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  1. Hi Allan, Pro strip is literally just down the road from me, They have done several TR shells and also my friends e type, and cortina. If you want to come over for a cuppa I will take you down there. Hoges.
  2. Hi Rodders, sadly its wasn't a SEPECAT Jaguar that flies over the car but Eurofighter Typhoon. A very good film though. makes me want to take my TR up there for a blast on empty open roads. hoges
  3. for me Big Bang was a really well written show with a great cast and in my own opinion, is the best US sitcom to come out of America since Sgt Bilko in the 1950/60s. ( A show that still makes you laugh some 70 years later.) The BBT's mixture of scientific knowledge with spot on perceptions of the human condition made it unique viewing. Young Sheldon is also very good - but obviously lacking in the Penny dept! hoges


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  5. Hi Simon. My own personal view is that unless complete originality is your thing then you should get rid of the old worm and peg steering and replace it with rack and pinion. In doing so it transforms the handling of the car and makes the steering so much lighter and more precise. No one will know you have converted it unless you lift the bonnet to show them and if you are using a smaller after market steering wheel then so much the better. There are at least two companies that I know of who offer conversion kits, Glen Hewitt at Protek Engineering in Wallingford, Oxon and Neil Revington near Bridgewater, Somerset and both offer well engineered conversions. ATB Hoges.
  6. Just turned on the lap top to see this very sad news indeed. it seems we here in the UK are not allowed to access the link posted for the Indiana gazette as a blocking notice appeared when I tried to access it. If someone in the US can forward the story I would appreciate it. Charles showed me great hospitality when I turned up at his Roadster Factory several years ago when I was putting together my TR3S and we dined very well and late into the night in his 'English pub' that day. Charles is a great loss to the TR community and I have no doubt that he will be missed by many on both sides of 'the pond' . RIP Charles, My condolences to his family and friends Paul Hogan TRR UK
  7. Have only just heard but my congratulations to Richard Owen for not only winning his class F championship in Historic Road Sports with his trusty TR2 but also for retaining it for the second year. Richard has been a very active member in historic racing and his well prepared TR2 is a credit to him, the marque and dare I say it, to the club. Well done that man. Hoges.
  8. Hi Mike, £15 k for a re-spray is way over the top! My advice is for you to remove all the outer panels and have them dipped to remove all the paint and filler from them. Removing the trim is another job you can do yourself so why pay them to do it? Take the seats out and remove all the carpets and trim panels. You can then replace or refurbish as necessary. I'm assuming that you don't want the interior of the tub painted but a good paint shop would mask up the dash board and anything else that needs protecting. The panels can then be sprayed off the car on both sides which a normal re-spray would do. If it was my car I would also take the opportunity to remove the screen from the car, take the class out and re- spray the frame at the same time to get a good match. The front and rear valances front bulkhead and rear tonneau will have to be rubbed down and done at the spray shop but that's not a big chore for a competent workshop. You ought to get that done for £8k max. If you cant find anyone in Essex to do that then take your car north to the midlands. There are plenty of places up here who can do the work for you. ps I've just noticed that your car has a surrey top . What I said about the front screen applies to the rear back light too. hoges.
  9. Put the hinges on the door first and get another person to help you hold it while you mount the door. mount the top hinge first with just one bolt and then get a bolt in the lower hinge. After that close the door to check gaps are ok before fixing the other bolts. And put some padding on sill so you don't scratch the paint. hoges.
  10. I fitted a Judson to my TR4 some years ago with very mixed results. As a bolt on 'goodie' it looks fine but to be honest you can get more power out of a TR engine by rebuilding it with up-rated components. When I converted the TR4 to Webers i got reliable power in the 150 bhp range. I'm now getting 175 bhp at the wheels with my TR3S i may still have some paperwork for the Judson installation. If I can find it I will pm you. hoges.
  11. Hi Brendan, I have never been a great fan of 'originality' as the many mods I have made to my own cars testify. If there is a better solution or improvement you can make to a design then my view is why not? To give just a couple of examples, Starter motors on 4 pot and 6 [pot cars are best thrown away and replaced with a modern quick start unit. not only are they lighter but much more reliable. The old worm and peg steering on an early car can be transformed by a rack and pinion conversion. A lot of cars are now sporting MX5 seats because they are more comfortable than the standard issue on a long drive. and finally there is the option of painting your car if you are doing a full rebuild. Why anyone (other than my mate Mark Treadwell) would like to re paint their TR6 in Magenta I just can't imagine! Yes you will get people tut tutting that you haven't done this or you should have done that but its YOUR CAR and YOUR MONEY. And remember, Triumph always sought to improve their product which is why we have the range of TR2 -TR8. so fitting a 5 speed gear box conversion to a TR6 isn't blasphemy as some might say as Triumph themselves ditched overdrive in favour of 5 speed gear boxes for the TR7 and TR8 hoges.
  12. Speedograph are only a few miles from where I live and I have used them them for years to do my rev counters and speedos. They are not cheap but they are craftsmen and if I had known they made a decent angle drive I would have bought one! Hoges.
  13. While the hatchback concept of the Maxi was well ahead of its time BL in their usual fashion didn't think it through. To raise the back seat you had to open both rear doors as the door handles fouled the operation. The rear seat back also always fell backwards when you released the two catches that held it into place when you actually wanted to push it forward. You either needed to grow a third hand or headbutt it forward! As for the cable operated gear change, whoever thought that one up deserved to be shot! hoges. PS and just prove how bad my old Dad was with cars he actually bought two of the damn things!
  14. My dad told me that he bulldozed brand new Merlin engines still in the crate and a variety of other A/c stuff of the end of the old short runway at Gibralter to act as hard core for the extension. Duh! but then my Dad had form on doing stuff like that. He turned down a brand new Mk3 GT40 road car when Ford were flogging them off for little more than £3k and bought an Austin Maxi instead because he could run that on his company account. Ok it was the twin carb 1750 CC version but what price a Maxi now? hoges.
  15. sorry Doug, but the gremlins wont let me up load the photo here its saying I'm only allowed to upload 4.3 meg but the photo is 3.2 meg! i will pm you. with my email hoges.
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