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  1. Rich there should be no E on the end of the vin number , graham
  2. Clem thank you for the offer i may well take you up on that !! graham
  3. clem No we will do it when it returns to the UK , the DVLA randomly selects applications for independent inspections by SGS so the car has to be in the UK . graham
  4. colin thank you for the posting , the register is happy help with any TR Owners application both V765 recovery of a lost registration or a V5/55 application to register a imported vehicle . contact me on the below v765@tr-register.co.uk graham
  5. Main difference between 2&4 is the number of camshaft bearings the later blocks have 5 I believe against 3 in earlier graham
  6. phil thanks for PM yes have seen this car , a very honest car number 180# as stuart says its a bit tired , however with all italias you never know whats under the paint ( sometimes nothing) but car was running and driving very well , very nice Nardi steering wheel last time i saw it. regards graham
  7. Well that would be wrong for a CP car plus a CP car would have the twin cable for the choke with the other cable going to the enrichment lever on the metering unit , i am sure a CR owner will tell you. graham
  8. A big thanks to Scott for organising this very special event for Italias , I have committed to taking 82# in support of Scott and also to represent Italia owners this side of the ocean , I believe Scott still has one place left open , if anybody wishes to attend . graham
  9. And the ones nearest the chassis are studs !! graham
  10. Hamish no sorry I did not graham
  11. Marcel i had similar problems with a car I purchased , somebody had reworked the head then re assembled the valves with lightweight caps , I found that the springs had worn the caps ,and the residue was in the valve guide , and eventually the valves jammed open. graham
  12. I viewed and saw 40k plus To restore, that is if you could source the necessary original panels , and other bits and bobs , necessary for a press car . good luck tom graham
  13. John thank you for posting details of your rejection by the DVLA although not good news for you , at least they are being consistent, with the guidelines they are asking clubs to follow. graham
  14. thanks for posting the link tom. graham
  15. One of our members has been shortlisted for a award for the restoration of their Tr250 at the restoration show , please go to the restoration show web page and vote for them please graham
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