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  1. Hi Roger, I agree that there will be quite a few questions and concerns. Are they therefore illegal? What is we don't go for MOT (not suggesting that we don't but just wondering) It appears that the 'sealed beam' type of LED units would be OK, but do they have to be 'E' marked? Must be because of Brexit...... (as we can't blame Brussels anymore!) Malcolm
  2. Stolen from another forum where this was posted by an MOT tester The upgrading of existing halogen headlamps with HID bulbs has been a MOT fail for a few years now. However upgrading with LED bulbs was OK. Not anymore! From 11/01/2021 the MOT rules have been updated to make the fitment of LED bulbs ( in existing halogen units) a fail. I attach the new rule for clarity. 4. Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment 4.1.4 Headlamps - Compliance with requirements - Changed sentence from 'Existing halogen headlamp units should not be converted to be used with HID bulbs. If such a con
  3. Pete, I've checked mine. The TR4 has FS and the TR3 FP which supports Rogers post above
  4. So would something like a cat 5 cable twisted into pairs work? (that's what I have and it seemed to work better than the 'HiFi' speaker cable that it replaced)
  5. Sorry, meant to agree that neither C2C, Coast to Coast, Coast2Coast or whatever are in any way protected names and good one Paul in organising the 2021 run! (and I think the photo above is from Whitehaven at the start/end of the cycling C2C!)
  6. Many happy returns Roger, hope you're having a great day
  7. In 1990 I imported a used vehicle from Belgium, and although I can't be 100% sure, think that I paid VAT on the invoiced price but duty on the value which I had to negotiate with customs.
  8. I haven't looked at the TR2 in Burns Garage but have a photo taken through the showroom window!
  9. It wasn't about the car, it was about the location of the seller (as well as the price).....
  10. https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/10562155?cId=10562155&cId=10753292&cId=10753314&cId=10832955&cId=10966101&cId=10968250&cId=10532784&cId=10768351&cId=10044210&cId=10722192&cId=10524277&cId=10509454&cId=10852961&cId=10531739 Looking for a TR4... Local...
  11. No Stuart surely not, Moss told me that I was the first to question the fit and that no one else had complained.........
  12. Hi Brian, Are your bumper irons originals or repros. I have a set of repros and have the same problem as you on my 1957 TR3, I've been trying to locate a set of originals to check my copies but not found any yet. Malcolm
  13. Staffordshire vehicle components, who sell PL700's at £70 each (+VAT) offer a sidelight option with theirs for an extra £10, but say that they take a little longer as they have to drill the hole and fit the bulb holder and grommet so drilling must be possible on their version
  14. Such sad news, both of them unique members of the TR family. sincere condolences Tom
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