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  1. Happy birthday, Darren. Hope you’re both well. Pete & Maggie
  2. Hi Richard, does this help?... How to Remove and Install Bottom Brackets - Cup & Cone - loose bearing replacement is about 9 minutes 30s in. It’s a long time since I did one of them but IIRC, the second side cup also unscrewed. I used to hold the bearings in with grease! You might find the fixed side easier to do with the frame on its side and the end of the axle inserted from the outside. HTH. Peter
  3. Hi Michael, Very true! The plate price would be a' minor' cost in that context. Pete
  4. Hi Michael, Try here... Plate Style 7: Raised Plastic Black on White (Front) and Yellow (Rear) Reflective. 3 1/8 inch digits 1970-2001 ... sit down when looking at the price! Pete
  5. Hi Tom, you need a BMW motorbike! Points adjustment tool 1 points Adjustment tool 2 Pete
  6. Hi Kevin, This probably isn't what you want to read! 'The 1969 model can be readily identified by having rostyle wheel trim covers... ...the 1970 model year ...wheels with a black centre trim... ...In late 1972 the revised CR /CF series was introduced. ...chrome strips on the front grille, wheels with a grey centre trim' - from TR6 Register Buyer's guide Pete
  7. Hi all, it looks like Phil is correct re it being an oil pressure gauge... How an oil pressure gauge works Pete
  8. Glad to be able to help. Pete
  9. Morning Ed et al, Do these help? Smiths small gauges - last 3 paragraphs and Calibration instructions Pete
  10. Hi Hamish, It’s also on car and classic at £5 short of £4,000! Barn find Pete
  11. That's fixed the badger! Thanks, Wayne.
  12. Hi Pete, I get the same emboldening. It seemed to start when this thread was moved... Update on Triumph Conrero restoration shared by Runyan/TRF. Following the link doesn't solve the problem. Pete
  13. Peter 

    For information purposes I would like to point out that A-plan our  Brokers do have access to Hagerty plans as well as the The TR Registers services scheme.  

    Del h

  14. Hi Tim, Glad to have been helpful. This got my curiosity going as to why it was called Spencers and after further digging, I found this... 'This was named after H F Spencer, managing director of RTB at the time construction of the works was announced in 1956.' Richard Thomas and Baldwins - 4th section. Pete
  15. Hi Tim, It's the product of a twisted mind and too much time doing cryptic crosswords! I googled Spencer works and the 4th entry down mentions 'Llanwern Steelworks were originally built for Richard Thomas & Baldwin'. Using the letters RTB from your first image, I then searched for 'Spencer steel works' and found that one. Pete
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