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  1. How about Jet, Below is copied from the Jet Website :— https://www.jetlocal.co.uk/jet-fuels/ Does JET ULTRA Premium Unleaded contain ethanol? Under the UK Government Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (known as RTFO), fuel producers have a legal requirement to use a certain percentage of renewable fuels. In petrol, this is normally ethanol, which may be derived from a variety of renewable feedstocks. Petrol with a 95 RON (like our Regular JET petrol) contains up to 5% ethanol. JET ULTRA Premium Unleaded, with its minimum 97 RON, is ethanol-free unless filling up in the Yorkshire and Humber Region, Teesside area or Scotland, where it contains 5% ethanol. Only problem is not all Jet stations sell Ultra. Chris
  2. That's why Gmail and Hotmail are so handy, use with any isp and work on all platforms, unlike that awful Windows mail from Microsoft, but then what else would you expect from that shower!!!! Chris
  3. Hi Roger, this does not sound good. Is this on a PC, what sort of file was it, word doc xl or an other? Have you ever accessed the contacts file from another device like a tablet or phone, either of these may have converted the file to a readable format and saved a copy, For example iphone uses "files" Google uses "WPS office" "Files" or "docs" and saves a copy. Hope this helps Chris
  4. Hi All, something worth considering when choosing which company to use when insuring your car (Not just the Classic) is how far away from your location your insurance Companies Nearest Approved Repairer is. I have just spent best part of a day taking a friend to collect his repaired car from the recommended repairer which is a 2 hour drive from his home address, turns out they did an excellent job and looked like a good company but not very convenient. Choosing a repairer not recommended can frequently cost you an additional £200 excess, anyone else experienced this? Chris
  5. Hi Mark, what are you using the hinges for where standard ones would not be strong enough? Chris
  6. Hi Ricky, looking at original workshop manual wiring diagram I’m not sure your connections on the control box are right. From the top as your photo manual shows: E. = B. Black = Earth D. = NY. Brown/Yellow 2 wires F. = NG. Brown/Green A. = NW. Brown/White A1. =NU. Brown/Blue 2 wires Its difficult to see all the colours in the photo, and on my car the colours on the wires had faded and blue and green looked the same before I cleaned them. Chris
  7. Yes Sean, found the form, however to avoid confusion it says the form is only required if applying in person at a Post Office in which case you need to enter the exemption class for Classics over 40years old which is "R". For on line tax renewals if car is registered as an Historic Vehicle then it is exempt and there is a box to tick. Chris
  8. Like many other Classic owners I decided to continue having my 4A mot’ed each year as a second pair of eyes may find something needing attention that I have missed. My question is does it matter if I let the mot run out and take it for another a week after. If I go to the Gov website I now get a warning message saying it’s run out, but no mention of it not needing one, only a general note that cars over 40 years old are exempt. Thanks for your thoughts on this ps. It’s also a good opportunity to check rear axle oil and grease prop shaft.
  9. Hi Ian, pdf ‘s are small files but can you load them to forum, I doubt it. Try saving as a .jpg Photo and reload . Chris
  10. Hi Chris, I've had one fitted for over 12 years now and consider it money well spent. Don't expect Audi like assistance at speed but around town a light touch will stop you in traffic. I slow down now without having to think about it but still try and leave a good gap to the car in front as moderns with abs etc will always stop much quicker than a TR. My second best brake improvement was a set of Hawke pads, more bite at all speeds and hardly any dust on wheels. Expensive but worth it. Chris
  11. It will probably take a good air wrench together with a 6 sided "impact" socket to remove them without damage. I would drive down to your nearest Tyre fitters and let them loosen the nuts with their biggest air impact wrench. Then tighten them yourself just enough so you can drive home. Chris
  12. Hi Ian, last week in France with temps up to 32 I noticed after a motorway run that the overflow bottle had filled up and just overflowed. I thought probably because it was already half full which has been fine in UK but not enough space for a greater expansion. Anyway I checked the system out and noticed some bubbles in the pipe from rad to bottle, then looked at rad cap and found a small split in the big rubber washer which is the main cap seal. Rotated seal to a different position and no more overflowing, so check the cap out. Chris
  13. Hi Pete, only followed up as far as costing, and a set of 4 knock one were over 30% more expensive than same size tubeless chrome wires. (£474 plus shipping each) My wires are fine at moment so may wait a while. Chris
  14. ChrisR-4A


    I thought the aftermarket brake servo was meant to be installed with the white filter pointing straight downwards + or - 10-15 deg ?
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