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  1. Happy Birthday Wayne - have a great day
  2. Richard There's a chap I used a few years ago to recover all my data onto a new drive after I'd dropped the laptop, and it wouldn't boot up - blue screen etc similar to yours it seems. He isn't too far from you - just North of Pulborough. His name is Ian Clark - https://www.hateit.co.uk/
  3. I made that mistake (not a TR Shop unit I hasten to add) - the joint between the long neck and the top tank didn't last at all and the whole repro unit is far more flimsy it seems to me than an original. I ended up getting an old original unit re-cored (no starter hole) at Guildford Radiators -a much better solution for a similar cost imho.
  4. Happy New Year everyone, Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Safe 2022 (from a bright and very mild West Sussex)
  5. Merry Christmas Morning everyone. Best wishes for the season and for a happy and safe TR'ing New Year to come.
  6. Happy Birthday Roger Hope you're lurking somewhere nice Rod
  7. Rod1883

    Good Bye

    Please reconsider Roger - your contributions both technical and non are a lifeblood of this forum. Alec's Inn was established - imho - as an area where sometimes controversial topics could be discussed, so again - imho - we should be able to have the channel debate there - just as we would down our local Inn.
  8. ...or could it be the result of previous exposure to the virus itself? A lot more scientific investigation required to understand this virus and all its variants/mutations. We seem to be destined to live with this and all the uncertainty for some time to come. In the meantime we're double (AZ) vaccinated since late May, on 1000iu VitD3 per day - soon to raise to 2000iu from beginning of December for a couple of months or so....
  9. The Fireangel device as pictured in Rob's post above is what we have freestanding, in our living room, to monitor the CO level as we have a small log burner. Our chimney sweep checks that we have this in place and that the test button works as part of his assessment and includes this on the certificate. The Fireangel device is, imho, therefore fine for a domestic setting - currently £23 from B&Q
  10. We have exactly the one shown by Rob. Not bought from Amazon as I won't buy from that tax avoiding and high street/bricks and mortar retailer destroying entity. I think I got ours from Dyas when they had it on offer. B&Q have that one showing on their website at £23, link: - https://www.diy.com/departments/fireangel-co-9dq-wireless-carbon-monoxide-alarm-with-7-year-battery/193503_BQ.prd and a simpler one at £20, link: - https://www.diy.com/departments/fireangel-co-7xq-wireless-carbon-monoxide-alarm-with-7-year-battery/261146_BQ.prd I see that Homebase also have the simple
  11. Hello Keith Popped by today but you weren't around. Spoke to Josh I think but he was busy in conversation with another chap - will try again tomorrow Sunday morning edit - good luck today in both practice/qualifying and the race later.
  12. I managed to prolong the life of an old Hoover washing machine for a year or more by spraying the control panel with Halfords contact cleaner every so often......
  13. I've been looking at this issue as I have been putting the head back on the Midget. The problem is that there are as many different opinions out there as there are forums and posters! After advice here and from MG forums, and talking to a very good engine builder I know I decided that a very light oil of the end threads on both the UNC end of the stud and UNF nut was the way to go and, because 5 of the 9 studs (the short ones) on an A series engine go into threaded holes that go right into the water channels and as recommended by the engine builder, I also used a small amount of sealant a
  14. Good luck for the event. We will be there and will definitely look to find you in the paddocks. Rod
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