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  1. Yes Alan. I have two. They are new old stock and the business ends, top and bottom, have been in plastic bags covered with waxoyle for some years so the centre shaft bit has some surface rust; which I would wire brush off before selling. Both are long column type LHD. note LH helix on worm. One adjustable steering wheel type and one fixed steering wheel type. Remember these are 5 ft (1500mm) long so the UK post says NO! French post probably does too. I will be in Arles, Provence later in June if collection is possible. Price £275.00 each. Plus packing
  2. Can you start the car in gear with the clutch depressed fully and the car does not try to drive away? If so that rules out the clutch plate rusted to the flywheel In which case sounds like insufficient disengagement. Is the car LH or RH drive? Did you fit a new master cyl with push rod? If the car is RHD Was the master cyl for RHD? The push rod on LHD is shorter than those on RHD meaning insufficient cylinder movement for given pedal travel. Got your old cyl and push rod? Do a quick measure.
  3. https://www.theplasticshop.co.uk/perspex-polish-acrylic-polish-xerapol.html
  4. Agreed with Neil it is best suited to checking torques rather that applying them. Useful to know rotating resistance of an assembled engine etc. I have the big brother of that which reads in Ft lbs.
  5. Does the local shop stock Spitfire parts? If so I think part no 122022 shim that goes in the same place on a Spitfire/GT6 can be reduced in length and used on a TR. Have Moss Paris or Anglo Parts Belgium not got stock? Then there is the host of German classic car spares stockists. At least you are in the same commercial continent as them, unlike the UK. Are these stockists any use in DK? https://www.classic-center.dk/pl/Bilmærker-Triumph-TR-2-4A-Styrtøj_143343.aspx Peter W
  6. Does the gear box go ‘crunch’ when you engage reverse, when stationary? Maybe clutch adjustment if it is the adjustable type.
  7. Hi Rob, Just dug through the engine drawer and found two shims fitted on a dog bolt. They are 0.0175" thick id of just under 7/8" and od of just over 1.1/8" PM me your address and I will put the 2 shims in the post to you.
  8. Do you mean the Skinner hood does not reach down far enough on your TR2 to connect to the existing stud that both tonneau and hood stick cover will reach to? In which case Skinner has sold you a hood for a car with Dzus type side screens not the TR2 wedge fitting type. The peg moved up the 1/4 panel an inch or so when the rigid Dzus type sidescreen was introduced See pages 228 https://trf.zeni.net/TR2-TR3GB/328.php#navbar & 238 here https://trf.zeni.net/TR2-TR3GB/338.php#navbar
  9. I'd guess they were made from a quite hard material like the washers under the cyl hd nuts. If not hard they may well yield under the torgue applied to the dog bolt (120 Lbs Ft) Why are you bothered? The orientation of the starting handle for compression stroke will be useful if you intend to hand start the engine.
  10. According to AKM3646 the Triumph service manual TR4-6 Wire wheel extended nuts are to 65 lbs ft Steel road wheel nuts are to 60 lbs ft TR6 (big chromey things) 80 lbs ft.
  11. Come back my high street Maplins ….all is forgiven. I am a firm believer in using flux on every soldered joint. I was told as an apprentice flux not only cleaned the metals but provided an heat sink to even out the temperature.
  12. Do not bother posting the spare 4 nuts back to me, they are just going to be fishing weights as I do not have a wire wheel car. Glad they fixed your problem. Peter W
  13. BlueTR3A-5EKT


    Agreed. Hold it up to the light. If light shines through, it will ruin your rockers in very quick order. Original Triumph shafts did not have the end plugs fitted, you had to fit your own before fitting the rocker shaft. On our stock bin for rocker shafts there was a sign saying !!! Sell with end PLUGS. 137811 !!! Peter W
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