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  1. You do have a choice as positive earth alternators are available.
  2. I do not know which method was used on TR7 heads but out of interest were the spark plug threads cut or rolled as if rolled using a roll tap may improve the plug fit as opposed to using a cutting tap which could make the fit worse. Neil
  3. We have walked every lane and track round our village collecting rubbish thrown from cars and walkers that consider a clean countryside a dumping ground. Between us we have filled over 25 rubbish sacks and get really frustrated when we walk the same way the next day and have to start all over again. Dog walkers that do pick up the mess, put it in bags then throw the bag in the hedge. Why? Neil
  4. Tom, Not a measurement I have ever looked at so I just put a piece of blue tac 30mm high on top of the front carburettor and closed the bonnet and it did not touch it. I only have about 6mm clearance between the leading edge of the radiator header tank and the bonnet. Radiator is early long neck type. Sounds like the engine mounts are to big or there are no packers between body and chassis so body sitting low. Neil
  5. I had my radiator recored with a modern better finned arrangement and without the starting handle hole to gain some much improved cooling. A lso had the extended neck to top tank joint strengthened. Would not go for a new radiator. Neil
  6. Are the jaws a clamping face or cutting edge. Do the jaws move with the top arm or with the slide hammer part or both?
  7. Looks like an old version of a fencing wire cutter where you use the fence post to lever against. I am sure someone will be along later with another idea.
  8. Additionally if the previous owner had also fitted an electronic flasher unit on the indicators or LED lamps anywhere they are also polarity dependent. Neil
  9. You have probably blown the electronic distributor module by reversing the voltage. Need to fit points and condenser or buy a new negative electronic ignition. Neil
  10. I ship parts (not TR) all over the World and not just Europe. Just been informed ParcelForce and Landmark will not currently ship to Europe and if I do manage to find a courier like FedEx or UPS I have to fill out an export Customs document for all Europe with HS codes for each different item in the package. HS codes seem to be a nightmare so currently Europe is a no go. Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand no issues !!! No wonder Moss and others are confused. Neil
  11. I have used Parcel2Go for many years for UK, Europe, Australia, USA etc. I send several parcels a week and have had very few issues. I only tend to select the big couriers such as TNT, UPS, DPD and of course Parcel Force. Why would you go to the Post Office to send with Parcel Force. Just send 11 Kg to Canada for £65 using P2G with Parcel Force dropping it off at my local Post Office. If I had walked in and sent the same parcel with them is would have been £145 so for me it is a no brainer. Neil
  12. I think the plates you show are part of the window rear guide and are to allow some adjustment of the glass position and free running. Neil
  13. I agree that you may not have enough fuel in the tank and hooking the float and lifting it will show. However, There should only be 10 volts at the gauge unless the voltage stabiliser is faulty. Neil
  14. Mike, OK but I have used my lift with a Landrover and a Focus as the arms swing out as wide as you need and I also have 3 different height mounting pads to get the best lift point. I have changed my TR4 gearbox whilst on the lift and given some serious pulling about on front suspension with no stability concerns. There are a couple of things to consider. With the pump lift transport pin it is OK on a flat surface but steps are an issue also it is not very manouverable. I move mine with a pallet truck and my friend uses his wheel skates. If you raise the lift (no car) p
  15. Mike, As the TR4 uses the same chassis as the TR3 so I do not see any additional problems. My friend has the slightly wider version of my lift and we built up a full TR2 on it. Being the slightly wider version the lift was only just clear of the inner faces of the tyres. Neil
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