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  1. I saw a sales brochure and one of the interior features was a trinket tray. I want one! This was of course the source of the Mild Madras camshaft joke.
  2. Back ground info https://www.aronline.co.uk/cars/rover/sd1/gallery-standard-2000/ Moss imported a lot of engine parts at the time. An SD1 with a TR4 engine …..
  3. Synchro and/or the top hat bush on 2 nd speed main shaft gear probably need looking at then.
  4. The sole reason for me having the pipes was that I used to make the Kunifer brake and fuel pipes for Moss, 35 years ago, and these served as patterns for shape and length. I do not have any of the tools to produce these items now so cannot offer to make them. All the tooling was returned when Moss chose to resource to Automec in the 1990’s. I kept my new and used patterns though.
  5. The government view. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/daytime-running-lights/daytime-running-lights
  6. Here are photos of NOS pipes. You can see the factory had issues with flattening the pipe where the bend is tightest.
  7. The Regs are issued so the race has started.
  8. Yes originally detachable knobs. Symbol on the UK and European models. ‘CHOKE’ on US models ie carb.
  9. Screw is a self tapper. see here item 48/49 https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr2-4a/interior/dashboards-consoles/dashboard-tr4-4a-1961-67.html
  10. Is RTV a gasket substitute? it suggests here it is https://www.gluegun.com/blogs/news/what-does-rtv-stand-for RTV Silicone Gasket is a singular component vulcanizing gasketing compound designed to provide reliable gaskets for mechanical assemblies. The product cures upon exposure to room temperature air and will form a tough yet flexible silicone rubber gasket. This product resists weathering and aging, with the ability to withstand the thermal cycle without hardening or cracking. RTV Silicone Gasket can be used to replace most cut gaskets or any dressing. It’s typically
  11. My gearbox is a Stag unit converted to fit the TR. It spits out 3 rd gear on overrun when cold. It was a new factory unit ( not rebuilt) when fitted some 30 k miles ago and has had the issue since fitting. Once warm no problems at all. It also leaks from the selectors so I feel a bit of tampering may be in order eventually.
  12. Pt no AUC8479. 30 bob buys it. http://sucarb.co.uk/ferrule.html
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