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  1. Hi Michael, Very true! The plate price would be a' minor' cost in that context. Pete
  2. Hi Michael, Try here... Plate Style 7: Raised Plastic Black on White (Front) and Yellow (Rear) Reflective. 3 1/8 inch digits 1970-2001 ... sit down when looking at the price! Pete
  3. Hi Tom, you need a BMW motorbike! Points adjustment tool 1 points Adjustment tool 2 Pete
  4. Hi Kevin, This probably isn't what you want to read! 'The 1969 model can be readily identified by having rostyle wheel trim covers... ...the 1970 model year ...wheels with a black centre trim... ...In late 1972 the revised CR /CF series was introduced. ...chrome strips on the front grille, wheels with a grey centre trim' - from TR6 Register Buyer's guide Pete
  5. Hi all, it looks like Phil is correct re it being an oil pressure gauge... How an oil pressure gauge works Pete
  6. Glad to be able to help. Pete
  7. Morning Ed et al, Do these help? Smiths small gauges - last 3 paragraphs and Calibration instructions Pete
  8. Hi Hamish, It’s also on car and classic at £5 short of £4,000! Barn find Pete
  9. That's fixed the badger! Thanks, Wayne.
  10. Hi Pete, I get the same emboldening. It seemed to start when this thread was moved... Update on Triumph Conrero restoration shared by Runyan/TRF. Following the link doesn't solve the problem. Pete
  11. Peter 

    For information purposes I would like to point out that A-plan our  Brokers do have access to Hagerty plans as well as the The TR Registers services scheme.  

    Del h

  12. Hi Tim, Glad to have been helpful. This got my curiosity going as to why it was called Spencers and after further digging, I found this... 'This was named after H F Spencer, managing director of RTB at the time construction of the works was announced in 1956.' Richard Thomas and Baldwins - 4th section. Pete
  13. Hi Tim, It's the product of a twisted mind and too much time doing cryptic crosswords! I googled Spencer works and the 4th entry down mentions 'Llanwern Steelworks were originally built for Richard Thomas & Baldwin'. Using the letters RTB from your first image, I then searched for 'Spencer steel works' and found that one. Pete
  14. Could it be the steel manufacturer's mark? Built for Richard Thomas & Baldwins Ltd, the works was originally referred to locally as "The RTB", before being called Spencer Works and later Llanwern under British Steel Corporation. Llanwern steelworks Pete
  15. Good Evening All, I've been lurking here for a while and following this thread with interest and thought I'd add my twopenn'orth! My experience with Adrian Flux is different from that of 97fm. I'm insured with KGM Classic through AF and sent the following message as a result of this thread - apologies, this is going to be quite long! I have been following a discussion* on the TR Register forum regarding insurance cover requirements and the use the hood and would like some clarification regarding my policy! *TR6 Forum - 'Insurance theft limitation clause', thread started 27 April 2018. 1) The following excerpts are from my policy and schedule documents: Section 2 – Loss of or Damage to Your Vehicle What is not covered under this section Loss of or damage to your vehicle if it is unoccupied and any of the following applies: ... iv. It has been left with the windows or sunroof open; v. If reasonable precautions have not been taken to protect it. PCG – Garaging This insurance excludes Section 2 - Loss of or Damage to Your Vehicle unless your vehicle is kept in a securely locked garage (as defined in the Policy Document) between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM. This restriction does not apply when you are in the course of a journey or are staying overnight in attendance with the vehicle away from your home address and/or declared garaging address. Q1) If the hood is not erected under the following conditions, is the insurance invalidated: a) whilst paying for petrol, the keys removed, the doors are locked, windows up and the vehicle is in full view; the vehicle is going to be left unattended for up to 30 minutes, but not overnight, the keys removed, the doors are locked, windows up, a Stoplock Pro is used and the battery is disconnected; c) the vehicle is parked on the drive at the home address, but not overnight, the keys removed, the doors are locked, windows up, a Stoplock Pro is used and the battery is disconnected; d) how would the use of a tonneau cover relate to the above exclusions? Post #42, by the TRR Insurance Liaison officer, in the above mentioned TRR thread states 'The policy conditions under our TR Register scheme included putting your hood up when the vehicle was left unattended, however during a meeting with the KGM scheme underwriter this was amended. Unless you have a power hood on your TR this no longer applies.' Would this be applicable to my KGM policy? 2) XPS – Excluding Personal Belongings It is agreed that Section 5 - Personal Belongings in the policy document is inoperative and does not apply to this insurance. Q2) Does this also apply to personal belongings locked in the boot? AF's response on the 15th of this month was... We can advise that your vehicle is covered when the hood is down, provided that relevant security precautions have been taken. However, we note that when garaged overnight the hood would need to be up. With regards to your personal belongings these would also be covered provided that they are stored in the locked boot. So from that, it would appear that as long as you take 'reasonable precautions' to secure the vehicle, you don't need to put the hood up - as Derek H posted! I don't see how putting the hood up in the garage helps though! Pete
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