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  1. Or make a ‘special tool’ out of an old spark plug and a bolt !
  2. I have the same experience on two TR6s now. on the first car i foolishly ‘upgraded’ to the Prestige kit and whilst it woked well i experienced the resonance problem. on the second and current car i have kept the 1990’s Bosch setup, a 996 pump with a pre-filter. this works perfectly down to an empty tank steve
  3. Funnily enough i’ve also just used 2k clearcoat for the first time, and like Waldi went with a 3m respirator setup. 2k sets much harder than 1k, as it sets by chemical reaction not by air drying i was painting a motorcycle petrol tank ( and wanted the ethanol resistance of 2k) i used MIPA clearcoat and happy with the results, spraymax is highly regarded too steve
  4. I think 13.8v at the battery is sufficient, especially if the battery is well charged and the engine only running at 1000 revs. Steve
  5. Hi Bob i have not measured the voltage on the battery ‘in anger’ no am away on a trip , non TR, at the moment but will set something up when i’m back steve
  6. 14.4 is the recommended maximum charge voltage for standard lead acid batteries, 14.7 i think for calcium. i’d be happy with 13.9 at 1k revs unless you are finding the battery isnt getting enough charge? steve
  7. Thats excellent news Andrew! coincidentally i am tomorrow getting on the Santander ferry on my GS for an adventure across spain to Denia then taking Kedr across to Palma via Ibiza i’ve been planning this since 2015 when i bought the Multistrada which i didnt get on with, then this year the GS only for the trip scheduled for June to be delayed by Covid i’m all packed and waiting ...... Steve
  8. I have a coverzone Stormforce which has lasted a long time, including when the 6 lived on my drive for a year or so steve
  9. Hi Andrew, how is the driving / riding situation progressing ? steve
  10. Ooh, i think Peter may be right !
  11. This is quite a mystery.... i went out smd photographed the small bulb holders on my 6 , 2 different courtesy light fittings and an instrument illumination fitting. none look quite right ....
  12. Is that the glovebox light, or glovebox side footwell light ??
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