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  1. Thanks Bill. i’ll have to check but i don’t think it is FC land. i am of course registered and the drone is marked according to the new ( as of 1/12/2019) regulations. steve
  2. Took the ‘6 for an explore and got a couple of shots with my Mavic drone !
  3. Steves_TR6

    Stuttering TR6

    I’ve converted to triple electrode plugs too, in my case Bosch W7DTC. the NGK BP6ES plugs work fine though, can’t say iv’e noticed any material difference with the triple electrode plugs. steve
  4. Steves_TR6

    Stuttering TR6

    Hi Sjef The R is for Resistor, ie the plugs have resistance built in to reduce radio interference. you probably do not need the R plugs but i doubt they’ll cause problem steve
  5. Steves_TR6

    Stuttering TR6

    Hi Sjef are all 6 plugs white? if so and as you have two carbs perhaps the fuel pump isnt working right or fuel filter blocked? if only 3 plugs are white then suspect that carb good luck! steve
  6. If you paid by paypal then raise a dispute and they will refund you.
  7. Welcome Richard i’ve mot been very active in the local groups lately, but like you am retiring soon ( this summer) so will hopefully be out in my 6 more steve
  8. Rolled the TR6 out of the garage and into the sunshine, hoping to warm up the mew vinyl roof ! Hoovered out all the roof refit debris , car looking great and ready for warmer weather ....
  9. I’m hoping it’ll be dry enough to open the garage door and get the 6 out for a test spin with the new hood !
  10. I have that same rover switch, installed in original location. no issues in 2 or 3 years steve
  11. Next step - glueing on the vinyl/velcro side fittings used spray carpet adhesive and job was easier than expected ! let those dry and i can fit the aluminium track and window seals next
  12. Indeed Stuart. trim the seal to length and the Excess vinyl, also need to fit the new side channels,seals and velcro roof is very tight but just about closes, which is probably about right in January! steve
  13. success! riveted the three rail pieces on and fitted the seal I fitted a new seal a few years ago and remember it being a pig of a job, but today it wasn’t too bad steve
  14. Off early to Wickes to purchase a supply of evostick, and completed glueing the hood to the header rail. off to the cinema lunchtime then back in the garage to rivet on the seal retainer and fit the seal as i remember this job challenges the patience ! looking forward to having the car mobile again.
  15. Exciting progress, well done!
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