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  1. Maybe the wires are in correctly attached inside the rubber boot with the live going to earth when it is screwed to the body . graham
  2. Mick not recieved your mail Have sent you a message graham
  3. All I have received a call from one of my helpful contacts at the DVLA today regarding my query and I was wrong in my above statement ! regarding the letter O , they do have to use a Zero. However it can be spaced and they do hold on their historic internal records that the zero should be the letter O , so going forward that should not cause any owners a problem , I also have a confirmed reference to go to if we do have an issue . graham
  4. All i have raised this with our contacts at the DVLA , and pointed out that their statement could lead to two cars with the same vin number , and that is against their rules . graham
  5. Switches on the top of the box need re adjustment . graham
  6. Mick no the parts are not with one owner , but if they where and a submission was made to the DVLA with the correct evidence and paperwork to match it may be possible to re unite car and registration. graham
  7. Happy birthday Tom graham
  8. David you are correct the remains where advertised and offered for sale by the late owners Son , and yes the price was rather large , and as far as I know are still for sale . However the body chassis ,correct Sabrina engine and gearbox do still exist ,along with a few other parts , so there is still a possibility of a original Tr3s being saved . graham
  9. Andy not on uk 1969 cars , not exactly sure when fitment started . regards graham
  10. Everybody of late we have had a couple of instances of the DVLA suspending V5 log books ,and of withdrawing the number . This has mostly done when a car has changed ownership or has been of the road for a long time , this has often been down to the fact that people have failed over time to inform the dvla via the changes section on the V5 . It is your responsibility to inform the dvla of all changes. This may also invalidate you insurance ,as in the case of a complete Rite off ! The cars numbers do not match the V5 and questions may be asked , for instance( an engine change with differe
  11. Alistair the lady was telling you wrong it is definitely possible to put an O and not a zero and it is also possible to space it from the numbers , fill in the changes section on your V5 and send it back , with a covering letter or if you wish I will do one on headed Tr Register paper currently you have an in correct V5 and that is technically an offence . You can mail me on the below if you wish Graham v765@tr-register.co.uk
  12. The outer trim that goes around the door cards is much thicker than original ,,this does not allow the clips to open once pushed into the hole in the door , if you get a very sharp knife and trim off as much as that plastic trim around the clips as possible , and elsewhere , they will normally hold , sometimes you have to move the staples that hold it to the card as well. graham
  13. All Most DVLA staff are working from home still , with many working part time , the current turnaround time for V5/55 or V765 applications is 16 weeks , graham
  14. Chris Definitely RHD , preferably convertible, . ( big ask I know) graham
  15. I am looking to purchase a genuine TR8 for my collection of tr cars if anybody is considering selling one please contact me graham
  16. As Stuart says be careful with rubber choice ,the type supplied by the usual suspects is far to thick. graham
  17. John it can be done but there is a lot of work and you will need a custom made hood graham
  18. Adrian Look at your V5 there is a section where you can record changes to your vehicle , fill in the one that says taxation class to historic , take it to a main post office along with insurance certificate and they will tax it Free of charge ,send your old V5 to Swansea , you will then recieve a new updated one in the post , they will also give you a receipt. any problems get back to me graham
  19. Phil drop me a note on my v765@tr-register.co.uk. Mail and I will advise , the club only charges £30 to make the application if you are a member. regards graham
  20. Phil if you have yet to get a uk registration ,it is currently around 14 week delay at the DVLA , any questions about it please contact me. graham
  21. Tim a lot more than lense replacement needed to make this a purist car .
  22. David Have sent you a pm regards graham
  23. David do not lose that original vin plate ,you will need it when it comes to your age related registration application, regards graham
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