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  1. I agree with Neil a Stuart bondarust good stuff and not just for chassis either graham
  2. richard remove the existing studs , then remove the half shaft , drill out the holes to take Knock in TR6 studs which you can easily insert with the shaft removed. graham
  3. Thanks guys, yes shocked to see jubilee clips on the pressure side , they will have to go . graham
  4. Just checking and cleaning a 5 I have just acquired, and found this pump , sounds like a an original lucas , I had no idea it was there until I removed cover in the boot . any ideas or experience. Car runs ok with it .graham
  5. John get the car A MOT on its vin number then drop me a mail a v765@tr-register.co.uk and I will advise you , or we can make the application on your behalf. regards graham
  6. Iain yes that is correct for an early to mid 69 car not sure when they changed Derek Graham would be the man to answer that , the spokes need painting satin black graham
  7. Scott yes I missed that 112 , another box of biscuits then!
  8. Hamish talking lead !!! there was bucket loads removed from this car , knowing the restorer there will be little or none when it is finished , and to add the records show only 5 RHD chassis shipped to Italy for Italia production not including car 1# which was converted , believe it or not we have tracked down 4 of the 5 graham
  9. kingsdown shipping for me !!! they handle everything taxes paperwork and most likely into felixstowe , i know of many happy customers. graham
  10. Rich there should be no E on the end of the vin number , graham
  11. Clem thank you for the offer i may well take you up on that !! graham
  12. clem No we will do it when it returns to the UK , the DVLA randomly selects applications for independent inspections by SGS so the car has to be in the UK . graham
  13. colin thank you for the posting , the register is happy help with any TR Owners application both V765 recovery of a lost registration or a V5/55 application to register a imported vehicle . contact me on the below v765@tr-register.co.uk graham
  14. Main difference between 2&4 is the number of camshaft bearings the later blocks have 5 I believe against 3 in earlier graham
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