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  1. .... and still a member of the youth group.? sent birthday wishes.
  2. Do you know the story of the white Reliant.
  3. As member of TR register Devon Group Trip to Pau 2012 stayed on way at Micheal Jackson’s (fine art) Chateau and at Clemo’s In France.
  4. As a TR register member in 2016 a day in Silverstone. Amazing day, even the lap following the pace car after SV left the car fabulous weekend.
  5. 2019, Erdeven France. 4 day trip. Long beach plenty of space, clear roads. Evenings with a great bottle of wine and a local pizza. But the morning the fresh bread and croissant bought fresh early each morning with A local jam. Miss this last year. Hopefully not to long before it’s on the cards again.
  6. I suspect when accepting others would have access, the Board were not expecting 7000. Hopefully we will be able to have the event to attend, compared with 2020’s when We had nothing. However even if the club wanted to cancel at this stage it really isn’t an option.
  7. Where exactly is he in Devon, I have a Ladder and tower it’s at a property now if there is no rush.
  8. Sounds like he lives in North Devon rains there. Screwfix do a aluminium Werner extendable 5.7m ladder trade rated £139.99
  9. George Castledine, Alan Davies Fred Goodwin, Antony Blunt, Robert Mugabe, were most recent to lose theirs, as you say Green is on the card
  10. Surely you have to accept that Lewis has amazing talent, which was recognised from childhood not for the cart his father provided. We can’t dispute that or his contributions to his sport, with his determination to do better and his attitude for improvement of standards. I am more than happy for Lewis to be recognised for his achievements year in year out. Whether Selfish, arrogant and egocentric is the case or a requisite I don’t know, possibly, it seems though he is a humanitarian. Time will tell if the Knighthood was the appropriate recognition as is the case of those gone
  11. Could that Mark 10 be a vauxhall Velox?
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