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  1. Scott yes I missed that 112 , another box of biscuits then!
  2. Hamish talking lead !!! there was bucket loads removed from this car , knowing the restorer there will be little or none when it is finished , and to add the records show only 5 RHD chassis shipped to Italy for Italia production not including car 1# which was converted , believe it or not we have tracked down 4 of the 5 graham
  3. kingsdown shipping for me !!! they handle everything taxes paperwork and most likely into felixstowe , i know of many happy customers. graham
  4. Rich there should be no E on the end of the vin number , graham
  5. Clem thank you for the offer i may well take you up on that !! graham
  6. clem No we will do it when it returns to the UK , the DVLA randomly selects applications for independent inspections by SGS so the car has to be in the UK . graham
  7. colin thank you for the posting , the register is happy help with any TR Owners application both V765 recovery of a lost registration or a V5/55 application to register a imported vehicle . contact me on the below v765@tr-register.co.uk graham
  8. Main difference between 2&4 is the number of camshaft bearings the later blocks have 5 I believe against 3 in earlier graham
  9. phil thanks for PM yes have seen this car , a very honest car number 180# as stuart says its a bit tired , however with all italias you never know whats under the paint ( sometimes nothing) but car was running and driving very well , very nice Nardi steering wheel last time i saw it. regards graham
  10. Well that would be wrong for a CP car plus a CP car would have the twin cable for the choke with the other cable going to the enrichment lever on the metering unit , i am sure a CR owner will tell you. graham
  11. A big thanks to Scott for organising this very special event for Italias , I have committed to taking 82# in support of Scott and also to represent Italia owners this side of the ocean , I believe Scott still has one place left open , if anybody wishes to attend . graham
  12. And the ones nearest the chassis are studs !! graham
  13. Hamish no sorry I did not graham
  14. Marcel i had similar problems with a car I purchased , somebody had reworked the head then re assembled the valves with lightweight caps , I found that the springs had worn the caps ,and the residue was in the valve guide , and eventually the valves jammed open. graham
  15. I viewed and saw 40k plus To restore, that is if you could source the necessary original panels , and other bits and bobs , necessary for a press car . good luck tom graham
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