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  1. Ransomes256

    Tr4 Fixing

    John, The hood frame on TR4 does not attach to the windscreen top rail. The hood leading edge contains some reinforcing strips (3) which lip under the front of the aluminium top trim and are pulled in when the hood frame has tension applied by the B post actuators. Care needed to ensure the hood is firmly inserted all along the front edge or it will lift out when driving. Neil
  2. Ransomes256

    TR3a Speedo Head Repair

    Glynn, Speedycables repair, manufacture all instruments and cables. Neil
  3. Ransomes256

    TR3a Speedo Head Repair

    Glynn, Always had good service from these people. www.speedycables.com Neil
  4. Ransomes256

    Trip meter

    Graham, Not a fix to the actual problem but do you have access to use a SatNav for the journey as you could use that as a temporary trip meter. Neil
  5. Ransomes256

    TR6 DLT 729J

    It may well be worth contacting the MG owners club as they may have info on the garage. Neil
  6. Ransomes256

    Insurance theft limitation clause

    I have sent a mail to the TRR insurance but still waiting for a response. Neil
  7. Ransomes256

    Dial Lights / LED topic ... again

    I replaced all mine without removing the clocks. It is very tight but achievable. Check at each stage to make sure you have not disturbed any connections. Have fun ! Neil
  8. Ransomes256

    Insurance theft limitation clause

    What is the TR insurance take on this? Neil
  9. Ransomes256

    Block drain tap

    I have just removed the block drain tap and flushed the system on my TR4 from top access only with all manifolds and engine components left in place. It is tight but was achievable. It may be that the tap will gum up over a few days if left alone. Neil
  10. Ransomes256

    H6 adjustment

    Have the carburettors been rebuilt? If with the rod disconnected to the cam will not leave the adjusting screw in any position I would guess the adjusting arm may have been fitted to the throttle shaft in the wrong place. The arm is pinned to the shaft and the shaft would have needed to be drilled if replaced. Neil
  11. Ransomes256

    Daylight Running Lights.

    I run a TR4 with LED bulbs fitted in the headlights wired to the ignition switch leaving the side lights in place. This is more in keeping with daylight running lights which are only at the front not the rear. Neil
  12. Ransomes256

    Spot or fog lamps

    I am sure there is a legal issue here. Below a specified height you can only mount fog lights. Spot lights can only be used with main beam and must go out when beam is dipped. All lights must be pairs. Long time since I had all the rules when setting up my rally cars. Neil
  13. Ransomes256

    Magnetic Pick-up tool

    Roger Search for Neodymium Magnet on ebay. These are super strong and come in many shapes. Neil
  14. Ransomes256

    Car ramps, lifts or jack for a TR5?

    Mike, I also have a scissor lift giving 4 wheel clear and taking up no additional space in the garage when the TR is parked over the ramp. Under car access is a little restricted but I have easily changed the gearbox by thinking about which way round to put the car on the ramp for the planned job. One end has a lot more access than the other due to the arrangement of the hydraulic lift. One consideration is that there are different versions of this ramp and care should be taken on selection to ensure it is narrow enough to easily fit between the wheels on the TR. My version was stated to be narrow giving plenty of clearance but a colleague had a standard width which requires a lot of care to position the car. Best decision I ever made. Neil
  15. Ransomes256

    MOT woes !

    Why not try a sealer spray like a liquid electrical tape. One version is ebay item 310339493743

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