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  1. When this came up earlier there were two possible avenues Tom Boyd has a formula for water based paint Willie Felger had some mixed as Rover Winchester blue I have just checked the almost empty tin in my garage, and it also lists Rover Winchester blue which was available from my local supplier but in 2 pack only (not cellulose or 1 pack synthetic). Paint appears to be Prospray 2K Don't know whether it helps... Malcolm
  2. TerriAnn Wakeman's site is a good source of information. Looks like a Vanguard head from the images about half way down the page http://www.tr3a.info/FAQ_heads.htm Malcolm
  3. Hi Bob, How odd, I can't get the link to work this morning. I'm not sure whether the unit is the same but searching Land Rover Defender will bring up a 7" valeo. The PAYDAY discount code has gone now but I expect there will be a WEEKEND one on Friday!
  4. This link to an earlier thread is still relevant The link in the first post still works and at the moment the discount code PAYDAY50 brings the price down to £46.89, but expires tonight. They have regular sale codes so no doubt another will be along in a day or two
  5. Not only files, but a recovery disc or USB is important... I'm now running an old version of Windows 7 after the SSD hard disc (which was the boot drive for Windows 10) failed this morning and I don't have a recovery disc! Fortunately I retained the old hard drive as a back up and it still has a version of Windows 7 which I've got running....... ho hum
  6. Roger, is the wiper motor file now called car contents? Just wondering if you have accidentally used the same name and overwritten the old file which is why you got the pop up asking if you wanted to replace it. I've done the same in the past but can't help with a solution...
  7. You can access Stuart's lead loading seminar directly via the members area of the website, there's a link from the members area front page to 'exclusive video seminars'
  8. Can't find anything for the TR4 but on the 3rd page of this thread there is a photo of the baffle positions in a TR6
  9. It's in the main website Members Area, then 'What you can access' third item down 'Exclusive video seminars'.
  10. I think that the Vanguard block has the dipstick on the 'wrong' side of the distributor, more towards the middle.
  11. Told Alec that I would raise a glass in the old grandstand at the start of the 6 hours, either to his health or to his memory, so I'll be there.....
  12. On the few occasions that I have removed a cherished number, DVLA have reissued the original number automatically.
  13. Before Duckhams disappeared it lost it's green colour. I remember being told by someone from Castrol that the green dye was particularly nasty stuff and they weren't allowed to include it anymore for elf and safety reasons. Never mind the ZDDP, will it be green!!
  14. Thanks Peter, think that I'll be in the same position. I was particularly concerned by the first sentence as it seems that the UK are reading more into the ruling than other countries.....
  15. Peter I'm not sure that public liability cover will do. Don't understand what else they may need but the FBHVC articles (in particular Issue 2 2017) indicates that it has nothing to do with Vnuk. "The ECJ ruling has apparently caused more concern in the UK than many jurisdictions for reasons which are not quite clear and which I have no space to go into here. In short the Government has decided they do have a need to be compliant with the Directive and to compel insurance of all motor vehicles, whether or not they are used on the highway. To be clear, none of this is affected by, nor is it concerned with, public liability or occupiers’ liability insurance. On the one hand this means they are looking at such vehicles as Segways and ride-on mowers, and on the other it means they are now looking at compulsory insurance of all vehicles involved in motor sport. They are also considering whether they need to require insurance of all vehicles on SORN"
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