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  1. Steves_TR6

    spare wheel

    I’m in chertsey and could collect the tyre and store for you Bill, until you arrange courier or collect at your leisure? steve
  2. Steves_TR6

    Spring is in the air

    Me and the TR went around the corner this morning, to the recommended local panel man’s workshop to paint and fit new rear wings, well one is NOS and the other off a us car can’t wait to see the results steve
  3. Steves_TR6

    Windscreen wiper switches- chrome vs black

    Yes, i did that on my last (cp) car, pretty easy i did find i had to open out the metal dash opeing as the new switch was larger...... which resulted in a trip to a&e as i didnt wear safety specs ! steve
  4. Steves_TR6

    Longer green card

    I’m interested in this too Tony, so following the thread keenly! steve
  5. Steves_TR6

    So what happening in your garage this weekend?

    Thats my new workshop, its lovely! the heat pump air-conditioning is great for heating in the winter, and cooling in the summer if we get another one! inside are motorbikes in various states of repair/rebuild , and sometimes bits of TR too!
  6. Steves_TR6

    So what happening in your garage this weekend?

    Too cold in the garage, so did some virtual painting on the ipad !
  7. Very nice! what gearbox and diff are you running Neil ? steve ps, i’ve always fancied a v8......
  8. Steves_TR6

    So what happening in your garage this weekend?

    Warmed up the workshop today and did some electrical work constructed the loom with relays for the heating elements i’ve installed in the TR’s seats also experimented with ‘modifying’ a cheap 4 way remote control which might facilitate steering wheel control buttons for Overdrive etc.....
  9. Steves_TR6

    Gauge Seals x 2 and Dome Glass Suppliers

    Thankd for the link Bob, ridiculously good value !
  10. Steves_TR6

    Chinese puzzle - window seal strip clips

    When i replaced the weatherseals and clips i ‘made’ a tool out of an inch wide piece of steel bent over into a u shape to cradle the clip the technique seemed to be to cradle the clip in the tool and lift up around the door/trim, then holding the trim steady a firm pull up on the tool secured the clip (sometimes!) hth steve
  11. Steves_TR6

    Working in Jongbloed 3-piece wheels

    Eau Rouge in that thing must be epic/scary! steve
  12. Steves_TR6

    Silicone hoses, where to buy?

    Trshop looks good value, as ever! wondering if red hoses would look good, or ‘tarts handbag’ ? steve
  13. Steves_TR6

    Silicone hoses, where to buy?

    Hadnt thought of the trshop! often shop there for stuff i can fit in a rucksack on a motorbike! Plus a trim kit last year thanks steve
  14. I’ll be due for an antifreeze change on my ‘6 in the spring, am thinking of replacing the hoses with silicone. have used Samco brand before, but searching i find Roose Racing as an alternative ( in lots of colours!) Pricing seems to vary widely so does anyone have a recommended supplier,? merlin motorsports quote ‘shipping in 56 days’ for Samco !! steve

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