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  1. They are tapered, so should be fine, but I’ve always given the threads a light wrap of plumbers tape before tightening . Beware of over tightening!
  2. The programme for Stratford had announced Gaydon for 31st July - 2nd Aug. However, given the large resurgence in the popularity of camping within the crowd attracted to the "Triumph Weekend" plus the fact that Silverstone Classic has moved its dates to now clash, this is under urgent review and a confirmation of venue and date will be announced as quickly as possible. The management teams of both the TR Register and TSSC are currently looking at the options.
  3. Hi, interestingly it was always my intention to create an index page like this. It was attempted some years ago and involved users tagging thread starters with a series of subject tags which I would then have been able to link to and create a contents page. The tagging system was required to be compulsory when posting thread starters in order to make it work and ensure all items were listed in the right subject areas, but was overwhelmingly rejected by forum users on here and so was abandoned. The tags have remained optional (as you have used them) but are rarely used and so are not comprehensive enough to create an index like that. Perhaps the new admin team can revive it.
  4. My Grinnall TR7V8 sadly had to be taken off the campsite at Le Mans in 2016 by TRR Insurance breakdown. They recovered the car, supplied a hire car which I had during the Le Mans week and took all the way to Calais where it was swapped for a UK right hand drive car for me to take on the ferry and then home to be dropped off any my nearest rental office. All fine.
  5. Posted on behalf of a member, Guy, who posted in rebuild blogs in error: Guy says; "My TR6 has recently had a new Fuel injector and overhauled fuel pump and fuel tank. Probably within last 18 months. recently the engine feels like it is either being starved of fuel and/or an electrical issue, as the engine is no longer smooth sounding when accelorating, and instead is juddering and less power. Any pointers ? It did this before when I ran the fuel tank quite low. This time fuel tank was a quarter full. I would assume due to overhauled fuel tank that it would not have years of bits in."
  6. Those holes are almost certainly for a roll over bar or cage. The car would not have had those holes from the factory.
  7. You must upload imaged using Media Manager, you cannot copy and past them in from your computer (as with all websites). Please disable all ad-blockers before creating ads. The blockers know it is an ad that is popping up and shuts it down. *NOW RESOLVED.
  8. Deleted attachments are a huge irritation to other forum users when they are searching for subjects and reading through old threads. Especially with technical content that often says things like " attach as per picture below". .... <picture not found> . That is why images on posts are locked in. If there is something specific you would like deleting , please contact a moderator. In the member's area there is a thread, the sentiments whiten which, demonstrate this perfectly : *RESOLVED
  9. Hi Richard, I have fixed this minor hiccup for you. You can now upload as normal. For some reason, the old images weren't archived. For a faster response to issues like these in the future, please use the Contact form on the website, or contact a moderator. *NOW RESOLVED
  10. Have PM'ed you. SOLUTION: Please disable all ad-blockers before creating ads. The blockers know it is an ad that is popping up and shuts it down. *NOW RESOLVED
  11. Hi All , you beat me to it, but should be all sorted now as you seem to be finding. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  12. Oh dear!! I have found the issue and will resolve ASAP. I'll post back on here when normal service is resumed.
  13. Hi Dave, Click the search box and it will expand to give you a list of options. To search a particular forum, simply go to that forum, click search and choose "Search in:> This forum" from the dropdown. It will show results based on keywords so that's why you might have multiple posts from the same thread show up.
  14. Data Protection Act, since 1998 when the specific clauses for under 18's were first added I believe. Implemented of course by the GDPR as well.
  15. Wayne, thanks for fixing the apostrophe in "Members' Websites".


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