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  1. I was working at Westland Helicopters when I rebuilt my TR3 in the early 80s so Avdel “skin pins” we’re plentiful. The tub looked like a hedgehog prior to being welded :-)
  2. There’s something wrong there Rich. The jet should come up near flush when screwed right in. Are you sure that it’s assembled correctly and that the choke is fully seating?
  3. Why is the steering column pulled out of the dash so far? The tape wrapped around the grab handle let’s it down as do those horrible wing vents.
  4. If you run a front arb with no rear try the fronts a couple of psi harder than the rears to counteract understeer.
  5. TR6 wires are 5 1/2” and a bit narrow for a 195 tyre.
  6. Hi Now there’s something which I didn’t know. I teed mine into the battery tray drain exiting through the top of the transmission tunnel.
  7. My employers used to provide hot cross buns and cream eggs at Easter. It wasn’t long before one lad invented the”Easter Egg Sandwich”. He put a cream egg in hot cross bun and popped it in the microwave for a little too long. The “cream” ended up only slightly cooler than the surface of the sun and took all the skin off the roof of his mouth. Cooler versions proved to be quite nice. :-)
  8. Do the Maxspeeding rods need the liner skirts relieving for clearance?
  9. Looks like the wheels have the wrong offset or you have a spacer behind the wheel as the tyre width doesn’t look excessive, neither will be kind to the stub axles and wheel bearings. Have you checked the camber? It can make a big difference to the positioning of the top of the tyre. Most TRs are offset to one side or the other, if you revert to the standard setup the car will drive better and the offset won’t be noticed.
  10. Thanks everyone for your birthday greetings. I took the day off from the garage as I’ve been in there quite a lot after my TR4 dropped a valve insert, chewed it up and spat it out through the exhaust.
  11. It’s got a heck of a grin :-)
  12. The tapered pin holding the stop has three grooves punched in the sides which are deeper at the bigger end of the taper pin. They can usually be seen on one end of the fitted pin which should be punched out with a suitable drift from the opposite end. A bit f heat from a paint stripping gun always helps. Fit the new shaft and butterfly temporarily, with the butterfly held tightly closed centralise the shaft by equalising the axial play and tighten the screws to hold it in place. I then fit the stop with locktite retainer ( I guess that superglue will work) so that the stop screw tang is
  13. There is a breather Ralph, although it is easily missed. There should be a small hole about 3mm diameter in the top of the front left hand corner of the selector housing.....or maybe that is only on some models?
  14. Happy Birthday Deggers. We’ll hopefully be able to organise a cross border group meeting once we’re free again.
  15. I was truly shocked to hear this news. We lived about 1/4 mile from Trevor and Sarah in the 80s when I was building my TR3 and spent a lot of time in their company. They both provided great support and encouragement and were particularly kind to our two boys. They introduced us to the TR Register and we owe them a great debt for that. A sad loss.
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