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  1. Hi John, The TR Register website and this Forum are currently completely different entities with completely different logins. One is not related to another. I'm looking at changing that in the very near future.
  2. Hi Iain, I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve here. You clearly know your password and can login with your email / username otherwise, you wouldn't be able to post. The screen grab you posted shows that you are now using a different email to the one you initially provided and which I switched your account to. Is this the email you now want to use? pop@ rather than iain@ ? Is it that you are just trying to change your password for something more memorable? Your SpitfireSIX account is live, you are successfully posting and sending PMs, that account has iain@spitfire6.uk as your email address. Emails are being sent to your email address, there is no problem with them sending, so it must be that they are being caught up in a spam filter somewhere. Also, be aware the only emails you will receive are notifications of PMs or replies to threads. Some ISPs have a setting for anti-spam levels, I suggest you notch it down a mark. I have also gone through your account preferences and turned on your email notifications. A quick tip - be careful about adding a full stop after your email address. spitfire.uk is fine spitfire.uk. makes the system expect something to come after it, like .co.uk If you can help me better understand your needs, I can look again at this for you.
  3. Stan, you are correct - the Forum software has been majorly updated in recent times - now showing closer to actual IPs and accounts online rather than just any old search engine or Bot that happened to pass by. Still not perfect, as there are a lot of 'guests' listed but much more realistic. I could always separate out guests and "unsigned in" accounts from the usage stats, but they would always be lumped together on the display everyone sees at the bottom of the screen. A quirk of the forum software. Trust me, there were never 12,000 real physical people signed in on this forum at one time ever, even if the old version of the forum software used to show that! In real terms - the Forum has remained pretty static in user numbers and activity over the past year or so. That is a turn-around after an on-going steep decline seen over a number of years previously (which I had presented at AGMs in the past) and I would put that turn around down, in the most part, to the positive awareness that John Morrisson and the moderator team are building through their articles in TR Action and general promotion of the better aspects of the Forum community to the wider club. There is always an increase is traffic through the Spring and Summer months and I expect that will be larger this year thanks to John's efforts so we should start seeing growth again.
  4. The limit on file size is 4mb per image , you can have as many as you like on a page but bear in mind the more images , the longer it takes to load on some slower connections. Very occasionally, people hit the server limit on account storage, that's no problem - contact the office and we'll add more for you. I don't see a blog for you on the site but happy to advise if you need any more assistance. The blogs are good for writing a diary on a rebuild, from your point of view, stage by stage and sharing your story with others - like Panch did: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/rebuilders-diary/author/10114/venkatramanan-panchapakesan Forums are much better for Q&A and conversations with multiple contributors to a single thread. But you can add your updates here if you'd like, the option is yours - some people prefer a focused blog and that option is there for them over on the website.
  5. Hi Iain, You can now login with your new email and old password. Your old account was traced and has been merged with this one to keep your content intact and correctly attributed.
  6. Hi Alan, The office have looked into this for you and the issue with the broken link is now resolved.
  7. Hi Tom, I have sent you a PM and am sure I can help with your issues. Also you have been tagged as a member in here as you have successfully renewed until Jan 2021. Please see my private message for further help and information. These messages are accessed via clicking the envelope at the top right of the forum. I will also email you the messages direct.
  8. Hi Iain, It's likely going into your Spam folder. I'll change it from our admin end for you and will PM when done.
  9. Hi Iain, There should be no issues with any genuine working email addresses regardless of their country of origin. I can see you have an email address associated with your account used to post here that seems to be working. If you'd like to change that email address, PM me your new one and I'll change it for you.
  10. Hi Tom, We only have a record of the account you used to post the above query so cannot reinstate any previous versions I'm afraid. The forum does operate an automatic cleanse whereby if an account is not logged in to for a number of years, it is deleted. That may have been what occurred here. Happy to reinstate your membership if you can PM me your membership number.
  11. Hi Alan, The terms and conditions are here: https://www.tr-registershop.co.uk/terms.asp and are found at the foot of the page. Sounds like that could be made more clear. It is Jo Whitty, the TR Register office manager who runs the shop rather than anyone on the Forum so that is where your answer will come from. Luckily I spotted this and I'll raise this with Jo for you but in future please raise any queries with her directly. Details on the contact page of the website.
  12. Hi Conrad, Thanks for this, yes it seems to have dropped off the members area main tabs in the re-shuffle. No problem, while I re - add it, you can access it as follows: Go to the home page and click Classifieds. The menu expands like so - when it does click Edit Your Adverts: If you are own an iPad or mobile it will look like this. Click on the arrow to expand and, just like the PC version, Edit Your Adverts is the last option on the list: If you are not logged in, it will present you with the login page into which you must enter your email and password. Then, the following screen will open. If you are already logged in it will skip the login page and just go straight to the My Classifieds page. Here you will find a list of adverts to edit, cancel or renew. Alternatively from the opening page of the members area when you log in, you will find it in the list of links under "What you can do" > Sell a car or parts : Hope that helps in the interim!
  13. Wayne Scott


    Sorry to hear of your mishap. If you can get hold of the factory service manual, all the dimensions are in there. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Tr7-Repair-operation-Manual-Part-No-Akm-3079b-Paperbac/362777410846?epid=91662597&hash=item547737fd1e:g:CPsAAOSwj~tdnmQs I'm not at home at the moment to scan one for you sadly.
  14. I spent a day with Darryl putting together the feature article for this car which appeared in TR Action 294, November 2016, Page 41. Can't believe it's that long ago already!
  15. Flagged as a spammer, posts deleted and blocked. Apparently it is a security breach across multiple IP Boards today. Now dealt with..
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