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  1. Everybody The DVLA have indeed got more strict of late , and are becoming more reliant on CLUB inspections or returning applications saying they they need owners club to endorse your application . Add in they are working from home , it’s not easy at the moment. our club advice is free , and we only charge £30 to make your application be it a 765 or a V5/55 email is v765@tr-register.co.uk graham
  2. Shipped to the states shortly after I expect , graham
  3. NVC20F personal export TR250 acccording to coventry archive records its amazing how many of these personal exports there where at the time . regards graham
  4. I have a refurbished wood rim one if interested graham
  5. Jazz you will need a heritage certificate from BMIH Gaydon for your V5/55 application to Swansea , you also need to prove it is roadworthy . if you need any help please get back to me. regards graham
  6. I use a Henry type hoover on mine . graham
  7. You will struggle to get the cill strips to fit on that car
  8. John yes there are different sizes I believe the side 2 are the narrower ones . Not sure about a Glass window though ? graham
  9. 5/16th in the front. 3/8th in the back graham
  10. Tim if you have gone non standard then yes you will have to put it back to the tank and either get a later six tank or put another inlet in your 5 tank graham
  11. Tim cannot give you the thread size of the top of my head , but I can say that the return pipe does not return to the tank it returns to the filter in the boot . graham
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