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  1. You must upload imaged using Media Manager, you cannot copy and past them in from your computer (as with all websites). Please disable all ad-blockers before creating ads. The blockers know it is an ad that is popping up and shuts it down. *NOW RESOLVED.
  2. Deleted attachments are a huge irritation to other forum users when they are searching for subjects and reading through old threads. Especially with technical content that often says things like " attach as per picture below". .... <picture not found> . That is why images on posts are locked in. If there is something specific you would like deleting , please contact a moderator. In the member's area there is a thread, the sentiments whiten which, demonstrate this perfectly : *RESOLVED
  3. Hi Richard, I have fixed this minor hiccup for you. You can now upload as normal. For some reason, the old images weren't archived. For a faster response to issues like these in the future, please use the Contact form on the website, or contact a moderator. *NOW RESOLVED
  4. Have PM'ed you. SOLUTION: Please disable all ad-blockers before creating ads. The blockers know it is an ad that is popping up and shuts it down. *NOW RESOLVED
  5. Hi All , you beat me to it, but should be all sorted now as you seem to be finding. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  6. Oh dear!! I have found the issue and will resolve ASAP. I'll post back on here when normal service is resumed.
  7. Hi Graham and others, I am currently in an email exchange with Jay. He is a fully paid up member of the TR Register and appears to be a genuine buyer, albeit young and of a different generation to most of the TR Register membership. I think the difference in style of communications as a result of that has been part of the problem and I am asking questions to ascertain his motivations and to ensure he is as genuine as he sounds on his correspondences to myself and Jo. Bank transfers to the younger generation are a common way of paying for large ticket items and with modern banking apps, you can transfer many thousands of pounds via mobile phone whilst stood on someones driveway. I too use this method over the cold sweat of dangerously carrying large amounts of cash for buying big ticket items. So far in the current conversation there are no indications that he is a scammer to me, but clearly has a rather over- keen and unorthodox way of going about purchasing a car. He has expressed to us in the office his disappointment with how the transactions via this club have so far played out. I'll update you when I reach a firm conclusion. I would be happy to hear from anyone who has had actual physical dealings with Jay that have raised concern. Christmas greetings.
  8. Hi Dave, Click the search box and it will expand to give you a list of options. To search a particular forum, simply go to that forum, click search and choose "Search in:> This forum" from the dropdown. It will show results based on keywords so that's why you might have multiple posts from the same thread show up.
  9. Data Protection Act, since 1998 when the specific clauses for under 18's were first added I believe. Implemented of course by the GDPR as well.
  10. Wayne, thanks for fixing the apostrophe in "Members' Websites".


    1. Wayne Scott

      Wayne Scott

      Pleasure, no problem..

  11. Try clicking in the "Mark forum as read" button next to the new topic button at the top of the forum section.
  12. We are investigating these concerns. The individual is a paid up member of the TR Register but we are currently making enquiries, as no evidence of wrong doing as yet been presented. Those that have raised concerns have suggested a dealer may be posing as a private individual in this case, but no evidence has yet been presented. We'll report back on our findings.
  13. This had me scratching my head for a while, but it should now be resolved. What I did not realise is that although all the permissions were set correctly, there was another setting in quite a different part of the forum admin for setting a limit on how many reactions groups of users could have. It was set stupidly low, or to 0. This explains why everyone was merrily using it when we launched the new version and then it disappeared for some and not others! Now all set to unlimited and should be operational for all.
  14. Interestingly, Apple Safari has dropped support for the Site Protection plugin from McAfee. McAfee hates social networks, especially forums. If you insist on using it and ad-blockers - they offer this advice: How to add URLs to the Trusted Sites list in Web Protection Use the following steps to allow customers to add sites to a list of trusted sites so they will always be allowed to access those sites: Log in to the Control Console. Click the Web Protection tab. Click the Policies tab. Double-click the policy you want to edit or highlight the policy and click Edit. Click the Category tab. Click to expand the Trusted Site: Category Filter Bypass band. Click New and type the URL you want to add to the Trusted Sites list. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to add additional URLs as needed. Click Save. Allow up to 15 minutes for your changes to take effect.
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