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  1. paul never mind we would all be millionaires IF ONLY , seriously though i am pretty sure we could get it on a level playing field engine wise , and certainly replace anything you may break, may need deep pockets,but motorsport is not a cheap hobby nowadays. graham
  2. roger i suspect the reason is cost , in my experience i can get most parts reproduced very well , but there is normally a waiting list and a large bill at the end . graham
  3. i believe colin has retired and CTM is no more ?? i may be wrong graham
  4. iain same from up here if you need anything give me a shout graham
  5. the triumph sabrina engines used in tr3s and trs cars in 1959-60-and 61 at le man did indeed use the twin DU6 not an easy carb to set up the 1962 cars would have used DCOE carbs but alas it was not to be. graham
  6. Stuart They are in packs of 10 , but even then quite thick by modern standards . top liner seals below
  7. We now have everything we need to start the rebuild I hope. graham
  8. Narrow ones for your car graham
  9. Alan wiper gear first , then the wiring Graham
  10. paul A bit less than a range rover then graham
  11. Roger yes they can be made.!! you will need to make an aluminium template first for the mould , it is not cheap for one offs though graham
  12. I can confirm a record price for an Italia in the uk , not the highest paid worldwide by quite a margin , I welcome the new owner to our small group of enthusiasts graham
  13. On an original TR5 the return from the metering unit went to the tank ,and the return from the PRV went to the filter housing in the boot graham
  14. Stuart yes a nice example , won’t be around for long . graham
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