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  1. 1280mm on mine. Let me know if you need anything else.
  2. Nice job......another project for my little Myford :-)
  3. Is the quadrant MX5 too? It looks like a good way of linking to the rod
  4. Chilliman suggested that bush as a possible culprit too. Looks like a bit of potholing in the footwell for me.
  5. I’ve had the same problem on my TR3 for some years and have failed miserably to make any improvement by fiddling with engine mounts, carburettors or timing......I still think that I could have a mixture problem at extremely low throttle openings. The mixture is spot on with a probe in the exhaust but that’s at no load and I haven’t got around to testing the theory on a rolling road. The search function reveals instances of similar symptoms but none of the threads reveal a solution. A cable throttle is on my list to try over the winter.
  6. Bin the rubber and fit a standard knuckle joint?
  7. Drewmotty

    chassis holes

    2.9mb is still huge. If you don’t have suitable software to reduce the size you can email the photo to yourself and when prompted choose a low resolution. You can then save the received photo and post it to the forum.
  8. It’s nice to se the following generations getting involved although my lads interest cost me a bit as once they started driving the TR3. I felt obliged to fit seats with head restraints, roll over bar and 4 point harnesses.
  9. Because the Forum and TR Register members are brilliant. One is being delivered to the local group meeting tomorrow night. Thanks for the quick responses and replies.
  10. Is it not springy? was trying to see what it did as I haven't missed it so far. I assume that its supposed to keep the rails pre loaded against the glass to stop rattles when the window is open.
  11. I've just found out that I'm missing the window rail tie rod from one of my doors (item 88). It seems that they are no longer available. Does anyone have a spare one surplus to requirements? Please PM me with a price if you do. Cheers Andrew
  12. I've been looking for some years. The last set I saw went on eBay about two years ago for around £650 if I remember rightly. I know of a set in storage but again the owner doesn't want to sell them. I've wondered about re-drilling the hubs to take five studs.......i'm surprised that someone doesn't offer hubs either un-drilled or in different stud configurations. Best of luck in your search.
  13. Rugby is on TV. It can be recorded.
  14. Anyone on here going. A few of us from Devon are planning to go.
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