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  1. Andy, could you expand on your comment about poor wiring causing cavitation please. Thanks Bob
  2. Of course you are 100% correct Phil, no-one would like it, irrespective of how acurate the comments may be, it is bad form. This happened quite a lot when the "Buy, Sell & Trade" adverts were on forum threads that people could comment on - and the negative comments about asking prices or the usefulness of such item often came from the same people who 'knew better'. The adoption of Classifieds ads in the present form was, for this reason, a step in the right direction in my opinion. Granted, each to his own of course regarding opinions! Cheers Bob
  3. MoT Stations use a database which appears to be under the DVSA control. Its obviously linked to DVLA and so you might think identical but although my car's V5C is correct, at MoT time the DVSA database says the car is a different colour (the colour it was years ago pre-restoration when DVLA were updated with the change - which is confirmed by a correct V5C). Colour doesn't appear on the MoT certificate so its debatable how important this anomaly is. I found DVSA difficult to deal with in trying to correct this and since a colour change isn't an MoT failure I have abandoned tryin
  4. Hi Ade, I've been looking into this myself and by co-incidence have a '55 TR2. I'm fairly certain the dealer supplying the vehicle new would often use a local number plate company nearest to him - no online sales back then! So unless you are very lucky and have something in the cars original history, the plate manufacturer chosen by the dealer could be one of a number and may well vary from region to region. For the '55 vehicle it was 3.5 inch height digit I believe and silver or white are available nowdays. Bob
  5. If your looking for subtle diffferences Ralph then probably this won't help - but its what I have. Bob
  6. Grille trim variations between a 2 and a 3 is the other way round isn't it Stuart? Happy to be corrected but photos attached are how I believe the trims would be. Bob
  7. Couldn't agree more.... +1 On a long journey, the alloy tank fitted to my 6 gets hotter and hotter. I've been considering changes including a fuel cooling method in the return line. It could be the key component missing on pi cars and solve the cavitation problem so many can suffer from.
  8. Unless the TR2 is a Francorchamps ! TR2F ?
  9. Upstream of the pump is at a pressure of something like 100psi, if the line had a break of some kind fuel would come out, not air go in.
  10. Hi Paul, Bob is still working however now 'self employed'. If you decide to use him, he'll naturally want to price the work. His mobile is still the same. Bob
  11. Just to add to the discussion, shall we include the 'TR3B' ........ or maybe not?
  12. Perhaps its the ones who don't show their real name that are the keyboard warriors ? Just asking. Bob (Robert really)
  13. OldBob


    Phil, Nice line: "my dad's favorite tr, when mines roadworthy i'll be taking a spin to the crematorium to show the old man,"look what i got dad"!!!!! I reckon quite a few of us would love to show our dad's our cars. If only we could. Good luck getting it up and running. Bob
  14. Try enabling the subtitles Bob, and turn the sound to 50%.
  15. Was your TR5 bonnet badge in a different position than normal Steve, or is it just a reflection? Bob
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