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  1. Lebro

    Hood frame bolt thread size question

    Item 5 I imagine on your TR4 diagram, Item 28 on this one .https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-GRID200892 https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-602029 MIne came without these screws, so I use M6 & tapped the bracket accordingly Bob.
  2. Lebro

    Wiring Loom Routing Under Dash

    No wires on the temp gauge ! & only panel lamp bulbs on the tacho (unless you have changed to electronic !) Bob.
  3. Lebro

    Wiring Loom Routing Under Dash

    Hi john. Just taken these photos, not very good I'm afraid, & probably confusing because I have a lot of "extra" wiring in place. RHS loom emerging through bulkhead LHS loom going back through bulkhead RHS loom splitting The loom starts off at the fuse box, passes through the bulkhead, then splits two ways, one way goes rearward along the heater mounting rail then up to the dashboard guages, switches etc, the other passes behind the battery box, & accross to the LHS, off this section the dip switch loom turns around & then drops down to the switch. At the LHS the loom then goes back through the bulkhead to connect up to the wiper motor, & left hand lights, horn etc Bob.
  4. Lebro


    Correct Roger. Bob.
  5. Lebro


    It does sound like the flasher unit is at fault, why not fit a modern one. I can recommend one if needed. Bob. P.S. And if you are thinking about upgrading your lights to LED type PM me.
  6. Lebro

    Fitting a hood stick cover

    Update. Rimmers HS cover now fitted (even it was very tight to get on, but on it is, & hopefully it will become easier as time goes by.) Full refund received from Moss (thank you) they are looking into "why the supplier was so stingy with material" so hopfuly this will be sorted for future stock. Bob.
  7. Lebro

    Engine rebuild requirements

    Warwick gt. They were only trying to make sure you get the best possible result, there are a number of details you need to get right when building these engines if you want them to last a long time, & be pleasant to use (no vibration etc). Bob. (mine will need doing in the next few years, & I will take all the advice I can get from these guys)
  8. Lebro

    Headlight Bulbs

    Miles. 1st step is find out what you have. If the headlamp reflectors are not perfect, then it may be a good time to change them anyway, in which case Valeo / Cibie would be my recommendation using the H4 base. If you prefer to use the reflectors you have, then need to establish what base bulb they take. Bob.
  9. Lebro

    Headlight Bulbs

    Hi Miles. You don't need Valeo type (but they are good) good LED headlamp bulbs are available with several different bases H4, H7, P45T, P43T, H3, HB3, HB4 It seems a TR3 could have been originally fitted with BPF, P45T, or Sealed beam (same connector as H4), You need three wires to drive any of the dipping headlight, Earth (usually black), Dipped beam (blue/red, & Full beam (blue/white) these three wires need to be connected to a suitable connector. If you wish to go this way give me a shout, & I will come over & help. cheers Bob.
  10. Lebro

    Headlight Bulbs

    Thank you for that information Johannes. We also have the outdated regulation here regarding the wattage of bulbs, but limited to indicators & headlights. All other lamps do not have that restriction. I take the view that the spirit of the regs would mean to state "equivalent wattage". Obviously the beam pattern of headlights is important, especialy if they are very bright. You say your car passed with the TUV test with LED rear lights, I bet it would have also passed with well designed LED headlamps ? Best Regards Bob.
  11. Lebro

    Headlight Bulbs

    Ciao. These bulbs are CE & ROHS approved, so I would have thought they would be OK ? Bob. https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/products/latest-led-headlights-h4-philips-z-es-hi-lo-beam-conversion-9-32v?variant=8239030763615
  12. Lebro

    Oil Purolator Filter

    The filter element is pressed upwards onto the seal face by a spring in the base on the cover if it is assembled correctly. If the spring has been changed for a stronger one, just assembled wrong it may crush the element. First thing to check is that, I would suggest. Bob. https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-GRID200003
  13. Lebro

    TR2 Coupe

    A GTR2 ! Quite nice (I suppose)
  14. Lebro

    Fitting a hood stick cover

    Spoke to Chis from sales who assured me that they will give a full refund. He did seem to understand that it was useless as supplied, & that they would look into the design of it. Now sent back, so hope they are true to their word !
  15. Lebro

    Fitting a hood stick cover

    Well apparently they will ! Bob.

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