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  1. Gunson Trakrite is quick and easy to use and remarkably accurate. About £65 new but can often be picked up for much less second hand.
  2. It now seems that whatever search terms are entered the results are peppered with random items with no connection and usually in huge swathes.
  3. Similar story in the latest “In The Garage” https://www.tr-register.co.uk/group/devon/social-report/2022/04/2021/In-The-Garage-April-2022-Issue-15 As Stuart I’ve had no problems with SuperPro or Superflex
  4. If it’s still got some dome left I’d clean it up with some solvent and give it a few knocks to re set it. Maybe back it up with a fillet of JB Weld.
  5. 165/15 is a full profile tyre as is 165/80/15 they should have the same rolling radius.
  6. 165/15 is the same as 165/80/16. No problem there other than perhaps the age of the spare. If you want a slightly wider wheel to match your Minator wheel a standard 5.5” TR6 wheel will do the job.
  7. Im not too familiar with Speedi Sleeves but a bit of heat from a heat gun (not a naked flame) normally makes a big difference to any close fitting round bits.
  8. If they’re leaking the operating pressure will drop off.
  9. I stripped one which had a grenaded uni clutch and the cone clutch had worn causing it to slip. The owner had always eased the throttle when changing in or out of overdrive so that it didn’t over rev when between in and out. As it had always been like that in his ownership he thought it normal.
  10. How does the clutch feel. I’m not discounting a slipping clutch but thinking of what else could cause it to slip. How about a sticking clutch slave or release carrier sticking on the gearbox nose. Noise could be the release bearing working hard and getting hot. In the overdrive the uni clutch would have to fail and the cone clutch wear to get slippage. I have known an overdrive with destroyed uni clutch to start slipping. The owner didn’t know that the uni clutch had gone because the car had always been like that! If the box is coming out I’d get it and the overdrive checked out anyway
  11. 100 mile loop around Devon for the Devon Group Drive It Day.
  12. I had this problem recently when rebuilding my TR4 engine. The “stick” of plugs I had didn’t fit the head. I ended up machining up a plug on my baby Myford.
  13. ………or did you fit it upside down?
  14. I use led pilots in my headlamps as daylight running lights. They look very similar to my led headlamps but don’t dazzle oncoming vehicles as they don’t project due to their position in the lower part of the reflector.
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