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  1. I have lowered springs on mine, about 'as low as you can go' but whilst you can spin the springs by hand with the car jacked up and the wheels in the air, you still need a spring compressor to remove them. So, sounds like something is adrift. Difficult to help without seeing it.
  2. @Grinnal - you may not have noticed that this thread was started over 18 years ago! Attitudes have changed since then thankfully and you'll find the club as a very active and up to date Grinnall register run by Phil Horsley with a report in every magazine.
  3. As the person who bought the model, made the plinth, screwed it onto that plinth and had the metal plate engraved, then glued it on - it seems somehow sad to see this now for sale at auction. I hope it finds a good home. I’ve also given you an idea of the craftsmanship (or lack of) involved in its creation!! I presented it to Graham at the 2019 AGM, held at Sywel Aerodrome and then interviewed him about his life, a precious and rare opportunity to put him on the other side of the interview!
  4. Hi @rcreweread, Phil doesn't work weekends and then part-time in the week, today he is on - site at Stafford, so please be patient and bear with us. There is plenty of time until the event and you will not miss out on a pitch. You will receive a response soon. I answered the question about the automated emails, the Autojumble pitch sizing is not in my remit however and is quite a different question. I am meeting with some of the team on site for a recce today on the live arena, I will raise the question of Autojumble pitch sizes there for you.
  5. And I have responded. I will also search the site for the typo. However, please direct all event and ticket enquiries to the office please : office@tr-register.co.uk or opsmgr@tr-register.co.uk .
  6. Hi @brenda The event is at Stafford Showground, 19-21 August 2022. A map can be found on the homepage at www.triumphandmgweekend.com and the venue is clearly stated on the website and other communications around the event. The email confirmations for orders are automated and for the first few were pulling through an outdated tag from the e-commerce payment handler, somehow between testing and it going live, it reverted. Now it has been corrected and the order confirmations for the first handful of orders have been re-issued with the correct venue in the welcome text. Yo
  7. Hi Nigel, I've updated your user account and also introduced you by email to your local group. Welcome along!
  8. Hi Andy, To speed things along for you, I've jumped on this and updated your account for you. Your account is now marked as full member with full access. There is a separate login for the forum which is where you are now, reading this, and the embers area of the website where discount vouchers, tech documents and other membership benefits are found. www.tr-register.co.uk/members-area You will have received an invitation via email to set your password the you joined. Your username is your email registered with your membership . Hope that helps. Wayne
  9. Wow nice find! BL themselves did a couple of special bodies TR7s, namely the Lynx and Broadside - a couple of examples are still visible on the British Motor Museum, Gaydon to this day. However, much like Grinnall Cars in Bewdley who were creating wide-arched fire breathing monster versions of the TR7, a few other independent companies also took the TR7 and created their own vision of it. There was Del Lines who created TR8s and competition cars and them there was another very well known company - Crayford Engineering. This, was the Crayford Tracer, a project commissioned by BL deal
  10. Except the point is that we are not attempting to carbon balance all road transport - just a hobby where historic vehicles already account for less than 0.25% of the total miles covered in the UK (that includes all historic vehicles, not just cars). We are already so minuscule in our carbon output as to not make any difference at all whether we are here or not in reality. This is an exercise therefore in doing our bit and demonstrating it as such publicly. A can't do, won't do, too difficult attitude is no longer an option. Expect to see Myscanthus fields increasingly popular in th
  11. Roger has nailed the point exactly with this phrase. Another is that members constantly ask me what to do if they start having members of the public confronting them in fuel stations accusing them of being polluting - let's be clear - we are not. But we need some demonstrable schemes that show we are doing our bit to be net-zero. There were other schemes that put money into funds that went into the developing world, but it was felt that something tangible in the UK, that we could all visit one day would resonate more with Uk enthusiasts and also it needed to be part of a wider set of bene
  12. With 4 x SUs , I would be surprised if you ever needed to use any choke at all to start from cold, unless maybe you're regularly starting on sub-zero frosty mornings!
  13. Hi, could you email your membership number and renewal date - I can't find your membership record against your email address, which might explain the troubles! Email: press@tr-register.co.uk .
  14. Sad news to pass on. Yesterday, we lost our last surviving link back to the Triumph Works Department , a loyal TR Register supporter, Group leader and friend to all of us, Dave Gleed. I have written a tribute to Dave here: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/article/2022/02/0283/Dave-Gleed-Standard-Triumph-Works-Mechanic-passes-away-aged-86 Please feel free to comment on the article with your own memories of Dave, I'll try and lift as many as I can for inclusion into the TR Action tribute. TR Action will be delayed for approximately a week whilst I modify the article we were carryi
  15. Let's all get out Tree-V carbon balancing stickers on for 2022: http://trees.fbhvc.co.uk already a great take up of the scheme and another tool in our armoury to educate the public!
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