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  1. Hi Richard, Yes the Vulcan XM612 is still there and there are other Vulcan's at Coventry and East Midlands airports. My own favourite Vulcan memory was seeing three of them do a practice scramble. You could actually feel the ground shaking as they took off trying to impersonate EE Lightnings with their rate and angle of climb ! I always felt a bit sorry for the weapons guys sitting in the back as if they weren't well strapped in during a vertical climb they could fall onto the bulkhead table. A truly great aircraft. Hoges.
  2. Hi Rob, Its what the director there told me. I forget what the actual height of the tower is but if it was just compared to other ATC towers then he assured me that it would be the tallest tower. in Europe if not the world. Now we wait for people to google ATC towers!
  3. I did !!! The airport there also claim to have the tallest ATC tower but as its foundations are below sea level it isn't. By the way surely the Queen is the most travelled person. she was globe trotting even before she became queen and a long time before boaty mc boatface attenborough started his trecks around the globe. Hoges
  4. Hi Malcolm, Welcome to the world of overdrives! You don't actually have to turn the overdrive off if changing gear up or down for as Ian says, the overdrive will automatically disengage and engage again when in the new gear. Its does this because the electrical circuit is momentarily broken when changing gear. If your overdrive doesn't disengage when changing gear then you have a problem which needs sorting. As its quite possible to forget that you are in overdrive when you come to a stop the overdrive will automatically disengage when you select first gear but it will engage o/d 2nd when you change from 1st to 2nd gear ( assuming you have o/d 2nd) . On a later TR6 then it will engage o/d 3rd when you change up from 2nd gear. Hope this helps. Hoges
  5. On a slightly different theme did anyone see the film CONTAGION on ITV last night? Was that good scheduling or was ITV being rather crass showing it at this time? Personally I thought it was a very good film and seeing as how people can react it might actually convince some people to stay at home. Hoges.
  6. The NEC is already on the list of possible field hospitals, as is the the GMEX centre in Manchester and three other major venues around the country. Rooms in the Royal palaces simply aren't big enough to cater for the scale being envisaged by the nhs but the are plenty of aircraft hangars that could be utilised either as hospital or temporary morgues. I'm afraid this is going to get worse before it gets better. hoges.
  7. Well spoted Tim. Yes of course it should have been 0.01% Hoges.
  8. As the subject of money has cropped up it is rather amazing how the chancellor has suddenly found all this extra money to fend off a virus that will in all likelihood kill what in reality is a very small % of the population. So with a population of somewhere between 64 and 66 million people in the UK we could expect a 1% death rate of 640,000. However, if our experts are to be believed then it may actually be in the region of 6,400 deaths or 0.1% of the population that we can expect to result from this virus. The Chancellor has so far committed £30 Billion to fighting this virus which works out at roughly just under £47 per person. or to put it another way it will make each death equivalent to over £4.6 m!. Having said all that, if i were living in London or any other major urban area I would be taking the Govt's advice very seriously indeed. The temporary hospital they are setting up at the EXCEL centre with 4000 beds is indication of how serious this outbreak will become. No doubt other cities will follow shortly. hoges.
  9. Oh Yes David, I must have last drove OGBe sometime around 1984/5 I do recall Jenkins driving into some road works on the M1. They had removed the top 2 feet of road surface so it must have landed with a bit of bump! Anyway, it looks good and its well used. Just what a TR should be. hogie
  10. It looks a lot different to when I had the pleasure of driving it. It was red and on wire wheels back then! Hogie
  11. Hi David and all others. You might not have noticed but after the success of the Coast to Coast run I organised last year I did say I was thinking of doing another run based loosely upon the theme of 'What have the Romans ever done for us?' (A reference to Monty Python's' Life of Brian' if you didn't get it). The idea was to travel a route that took in several Roman roads and the odd historical site. My starting point for this two/three day trip was going to be the Roman site at WALL just outside Lichfield in Staffordshire. I'd not heard of Leonard Cotterall's exploits before but if people would like do something like this then I am more than happy to help organise it. Regards, Hoges.
  12. To be honest, it will only make a difference if a buyer is after a totally original spec car. As no such car exists these days I have always taken the view that you can paint the car any colour you like. You say the car is now BRG but was the car completely stripped to a bare shell and repainted that colour or can signal red still be seen if you lift the carpets or look under the dash or in the engine bay? If it was a proper total respray my advice would be to keep it as it is as to do a colour change now without stripping the car completely will be a costly and time consuming job. Find a decent body shop with a heated spray booth and moisture control. so that micro blisters don't re appear. Hope this helps but financially it wont make a jot of difference what the colour is. its the condition that counts. hoges.
  13. Peter, the post in the centre of the pic is a lamp post. The taller one on the right is as you correctly identify is a tram/trolley bus catenary pole. hoges.
  14. Hi again Mike, don't forget that you only need fursflex over the roof part of the back light. The combined rubber and fursflex only goes from the top of the screen rail to the top of the vertical part of the back light. sorry if I'm stating the obvious but you need to measure up accordingly. hoges.
  15. Paul Hogan


    Darryl Uprichard at Racetorations was the dealer for the Dunlop repro wheels. i suggest you try him. hoges.
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