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  1. Hello, It's getting close to finalizing numbers for the hotels and so if there is anyone who hasn't made up their mind about going on the tour then now is the time to do so. Just to refresh memories, this year the Tour starts on SUNDAY 26th June in Whitstable, Kent and heads off to Bournemouth via the Shoreham, Petworth and Winchester. Day two see us head over the River Severn and into the Brecon Beacons before ending up at the Grand Hotel in Swansea. After breakfast on the Tuesday morning you can either make your way back home or continue to tour the Welsh coast. The price wh
  2. Now if it had been a 'flat floor' e-type then that would command serious money but as it is its a later series 1 . Still worth a mint though Hoges.
  3. At the ed of the day its only a TENNIS match! Why on earth do we pamper to these people? Well done Australia for throwing him out. Its just a shame they didn't do it right away. hoges.
  4. Hello to everyone who has enquired about this years Art Deco themed Coast to Coast run. I regret to say that Covid has once more scuppered my original plans and so it has been necessary for me to not only revise the route I had planned but also the hotels we were going to use. More importantly though is that because I have had to change things around I have been forced to change the date of the run to SUNDAY 26th and MONDAY 27th JUNE. The run will now start in WHITSTABLE in Kent on the Sunday morning but if anyone would like to meet up on the Saturday night prior to the official
  5. Blessed are the cheesemakers ..... anyway talking of gobbledegook I was once taken to a race tribunal for using that word in class when i told my undergrads that I didnt want to see any more gobbledegook in their essays on flight parameters. The woman in charge of the 'investigation' was of chinese extraction and was adamant that it was a racist imperialist slur. i calmly pointed out that if she bothered to consult an dictionary she would find not only the word but the original use of it. I believe its attributed to a US colonel in WW2 who was giving his troops a bit of a tongue lashing
  6. Having enjoyed the Italianate Job earlier this year I have once again begun to organise next years C2C run which will have a distinctly 'Art Deco' theme to it. The aim is to start next years journey from Bournemouth and end up either in Liverpool or Swansea. ( I can't be more definite at the at the moment as i'm still negotiating with the hotels). What I can be defitate about are the dates. Starting on Sunday 19th June at a sea front hotel in Bournemouth we shall wend our way over some highways and byways to our overnight stop on the Monday 20th where we will have our usual three cou
  7. Hi folks, Sorry for the delay in responding to your postings but I haven't been on the web for the best part of two weeks now so this is all very much shutting the door after Goodwood has bolted. I did mean the grassy knoll just outside the track by the road tunnel entrance. There is usually a burger bar or such like parked there. However, apart from Bill Piggott I didn't bump into any other TR people over the weekend and yet there were a lot of TRs in car park 1 If anyone is going to the members meeting in October we can try meeting up on the INSIDE of the track by the
  8. The Italia grille is not a cut down Maserati grille. its just a pattern alloy pressing. As for the pic of the Ferrari above, you can clearly see influences for the surrey top rear window there. hoges.
  9. As usual i will be there for all three days. Can I suggest a meeting point for TR people by the coffee bar on the grassy mound to the right of the road tunnel at 10.00 am each morning? A TR badge or clothing would help to identify fellow TR owners. Hoges.
  10. Hello, I have this rust free early style TR7 bonnet for sale. i have advertised it here on the spares forum but I've not had a single reply. I know the double bulge bonnets are more desirable but they also rust quite badly. Surely someone in the TR7 fraternity would like it even if only as a spare in case of an accident. I'm not asking a fortune for it and will accept any reasonable offer for it. I'm located in Nottingham so handy for the motorway and A1 if that helps hogie.
  11. Just to add another point on construction and use regs, There was an odd ball case some years ago about stating that if you don't travel at night then there is no legal obligation to have lights on a car. How this would work these days is open to question but i know from my own experience with the TR3 it cannot fail the mot over its wipers/washers simply because it doesn't have them. However, if I had fitted the spindles then they would have to work even if no blades were fitted. Hoges. PS . with regard to E marks I don't think they can make rules retrospective to cars tat were
  12. The first time I met the great man was at the Goodwood Revival Cricket match. Not in the members enclosure or hospitality tent but in the gents toilet! It was a close call but fortunately he didn't turn round and soak my trousers when I said hello. A true giant of the sport who's commentary style will never be equaled. His Murrayisms were legendary. Ie "He's on fire!" James Hunt replied "No Murray, that's his rain light you can see" Hoges.
  13. Yes this is very sad news indeed. As one of our clubs founder members the loss is all the greater. Trevor has asked me to write a few words in her memory and this will appear in the next TR Action but suffice it to say she was an amazing woman and a dear friend whom I shall miss very much. hoges.
  14. Oh for the confidence of youth! Mine was nothing like that hoges.
  15. I was 11 years old back in 1964 but I still recall the excitement of that day when Nash and Dixon rode their sled to a Gold medal. Some time afterwards I was actually allowed to sit in it and I recall just how basic it was inside. I think the sled was on show at the Crystal Palace along with the working models of Stingray and Lady Penelope's 6 wheeled Rolls Royce from Thunderbirds. An unforgettable day out and to ride the Cresta run is still on my bucket list! Hoges.
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