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  1. Hi Darren the Light Green with Black tracer is the one, thats the feed to the washer pump Steve
  2. On a CR car connect to the central Green wire that goes +12v when you press the washers Darren on a CP car i’m not sure, but you can test to find what wire goes +12v with the washers and thats the one. steve
  3. Hi folks. i’ve received a request for further explanation of the TR6 wiper wiring, and specifically how to integrate the WashWipe controllers i recently produced. so here goes ! The TR6 wiper circuit is actually quite sophisticated. previous TR models just switched the earth side of a one or two speed motor, and had a simple park contact to complete the wipe when the switch was turned off Not the TR6 though ! for the 6 the positive side of the circuit is switched, and the park circuit included a clever electronic brake to stop the wipe motion dead in the park posi
  4. I have the 123tune+ on my 6 for a few years now and its worked flawlessly i did have my tacho converted to electronic by JDO, and that works perfectly too, better than before actually! steve
  5. I agree, and also take a good look at any electrics that have been added over the years ! I removed many metres of dodgy electrics from both of my TR6s when i bought them :-) steve
  6. Three SE units put in First Class post this morning for Darren, David and Pierre ! i’m waiting to hear from Malcolm and Joe before posting theirs Steve
  7. Congratulations, looks a great car!
  8. Thanks Mike. so JoesTr6 is the next in line Joe, please message me with your full name and address and i’ll post you a unit !
  9. Thanks Stuart. so the first ‘lucky loser’ to get one of the SE units reallocated is ALFROM ! Alfrom, please message me with your full name and address and i’ll post you a unit ! steve
  10. Good afternoon TR fans. following testing/feedback on the FE units I do not think they will work as configured for cars prior to the TR6 i’m sure they can be made to work but i’ll need to test/experiment on an earlier car before i can offer a unit for a 4/4a/5 so for the SE units, which are ready to ship!, I’d really only be confortable supplying them to TR6 owners. i think that is only Darren from the ‘lucky 5’ ? Malcolm, Stuart, David, Mike, i propose to move you to the ‘first customers for a 4/4a/5 version list’ if thats ok? please confirm if so i’ll have
  11. I like your setup Gavin could you let me have the part numbers as i might try something similar ! steve
  12. Second Edition Wash Wipe units taking shape in the ( air conditioned!) workshop today......
  13. Hi Pink you might go a grade hotter with ngk, which would be a 6, or perhaps try the tripple electrode plugs from Bosch etc which seem to work well and last a long time in the 6ncyl motor at least. steve
  14. Nice photo Hamish, i’d like to try that one day ! steve
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