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  1. Weather coming good, have a great trip, sadly not going to join up as I hoped.
  2. Nice to see the photos. Looks like a good day and a great Redrose turn out.
  3. Evening drive out over the moors for a burger at the old Inm.
  4. Then home afterward via Ashburton and Totnes
  5. Bit cooler today, pleasant drive to Morwellham Quay via Plymouth And Tavistock.
  6. Crawfie You actually did it, spending 5 hours of your time cutting their grass. Next time she says daddy. Sucker I’d have bought the a mower and considered it £30 well spent.
  7. Lovely trip out today, spent rather a lot more than intended.
  8. Paignton Air show, I know the video, doesn’t do the event justice but being there was considerable better. Unfortunately we couldn’t get close. IMG_6051.MP4
  9. Christ for a minute I thought it was mine. Ahh still there. Phew
  10. Good to see you out and about, great photos and interesting content. Just spent a week in Wales, can’t count the times I filled up. Got to be done.
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