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  1. As an apprentice working the summer shift at Castle Donnington (East Midlands) my TR2 developed similar issues. Not charging poor starting. One of the electricians looked at my car one lunchtime and within minutes said ‘earth strap’. He wandered off and came back with the yard long main starter cable from our Christmas Tree AW Argosy. ( Not the one pictured but at the same site). That was duly fitted and and solved all the issues. That stayed on the car for many years, screwed to the bulkhead where the battery earth terminated and running to the front engine plate. Cheer
  2. At Moss we used to sell good volumes of these items to MG owners Shiny dash pot covers. http://www.triumphshop.co.uk/Quiller/Parts/products chrome dashpot cover.htm
  3. V post is the vertical post that the trunion screws onto. I’d put the old trunnions in a box or somewhere I could find them in years to come in the garage workshop. Look in the box every 6 months or so to remind you what is the. Perhaps a label…TR 4 …needs pins - thread to vertical post good. Pete W
  4. Coo.! real TR4 with thin washers to support the grease seals. PS Yes the pins look very worn. Don't chuck the trunions tho if they are a good fit on the V posts. New pins may turn up. We used to sell them as a spare part 40 years ago. Peter W
  5. Did you read this? https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5c6dec53b10f25d4edf0b3f7/t/5d019676f90de40001aae0a2/1560385143542/J+Type+Overdrive+Part+IV.pdf Suggests using a LH rear brake hose from a TR4A-6 adapted to the gauge. Then talk to this forum member. Peter W
  6. That failure happened to me on a borrowed LHD TR6 once. Which top-hat bush was fitted at this repair? The one piece brass as orig (129939) or the two piece bush and washer (129939X) from Stag? Peter W
  7. Something tells me that the LHD wiper arms for this car series…TR5 & 250 were available in both polished and Matt finish. Which was correct for original 250? Peter W
  8. What cost them the least and makes the most profit and meets the minimal environmental law? That’ll be the product they offer As Mrs Merton would ask, “what attracted you first to this highly profitable scheme?”
  9. I recall someone either talked of or did fit a length of tube through the edge of their 4A heater casing to route the choke cable to be more direct. Peter W
  10. My experience with the black nylatron POM bushes from Moss is that they require 'sizing' to the steel bush once they are installed in the wishbone arm. They are probably cheaper as they have been in stock for so long, perhaps since Triumph Tune ran as a separate business alongside Cox and Buckles Spares. Peter W
  11. I have sold back plates with shoe assemblies and the drums from saloons to TR owners so I guess the job is do-able.
  12. What you need is a spare gearbox ‘just in case’. That will make sure the fitted one does not play up. You can then curse it every time you bash your shin on it. Peter W
  13. What do you mean with "..Argro.."? My spelling error Aggravation. Peter W Did you sort out a mandrel for the outer bushes, to remove and refit? If not I will whizz one up on the lathe and post it next week. No idea how long the post would take. Last parcel I sent took over two weeks to get to Germany by ‘special delivery’ Cheers Peter W
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