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  1. PS where has the edit button gone? hogie
  2. I'm not so sure the plane would win. If you planned the journey correctly so that you hit the built up areas of Manchester and Birmingham at the right time, ie around midnight, then it ought to be able to maintain a steady speed. Bearing in mind there were no motorways back then it was a very impressive result for the TR3. As for the Auster, where did it take off and land? They must have used old RAF airfields like St Just at Lands End and Wick at Kohn O'Groats as they are the closest to those destinations and if so did the pilots drive to and from those airports or use 'public transpor
  3. This is all very interesting stuff on viscosity and tolerances in engines etc but one of the problems with TR's in general is that they don't get used on a regular day to day basis. Taking two of my own cars for example, the Dove rarely does a couple of runs per month, usually at a weekend, but when I do take it out it usually clocks up a few hundred miles each time. However, my TR3S race car hasn't turned a wheel for over a year now and while the tolerances on its engine are much finer than a standard TR, its the ability of the oil to NOT drain away from the cylinders and other moving par
  4. I doubt if anyone will be impressed with the photo, David or myself let alone be saying such things but I did think some people might like to know where the pic was taken given its role UK film history. As for taking proper precautions, well you don't meet many people on an alp when driving and since we got back I'm now in 2 weeks isolation. hoges.
  5. So did I Bob. We didn't see any of that stuff as we were not on that side of Italy but it makes impressive reading. Especially the bloody great howitzer the Italians took to the top of one mountain to shell the Austrians. I believe its still there. hoges PS the pic of us standing by Dave's car is half way up the Furka Pass at the spot where Sean Connery/James Bond parked his Aston DB5 when tailing Goldfinger's Rolls Royce.
  6. Have just got back from a trip to Italy with Dave Soloman in his TR4A where we did the 12 in 12 Alpine rally. (That's 12 alpine passes in 12 hours) It was a great event with a great mixture of cars being entered. I will write up a full report for TRaction later but for now here are a few snap shots of the event. It was good to know that the authorities had put some STRING up on some of the worst corners to stop you going over a 500 foot drop! hoges.
  7. Hi there. I have had a request from Hong Kong asking if his fathers TR6 is still about. The photo below was taken sometime in 1970's and it was apparently a concourse winner built by a Martin Raine . The number plate is probably no longer with the car but the wheels might jog a memory somewhere. There can't have been that many fitted with those wheels! Any info please pass it on and I will forward it on. Cheers, Hoges.
  8. Hello Tomorrow was to be the planned date of a visit to the Duddding Collection of over 420 cars in Potter Bar. At the moment I only have 8 people who have expressed an interest in going and the minimum number required is 10 people. That being the case I have put the date back a month to try and get the numbers up. The new date is now Tuesday OCTOBER 6th. Those of you who have already agreed to go can you please let me know if the new date is acceptable to you. For now I will presume you are still coming. Anyone else please contact me asap. Hogie.
  9. A date for Diane's funeral has now been set but due to Covid 19 the number of people who can attend is strictly limited to 30 people. Obviously family and close friends will take precedence on the day but Tom Pringle has suggested that if anyone else would like to pay their respects either in a in a TR the local school recreation ground would be able to host a picnic or if there is inclement weather on the day then it might be possible to arrange a meal at the George pub in the market square subject to social distancing. ( Diane and Alec's local was the Butt of Sherry but I'm told that wi
  10. Ive just got back home after saying my final goodbyes to an old friend. I'd known Diane for at least 43 years and Alec even longer. They were two of the most opinionated persons you could ever meet and in that vein they were perfect for each other. Out of the many freinds I have made during my time with the register these two were true one off's. It seems unlikely that we will be able to give her the send off she deserves due to covid restrictions but Im sure Tom will do a grand job of arranging something. I will do my best to keep people appraised as and when there is something to report. Ho
  11. I've just posted this in Alec's inn but i think it's worth adding to the more public comments here in social scene. Also, my thanks to mick for posting some very good pics of his TR3 with some of Staffords showground buildings in the background They certainly have spent some money there and it seems a far cry from what i can remember being there. I hope it's a great success. hoges Well the wait is over and we now know where IWE will be held for the next two years. On a personal note i'm disappointed that we are not going back to Stratford next year as the problems we
  12. Many of you will know that Diane Pringle, wife of my good friend, the late and infamous Alec Pringle for whom this forum page is named after, has not been in good health herself for some time. Some time ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy at the same time as looking after Alec during his final days. Well once again it is my sad duty to inform people and her many friends and acquaintances that the cancer has returned in a most aggressive form first to her liver and it is now invasive and final. I spoke to her son Tom last night and he asked me to post this sad
  13. Oops. silly me I do of course mean THIS September 1st 2020! hogie
  14. i first floated the idea of visiting the Roger Dudding classic car collection under Alec's Inn. Well i have now heard back from them and we can visit his Studio 434 on September 1st 2020. The cost is £30 per head and there is a minimum of 10 people required to open it. So far three people have expressed an interest in going so we only need another 7. The studio is located in Luton and there is adequate parking there. Please pm or contact me if you would like to go. and i will add your name to the list. hogie
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