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  1. As you state the hole is for the jack....but only on TR 2-4 where the chassis passes next to the hole and the simple pillar lack fits to a bracket on the inner face of the chassis rail I also suspect it was retained as it formed a paint drain hole for when the shell was dip primed. A Similar big hole is found in the rear of the boot floor. Peter W PS Do not forget the floor panel hole was the same size from TR 2-6. TR 2 originally used a steel plug retained by a spring strap. These are currently being remade by me.
  2. This is what I fitted years ago as I could not see the repeater nor hear the click when driving with aeroscreens or just the screen fitted. It is loud! Simple fit - one wire from the existing repeater lamp to the new buzzer/flasher, one wire from new buzzer/flasher to earth. Mount the thing with a bit of bent aluminium under the dash. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AC-DC-12V-Red-LED-Buzzer-Alarm-Signal-Indicator-Flash-Light-Panel-Mount-/232186685260?hash=item360f67a74c Cheers Peter W
  3. Anything here . ? http://sucarb.co.uk/levers-throttle-stops/throttle-levers.html
  4. Ask Roadster Factory what there’s is like to fit. I doubt they source from where Moss do. Peter W
  5. Having got the crank, block & liners back from the machine shop after crank polish and liner height setting I start the trial assembly. Peter W
  6. Cheap catch tank.....1 litre plastic milk bottle attached somewhere under the bonnet by tie wraps. Length of pipe poked in the top from the engine breather outlet. You could even paint the bottle or cover it with sticky backed plastic for the 'factory finish' effect. It is what the racers did for many years - Cheap and light. Peter W
  7. Are you sure it was petrol you filled up with? That is how my car went when I topped it with diesel a couple of years ago. The Shell Super diesel pump was next to the Super unleaded. My fault for not looking. To check - Open the filler cap of the tank and take a sample out by dipping a clean wooden stick in, withdrawing it and then smell the wet bit of stick. - It should stink of petrol and not feel slippery when rubbed between the fingers. Cheers Peter W
  8. Yes did it in the '70's when the throttle linkage cost about a fiver to renew. There are a couple of distinct challenges. Attaching the inner cable to the pedal and creating and outer cable stop bracket at the carbs. Triumph Tune used to make a clamp to go round the throttle pedal bar to take the cable nipple (think bicycle brake inner cable) Item is TT9918, but at over 40 quid I'd make my own! https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?search_group=&q=tt9918 I used a 'P' clip round the accel/throttle pedal rod above the brake pedal. Attaching the cable to the carbs - Just add a clamped lever to the linkage between the two carbs. The outer cable stop bracket can be made from a strip of metal between the two inner air filter attachment bolts on the carbs. I have K&N filters so just added an metal bracket from a Mini. I will get to the car tomorrow and do some footwell photos. Cheers Peter W This is the underbonnet with HS6 carbs You can see the cable outer casing stop and the lever clamp on the link between the two carbs. In the footwell view you can see the use of a PI TR5-6 accel cable. The outer casing has a stop swaged to it that fits in a hole in the bulkhead and it extends through so the inner wire does not chaff. The P clip is quite visible on the pedal shaft as is the spare inner wire tucked behind the bracket work.
  9. Do you have air conditioning? If not - -What about the under frame for the air conditioning radiator to mount on? Just a thought. Peter W
  10. Will this timing disc be OK to time a Newman Cam? Peter W PS Tongue in cheek
  11. I know IanC did an article on this and it may we’ll be in the Technicalities cd Something about 10 amps to pull in then 1 amp to hold. No doubt he will be along in a while. Peter W
  12. I have enough parts now to assemble 40 plugs, but am still waiting for a price ( and a bill) from the press shop that made the plug. Am currently black etch priming them as individual items & I will assemble using a Monel pop rivet rather than the solid steel rivet. If anyone wants to buy just the spring strip I have a few spares at £6.00 each including a copper rivet. Plus whatever the postage is at cost. Cheers Peter W
  13. Does the LH foot of the engine mounting plate where it fits to the mount by the steering shaft look bent to any one else? The crank pulley looks like it has two theraded holes in it for a pair of extractor bolts to fit into. - Be careful with a legged puller for fear of pulling the outer rim off the inner. Like this thing that will also do a classic Mini clutch/flywheel. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/oes-27019/overview/ Peter W
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