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  1. Marki, Looking at Malcolm's website it states for any information contact Carl Fitchett at TR Trader 07831 826877 0161 4855005 sales@trtrader.com I have purchase quite a bit from Carl over the years and been very happy with his service Cheers Phil
  2. Roger not a party pooper I would say just wise The rain here in Derbyshire is intense to say the least but the wind is something else!! I made the decision early on not to go but conditions have got a lot worse now ! Cheers Phil
  3. Hi, Neil Thank you for the tip I did the above this afternoon and the windows are so much easier to operate now Cheers Phil
  4. Phil Kirk

    tr6 misfire

    Phil, What fuel are you using?
  5. http://www.jdo1.com/index.html Here you go I had great service from John top man IMHO Phil
  6. Advertised in the classified section but £2500 more now https://www.tr-register.co.uk/classified/2610/TR3a-For-Sale Phil
  7. All depends on how they were built and set up
  8. Phil Kirk

    MOT Exemption

    Hi, Richard Good to hear from you again. You were of so much help to me in 2003/4 when if was restoring my car which I still have.Your knowledge and encouragement were so welcomed hope you do start posting again. Hope is all Ok with you. Cheers Phil
  9. Chrome cover for number plate and revering light for an Austin Maxi. Cheers Phil
  10. Sadly not only the outside world Phil
  11. Hi, I have received an email from my local Costco saying they have opened a new petrol station. They are advertising premium unleaded 99 Ron for 112.9 pence per litre. Does anyone have any experience of this fuel regarding ethanol content etc? Their web site does mention ethanol but not the content. Cheers Phil
  12. Hi, Mark and Sarah you have a PM Cheers Phil
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