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  1. Waldi yes you are correct different trims and different clips , graham
  2. Stuart value was £375 and like you our PO never misses , perhaps I am just lucky regards graham
  3. Bought a part on eBay in the states news years day , arrived yesterday ,and yippee. For the 1st time no trip to the post office to pay the tax , so not sure if this is down to brexit or our new us trade agreement. graham
  4. And you to as well Tom good to see you back
  5. I have a very original set in brown graham
  6. stuart send you some pictures later graham
  7. peter if you remove it from the cubby box lid . and clean it carefully there is a number i believe on the end , or if not it is on the side somewhere . regards graham
  8. Looks like a straight forward 4A bonnet to me
  9. David it is not unusual to see the same number plate on different cars that where being used for promotional purposes back then. graham
  10. Have similar problems with the 4cyclinder engines , however the PI engines seem OK . graham
  11. Just to add it can be done below is proof and where you start
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