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  1. Hi Rob You're right. I hadn't really considered it before it happened to me, but I am going to separate some of those functions. Cheers Dave ====
  2. TR4A IRS - Just got home after 3 weeks in France. 2035 miles in all, A minor problem with loose connection somewhere around battery/solenoid, solved by tightening up all the nuts, after advice from the TR4 forum. A more major problem when I lost temp and fuel gauge, and I immediately thought voltage regulator, pulled off the road to some beeping from the following traffic. Turns out the fuse had blown and I had lost indicators and brake lights as well. Culprit was a broken, but still in the spade holder, wire to the brake switch, which must have sparked or something and blown the fuse. F
  3. Currently driving around France. No problems, not been in a crit area though. Dave
  4. dpb

    Dodgy ign switch?

    A 30Miles run out, in about 30C. All good, stopped for an hour or two, then back, with a further 30 min stop on the way. No problems, no chirpy indicators. Perhaps a poor connection that i nipped up this morning? Did notice a VERY hot gearstick though. Even after the hour stop. Could be car temp, air temp or something else. Water temp normal, but fan on pretty well all the time. Dave
  5. dpb

    Dodgy ign switch?

    Thanks all. I had a good go round with the spanners this morning. A few nuts that were not as tight as they could be, but no obvious culprit. Out for a run this afternoon, we'll see how it goes. Cheers Dave
  6. dpb

    Dodgy ign switch?

    Thanks Bob, i'll have a look Dave
  7. Hello, Here we are in deepest France. On the way down we stopped for petrol, and on switching on afterwards, the ign light lit up, but further turning produced nothing. No starter noise, nor any indicators. Battery tested ok. After a few minutes i tried again, and all fine. Stopped and started many times since. Then it happened again just now, about 10 days later. Fortunately after we just got back to the accomodation. On the way the indicator unit was making a chirpy bird sound when in use. I thought i'd have a listen, and head under dash i tried switching the engine
  8. hello I swapped out the jet assembly this morning. Attached should be a picture of the old assembly, you should be able to see a bit of the old rubber seal jammed into the washer, I suspect that is responsible for the leak. The new assembly had more of an olive seal rather than the grommet-like one that came out. Seems to be leak-free at present, a test run will be done later on. Able to swap it out fairly easily with just the air filter off. A small mirror to see the nut was helpful. Thanks all Dave ==
  9. HI Bob thanks, i have both replacements so I should be able to figure out which one I need (probably after trial and error). Is it easy enough to do with the carb on the car do you know? I don't fancy taking it all apart with just a few days to go before we go on holiday. Take the air filter off first I guess, and then some bodily contortions. Thanks Dave
  10. Hello there is a slight leak on the forward carb. Seems to accumulate a bit of fuel on the plastic bottom of the jet assembly. Maybe leaking from the fuel chamber or the jet itself. Not sure. Anyway, looking as usual for a quick fix, can I swap out the jet assembly part on its own and in situ ? (the connector between fuel chamber and the jet ) . It seems like it should have a nut on the chamber end, and maybe a screw for the choke connection at the other end. Cheers Dave
  11. dpb

    Today's disasters

    Pressure test done as described. Blew the bottom inner tube off at the end, but no discernable leaks from the repair or elsewhere. Great tip. Thankyou Dave
  12. dpb

    Today's disasters

    Ooh err missus
  13. dpb

    Today's disasters

    I cleaned it, put damp cloths around the good bit, flux on, heated and melted some solder on it. Probably got it too hot, but seems ok. Currently under test, i.e its got water in it, but its not in the car yet. Holding up so far. Thanks for the advice. Potentially a lot easier than i thought. Time will tell. Dave
  14. dpb

    Today's disasters

    Thanks everyone. Seems like i should have a go at soldering. I'll give it a go. Cheers Dave
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