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  1. You might consider re-veneering the dash yourself i did mine about 9 years ago with teak which i then oiled, still looks great today !
  2. And here’s one fitted to my 6, showing the left rear fitting Stuart describes. Steve
  3. Hi Danny the original pump was by Lucas, based upon a wiper motor pump but despite this it worked well. in about the 1990’s many people started replacing tired lucas pumps with the 996 bosch, which iirc was from a posrche today lots of kits are available from the regular suppliers, they work well but are quite expensive the pi needs more than 70psi to operate the injectors, spec is 105psi, so your 60psi isnt going to work. whereabouts are you located as a local member might be able to help, or biy a kit from one of the regular suppliers steve
  4. Indeed that was the pump of choice back in the 1990s when the trend to swap out the lucas pump started. unfortunately bosch discontinued that pump decades ago and don’t really offer a direct replacement. They do come up on ebay sometimes, i bought a spare there and swap them over in the car every couple of years to check the ‘spare’ still works! note thst the amp draw is higher with the bosch pump and so a relay and dedicated, fused, feed and good earthing is prudent sytec do offer quality pumps of suitable spec, but i dont know the part numbers steve
  5. Welcome and congratulations Jonny i honestly think the TR6 is one of the great sports cars, and it’ll save you £££s compared to the vantage ! steve
  6. Morning Roger About 8 years ago i replaced the track rod ends on my 6 and didnt get the toe in right, causing rapid wear to the inside edges of my fron tyres new tyres and a professional alignment fixed this nicely, the ‘new’ tyres are wearing evenly and slowly! steve
  7. Thanks Roger it took me 11 years to buy and fit the everco valve….. so this may take a while :-) steve
  8. Its quite surprising just how much dirt comes off of carbs, here’s my 20l after four or five sets of ( very dirty) old motorcycle carbs !
  9. I’ve just read through this excellent thread and shall be ordering a spal fan ! thanks everyone for contributing another genuine ‘improvement’ opportunity for my ‘6 steve
  10. Me too! only at the weekend i cleaned out my 20l ultrasonic cleaner, and after four or maybe five sets of motorcycle carbs it was filthy ! steve
  11. Indeed! if you study the picture it has the colour codes for the wires so you can see what they do : green is 12v ignition Controlled to the switch red with light green is low speed power to the motor brown with light green is the park control from the motor blue with light green is fast feed to the motor the cleverness is in the park switching, and often the park switch in the motor fails causing consternation good luck getting to the bottom of your issues ! steve
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