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  1. I was 18 and at that time had the use of a A30 Van, I parked it in The Main Street in Paignton. I parked on yellow lines and popped into a shop, it had just had a MOT and I wanted breakfast before going to work. When I came out I didn’t see the van just a large crowd at the bottom of the street with a policeman standing in the middle, I knew it was a policeman as his helmet stuck well above the the crowd. The hand break was on, however there was no longer a cable attached. Apparently just having a MOT is not sufficient defence, as it is only states it’s roadworthy at that particul
  2. Drove out over the moors Via Buckfastleigh, stopped off at the Warren Inn but sadly closed until 11am so continued into Mortenhampstead, new Cafe “Hound of Baskerville” had a really good Full English breakfast freshly cooked, lovely sausage Sat outside, recommend. Then on to Newton Abbot and home, car went well cold but dry.
  3. The beauty of the TR breakdown cover obtained alongside the TRR classic, it include Breakdown cover while in Europe for £45 not just UK.
  4. I was with RAC, had been with them 30years +. I included at home covered for the whole family, any car although limited to so many call out in any year. They covered any vehicles we were in up to 3.5 ton except my long wheel base van. Green Flag covered the long wheel base Citroen Relay. I paid in total close on £400. It took RAC from 2.30pm to 2.30am to get a member of the family from Wales to Devon. If I am going to have to wait that long I can do that for a lot less, now I have the same cover plus they cover my Citroen Relay just me and the wife It’s true. Auto aid charge me £57.00 fo
  5. Is there a name for men of our age following young ladies. I was in Staines Yesterday I nearly popped over, you would have been out.
  6. Salcombe Saturday, to busy to stay long. The drive was fine though.
  7. I had a Ford 100e Reg letters LBN, it’s wiper when travelling up hill came to a virtual stop when raining, I nicknamed it Lazy Bones.
  8. Made me laugh, although I don’t necessarily agree with the finished word, that’s assuming it’s ends with the same letter it starts with.
  9. Well Paul I’m impressed, that Dave’s car Is still shinny enough having travelled in Switzerland/Italy, to see your reflection on it. My comment wasn’t really intended to be taken to seriously. While you are not Sean Connery I’m sure I recall someone said you were impotent so perhaps TR members will mark that spot when they pass. Derek
  10. So now people will say, Paul Hogan and David Soloman parked here in Davids TR4a the one seen at Silverstone on the drivers Parade lap. They’ll be impressive. I did note the Pot holes and crakes in road, it seems there are parts of Europe that have roads that suffer as much as ours here.
  11. Scenery looks great Paul, love Italy countryside, car looking good too, what a good idea.
  12. Star Cross with the tide out, looks like boats are sitting on grass.
  13. Charlie D Like Made me smile, on google maps, I could work out the whole trip along the roads right through France to Pau, even pick a restaurant by looking at a menu on a wall. No longer, and that progress.
  14. I was travelling towards Newton Abbot In my TR6 when 2 TR’s were leaving Newton Abbot towards Totnes, I was wondering if they were TR register members. If so and you read this let me Know.
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