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  1. My answer, same as above - Do Not Use OAT in your TR. It is said to create a slimy mess or crystals in the water ways, radiator and heater cores. See image from USA. Dex Cool is said to have been an OAT derivative. Cost GM a whole chunk of cash. https://www.bigclassaction.com/settlement/general-motors-dexcool-antifreeze.php another view http://www.sancarlosradiator.com/dex-cool.htm The Land Rover forum did this in 2015 https://landroverforums.com/forum/discovery-ii-18/substitute-coolant-havoline-toxic-72140/ Cheers Peter W
  2. Marco, What I believe you are demonstrating is that the spindle that passes through the bearing is 16mm. This is because the most common available size of bearings is metric not imperial dimensions. The 15.9mm diameter area of the shaft is where an original sized water pump pulley must fit. (5/8" or 0.625" as the original bearing bore would have been to fit imperial bearings with a parallel shaft). This step down diameter is done to enable the use of original sized pulleys with 5/8" bores. Assembly - The pulley should butt up against the bearing inner race that sits on the 16mm shaft NOT on that shoulder. The circlip on the shaft behind the rearmost bearing is there to stop the pulley attaching nut from pulling the shaft through the bearing pack. If the spindle was assembled in your pump so the pulley sat on the shoulder then for my money the pump shaft was machined or assembled incorrectly. We had all this when we first remade the TR2-4A water-pump in the 1990's and initially had to have the a pump and pulley supplied as an assembly with a 16mm bore pulley. This meant original pulleys were not interchangeable with the newly remade pumps. Unipart got round this metrication lark, that made the original 5/8" bore keyed pulley unusable by sourcing pump assemblies with the interference fit non removable pulley. So if it failed you threw it all away. The item was GWP202 and you needed a stud TE506241 to fit it in place of the single bolt that could not be used, due to the fixed pulley. Cheers Peter W PS I still have a small box of water pumps from the days when I did a rebuild service. The issue that stopped me from continuing the service was the imperial bearing and spindle availability.
  3. BlueTR3A-5EKT

    TR GT

    Paint it black and you could rival the Allegro estate for usefulness to the pet funeral undertakers' business. Peter W PS what is wrong with Barb or Innsbruck estate - just as quick and has a nicer ride. (triumph 2000/2.5/2500 mk1 or 2)
  4. We use a crows foot or short ring on an extension with knuckle bar and or ratchet from the engine bay side on side screen cars Peter W
  5. BlueTR3A-5EKT

    Wood Dash

    We looked at this style of kit for MGF There was even a ‘carbon fibre’ look available. Here is a US kit supplier but they do not offer Triumph http://www.dashkitmall.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=111_138&zenid=ftanuicgafdeaj8g9v5v1khbj5 Cheers Peter W
  6. Do not bank on the original timing marks being correct. They may well be but it is safer to check the installation timing than have the engine run badly. You are assuming the cam installed is the original and not some exotic regrind. Simple to check using the equal lift on inlet and exhaust lobes with crank at TDC. This can be done head off with a couple of dial indicators and dummy push rods or with two sets of feeler gauges and the head and rockers on. See here for Macy's procedure, which I use as well as the equal open at TDC for a double check. https://www.macysgarage.com/cam%20degree.htm Cheers Peter W
  7. From memory there is no separate starter relay on a TR 6 PI. Ignition switch control goes to the pull in / pre engage solenoid on the starter motor. Cars without a pre engage starter did have the separate starter solenoid. TR 6 USA used an interlock starter relay after 1975, but that does not help here. Peter W
  8. Page 6 https://www.trshop.co.uk/special.html uprated head gasket £ 99.50 Peter W
  9. Hi Paul, 5/16 unc would probably do it - do you have two nuts to suit? If you mess it up and are you able to take the contact cover plate off and get to the head of the terminal bolt? If so there is possibly a terminal bolt in this kit that would fix it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MAZDA-BONGO-2-5TD-FORD-FREDA-2-5TD-DENSO-STARTER-MOTOR-CONTACT-REPAIR-KIT/293191698249?hash=item4443964749:g:TxAAAOxy8HlSdC7l Cheers Peter W
  10. A failing cam follower, caught in time before it did any other damage. Renewal is probably the route of that one or maybe all 8 to be on the safe side. No doubt someone else will be able to advise on this. Cheers Peter W
  11. What condition is the corresponding cam lobe in? Is there any measurable lobe wear compared to the other 7 or surface damage like the follower? If so it's probably toast and suitable for a regrind. Peter W
  12. We did it in the past, here is documentary evidence. Sorry about nat quality I have this in pdf format but site refuses to accept it so converted to jpg. Cheers Peter W
  13. Why can I not Upload/attach a PDF of 377 kb to a post? I have looked in forum help and it says - Thread closed problem resolved. - regarding deleting attachments What am I missing here? I can upload an attachment of the error message that is 254 kb in tiff format.TR2 SOC919.pdf Peter W PS Sussed it - convert PDF to JPG to work around system. error message.tiff
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