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  1. Hello Rob Welcome. I'm just up the road from you in Bury. I often use a chap called Colin Cripps who is based in Storrington for jobs that I don't have the tools or expertise (or inclination) for. Colin operates a mobile service as well as at his premises at Marley Way Garage in Storrington. His telephone number is 01903 742430. Rod
  2. I popped over to Southern Carburetters at Crawley on Thursday and picked up new needle valves and seats, plus float chamber lid gaskets and new fibre washers for the connecting banjo's. Very impressed with the set up and knowledge there. All fitted , but due to our drive being dug up mid replacement I haven't yet been able to road test. Whilst I was at Southern Carburettors I had a chat with Roy there who was very helpful and I picked up new mixture needle adjusting screws with incorporated o-ring and new star washers (plus new diaphragms) for the leaking air valve damper tubes on th
  3. The job is done, although I haven't been able to take the car for a run since to check all works as our drive is currently dug up and being replaced! It'll be another week. A buckeye triumph pdf - https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5c6dec53b10f25d4edf0b3f7/t/5d0191191376fd00017521ed/1560383774528/TR250_TR6+Carbs+Part+II.pdf - and some other stuff found via web searches were all very useful, but probably the best piece of advice was on a MG forum that provided a great tip for removing the star washer - https://www.mgexp.com/article/alternative-zenith-carb-damper-o-ring.233 Essentia
  4. Happy Birthday Bob. Hope you're having a good one.
  5. Thanks Nigel. Yes, the floats are the old ones, and they float. I always use Millers VSPe plus ethanol treatment and fill up at our local Power fuels filling station which sells zero ethanol unleaded whenever I can so hopefully they will continue to last....
  6. Thanks again Stuart. I'd forgotten about Southern Carbs - they're just up the road from here too....
  7. Thanks again. I looked on their site earlier and couldn't find the "Moss" part number. I suspect it is VZX1101 on the Burlen site - http://sucarb.co.uk/float-chambers-spares/needle-valve-kits/standard-needle-valves.html Listed as 0.096" ...but they are also out of stock. I've sent them an enquiry to check Rod
  8. Thanks Stuart. The Moss and Rimmer part number for the needle valve and seat kit is WZX1101a, but it seems to be out of stock with those suppliers. I've found the same part number listed for the early MG Midget and other cars, and in stock at suppliers for those cars. I assume it is the same item?
  9. Took the TR2 out for a ~20 mile run yesterday afternoon. Thought I could smell petrol every now and again and upon getting home found it pouring out of the float chamber overflow on the rear carb. I took the lid off and found the needle valve had jammed fully open. Of course lifting the lid off allows the needle to drop, but I believe this was the cause of the overflow. It lifted OK by hand, but I think that on full travel in the open position it jams sufficiently for the float not to be able to lift it. I reassembled holding the needle up with a thin screwdriver as I did it and all
  10. Fair comment John. I watch very little BBC 'live' TV - limited to things like the News, mainly the local version, Only Connect, QI, old stuff like Dad's Army and Fawlty Towers. Now and again there is something good on BBC4. It's rare that the BBC produces a new drama that is really good now, sadly.
  11. Agree Andy on the BBC overdoing it a bit, probably not wanting to be accused of not treating it with sufficient attention and deference. The Duke of Edinburgh was more than "just" a war veteran though, being HM The Queen's companion for over 70 years. To switch all channels to the announcement and perhaps a couple of hours of respectful broadcasting, and then dedicating just one TV and Radio channel for the rest of the day, perhaps BBC2 and Radio 4 - would have been sufficient, imho.
  12. I find it odd that people should object to a post in the 'Social' section regarding the death of HRH Prince Philip - a man that served this country for over 80 years first as a Royal Navy Officer and then as HRH The Queen's life companion. I posted in Alec's Inn earlier rather than here to keep it in the Members - for want of a better term - General section so those of us members that wanted to remember this great, sometimes flawed (as we all are), man could do so. I have no issue with it being here also and welcome it. RIP Sir and, if I may be so bold, my condolences to HRH The Quee
  13. RIP Sir. I feel more emotional than I would have expected - he has been there, alongside HRH The Queen, all my life.
  14. Even here in West Sussex, we've just had some light flurries of snow!
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