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  1. TR2/3/4 front suspension trunion to outer lower wishbone arrangement is completely different TR4A/250/5/6 Torquing the nut and bolt that holds the wishbones to the trunion on the TR4A/250/5/6 is correct. Failure to tighten said nut and bolt and the bolt will rotate in the trunion rather than the steel bushes mounted on the bolt rotating in the top hat shaped nylon bushes pushed in the wishbone outer eye. Peter W
  2. That red tint may indicate the ignition being over advanced. Peter W
  3. Have you got an oil filler dipstick? If not a hole in the LH side to access the filler plug in the casing side.
  4. I see you have a 'steam hose' from the top of the thermostat housing to what looks like a pressurised expansion bottle. Is that bottle connected into the bottom of the radiator somehow? Is that to ensure the air in the system is vented? Peter W
  5. Here is a manifold from a TR4A for sale https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR4-TR4A-Inlet-Manifold-307455-Dry-Climate-Rust-Free-for-Restoration/274672762846?hash=item3ff3c5bfde:g:y~MAAOSwT9dgHVwa Peter W
  6. The grease we have available today would be a lithium base multipurpose type like the old favourite Castrol LM. The oil for the bearings can be substituted by something like Philips 66 multipurpose Comparisons https://petroleumservicecompany.com/shell-turbo-41-cross-reference/ https://petroleumservicecompany.com/content/pdfs/PHILLIPS_66_MULTIPURPOSE_R-O_OIL_PDS.pdf I'd use a drop of SU carb dash pot oil to lubricate the plain oilite type bearings in the motor casing. If they look really dry you could always leave the bearings soaking for 48 hours or longer. The o
  7. Which oil filter type do you have? Is it the original type? My car does the same as yours and it is oil dripping from the bottom of the oil filter where the bolt goes through. Item 19 here Peter W
  8. +1 Press on with very localised polishing and scraping inside the dash pot to remove the high spot. Peter W
  9. Anorak Time regarding brake sizes. TR2 to TS5442 10" x 2.25" front drums, 9" x 1.75" rear drums (Lockheed) TR2 & TR3 from TS5443 to TS13045 10" x 2.25" front & rear drums (Lockheed) TR3 & TR3A from TS13046 to TS56376 11" front discs, 10" x 2.25" rear drums (Girling) - this is the biggest and probably heaviest brake set up on all TRs TR3A from TS56376 onwards 11" front discs, 9" x 1.75" rear drums (Girling) TR3B TSF series 11" front discs, 9" x 1.75" rear drums (Girling) TR3B TCF series 10.8125" front discs, 9" x 1.75" rear drums (Girling) TR
  10. These are still available I think and include the TR4A inlet manifold https://www.tr-register.co.uk/classified/3076/Pair-of-175-HS6-SUs-on-TR4-4A-Manifold-fully-refurbished-with-all-Linkages Peter W
  11. Let’s have a front view so we can work out the part numbers printed on the dial Peter W
  12. Rocker pedestal retaining. Replace the 4 nuts and washers with A series head nuts that incorporate washers, the go to upgrade. http://www.minispares.com/product/classic/CAM4545.aspx
  13. I thought Polestar was Volvo with brand separation, so if it bombs the parent company's name will not dragged down with it. Think Sterling for Rover in N America when the Joint Honda/Rover model the Rover 800/Legend model was released there branded Acura and Sterling. https://ateupwithmotor.com/model-histories/acura-legend-rover-800-sterling/
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