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  1. Mick thank you for update , hopefully it will not be much longer graham
  2. harry i suspect the event venue is still unconfirmed. graham
  3. On an original TR5 the return from the metering unit went to the tank ,and the return from the PRV went to the filter housing in the boot graham
  4. Stuart yes a nice example , won’t be around for long . graham
  5. tr graham

    Wiper motor

    mike if you undo the nut that holds the piping to the motor ,you can pull the drive out of the tubing , make sure you remove the wiper arms !!!! when re fitting push the drive as far as the first wheel box then turn the wheel box to engage the drive , repeat when you get to the second box , . graham
  6. Andrew send it here for a clean if you want. graham
  7. Hopefully we will soon get a date regardless of venue graham
  8. Stuart yes better times a while ago graham
  9. How about this one then
  10. Conrad listen to Stuart , graham
  11. Denis I fitted some studs into my top and locked them in with a chemical fastner , made up some ally domed washer to fit snug in the cups and then used a couple of wing nuts , graham
  12. Conrad end of September it’s 32 days on the water regards graham
  13. Pridewood thank you for your comments it was a long journey for 82# look out for forthcoming tr action for the whole journey and more graham
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