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  1. Isn’t It nice to have your daughter interested in TR’s and prepared to go for a drive with her father or “as she calls it grumps in an affectionate way.”
  2. Today Dawlish Warren for a paddle. Today 4 years ago Silverstone.
  3. Day out at Castle Drogo Drewsteignton.
  4. Sounds like a poor excuse to me, ahhh unless she took the 6.
  5. Pleasant 118 mile round trip this morning to Lyme Regis
  6. Decided to have a run out, which was possible as a result of Hecklers help with ny poorly prop. A drive to Dartmoor, a coffee stop by a stream and a local Princetown Ice cream. Before making my way home via Holne Reservoir.
  7. I think not planning a trip out this weekend is the right choice.
  8. Moss Mayo, that’s Devon where the cream teas come from.
  9. Roll bar In, tonneau being fitted. Separate project Mazda seat with Rich’s seat brackets to be completed. Derek
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