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  1. Fyi i fitted a perspex windbreaker to my 6, custom shaped to ‘fill’ my Alleybars roll hoop the change to airflow was noticeable, but unfortunately this caused fumes to fill the cockpit so ot was rapidly removed. no fumes without the windbreak, just wind ! steve
  2. Or a little lower, mine seems most stable with about 1/3 above minimum.
  3. Its a marine product so most of the big chandlers will have it Kevo i’ve used it many times always with success, great product! steve
  4. Ouch! Even Captain Tolleys Creeping Crack Cure won’t fix that ! steve
  5. That’s the way to do it, as Punch would say.
  6. I think i’m right in saying the lucas pump was used to START the F1 engine not to run it, a mechanical pump delivered the fuel when running. the lucas pump clearly is adequate for the 2.5pi motor, if in good condition, as is an appropriate bosch/sytec pump i do think the ‘bosch pump kit’s offered by the usual suppliers are overpriced, a disposable sytec filter and 996 pump have worked faultlessly for 20k spirited miles on my car, and the previous one! steve
  7. This is a thorny subject Jonathan! i’ve had two tr6s both fitted with bosch 996 pumps, fitted outside the boot in the wheelarch area. this is where bosch pumps are designed to be fitted, outside the car in cooling air both cars would run down to empty in all weather without complaint When it was hot recently i drive down to winchester and back with no issues, including sitting in traffic so a bosch installed in nice cool air works well steve
  8. Nice post Pete, great explanation and didnt come across as ‘preachy’ at all steve raising my bet on Gasket to 20p !
  9. Hi Panch if the sump were porous then surely it would be wet with oil on it’s bottom face? if it isnt then i’d investigate the gasket first as this is cheap and easy my 10p is still on gasket :-) steve
  10. Let is know how you get on Panch! be sure to clean the mating surfaces thoroughly, perhaps whoever fitted the alloy sump wasn’t thorough enough. also, i wonder what the correct torque figure is for the sump bolts with the alloy sump?, low torque setting on the steel sump is partly to protect the sump flange from distortion. Also beware the allow bridges front and back, these strip their threads easily ! steve
  11. If they are all leaking i’d question the gasket? surely the gasket should stop oil getting to the bolts? steve
  12. My vote goes to coil, overheating and breaking down. as they’re cheap this may be worth trying, or i have a spare if you’re wanting to try before buying Cal i’m in Chertsey steve
  13. Had a small drive around the locality at lunchtime, after some fresh Valvoline yesterday theTR6 seems smoother than ever :-)
  14. I agree with Sean for a very modest fee the MOT station check your car over , last year they found a a cracked arb bracket on mine that i’d not seen. steve
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