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  1. Happy Birthday, hope your having a great day and the chicks are all doing well. Rod and Diana
  2. Happy Birthday Don, hope you're having a good day. Rod and Diana
  3. ditto....good luck with the enquiry.
  4. Thanks. The weather was pretty miserable yesterday so that put a stop to any car related activity, but we went out for a very nice dinner at the Chichester Yacht Club last night.
  5. Rod1883


    It's the original steel wheels that mean a tube is required, not the tyre itself. Most if not all modern tyres are "tubeless" but, as I understand it, the design of the older TR steel wheels is not suitable, or at least not ideal, for running tubeless. Tubeless tyres sometimes have ridges on the inside surface - I sourced some tyre talc and asked my local garage to put some on the inside of the tyre to prevent risk of the tube rucking up.
  6. Rod1883


    Yes, also I run with inner tubes.
  7. Rod1883


    I've got the 165/80 Continentals on the TR2. They replaced a set of 155 Vredestein Sprint Classics and were fitted early last year. I'm very pleased with them so far.
  8. Happy Birthday Bob - hope you're having a good day.
  9. As Roger's link explains, the permission to use the Black and Silver/white plates rolled with the 40 year historic status for a few years. I must admit I felt that was wrong and was pleased when it was stopped. There are though now those 7-8 years where vehicles that had the white front and yellow rear plates can now have black. Our '74 Stag still sports it's original dealers (white and yellow) plates and they look right.
  10. No doubt it was a predictive text/spell check type error, but as you say, a minimum amount of proof reading should have picked it up. Sadly we can't make it this year, thoroughly enjoyed Malvern last. Rod - fellow Stag owner
  11. Same as Iain - Happy Birthday weekend.... Rod
  12. Took both the Stag and TR out for a longish run today - first for 3 or 4 weeks for the Stag and a bit longer for the TR. The TR had been out of the garage and run up to temperature the same time as the Stag's last run, and taken just a couple of miles or so around the village as it was shod with its 'Winter storage wheels and tyres' - but the normal wheels are back on now and a bracing trip to the local E0 filling station was part of the route for both. Interestingly the Stag was charged 157.9ppl this morning, whilst the TR had to pay 159.9ppl this afternoon at the same place.
  13. If you can, visit Loch Ewe (a little ~WSW of Ullapool) where the Arctic convoys gathered. There is a small museum in Aultbea which is worth a visit, as are the Inverewe gardens a little further South at Poolewe. There are a couple of small hotels in those villages too that might be convenient for a stop.
  14. No, not at all Hamish. I'm just expressing some concern/doubt about some of these schemes and the juxtaposition of the destruction of woodland seen around the country for various reasons - some not justified imho - plus the need for good, well managed, agricultural land to provide food as well as habitat. Of course doing nothing is not an option, it's just my frustration in observing what doesn't appear to be joined up thinking.
  15. These schemes always leave me a little unsure. Rows of green plastic tubes with small saplings within - just how long will it be before they are really doing anything of note regarding carbon capture. Here in West Sussex huge swathes of woodland are being ripped up - some for housing and development, but most appear to be under the banner of Ash die back control. Yes the dead Ash are all around and some areas are almost entirely Ash and so the work appears devastating, but I've seen large healthy mature Oaks, Beech etc being felled in amongst the Ash. I understand that much of this is chipped
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