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  1. I think the plates you show are part of the window rear guide and are to allow some adjustment of the glass position and free running. Neil
  2. I agree that you may not have enough fuel in the tank and hooking the float and lifting it will show. However, There should only be 10 volts at the gauge unless the voltage stabiliser is faulty. Neil
  3. Mike, OK but I have used my lift with a Landrover and a Focus as the arms swing out as wide as you need and I also have 3 different height mounting pads to get the best lift point. I have changed my TR4 gearbox whilst on the lift and given some serious pulling about on front suspension with no stability concerns. There are a couple of things to consider. With the pump lift transport pin it is OK on a flat surface but steps are an issue also it is not very manouverable. I move mine with a pallet truck and my friend uses his wheel skates. If you raise the lift (no car) p
  4. Mike, As the TR4 uses the same chassis as the TR3 so I do not see any additional problems. My friend has the slightly wider version of my lift and we built up a full TR2 on it. Being the slightly wider version the lift was only just clear of the inner faces of the tyres. Neil
  5. Pete, The door gap looks good but I would suggest you need to check with the car sitting on the wheels as this will change them. Neil
  6. Fitted on my 1962 TR4 so do not think that rare but not listed in parts books. Neil
  7. I think you will find this is the fixing where the spring attaches to keep the handbrake cable corectly located. See part 31 in manual / moss catalogue. Stay Safe. Neil
  8. Mike, If you do not get a closer offer I am in Bridgend and have an identical lift which you are welcome to come and view / try. Neil
  9. Rod, Fragile but how fragile. Packaging is the only thing that needs to be good and personally for an item classed as fragile I would prefer to use UPS Check costs on Parcel2Go and you can select from numerous carriers. I use UPS, TNT, DHL and ParcelForce. I would not use Hermes. Neil
  10. I have a Kemppi Mastertig 2300 MLS AC/DC TIG welder which is super expensive (Over £3K) with all the bells and whistles. If you only want to weld steel then you only need DC. HF start means no problem with starting the arc but good features are a pre and post gas ramp times. TIG can give a stronger weld with a flatter finish but the metal has to be spotless so any corrosion not cleaned out will hamper good welds. You do not need high amps with TIG. On thin sheet 35 to 50 is good on the Kemppi but current control is superb. I would try to find someone local to let you tr
  11. I use PayPal for buying worldwide but tend to only sell when it is a sale to another country. Main reason is the charges applied by PayPal are fairly high (about 4%) but when selling in another country it does offer protection and takes care of any currency conversion so you can get paid in GBP. I leave some funds in the PayPal account so I do not have lots of back and forth on my bank account but have never had any issue with drawing funds back to the bank (normally instant) Neil
  12. Jase, Classic Cars Cardiff. 07977 403557 for all TR work Neil
  13. Jase, I know these are strange times but I also live in Bridgend and have a 1962 TR4 and would normally offer you the opportunity to come and use as a reference or just a chat. Have you contacted the South Glamorgan Group as there will be a lot of help on there. Speak to Spiro as he can often help with the supply of parts. Neil
  14. I used to be involved in engine testing and we used a prduct called Dichtol for sealing minor pourosity in castings. As most modern engines are aluminium it was very effective but I do agree that old castings with the porosity contaminated with oil etc. may produce less positive results. Definitely would require the maximum level of cleaning achievable. Neil
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