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  1. Glad to hear its fixed Steve! so do you think that the blockage was caused by flushing ? steve
  2. Thanks Sean, the importer did the Nova registration. i sent all the paperwork off today so time will tell ! steve
  3. Thanks, i’ll give that a try !
  4. Excellent news Andrew !
  5. Interesting i would like to register my bike but it won’t be fit gor an mot for a while, whats the procedure?
  6. I’m about to do this for a us import motorbike. i have the NOVA cert domi need to get an MOT for a bike that’s more than 40 years old? steve
  7. Thanks for the explanation Rob didnt know that the ‘calcium’ tag meant different chemistry in the battery ! steve
  8. Interesting thread ! May i ask why don’t calcium batteries get fully charged by the ACR alternator ? my car had a new Halfords 072 Calcium battery in 2012 when i bought it, and thats still going strong ! steve
  9. Neat! i use those led strips for kitchen downlights under wall units. available as 5m rolls you can cut where indicated ( ever 3 leds) and the solder wires after cutting off the clear plastic with a very sharp knife i have some left so may follow your example ! steve
  10. Also check the wiring and in particular the connectors on the solenoid. mine were nicely protected from corrosion by a steady oil bath..... clean up and recrimp and all good again ! steve
  11. Wouldn’t have thought so Paul! the switch should be ‘normally open’ , only closing its contacts to turn on the fan at an appropriately hot temp steve
  12. Belated happy borthday Kev!
  13. I used those (Or something very similar) to construct a battery box out of sheet aluminium, they worked very well and the result was strong enough steve
  14. Well this is quite a subject ! i’m dying to get out in the TR, or on one of the bikes! set against this is the Social responsibility Aspect, which i think has two parts : firstly do nothing that could contribute to a raise in the infection rate R number secondly do nothing that unnecessarily risks stressing the NHS hence i’ve not been out on a bike as this risks needing the nhs if i had an accident, unlikely yes but unnecessary from Wednesday I do plan to have a cautious ride/drive in the TR to take a walk somewhere quiet as i live on the outskirts of london. i don’t see how going for a drive in the TR and staying 2m away from anyone else raises the R number , neither does it risk stressing the NHS which are the two critieria i think? stay safe everyone, we’ll get through this eventually! steve
  15. I stuck mine in with some silicon gasket, left to dry on a flat surface overnight. lightly oiled the mating face before fitting the next fay so it didnt stick All good so far steve
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