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  1. Casar66

    Metering Unit

    it was not the inertia switch, the cause of the funny behaviour - similar to yours - was something total stupid. Go to the last page. If you use a lead-substitute or another extra stuff for the fuel. Check the tank!
  2. Casar66

    Metering Unit

    Well, now something complete different, do you use a lead substitute after/before refueling? If so that may be of your interest:
  3. Is there a market for nice and not cheap TRs? I have no clue about Ireland.
  4. Well, Spain is always worth a trip. I got myself a Saab 900 from there.
  5. well, that could be difficult to find out. What I know so far is that the car was build for the home market in 12/1973 and the destination (dealer) was "Quantock Motors Limited, Swindon" in March 1974, according to the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust.
  6. The TR was owned by a member of the british rhine-army till mid of the 1980s. Then it was sold as a very used car with nearly no worth to a german. He fully restored the car and sold it to me another 20 years later. In my opinion it would be a re-import to the UK and no tax or duty is to pay. Am I right or wrong?
  7. Hi there, after a more or less tough time due illness I am back. In the last couple of years I was already playing with the idea to sell my beloved TR6 who is with me since 16 years. But now it it time to change form the playing mode to reality. I want to sell the car. Why? My total mileage has dropped from year to year, averaging 500 in the last few years and dropping. And to see that my friend has only the rubber slippers to stand flat makes me sick. I am for sure not a collector. And the car runs perfect and is in a perfect condition. But - it is a RHD. In Germany it seems di
  8. it will fit on my RHD-TR6 PI. But only the Master of course, not the brake. But never had problems with the fluid. Not since 16 years. EDIT: ooh, did not got Jochems edit.
  9. And you are sure that you have bleed the clutch correctly? Another, maybe stupid, idea poped up: did you change the switch?
  10. that was the problem with the B&B plates for some years. I guess that was one of their Chinese phase. I do not think that the servo will and most of all should help return the brake pedal.
  11. Just my "experience" with an "original" B6B clutch-Plate.
  12. Still asking myself what did I wrong? I can't imagine that I used too much force while pulling it. they made yours looking like the original in high quality or does it look different?
  13. Decided to try a last repair with a crimper. It looks not that bad.
  14. After spending some time on my new old boat in Holland I had a look today at my TR and removed the old cable. exactly the same failure than the last one, both lastet just for month. The bonnet catch alignment itself ist smooth and easy to move. What is the reason for that and how -if possible - can I prepare the new one against doing it the same again? I still think that it could be a failure of production.
  15. photo please? My one is not fitted as the original route. My one is fitted (since 1985) with the cable following the front-line of the battery. And that cable with that route lasted for 35 years. only the last two were real one-hit-wonders and I do not why. Have just ordered the third cable for this year, grrr.
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