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  1. Positive thinking booked accommodation will sort tickets on 1st
  2. It’s a challenging subject where having a different opinion apparently can make you a fool. I heard someone saying look at that wearing a mask outside. The following comment caused me to ask a question and read this. “Should I always wear a mask outside to help prevent the spread of coronavirus? As the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic stretches on with a secondary wave of cases following the re-opening of many states and cities, is wearing a mask becomes an even more important Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support
  3. That was brief Nigel, I have often found your post thought provoking. John read and reacted to an event and strongly expressed his feelings, as have others . The risk taking event taken by these 2 was foolish and Chris Lewis accident will have a life long effect on him. I though I’d ask if in different circumstances is there ever a occasion where members believe its acceptable to follow ones heart. Are there or can there be an occasion when members feel doing something that fails to comply with Government guidelines or is subsequently determined by a police officer as illegal, is justifi
  4. I hope that Chris has a good recovery that is without question, I have ask the question here as the topic is selfish, stupidity of people. Nigel I agree the law is universal generic to all, but letters to isolate after the 15th Feb, to March 31st is a guideline, X is having COVID tests and is attending hospital 30 miles away once a week for a procedure that lasts all day. The tests therefore are assumed, negative, as attending hospital as outpatient in a green zone, is continuing. Therefore perhaps a risk to others is low, now x accepts that a police officer or the courts wil
  5. The laws states you need to stay home, except to go to work or exercise or essential shopping. Now a hypothetical question, someone who has a life limited illness that has been managed, he is venerable and has isolated when told. That person is relatively sensible has his groceries delivered, on occasions to get out organises a click and collect just to see something different. That person hasn’t had physical contact with his immediate family or friends. He has had reduced contact with those that manage his condition and subsequently finds that his condition has worsened, consid
  6. My penny worth, If these two individuals weren’t there, obviously Chris wouldn’t have had the accident, and under lockdown one could reasonably conclude they shouldn’t have been there. They might actually suggest that climbing is there chosen form of exercise and Cumbria is the closes/most local venue to take that exercise. RobH has a point, Lockdown wasn’t the cause, it was an accident. because a group of people have volunteered, to help those that get into difficulty doing something where there is risk. Unless we ban people doing risky activities others will also be put at r
  7. Shopping trip and then walking for exercise, car ran like a dream.
  8. Which Phone that’s a preference, Don’t go for 16GB, go for 32GB or above if you want to put Apps on and Netflix, prime iplayer. Etc
  9. iPhone and Samsung both word well, my wife likes her Samsung Better than my iPhone, like you John, WhatsApp, Email, text phone Calls oh yes and online shopping. iPhone has built in instruction/guidance to help. I guess Samsung does?
  10. I agree with this, perhaps write two letter to Honest John or any well known business review media site and to the motor ombudsman, Making sure the name of the garage is prominent, enclose estimate, together with any other correspondence received and refer to the employees comments to you. State why you feel the service offered was poor and why you feel the cost of raising and lowering a car on a lift to complete a simple task is excessive. Question if this is a common practice to make such a charge throughout the industry or Mercedes main dealer outlets in particular. Ask it they condo
  11. I’m not liking your suggestion Mick. What do you think about making an offer to Eire, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Iceland, who knows (if Marie LE Pen gets in) even France, leave EU, become independent, control their water, where applicable, and boarders, makings own laws, manage their own interest rates and currency. Then form a tariff free Europes common trading markets incorporating Norway, it rings a bell. This with a CPTPP agreement being United would be a formidable alliance. EU, Sorry who?
  12. Neil. I understand why you are disappointed with recent comments. me too. I think we are all a bit pissed, for me there is just negativity, no positivity, point scoring. I’m all for a bit of rivalry, but for years there are those telling us, how different England is from the rest of UK, rather than how alike we are. What we achieve together. How the Labour Party are for the working class, and the Conservative for the rich, the privileged, what bollocks, it’s not class, it attitude, belief or at least it was. Perhaps now its just power. Just look at those you referred too. A
  13. I think perhaps your outing was better than mine, the scenery looks considerably brighter, if not the future . AstraZeneca jab today,
  14. Cantons of EUROPE, United States of AMERICAN, yes I have heard of them. and John you maybe right, perhaps they were/are more united. Maybe you see the achievements of Great Britain differently, perhaps what we brought to the World was all bad, As I say perhaps it’s the glasses, I see it differently, l believe the world is in the main a better place, and what we have learnt as a 300 year Union has helped. Ask yourself this, would English speaking America be what it is today, would there be a Union of independent European nations, perhaps not, perhaps without Great Britain,NI and the common wea
  15. We are all entitled to our opinions and it’s interesting to hear others thoughts. It seems United we are not, our friend with whom we have invested significant sums of money, being one of the largest contributors to the EU, having asked for changes were refused, leading the way to a referendum and the British people deciding to leave the remaining EU 27 as friends. I personally thought we should remain however now I feel differently. Apparently these same friends are happier to see us fail, even prefer it. They would even rather divert the financial dealings to USA’s Wall Street than L
  16. I’d like to think there are more mates in a Pub, it seems to me though many Scots actually are convinced they are underdogs treated badly, despite receiving more from the economy than contributed to it, with the exception of a couple of years. Despite having two chancellors and prime minister in the top UK jobs, it appears the majority prefer anyone provided they are Scottish and or not Conservative. She does comes over well though, she communicates what she wants to, answers questions with questions. A common start to a question, I wouldn’t want to suggest, then suggests exactly that, sh
  17. What Vit D3 Helps, well I never. Why hasn’t some brought that to our attention 10 months ago?
  18. .... and still a member of the youth group.? sent birthday wishes.
  19. Do you know the story of the white Reliant.
  20. As member of TR register Devon Group Trip to Pau 2012 stayed on way at Micheal Jackson’s (fine art) Chateau and at Clemo’s In France.
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