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  1. Those were the days Bob. I'm a little younger than you (sorry) but I recall similar activities in the late 70's and in the 80's - lifting Escort engines out by hand with a couple of mates, lying under my Marina 1.8 with gearbox on my chest to line up and push home etc etc! I could possibly handle locating a non overdrive TR box on my own, but not one with overdrive - probably I can only just about lift one now.
  2. It does seem odd that the swab has to go so far, when all the advice about infection risk suggests that it is in droplets being breathed in and out.
  3. Scenes like this could be the reason if/when the R value starts to climb in rural areas. These are pics, from a safe distance (!) of cars and especially bikers today on the A29 here in West Sussex. The Police were out, putting themselves at risk, trying to disperse them and stop them from speeding - the camera van lady told me they had 'caught' over 50 bikes speeding, some doing over 80mph in the 50mph limit up Bury Hill!
  4. Don't stop posting Peter, Iain, everyone. I'm sure we are all old/sensible/clever enough to look at evidence and the discussion and make a view. We started on 2000iu D3 early in April, after just over three weeks we switched to 1000iu per day, and have now stopped after three weeks at that dose. We are taking a jointcare supplement omega3 which contains 200iu D3 per day ongoing. We will start back on the 1000iu dose in the Autumn, and back up to 2kiu for the winter. This is my course of action having read most of the excellent info and discussion presented.
  5. I think overall country population density is a significant factor affecting transmission. Yes there would be interest in comparing similar sized cities individually but the overall population and distance between significant centres of population must also be factors. Our centres of population are closer together and so transmission between those centres is more likely here than in many other countries.
  6. It's the same here Iain. On the A29, at the top of Bury Hill and in the South Downs National Park, there is a large tarmac car park plus overspill grassed area for more cars, picnics etc. Off this is a complex of trails trough the woods (Houghton Forest) and other major footpaths /bridleways - including the South Downs Way and Monarchs way pass through/near the car park/forest/general area. There is also an 'outdoor' café - a large hut/kiosk thing really with outdoor seating, some covered. In normal times it is a focal point for families in cars, walkers, mountain bikers, horse riders and motorcyclists (many of which seem to have no silencer or one off a F1 car). The car park entrance gates are and have been closed since the beginning of the lockdown, but at weekends especially the roadside has been littered with cars, and motorbikes have found their way past the barriers. The entrance was still locked today, and I hope it will remain so for a while at least, but I'm sure the external parking etc will only get worse now and that may force the hand of those in charge.
  7. Very very Harsh Geko. I see a man, in an unenviable position, doing his utmost to balance the impossible tasks of trying to control the spread of a new novel virus - for which there is no treatment or preventive vaccine - whilst also trying to keep people in work, or funded if they can't work, and not allow the economy to be so badly damaged it will never recover. I also see an exasperated man trying to remain positive and polite when he is harangued by opposition MP's when they said they would work with him, and the media who seem intent on undermining every decision and take cognitive dissonance to a new level. This is a man who was in intensive care himself just a few weeks back, but his role means he has to be in the House - other MP's should respect him for that and maintain appropriate distancing. Edit - Cognitive Dissonance - a great term, thanks for using it Nigel in another thread
  8. Welcome Oliver from me too. I also have the white side/orange flash led's - supplied by Bob (Lebro) along with his rear side and brake led's - which mean I have three rear (bright) brake lights rather than just the one central Rod
  9. Re your post just above Derek, I agree- we are being asked to use our common sense and consider the risks when we do anything, remain alert if you like - or as the French message says: "sauvez des vies, restez prudents", which roughly translates to "save lives, stay cautious". Effectively the same message. Most, especially the media, have been asking for a plan to lift, slowly, the lockdown and now we have one - with 50 plus pages of guidance. The Government was being harangued with comments such as 'treat us as adults not children' and 'we can be trusted to respond to guidance', yet the media encourage inane questions regarding lack of clarity and seem determined to give airtime to those who want to ask ridiculous questions without challenge to the obvious lack of thought or whether they have read the guidance (I doubt whether the journalists/interviewers have either). I believe, or at least hope, the vast majority of sensible people will use common sense and the guidance to get their businesses back up and running, or back to work as an employee. As for the visiting cleaner for those that need that service, or plumber, or other tradesman visiting a property - surely the common sense approach is to use social distancing, appropriate cleaning before/afterwards etc etc. We have to come out of this soon else I fear for the economy and what our children and grandchildren will be suffering and paying for many many years to come.
  10. Fair observation, but all I'm trying to say John is that rather than complain about what might have been a slight misspeak, everyone in responsible positions should be pulling together, not putting all their efforts into undermining. As wjgco John says, perhaps it was intentional to get people thinking before the further announcements today - it's just a shame we can't all think a little more positively when we are all facing the same enemy - the virus.
  11. I think that is a bit harsh. The guy was in intensive care just a few weeks ago. I suspect he didn't quite get the words right about "going back to work tomorrow" - i.e. today. I suspect he meant/ or meant to say we would start the process of getting people in certain areas of the economy back to work today with more detail/guidance on that coming out today and in the next few days/weeks. For weeks people, the media, businesses and opposition politicians have been asking for a road map to recover from lockdown. All have said trust us to use common sense and trust us to use our intelligence to do the right thing as we remobilise the economy - yet now as the first steps start to be discussed, all people can do is complain! Watching the news programs this morning I was getting quite angry at many commentators and interviewee's comments. If those people put as much effort into thinking about how to do the right thing as they seem to be into finding fault - then we will be fine.
  12. Rod1883


    A couple of my Dad's old Union Flags, and me sporting my VE Day lockdown haircut - courtesy of Diana.
  13. This is how I know mine is made by Caged
  14. Rod1883


    Very good - impressed that the Flag is the correct way up too!
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