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  1. I have a NOS one of those somewhere. PM me and I will update you on the search cheers Peter W
  2. We are in the throws of remaking this item. Samples got 'lost', but we are up and running again. More info when the project is completed. Challenge is economic pressed part, the spring is a simple flat strip with bent down ends attached by a 3/32" rivet Cheers Peter W
  3. On Sidescreen cars fitting and removing wings is simplified with my Snap-On 3/8-7/16 ratchet ring I also use 1/2-9/16 for things like suspension. The only other one I own is 1/4-5/6 which seldom gets used. I bought them in the '70's when it was 3 dollars to the pound and I mended aeroplanes as a living. And they were expensive then. ..... The other godsend is a 1/4 drive socket. Once loosened Cheers Peter W
  4. No, I still cannot understand why you have chosen BSF instead of UNF If the connecting ball joint you mention is the throttle control vertical rod then that is 1/4 UNF. I have a dwindling stock of NOS ball on the stud for the throttle control and they are UNF. Also with a nut on the back will the bell crank clear the mounting plate when rotated? Cheers Peter W
  5. Dear Lars Erik I have sent you a personal message (PM) Peter W
  6. Is it me or should that handbrake cable be below the brake pipe Bracket and held away from the brake pipe by a spring attached to the trans/propshaft tunnel? cheers Peter W
  7. I have a couple of used ones. PM if interested Peter W
  8. Where on a TR are you needing to use 1/4 BSF? Peter W
  9. You will also need to swap the coil LT leads Peter W
  10. That input is from a saloon (2000-2.5PI, 2500TC/2500S) car or Stag. Can you read the serial numbers stamped on the bottom of the casing? If Stag ( serial starts L it will need different pinion bearings to the TR and saloon.
  11. +1 Except for all the bits from TR4 used up on TR3B. Peter W
  12. Marco, have you found this article? http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-38/TR6-38.html Cheers Peter W
  13. Do you mean AMCO type that just lay to the floor or the original Triumph ones that go up the toe board as well? See Roadster Factory http://trf.zeni.net/TR2-TR3Handbook/30.php Cheers Peter W
  14. The two speed switch from Lucas is part no Lucas 35796. See image Turn to operate wipers, push for electric screen wash. This is destined for the TR when I go to a TR6 wiper motor. I would have to strip the dash to find the single speed switch no. NB TR6 users. The stem of the Lucas switch is a lot shorter than the orig plastic switch (Clear Hooters?) So the mounting tube will need modifying. Cheers Peter W PS I do have an used single speed wiper switch with manual washer pump (ex Spitfire/GT6) Plastic type switch like TR6. If anyone is interested I will photo. Would do a TR4 with single speed wipers.
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