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  1. Had this a few years ago. It turned out that the flexi pipes were collapsing and acting as non return valves. The fluid slowly returns overnight. Allan
  2. Happy birthday Ian. Shame we’re not at a show this year to share a gooey cake. best wishes Allan & Veronica
  3. Hi John, As it’s only apparent when bearing left, it could be a UJ striking an exhaust pipe or chassis. As the stresses of cornering bring changes to clearances, this can occur. It took one of our members months to trace such a situation. You can’t reproduce the situation in the workshop, so initially look for witness marks. If nothing can be seen it might be worth running for a while without the tunnel in place. Good luck Allan
  4. Allan Jezzard


    Hi Glenn and welcome. I agree with all the posts on this one. When leaded petrol was “withdrawn”, engineers thought their time had come. TR owners rushed to have new valve seats fitted. I though I’d wait until other head work was necessary and have it all done together. Since then, I have done an average of 5k miles a year without having any head work done or without using the incredibly expensive leaded fuel - if you could even get it. Furthermore, I use no additive and the head has not even been removed in the 30 years I have owned the car. Just my experience! Allan
  5. So long as the filter is as vertical as possible (mine is the longest I could get and it is only a few degrees off the perpendicular), it is not necessary for it to have a non return valve. The oil cannot drain back “up hill”. I have operated on this basis for well over 100,000. miles with no problems. Cheers Allan
  6. Happy 70th David! Allan & Ron x



  7. Pete, Just to clarify things, that was the East Saxons Group at the Alma, Copford, but glad you had a good evening. Look forward to seeing you at one of our other meeting places. Allan GL
  8. Had exactly this situation a few days back. Took drums off and found that the “floating” brake cylinder wouldn’t — float. Cleaned area with brake and clutch cleaner, applied small amount of copper grease and exercised the cylinder back and forth until it moved freely. No more squeak and the hand brake works better too. Allan
  9. Two of us in our 6 will be going, plus two more from East Saxons and the “Cuckoos” from Wye Dean. See you there! Allan
  10. Sorry, can't help with the electrics - great looking car though! Cheers Allan
  11. Terry, welcome to the forum. I suspect you have seen reference to "TR Shop" as a source of spares. The TR Shop is actually a commercial supplier of TR spares and not part of the Register, they are located in Chiswick, West London - not sure where you are located but they do mail order. There are of course other suppliers! Hope that helps Regards Allan
  12. Hi Tim and welcome to the forum, I've had a Revingtons twin pipe system fitted for about 20 years, as you say, the boxes tuck up underneath and give the best clearance. Unlike other twin pipe systems. The quality is great but it is quite a bit louder than a standard system. In terms of fitting - no problems and it's dead easy to remove and refit too! Cheers Allan
  13. Only just spotted this thread and would certainly confirm that Chris was invaluable a couple of years back when I had a U J give up the ghost as I left the ferry in Boulogne. Not only did he lend me a complete shaft but he also corrected damage caused by the French mechanic (who in all honesty was trying his best). Good bloke! Allan
  14. Assuming the "spin on" filter is mounted vertically (I.e. Hanging from the mount), oil cannot drain back into the engine, so no need for a non return valve. Cheers Allan
  15. Thanks Jerry but I remember Roger's earlier post with that photo of what he found. Thankfully, mine looked really solid with no sign of impending disaster. Again, many thanks Allan
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