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  1. I have come to a similar conclusion Roger.
  2. Yes happy birthday Wayne Scott MCC trials silver medalist. I hope you have a good day and try and get a few hours enjoying yourself in a busy working day.
  3. Misfit

    Mr Djokavic

    It appears giving Australia money after the fire got him no favour.
  4. "Dr Blackall's Drive", carriage drive created by Thomas Blackall
  5. It’s the track made by Dr Blackhall near Spitchwick Manor where he lived.
  6. Although I couldn’t get the TR up the track I still think the pictures of the view are worth a posting.
  7. Thank you Derek much appreciated.
  8. Anyone know what the original purchase price was of a TR6 in 1969?
  9. Went to Honiton hospital today and took the TR met my daughter there then on to Sidmouth before popping in on a Devon member b no
  10. I had a similar experience John like you I contacted the company explaining when I want a smart meter I’ll let them know I don’t at this time. Access will be denied,
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