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  1. It’s easy to damage those alternators if you do not disconnect before using a modern battery charger , if you have problems I have a few spare ones. graham
  2. Would not be using them myself. graham
  3. tr graham


    You will need to convert the pre nova import paperwork into a NOVA this can be easily done bu contacting HMRC Dublin offices ,if you do not have the old paperwork it can still be done using the Ts vin number , you will not be able to register via the V5/55 scheme without doing this the DVLA stopped accepting the old C&E certificates at the start of this year . any problems mail me on v765@tr-register.co.uk graham
  4. Mike there is no correct position for a RHD 250 , it’s Uk equivalent Tr5 used a pre engage starter as did the Tr6 so it can go where you wish. graham
  5. Thanks guys , been a good day see you all soon graham
  6. David you are correct if the car is insured , take the V5 to a main post office fill in the changes section ( taxation class) to Historic the post office will retain the V5. Tax the car and give you a receipt , a new V5 will be sent from Swansea after a short while graham
  7. Later 6 have a different calliper & mounting and I believe are metric thread.
  8. Tr 5 panel is different. With different curves where it meets the inner wheel arches . graham
  9. If you are referring to the headlamp panel , yes it should be black. graham
  10. John overdrive repair services in Sheffield graham
  11. Just had 2 deliveries of parts from Limora. Oldtimer in Germany to uk. No tax and no surcharge , it’s your country and local carriers charging you the extra not moss or UK suppliers . graham
  12. Richard not sure what others do , but using cheap bearings in any situation is false economy . graham
  13. Originals are available but a complete set will set you back around £550 graham
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