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  1. I went to an engineering workshop yesterday to have some motorcycle brake disks drilled estimate was £50 for an hour’s work..... job took more than 3 hours as the hardened steel disks were ba... difficult ! they asked for £75, i gave them £80 :-)
  2. Rebuilt the intermittent wipe unit with the TRansistor circuit today and it’s working nicely was not able to get everything into the relay box today but there is sufficient space so i may try again once it’s tested for a while i’ll publish the details, or canvass orders ! steve
  3. Sounds like you’ve cleaned up with those purchases Roger :-)
  4. Thanks Gareth the injectors were refurbished by Neil F back in 2013, so whilst it could be them i don’t thunk it’s likely? steve
  5. Thanks Bruce, but i have Magnecor spark plug leads. i do have a sparkrite lead to the coil, as the magnecor was not long enough when i relocated the coil but the ‘problem’ predates this move and i’m pretty sure it’s fuel related as didnt change with new distributor either steve
  6. My car requires quite a lot of cranking if parked hot and left for weeks have always wondered if this is made worse by the braided injector hoses, or is it more likely to be MU seals ( which are old) ? car always starts, just takes quite a lot of cranking to work up fuel to the injectors steve
  7. I have the 123tune+ On my car and like it i used to have a lumenition unit in the car which was reliable too ( and is in a box somewhere in the garage !) as Rob says 3v at the plugs isnt realistic, how are you measuring that? steve
  8. Gates hose available a little cheaper here : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Barricade-Injection-Hose-4219-06038-27348-Gates-421906038-Top-Quality-Guaranteed-/233438792868?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  9. I’ve had good experiences at Rees Bros too.
  10. Excellent news, well done to the team!
  11. TRansistors arrived in the post, so i mocked up the necessary circuit driving an led and a relay for test purposes https://1drv.ms/v/s!AhDJKiWSrX7_v35P0p4gsM2G8eTr working nicely! next step is to see if i can fit these components into the Cargo intermittent unit......
  12. Good point Bruce, the first thing i’d do is put a flow meter on the throttle to see which are letting air past then adjust the linkages to hopefully get them all closed/very close to closed Colin, whereabouts are you?
  13. Hmmm, new pad faces not alligned with the disk surface/ grooves in the disk ??
  14. Hi Colin it does sound like air is getting past the throttles when they should be closed as above, this could be just from the cleaning, they are old and now don’t seal ( the dirt sealed them previously) or it could be that the throttle mechanism isnt allowing the throttle plates to close fully or it could be that the ‘choke’ fast idle ( if still fitted) isnt set correctly or it could be a combination! i’d be checking the mechanisms first as that’s easy to fix, then move on to the throttle plates and alignment of the three bodies good luck! steve
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