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  1. Does anybody know what this boss is for on the bottom of an A Type overdrive casing?
  2. Revington TR sell one which fits under the hood.
  3. Thanks for the update Mike. Threads need rounding up with a conclusion to assist future searches.
  4. If you fit an alloy tank a firewall will stiffen the area and help reduce any load on the tank lugs.
  5. Our first stop was at Pont Abraham services prior to joining the motorway for a long leg home. Come and say hi at the IWE. We will be camping under the green and white Devon flag.
  6. Hot pumps can cause fuel vaporisation. When the vapour hits the metering unit the rotor can pick up in the housing and break the drive dog. Crack the fuel feed to the MU and turn on the ignition to ensure that you have a fuel supply . If all is ok tighten it back up and feel the injector pipes for a pulse when cranking No pulse is likely no drive......easily replaced. if it’s pulsing take out a couple of injectors and tap them as you crank to bleed out the air Just back from a tour of Eire My TR3 and seven 6 cylinder cars......guess how I know this
  7. I was at the front of this group in my TR3 There were 6 TR6s aTR5 and my TR3 with 13 Devon group members on our way back from a tour of southern Eire. We had a great time and covered 1300 miles in the week.
  8. If you put a slot in the plate and fix the nut to the stud you can avoid the fishing exercise. As used in the aircraft industry with a slide hammer.
  9. How do you check the brake balance?
  10. When I polished the TTrac2 sidewalls for the IWE the accentuated pattern appeared as dark and light patches in the sunlight. To be fair its a lot less of an eyesore when left unpolished.
  11. Just the rubber. Both the nylon and polybushes can be easily rotated by hand even when fully tightened.
  12. The fulcrum nuts bottom out on the shoulder. Torque up to the bottom limit torque and see where the slot is relative to the hole then you can set the torque wrench to top limit tighten up a little bit to get the pin in without it ‘clicking’. If it’s some way out you can mix and match nuts and washers until it’s right. Assemble it on the bench and then fit the fulcrum to the tower Ive skimmed the back of nuts in the past to get slots to line up. Aircraft use a range of slightly different thickness washers to achieve a good fit.
  13. There’s just as much work getting the proprietary firewall to fit as there is making your own. I have templates and a former to make a lip around the diff bulge which you are welcome to borrow Laurence.
  14. Go for it. It’s not rocket science or even a complicated gearbox. Follow the WSM be methodical and keep everything clean. Don’t hit anything with a hammer, use quality seals and the correct gaskets with a bit of grease or some Welseal if the faces are less than perfect. Avoid silicone sealant. Ask if you’re not sure. You’ll be fine.
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