope to meet up at the IWE (if it happens !) Bob.
  4. Miles. If your capillary tube is coiled on the cockpit side, then it's in the wrong place ! The coil is there to absorb vibration / movement of the engine with respect to the body. Bob.
  5. I also did something similar, but kept original fuses for non-ign circuits, & added 4 X new fuses foe ign switched ones. Bob.
  6. The bezel should come off by rotating it till the tabs on the bezel line up with slots in the case. Bob
  7. +1 for grease, & a steady hand ! to keep the balls in place. Bob.
  8. I suspect they are mostly the same, but have you read my article in TRaction about how to make them more reliably drip free. Final draft Article on Improving spin-on oil filter adaptors 240618.pdf
  9. Crank over with plugs out to start with to get the oil pressure up, then follow the advice on here (you may have to search for it) about initial running to bed in the camshaft & followers (assuming they are new). Bob.
  10. Enjoy your special day John. Bob.
  11. I think had you have fitted it the other way round it would have been fine Bob.
  12. This is my setup. I think it is the same "MG" one as in Peters link
  13. I used the same TR4 ones as Richard, as my doors have wood inside the top section I just drilled through the metal, & then used wood screws. Will post a photo later. Bob.
  14. I don't buy this, as long as the fuel flow is from the inside of the paper element to the out side, then it can't collapse. Mine is between tank & pump, the pump sucks fuel through the filter inside to outside. Bob.
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