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  1. Andrew the application will require the submission on a form V5/55 graham
  2. Roger beware if you valve caps are the replacement lightweight alloy type!! They wear as they turn on the valve springs and the alloy runs down the valve stem and jams the valve in its guide . graham
  3. No that is not the case ,I have no idea why they return V5/55 applications asking for the vehicle to have an MOT ,I have spoken with the federation of historic vehicles, who do have some dialogue with swansea , and no answer was forthcoming , there are many Anomalies when dealing with Swansea on both the V5/55 and V765 applications and what is acceptable at one desk today , does not mean that will be acceptable at another tomorrow, I have had applications accepted with a V5 issued and received the same week , and identical applications disappeared for weeks and then been subject to independent inspections by SGS. Only for weeks to go by and nothing , Until you chase them . I think it is the case of the Guidelines being interpreted differently by different desks. graham
  4. It would appear that sometimes you can get an imported car registered without an MOT and I agree that the Guidelines!! Indeed do not mention MOT , however there are many more cases of applications being returned stating vehicles need MOT before re submission, graham
  5. Andrew To register the car you will need to make a V5/55 application to swansea ,for an age related plate , the car will also need to be roadworthy and require an MOT , and a lot more, if you want help drop me a mail at the below v765@tr-register.co.uk graham
  6. john find yourself a PI head put a fast road cam and triple DCOE 40s and it is a nice set up graham
  7. no they are at the simeon foundation for classic race cars in USA graham
  8. bob even more interesting is that 927HP now has a UK owner and resides not far from you !!! graham
  9. Michael looks to long to me , disc cover fits one of the lower bolts . graham
  10. tr graham

    TR6 bumpers

    They look great when new , but scratch very easily , the scratches are hard to polish out by hand , but on the other hand if you dent or bend one it can be more easily repaired then polished back to a high finish without the chroming costs. graham
  11. Well done ian all arrived safe and well Graham
  12. Graham yes take the front and rear frame out using the spot weld drill ,if you are careful the frame comes out with no holes , I normally separate the inner frame into front and rear where the cross brace meets the front section, I normally clean everything up treat as necessary use weld through primer on the joints and bondarust elsewhere, I the clamp frame back in and plug weld the drills , it is a good idea to put the 2 strengthening strips each side at the top where you lift the bonnet from when opening, I am sure Stewart will have some pictures. graham
  13. Everybody as said above you can do the V5/55 application yourself if you have all the correct paperwork it’s a US car and it hits the right desk at the DVLA , you can be lucky , however they very frequently now return 1st application asking for authorised club support , my email is below for any tr owner that needs help graham v765@tr-register.co.uk
  14. +1 for polar multiple choices graham
  15. Not fitted on a 5 or 250 graham
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