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  1. Not actually in the garage, but hiding from the ‘hottest ever easter’ in the air conditioned workshop, lovely :-)
  2. Perhaps a parallel example might help! when commissioning new sails for Amita I was unsure who to buy from and how much to spend. They cost a six figure sum. so i wrote a detailed specification of what i wanted from the sails, how i would use them, performance and longevity expectations etc but not price, and sent this to potential suppliers. some quoted instantly, some had questions, some never responded! this allowed me to enter a discussion with 2 shortlisted suppliers and to select one. in the end i was very happy with the sails and i feel i reduced, but not elimintaed!, unforseen problems. one other point i really enjoyed visiting the sail loft to see progress, and on several occasions this allowed options to be discusssed and decisions taken in a more informed manner that would have been the case remotely. So perhaps nearness is an advantage? steve
  3. Yes, a loose connection either at the solenoid or at the , now removed, additional fuse holder. thorough testing just now to confirm all is ok :-) steve
  4. No, its not across the frame but ‘straight out the back’
  5. Interestingly my J type had an additional inline fuse of 2A, and this worked for many years so the current draw is LOW! steve
  6. I have a spare backbox from a single pipe big bore system here in Chertsey if thats close enough Len its a mild steel ( ugly) one but solid!
  7. So, took a look under the tr6 this evening to check out the overdrive. initial ‘thats it’ moment turned out to be false alarm, as the wire and spade connector ‘dangling freely’ were from a suppressor not the actual overdrive connectors. however the earth spade connector was quite loose. so i tightened both power and earth connectors gently with long nose pliers. since i was under there i cleaned off the rust prevention oil a bit too :-) then i checked the solenoid ‘clicked’ when 12v applied, which it did. i also checked the footwell connections for the gearbox switch, which were loose and had an inline fuse that shouldnt have been there, so removed that. ignition on, in 4th, solenoid now clicks when overdrive switch engaged. quick testdrive and overdrive working ! marvellous to have such sunny weather to get under the car and fix a problem of an evening :-) steve
  8. Good thinking Rod, plus if you buy a used van complete then you probably get Ice Cream :-)
  9. Thanks everyone! i put the correct gearbox oil in in about 2013, if i recall its ep80 gl4? car electrics are good, no other issues, and the J type doesnt draw much power will check oil, power feed, earth, alignment of moon and stars :-) steve ps, yes John am a keen sailor .....
  10. Thanks John 90% of car problems are electrical so yes i’ll be checking the wiring first. steve ps, love to a pic of you s&s34!
  11. Thanks guys, i’ll investigate in the week and report back....
  12. My super reliable Tr6 has developed an overdrive fault ! last thursday we drove down to winchester, and for a minute the overdrive was dropping out when cruising at about 80 on the way home it was fine, at ‘motorway speed’ all the way yesterday we went for a potter and the overdrive is not working at all. j type overdrive as a 74 car i suspected the switch but upon inspection it looks very solid and simple, so will investigate the electrics further think i’ll wire up a test light to the solenoid to see if it’s getting power, and earth. the j type has no relay , just the column switch to supply 12v via the 3/4 gearbox switch to the ‘solenoid’ ( which is actually a valve on the j type) i shall report progress, but suggestions welcome ! steve
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