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  1. Steve Priest

    Very small screw

    I've just measured the diameter across the threads on the screw from my old speedo. It's 0.059", so I would take a punt on 11 BA. http://www.ba-bolts.co.uk/faq.html Could be completely wrong! Steve
  2. Steve Priest

    TR4a rebuild & improvements

    Hi David, There's a weakness in the front lower wishbone mounting bracket that's worth checking and fixing. The issue is that the original bracket was held on by a single stud. General advice is to update to the later two stud bracket. Item #100 here: https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr2-4a/steering-suspension/front-suspension/front-suspension-tr4a.html Cheers, Steve
  3. Steve Priest


    Hi Willie, I'm certainly no authority but I installed my TR4 spring clutch release bearing the same way as you - flat side outwards towards the clutch. It's been happily working for the last 4 years. The old bearing I removed was installed the same way. Steve
  4. Steve Priest

    Hradtop dimensions

    Its approx 1100mm x 880mm. Steve
  5. Sorry to hear about your experience pinky. You see those glass ones all over eBay and at shows - never liked the look of them! When I fitted a filter a few years ago I decided on one of these. They are quite nicely made, no complaints so far: http://r.ebay.com/uxFC5V Steve
  6. Steve Priest

    Tr4a new brakes pull to the right

    Jim, If you renewed and oiled the front wheel bearing felt seals, make sure there's not a dribble of oil running down the back face of disk. Steve
  7. Steve Priest

    Should I weld repair this

    Sorry, puerile humour. Genuinely not heard of them before. Steve
  8. Steve Priest

    Should I weld repair this

    Hmm, interesting. I was just about to Google "stiff nuts" to find out more - then decided that might not be a good idea. Steve
  9. Steve Priest

    Opinions welcome o/d or non o/d

    Hi Ken, I originally bought a TR4 without overdrive. A few years ago I bought a refurbished O/D box and fitted it myself. Replacing the gearbox is a bit time consuming but not particularly difficult. It's a nice thing to have. On 60/70mph roads it drops the revs to make cruising a bit more comfortable. Flipping in and out of O/D 3rd is also useful when pottering through town at 30 mph. As others have said, find the best car you can, with or without O/D. Fitting one later is perfectly do-able. Steve
  10. Steve Priest

    why can A-Type be engaged in reverse

    Ah yes, Rob - I had this exact problem with a new O/D switch. I tested it with a DVM and found that one of the terminals was making connect with the switch casing. On closer inspection this was because the small fibre disk that insulates the spring/ball bearing from the contact plate was missing. I took the switch apart and found the disk stuck to the grease inside the switch! Steve
  11. Steve Priest

    Bargain engine oil, gear oil

    Good spot Alec - just ordered 4 of the Silkolube. Cheers, Steve
  12. Steve Priest

    Can anyone date this B&B clutch please

    Hi Alf, The issue previously was a batch of clutch plates that only had 3 rivets attaching the central driven plate to the friction ring (yours has the usual 16). I think the three rivets in your photo attach the plate that holds the springs in place, which they all seem to have. I installed one of these modern B&B kits a few years ago (including the supplied bearing) and it's been trouble free. There's more info on the 3-rivet clutch plate here on page 8 of BrianC's Trunnion newletter: http://www.tr-register.co.uk/uploads/2016/04/16/Trunnion-20151_trweb.pdf Cheers, Steve Edit - Stuart beat me to it.
  13. Steve Priest

    spring compressor

    Hi Simon, I'm not exactly close, however you're welcome to borrow mine if you're passing near Cambridge. I have this Moss one: https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/spring-compressor-tr-386-895.html (currently £57 but out of stock). Cheers, Steve
  14. Steve Priest

    TR4 Brake Calipers

    Hi Steve, I bought a set of new calipers from the TR Shop a couple of years ago and very happy with them. https://www.trshop.co.uk/special.html At the time I also got a reasonable quote from Bigg Red for refurbishment, but decided to go with new ones. http://biggred.co.uk/ Cheers, Steve
  15. Steve Priest

    Any help with valuation?

    The Practical Classics price guide for comparison: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56cc2816b09f95c5501c6175/t/59ca212eb1ffb695ed22d750/1506418991202/PG+-+NOV+17.pdf Steve

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