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  1. Chris Definitely RHD , preferably convertible, . ( big ask I know) graham
  2. I am looking to purchase a genuine TR8 for my collection of tr cars if anybody is considering selling one please contact me graham
  3. As Stuart says be careful with rubber choice ,the type supplied by the usual suspects is far to thick. graham
  4. John it can be done but there is a lot of work and you will need a custom made hood graham
  5. Adrian Look at your V5 there is a section where you can record changes to your vehicle , fill in the one that says taxation class to historic , take it to a main post office along with insurance certificate and they will tax it Free of charge ,send your old V5 to Swansea , you will then recieve a new updated one in the post , they will also give you a receipt. any problems get back to me graham
  6. Phil drop me a note on my v765@tr-register.co.uk. Mail and I will advise , the club only charges £30 to make the application if you are a member. regards graham
  7. Phil if you have yet to get a uk registration ,it is currently around 14 week delay at the DVLA , any questions about it please contact me. graham
  8. Tim a lot more than lense replacement needed to make this a purist car .
  9. David Have sent you a pm regards graham
  10. David do not lose that original vin plate ,you will need it when it comes to your age related registration application, regards graham
  11. Strange the below made £39,250 at auction only a couple of weeks back ,so it looks like 4a cars are still on the up . Wish I had kept it a bit longer sold it for £21,000 in 2019
  12. Yes iain happy birthday graham
  13. Stuart its known as a tridem & is rated at 32tonne the front axle is 10 tonne with 28 spread over the rear 3 , it is only single drive the rear steers and the front of the bogie lifts , it is extremely agile , it is air ride all round 460bhp and has a 50 cubic walking floor body . graham
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