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  1. Here are mine.....in storage in the loft.
  2. Nice job. Could you use one of the temps read outs for oil ?
  3. A wheel or axle bearing is favourite.
  4. When driving, stationary, clutch in, clutch out intermediate gears, top gear, freewheeling in neutral, overdrive in or out?
  5. When you get your new nuts make sure that you have a six point socket to tighten with and use it with a long extension to keep it square on the nut. There is not much location compared with a standard nut and they are easily wrecked with a sloppy bi-hex socket.
  6. The wheel mounting taper looks to be fretted in the mating area suggesting that the wheel hasn’t been properly tightened down. As Peter has pointed out the correct wheel nuts should be tapered on both sides. Take a look at the back of the wheel hub and check that the nuts haven’t been touching the hub. Edit: Oops Rich beat me to it
  7. Bar Keepers Friend is the dogs for cleaning chrome wires. Brush it on with a stiff brush and hose off. Pick it up from B&Q.
  8. I’ve got 5 1/2” 72 spoke wires fitted to my TR4 and TR3 both with 165 tyres. The 72 spokes are stronger than the original 60 spokes and slightly wider so fill the arches a bit more. but you will be hard pressed to spot the difference. Unless you are a concours competitor go with the 72s
  9. Sounds like saggy or lowered springs. Fit Revingtons road/rally 161 lb springs to restore the ride height to standard and improve the handling at the same time.
  10. I watched it on a baby IFE screen on a recent BA 747 flight back to the U.K. I was worth watching on that so certainly worth it on a decent TV. Oddly it was titled Ford v Ferrari which I understand was it’s overseas title.
  11. Making an overdrive solenoid access door and Dynamating the transmission tunnel. You just cut it to shape, stick it down, smooth it out and trim the edges.......sounds simple doesn’t it
  12. Could it be that the age hardened rubber isn’t gripping well enough to make the steering heavy? Let us know how it feels when you get your new rubber.
  13. The led bulbs are bright enough to use as reversing lights even with the amber beehives if you want to keep the original look.
  14. Pic showing ride height with Revington fast road springs. It was a bit higher than this until I’d covered a good few miles on bumpy Devon roads to bed them in. The chassis clearance is now as per Revington’s specs and I wouldn’t want it any lower for road use.
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