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  1. so many roads lead to Rome. But which one could be the right one to convert an existing system? And which also allows to go back the initial stage?
  2. The one I have posted weren't the pictures of the "Stage pope Dieter". My pictures belongs to a formerly TR5 driver and and enthusiastic precision mechanic. He builded that without ever using it in the high mountains.
  3. Well, I have the right one then. But also problems at high altitude. So the Triumph Information about the RKC 0094 was just marketing speech I guess.
  4. Ok, now I got it, 0095 was replaced by 0094 für all PIs. But that means also that all the MU from 1973 should have no problems at high altitude. But only for the Triumph engineers.
  5. Would be interesting to know what makes a MU to a MU RKC 0095 spec?
  6. Of course EFI can solve that. No doubts. But I want to drive my TR "analogue".
  7. When my PI runs well in my area (altitude somewhat between 50 and 500 meters) it is not possible to do a montain pass above 2000 meters properly. If I adjust the MU leaner it becomes better but the the risk of overheating at full throttle in flat areas is not worth it. I like the idea of the German TR-driver. And I do think that a lambda sensor is not is absolutely necessary if the range of manual adjustment is not too big. It reminds me of the manual ignition adjustment in the pre-war era. The sensor was the driver. So why not here? My aim is not to have a fully automatic control with the finest modulation. I want just a little help to get over the highest passes in the Alps without torturing my TR.
  8. I have found an approach of an german TR-enthusiast wohl build an hand-controlled adaption which should have supposedly worked well. The range includes app. 1,5 revs.
  9. mmh, having 2 overhauled and fine working "standard" MU´s means I have to wait for another solution then.
  10. thanks a lot Neil for that information. If it ever happened that I get one of these rare parts: will the Altitude Compensation Unit fit on every standard MU or is even the MU itself a special part?
  11. @Alan, Did I get you right, I should contact Neil? Or you did it already?
  12. It works? I want one. Who will make me an offer?
  13. Hi there, last week in a german forum a guy showed me a picture of the altitude compensation for the original MU. I have never seen that before. But I really love to cross the Alps and drive as many passes as possible. But at altitude from 1800 meters and above the injection systems becomes too fat and passes higher than app. 2100m are not really driveable. So I am wondering if that altitude compensation really solve that problem? And if so, how do I get one? Will it fit on a normal MU or will I need a complete set consisting of MU and compensation?
  14. Hi Marco, I remember your "problem". wasn't it the position of the finger in relation to the cylinders of the distributor? The finger was always a little late position and then with bad luck the contact got lost, especially at higher revs? At my car the finger was also not optimal but not critical. Even with the micrometer adjustment full open it was not possible to get a very good position. That weekend we had a closer look on it with a very nice professional test stand of Peter Q. After that I am quiet sure that the problem with the fingers position has nothing to do if you use a pick up or old school points. In my opinion it is just a too large tolerance in manufacturing by Lucas. The problem with the pick up is not the pickup in principal. It is again a too large manufacturing tolerance. The magnets in the magnet sleeve are not positioned exactly the same when they get moulded in plastic. In my Pertronix II for example it was cylinder no.4 with a tolerance of app. 5 degree compare to the others. If we set the magnet sleeve one step back on the shafts' hexagon it was cylinder 4. And when the tolerance of the magnet positions is too large and the tolerance in the Lucas distributor comes on top you have a big problem. Switching back to points excludes the tolerance of the magnet sleeve at least.
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