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  1. Keep up these brilliant posts Pete, best read I’ve had for ages. Chris
  2. There not cheap but do come with new hubs and decent standard ones are about 2/3 the cost when new hubs are included. There may well be an improvement with lever arms as well but all the people I’ve heard of have upgraded to teles first. Tele conversions have been around for 15 or 20 years , CV shafts for only a few. Chris https://classicdrivingdevelopment.co.uk/
  3. Some years ago decent lever arms were not avail but tele conversions were. Although I think the teles are worth fitting mine did not work as well as they should until I fitted a pair of CV driveshafts. I now notice movement on gentle undulations which was not avail before. I think this is probably due to the lockup which occurs on the splines of the standard driveshafts especially under load. Chris
  4. Hi Pete, great post so much history. Re the rear shock conversion, others are right in saying the brackets which bolt only to the original lever arm mountings are not good but these can be modified by adding a small bracket either welded or bolted to the existing bracket and extending down to bolt to the lower bump stop mounting on the main chassis rail. This triangulates the bridge to the chassis and the whole assembly is then much stronger and will work with the telescopics. I have done this mod to two TR 6s in our group and there have been no problems since. Alternatively buy the 3 point mounting brackets and sell the existing ones on. Chris
  5. Update, TR Register Insurance have contacted me on this but I am still waiting for an anwser to the question. I will update when I get a full reply. Chris
  6. Hi all, it has come to my notice recently that hire car companies in general when abroad will not hire a car to a driver over 70 years of age. This makes me wonder if this affects the TR breakdown insurance, as when we broke down in France some years ago aged about 60 the means of getting us home was a hire car provided by the car insurance company (Register Scheem current at that time). So now being over 70 I wonder what arrangements would be made to get us home if we broke down again. I will contact the TR insurance but would like to know if anyone has first hand knowledge of the. Chris
  7. Hi Roger, I had a similar problem a few years ago and although my solution does not appear to be the same as yours I will repeat it anyway in case it helps someone else. I cured my problem by removing the Ammeter and cleaning the connections on the back, what was happening was corrosion was causing high resistance and the ammeter could not pass enough current to run fan and overdrive solenoid. Has never been a problem since. Chris
  8. ChrisR-4A

    DIY Waxoyl

    One point, before you start check the whole chassis to make sure it does not need any welding done. For the first few months after applying waxoyl any welding will cause some interesting pops, bangs wooshes and flashes of flame. Don’t ask how I know. Chris
  9. Carlow Engineering of Benfleet Essex (20mins from Dartford Crossing on a good Day) did my engine and have done many others mainly for triumphs. Chris
  10. I fitted the poly bushes when I had the diff rebuilt and they transmitted a lot of road vibration through to the drivers floor pan. I replaced them with new rubber ones and it’s been fine since. This was over 5 years ago so components may be different now. Chris
  11. Hi Paul, I'm with Steve, you need to spend much time deciding what spec you want, Engine capacity, Carburation, head work, balancing, Exhaust system, Air filters, Crankcase breathing. Etc Also once dismantled there may be remedial work required, ie head stud helicoils, cracks in head or block etc which you need to have a contingency cost for. Only by doing this can you compare eggs with eggs and consider the cost. Best of luck Chris
  12. Hi Jim, +1 for Rogers not going lock to lock and can I add especially when reversing as this is when the rear wishbone mount can be ripped off the chassis. Also Wide tyres make this even more likely as the changed geometry makes the tyres scuff. Chris
  13. In Se Essex there is a paint supplier on Canvey Island (www.carpaints.com) who makes paint or aerosols up to match a sample. I have used them a couple of times removing the heater flap as a colour sample. Have since realized that if you make your own sample using one of their aerosols before the last one runs out this avoids removing the heater flap again. Chris
  14. Hi John, there have been numerous problems reported with the reliability of the Dynamotors but as these are often fitted to cars to maintain the original look they are often show cars and do very low mileage. It is well worth fitting the narrow belt especially if converting to an electric fan and removing the usually poorly balanced extension and there are many correct sized steel pulleys available as originally fitted to cars like the mini and ford cortina. I’ve been running a dynamo for over 20 years and 70,000 miles with a narrow steel pulley. Not a lot of night driving but I have an electric fan and a big 74 amp Hr battery to allow ample reserve. Chris
  15. ChrisR-4A

    4A catch up

    Hi Dave, for sure drain the fuel and replace with new. Then either do a compression test and/or remove rocker cover and do a short start up to check all rockers and valves are moving when they should. Good Luck Chris
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