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  1. hi Andy, I'm just refurbing one myself and have been looking for suitable replacement cables. what made you choose solid inner cable rather than stranded as per the original? Thanks Bob
  2. Mike, Just been looking through the AFS website, some very useful stuff there and prices seem good too. I see a Nylon pipe that looks ok for PI injectors - any thoughts on that? Bob
  3. Last year pre-current restrictions. -2C at the time..... very refreshing !
  4. Is your source Esso themselves Ralph? This info has been made available on the Esso website: https://www.esso.co.uk/en-gb/fuels/petrol The relevant statement being: "What’s in our Synergy Supreme+ 99 premium petrol? Our Synergy Supreme+ 99 petrol has more cleaning power than our regular petrol – and includes molecules whose job it is to reduce the friction in your engine helping the moving parts work more efficiently.* Although our pumps have E5 labels on them, our Synergy Supreme+ 99 is actually ethanol free (except, due to technical supply reasons, in Devon, Cornwall
  5. Hi Ian, Thank you for the very useful information. The TR2 reveal moulding 603877 has to my knowledge and as far as I can see doing various searches, been described as fitted to late Cars not early ones. It's also shown as one piece and not two on the Rimmer Bros website. Some references say for post TS5300 which suggests approx '55 year cars. I'm interested in this as my car is September' 55 and lost the moulding during a 1980's restoration - so I'll be in the queue if you are able to recreate it. Best regards Bob
  6. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” ― Oscar Wilde Make of that what you will !
  7. OldBob

    BHP 440K

    Thanks for checking my enquiry Derek. Please see pm from me regards, Bob
  8. OldBob

    BHP 440K

    They sold it Derek, some years ago. The car is now in the Essex group, owner resides in the Epping area. Its still Mallard green and being well used, home and abroad. This photo taken about 4 years ago in Lavenham, Suffolk. My old pimento TR6 is alongside, I'm trying to trace the new owner of that car if anyone can assist? JLF434N. Thanks Bob Edit: Photo now removed.
  9. Thanks all for the suggestions, I'll try the AH spares supplier at a very reasonable £3.04 +vat cheers Bob
  10. Gents, I need a replacement grommet for the plunger on my A type overdrive solenoid. Its the one in the photo attached, unfortunately not listed seperately by anyone I can find - its an odd shaped one. Does anyone know of a source? - or perhaps someone has an old solenoid with good grommet they don't need? (postage refunded obviously). Many thanks Bob
  11. Hi Danny, Plenty of meets in Essex to choose from next year - distances depend on where you are located ? Be excellent to see your car out and about with the local TR2's. If you check your PM top of the screen I've sent you some contact details for the events organisers for the County. Regards Bob
  12. Richard, you say its a new tank but by the rest of your message it looks like you have added fuel now? - yes? An old trick was to lay a fine cover of solder over the weeping olive, especially where you can seen the wear marks. (Use a mini file to get the correct shape if needed.) This puts a new surface on the olive, solder is very compliant and will seal petrol. Don't try it near the tank though if fuels been added ! Bob
  13. Hi Colin, the Bosch 996 pump is one of the most sought after alternative pumps ever fitted but far as I know its not serviceable. They are NLA now unfortunately - if you do find one second hand, it will be quite old and even with low usage, seals etc do age. Best option is probably a new pump with a warranty. Bob
  14. The Esso high octane pumps were previously 97 RON and some stations in my area are still selling this off. So you have to wonder if they topped up the underground tanks with new 99 rather than emptying them? If so, it could take a while to get the full benefit of the 99. Anyone know how they are supposed to deal with a change like this? Bob
  15. Thanks again all, photos very clear & I think that has answered the question on switch positions, it appears my dash was probably swapped as there is no hole in the OD position and it was an OD car from the factory. However, I'm now investigating the egg shaped switch for the OD which I read is not only correct for the late TR2 (from TS6266) but also allows single-finger use. I found a reference to this in Bill P's book 'TR2, 3 & 3A in Detail" on P186 and Bill refers to the egg shape switch as the "Drum-Type overdrive flick switch" which I assume is the one. This was May '55
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