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  1. It is not an easy fix, and requires the column to be undone top and bottom to allow the channel that holds the wires to be slid down , not sure the switches are available at present , they have been on back order. Would check the wiring and connection under the dash first . graham
  2. Thanks guys hopefully catch up with you all soon . regards graham
  3. No good originals are the best ,and about if you you look around graham
  4. Take Stuart’s advice , take all the seals off first and the striker plates and see if it fits then , if it does work backwards so it shuts without seals then add seals graham
  5. Happy birthday mate graham
  6. Good luck if it is one of the current new offerings, poor fit and wrong at both ends graham
  7. Maybe the wires are in correctly attached inside the rubber boot with the live going to earth when it is screwed to the body . graham
  8. Mick not recieved your mail Have sent you a message graham
  9. All I have received a call from one of my helpful contacts at the DVLA today regarding my query and I was wrong in my above statement ! regarding the letter O , they do have to use a Zero. However it can be spaced and they do hold on their historic internal records that the zero should be the letter O , so going forward that should not cause any owners a problem , I also have a confirmed reference to go to if we do have an issue . graham
  10. All i have raised this with our contacts at the DVLA , and pointed out that their statement could lead to two cars with the same vin number , and that is against their rules . graham
  11. Switches on the top of the box need re adjustment . graham
  12. Mick no the parts are not with one owner , but if they where and a submission was made to the DVLA with the correct evidence and paperwork to match it may be possible to re unite car and registration. graham
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