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  1. How do these lamps earth Miles, i’d be looking there since multiple lamps don’t work. steve
  2. Ps, the filter is installed vertically below fuel tank outlet level, to provide some degree of protection from fuel starvation when cornering on a low fuel tank level. seems to work as car runs reliably right down to empty...... steve
  3. Personally i use just one filter, pre the pump i use a disposable sytec filterlike this this setup has worked faultlessy for 12k ‘fun’ miles, car is tuned and produces more than 170hp so the setup is ‘adequate’ ! hth steve
  4. Does anyone have an easyish way to delete attachments when getting the ‘you can only upload 4.nn mb’ error? previously i’ve gone through old threads deleting pictures and this seemed to work but today i’ve deleted 10+ pictures and still cand upload a 600k picture of my new motorbike that you’ll all want to see :-) help! steve
  5. Update! i seem to be changing a few things in my life at the moment, sailboat to powerboat and now Hypermotard and Honda Cafe gone and Ducati Superlight bought ....... i’m trying to insert a link as having no end of trouble uploading files... https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhDJKiWSrX7_r0up_OeMKzKncu1M steve
  6. Yes, they look great. seats look good too, are they mx5 or something else. think i need more comfortable seats in mine steve
  7. I have a ‘cheap’ set and a few ‘nice’ Wera Joker combination spanners. the Wera ones are lovely steve
  8. The bolts are pretty easy to find..... once you’re upside down in the footwell !
  9. My similar symptoms were caused by loose/dirty connections check the lucar connections on the solenoid and the drivers footwell connections to the gearbox switches. steve
  10. I too recommend a full refurb by Neil since i had refurbed parts from him at the end of 2012 my car has done 10k ‘spirited’ miles with never a problem from the PI system steve
  11. Maybe you have a replacement pump that is not serviceable Colin?
  12. I ( bravely) did this and the results were mixed. the lights cane out great but the cost was high.....
  13. I’m trying the tripple electrode Bosch w7dtc this year after quite a bit of research. i do have spares in stock Andrew if you’d like a set :-) steve
  14. Hi Dex classic gold are not particularly highly regarded, and i would not use them for brake pads. try swapping to something more brake specific, eg mintex or ferodo or ebc also i have found that ‘basic’ brake disks can be uneven and prefer to invest a little more in a reputable brand here too. try a better quality pad first is my recommendation steve Ps, do also follow the pad manufacturers bedding in recommendations, makes a big difference
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