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  1. Good luck for the event. We will be there and will definitely look to find you in the paddocks. Rod
  2. I've been saying this for a while - as time goes on then the older classics will become less desirable as the effect of Ralph's last sentence kicks in. We all hankered after the cars that we saw around as youngsters, or perhaps that our Fathers and older relations drove. For me, it was the influence of my cousin who is 10 years older than me - he and his friends had a TR2 and a couple of 3A's and that was what got me interested. Some cars will remain sought after, such as the E type, but as time moves on others will fall away I'm convinced - the process being driven by demographics, the d
  3. ...as was the car. We had the pleasure of staying in the same B&B as Wayne's Mum and Dad and the car. Spent a very pleasant hour or so with them at the pub next door to the B&B. Wayne is the image of his Father - Diana thought Wayne had aged somewhat when we first met Gary that weekend, not sure if he was flattered or Wayne offended!
  4. Thanks Stuart, ordered. Chris - it's a very early 948cc A series engined car. I've sorted out which side up the HG goes. As I posted above I thought the gasket was copper both sides - the reason being it comes in a nice sealed, fairly thick orange transparent plastic bag which I hadn't opened to avoid risk of damage until ready to do the job (anyone ahead of me yet?). Anyway having now managed to contact the supplier (after a few days trying) they told me that the copper side is uppermost and the silver/steel side is the bottom - this confused me until I opened the bag....... the ora
  5. Thanks Ian, Mick Mick - do you have a link as I can't seem to find the item you refer to on Ebay Rod
  6. Great looking car Tom. Hope to see it some time - perhaps at Goodwood?
  7. Thanks for the reply Stuart. I took the head around to a friend who has a good flat plate and dial gauge set up and we determined that the head itself, having only done circa 7k miles since a full engine rebuild ~11 years ago that included a skim, is flat, and the issue is/was a raised section of deposited copper ~3mm wide and about 1.5 thou high between cylinders 1 and 2. I then went to our local garage where one of the mechanics has rebuilt sprites, midgets and MGB's over the years. Looking at the head his advice was to very carefully use fine emery, lubricated with duck oil/wd40,
  8. As some will have seen on the Malvern photo's thread, the Midget had to be recovered from just East of Tewksbury to home in West Sussex- it took the RAC 26.5 hours and three separate transport truck, but that's another story! The head is now off and the gasket has been completely burnt away between cylinders 1 and 2 - creating a 3-4mm gap in the gasket. Some of the copper from the gasket appears to have 'welded' itself to the cylinder head - I need to have a better look at the block to see if something similar has happened there. Has anyone any thoughts or advice on how best to clean
  9. I think you are correct Iain, as Bob says there isn't any accessible grassy banking on the inside of the track near the road tunnel at the Revival (there is at the MM between the tunnel and the chicane I think).
  10. Happy Birthday - hope you had, and are having, a good day. Rod
  11. Head gasket failure, I think. Yet to get the head off, waiting for the parts to arrive first. Probably will be next week when I start as we have a busy bank holiday weekend scheduled...
  12. A few from the weekend. In order - Thursday night at the Wellington inn (excellent meal), a bizarre piece of MG advertising, the midget and 3 of the VC cars, an undignified end....
  13. We will be there, just on the Saturday this year. Rod
  14. ..I remember doing that with bicycle chains Hamish. I recall there was a branded tin of grease for the purpose I think. Thanks for the comments. It's strange isn't it, all those things we've done before, perhaps with our Fathers advice in our youth, but now either can't recall the detail, or start to overthink it or wonder if we have been doing it right.....
  15. Could I ask what might be a silly question. When "repacking" - exactly how much grease is packed? e.g. For the Front, does the middle chamber need to be be filled/partially filled, or is it just working grease into the bearings themselves?
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