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  1. As far as I know is the car a leftover from a member of the "Rheinarmee" (British Army of the Rhine, BAOR) who was stationed in Germany during the 1970s. I guess that it was never ever an officially exported car.
  2. well, that idea popped up, that I drive the car over the channel (and cross the irish sea as well) and spend some days there. And on that way I could arrange some meetings with potentially buyers. The "pre-sales" would have to be done in advance, of course.
  3. or just a bad day? I am seriously thinking about selling my TR6 PI RHD. Here in Germany RHDs come cheaper than LHDs. I am wondering if it is better to bring the TR home and sell it in the UK? Stupid idea in brexit times?
  4. You will get the proof in hot summer conditions. With bad luck it will start to howl. But not necessarily. Knock on wood!
  5. Well, that reminds me on my trip to Sweden to a race in Karlskoga around 15 years ago when the clutch collapsed. First what gave up was the master. A former swedish rally-champion nearby gave me that of his wonderful 123GT (he gave it to me for free. from his own note 1 car. what a guy!). And it was different to my TR´s one (I cannot even remember if the Volvo one was a 7.5 and my one 7 or vice versa). But I do remember that there was no difference (it was with a B&B clutch). later I changed to a Sachs. There was no difference between them still.
  6. There is no Bosch equivalent available, I guess. Try that polish pump or find any else wich do not more than 100 l (or 22 uk gal) in an hour at 5 bar. The best way: it is winter, it is corona, it is ugly. So spend your nights with ebay and a lonely (and expensive) search for a 996.
  7. Be aware that the next problems will pop up then. Try a pump which is nearest to your old one.
  8. still do not understand why you want to uncrease the bore when your pump is gone. Maybe I got something wrong?
  9. Yes, you are right. But would not common sense says vice-versa?
  10. Let´s believe it. I will never ever understand but faith moves mountains.
  11. ok, hope, that I got it, my wheels are on the correct side, even if I do not understand it.
  12. But will it not "untighten" the thread when the car moves in the same direction like the "undo-arrow"? Perhaps my brain is in hibernation-mode already.
  13. That wheel is on the cars right side. Wrong or right?
  14. well, tomorrow I will take a photo or two to be safe.
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