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  1. Oooh, wonder if there will be a dry one ….. :-o
  2. Wow, great photos Deggers i’m contemplating taking the 6 to the coast tomorrow…… but doubt we can match your photos ! steve
  3. Haha Deggers or they didnt bother with traffic reporting as there was no traffic!
  4. Does it have live traffic updates?
  5. Hi Mike sorry but i don’t have any spare injectors regards steve
  6. Are you looking to buy a new set outright or have an existing set refurbished ?
  7. That’s an ingenious idea Rob !
  8. Neat! i used two relays so i could switch them on individually and they’re not engaged all the time the ignition is on. steve
  9. Yesterday I was helping iron out a couple of electrical issues in a friend’s TR6 and noticed a worrying issue with the replacement Inertia Switch which he had fitted. the unit, pictured below, was wired so that it only provided continuity/power to the pump in the triggered state not the safe/activated state this meant that NO protection was actually being provided and the fuel pump would not have shut off in a crash Dave had used the supplied , pre wired, mini loom which was pinned incorrectly in the three pin plug. The unit provides Normally Closed and Normally Open conne
  10. In a similar vein i once flooded the stereo in my TR6 with engine oil! The sealing washer of the oil pressure pipe to the guage fell off when i refitted the dash and i didnt notice, went for a test drive and oil came out of the front of the stereo !! furtunately the engine did not suffer, but the carpets did! i flushed the stereo out with brake cleaner and it has worked perfectly ever since, 8 years! steve
  11. What Hamish said ! keep up the good work ! steve
  12. Took the ‘6 out for a spin this morning, it’s COLD out, still fun though :-) stopped for a coffee to warm up
  13. Great progress with the seat cleaning and body mods Pete i use Autoglym leather cleaner with good effect but i’m not sure its better than your home brew mix! regards steve
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