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  1. Here’s a shot of Scruffy and the Superlight queuing to get out for a test ride after servicing :-) Scruffy is a 1976 CB550 and the Superlight is a 1996 model, they are thus 20 years apart but remarkably similar technologically. both also great to ride in their own way
  2. I did DAS in 2004 and it was quite onerous, with three tests ! Practical with observer following on another bike theory CBT Hazard awareness ‘gamified’ test worth it :-)
  3. Nice, the Scrambler is a lot of fun. get that test passed pronto !
  4. I did have eva foam tiles which were nice and soft but destroyed by the stand now have ecotile proper garage floor tiles which are harder but much tougher i also rebuilt a cb750 dohc over the winter, that’s a much bigger,heavier and more complex motor!
  5. That’s what it’s for, and here’s the proof ..... rebuilding the CB550 motor with guidance from YouTube on the big screen :-)
  6. Lots of great memories in those photos for sure Andrew lots of space in the garage now though :-) steve
  7. The TR5/6 PI system can be 100% reliable once set up and if used regularly i’ve had 2 6’s and both had the original PI system with a Bosch pump and were totally reliable. The current car i’ve owned for over 8 years and 24k miles, after initial refurb of the PI system it has NEVER let me down. i think the pi system is a big part of the character of the car and although i love the look of tripple webbers i dont think they are an improvement for the PI cars. steve
  8. I think its Automec silicone brake fluid, which is purple , the white triangle logo label is theirs i think? steve
  9. Really looking forward to Castle Combe on May 18th! i’m thinking of bringing my ‘quiet’ exhaust in case the ‘not so quiet’ one fails noise testing :-)
  10. ‘TV’ is not connected to an antenna, it’s connected to an Apple Tv providing access to youtube etc for ‘research’ :-) internet connection is wifi to the house, works fine for Apple TV but i have an ‘ip over mains’ network for the cameras. for the Scruffy Racer CB550 project youtube was invaluable for ‘how to’ videos !
  11. Hence offered to lend you my modified one ! the tr register is that sort of club steve
  12. In order to use the eezibleed you need to ‘modify’ an old tr6 brake master cap by drilling a hole in it to accomodate the eezibleed valve easy to do if you have a spare tr6 cap hth steve
  13. Hi Conrad you should really use deionised water to mix up antifreeze..... but i don’t bother and havent had a problem. synthetic dot4 would be fine, bleeding the tr6 brakes is made a lot easier with a gunsons eezibleed and a modified tr6 brake master cyl cap i have one you can borrow if you like, makes a fluid change a breeze :-) steve
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