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  1. Chris - did you get the head? It seemed to get a bit expensive toward the end of the auction.
  2. Along with the TR2, we have a '74 Stag, a '61 Midget and a Citroen Acadiane. We're all gluttons for punishment!
  3. Hi Kenny - join the Register and there is a wealth of information via the model registrars. Please though don't just see the car as an investment - get out there and enjoy it!
  4. This table shows the head applications: https://www.chriswitor.com/cw_technical/head_applications_chart.pdf The 516816 head is TR6 (I've recently sold one that looked in a similar condition for £75) Rod
  5. The style and tread pattern of Sprint Classics are very reminiscent of traditional Michelins, but I 'm sure Vredestein are Dutch - and a quick internet search suggests they are based in Enschede, but are Indian (Apollo) owned. https://www.vredestein.co.uk/about-vredestein/?cate=pV
  6. Roger - did you get my pm of 6.24pm yesterday? (sorry to hijack the thread)
  7. Halfords do a good contact cleaner, for about £4 and some shops might stock the WD-40 specialist contact cleaner. The Halford own brand cleaner extended the life of our washing machine by a couple of years when the control board started playing up.
  8. Thanks Ian, and of course Wayne too. We all know how busy Wayne is and how easy it is to make speeling mistakes!
  9. Well spotted Tim, of course we really should get that place name correct. Perhaps Wayne will spot this and arrange for it to be done.
  10. I have Sprint Classics on the 2 and the Stag. They look the part but I have had issues. The ones on the 2 are now ~ 8 years old and have flat spotted - probably when the car has been standing although I do pump up the pressure come the winter months and the car is used on dry winter days too. The tyres on the Stag have some strange lumps and bumps in the sidewalls, some appearing within weeks of fitting just a few years ago - Vredestein have assured me they are nothing to worry about, and I've seen similar 'deformities' on other cars shod with Sprint Classics, e.g. XK Jags. Will I fit Sprint Classics again - I'm not sure. My issue is finding standard tyres of the right size for bot cars though.
  11. I see your cylinder head in the dishwasher, and I raise you a flywheel in the fridge and ring gear in the oven (to shrink fit)
  12. That's interesting Paul. We went up in a Goodwood Cessna last Wednesday - a birthday gift from me to Diana (who flew the plane for quite a bit of the 45 minutes we were up). The runways are being worked on again - the pilot we were with said that the grass hadn't taken, and I can confirm the landing and take off (and taxi-ing) were extremely bumpy. It was him that mentioned the 'incident' - I imagine Boultbee not being happy if the Spitfires are getting damaged. The Aeroclub building looks as if it has been rebuilt following the leaks/cracks, but not a lot was happening to finish it off - perhaps a sign that there is a problem?
  13. The Boultbee Spitfires have recently moved from Goodwood to Daedalus - due to an 'incident' I was told, but have no further info. I don't know if they will come back to Goodwood - I miss seeing them as they used to fly out above us almost every (nice) day.
  14. I'm very impressed and envious that you are still able to get into your old flying jacket Bob. Anything I wore in my teens/early twenties would only go about 2/3rds or 3/4qtrs around me now!
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