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  1. +1 If the gearbox is out it may be worth the Australian ‘O’ ring trick. Roger posted it here some while back. Are you sure the oil leak at the back of the engine is not a shrunk rocker cover seal? Peter W
  2. Check the length of the flywheel attaching bolts as they may protrude through the rear crank flange and touch the new seal. The MM instructions mention this. Peter W
  3. My blue tooth connected hearing aids give me connectivity to my iPhone. I can listen to the news, a play, answer a phone call, etc. Less than the price of a set of wire wheels https://www.costco.co.uk/hearing-aid Peter W
  4. All this confirms for me I did the right thing and threw my original Phillips transistor car radio away. Stupid thing was never on station and the fitting in a side screen TR was a clumsy clutter of brackets and wire. My brother got clever and fitted his in the glove box with door mounted speakers. Not for me. Oh, and it was inaudible above 30 mph once the roof is off. Bin it and concentrate on the driving experience. Peter W
  5. https://realmengineering.com/d-style-wheels/
  6. This is a useful source for core plugs - Sorry it is in UK. They may have the imperial size you are likely to want. https://enginecoreplugs.com/product-category/imperial-core-plug-cup-type-freeze-frost-expansion-welch-cap-lid/
  7. The Dolomite Sprint rear bar is cross drilled so it can be bolted directly to the axle lower control arms.
  8. Here is a view of an adjustable set up. Looks like the bar is through drilled in a few places.
  9. I spent a long time getting the 4 pot top hoses remade correctly. I still visually inspect and test every one for length and fit on a thermostat housing cover to be able maintain my confidence in the item’s fit. We remade that hose as the product more commonly supplied was horribly too long and the wrong id. Note. There is a length difference between side screen top hoses and those fitted to wind up window cars. Side screen are shorter by about 3/8”. Moss offer that top hose for sale. Peter W
  10. What about re case hardening? I have a half pound of Kasenit case hardening powder somewhere. Peter W
  11. My TR came to me in 1975, with the original egg shaped switch mounted so up is overdrive engaged. I have not changed it. It catches my brother out when he drives the car, same way as his one does to me. I have a plug in combination voltmeter, air temp and usb thingy plugged in my cigar lighter socket. Cost under a tenner. Peter W
  12. I fitted regular mesh reinforced epdm rubber hoses as the silicon ones were a sloppy fit, which equals impossible to get water tight. As for all the chat about coating the joints with some goo I feel that is an admission that the hoses supplied are the wrong size. The use of wire band type clamps is considered more effective than flat jubilee type clips. Rubber moves away from where it is being clamped so the spring wire clip is perhaps even better as it gives consistent clamping force. Problem is having tools to fit it and being able to source an imperial sized clip.
  13. http://www.triumphtr7.com/documents/gallery/view.asp?location=Modified&pic=10&page=1 Made from a TR 7 and a body spoiling kit from Rimmers. Peter W
  14. Well done. Thank you for sharing with us. Peter W
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