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  1. I haven't looked at the TR2 in Burns Garage but have a photo taken through the showroom window!
  2. It wasn't about the car, it was about the location of the seller (as well as the price).....
  3. https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/10562155?cId=10562155&cId=10753292&cId=10753314&cId=10832955&cId=10966101&cId=10968250&cId=10532784&cId=10768351&cId=10044210&cId=10722192&cId=10524277&cId=10509454&cId=10852961&cId=10531739 Looking for a TR4... Local...
  4. No Stuart surely not, Moss told me that I was the first to question the fit and that no one else had complained.........
  5. Hi Brian, Are your bumper irons originals or repros. I have a set of repros and have the same problem as you on my 1957 TR3, I've been trying to locate a set of originals to check my copies but not found any yet. Malcolm
  6. Staffordshire vehicle components, who sell PL700's at £70 each (+VAT) offer a sidelight option with theirs for an extra £10, but say that they take a little longer as they have to drill the hole and fit the bulb holder and grommet so drilling must be possible on their version
  7. Such sad news, both of them unique members of the TR family. sincere condolences Tom
  8. Looks really good Bob, have you had to join two pieces of the foam sheet to make up the diameter. If so what did you use? Thanks Malcolm
  9. Many Happy returns Ian, hope you have a great day! Malcolm
  10. Many happy returns Paul, hope you have a good one!! Malcolm
  11. Thanks Jeff, the ones that I have actually catch the apron, and from memory I would have to elongate the front fixing holes but the bumper would then sit too low. A couple of people offered to lend me a set so that I could find a blacksmith and alter the Moss ones, but neither offer came through for various reasons so at the moment I don't have an accurate reference to work from. I had even wondered about welding a plate onto the chassis end, above the existing holes to try and get a better angle but haven't looked at whether it would really work or not! Of course Moss could be right
  12. Interesting comment about the Moss ones Mike, I have a set and they don't fit my 1957 TR3. There doesn't seem to be enough 'curvature' to get under the apron. I was told by Moss that it must be my car because no one else had complained, still hoping to come across an original set so that I can test their assertion and maybe fit my bumper.... Plan B was to butcher the Moss ones and make them fit but I haven't attempted that yet.
  13. Harry I've sent you a personal message which should appear at the top right of your screen. Thanks Malcolm
  14. Hi Harry, welcome to the forum. If the tool in question is the one purchased last year, 'TR7 Head removal tool' then the club does have one which is available for members to borrow. I'm afraid that there is a substantial deposit required (basically the tool cost) which is returned in full once the tool is returned undamaged. One of the many benefits of membership...… but I would say that wouldn't I Cheers Malcolm
  15. I think that Roger had a plan to use magnets on strings to hold the followers away from the cam whist doing the swop. Don't know whether he managed it. I must admit that I always thought that the followers wouldn't draw through the head
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