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  1. Hi Robert Is “over there” the USA? If so what about McMaster Carr ? https://www.mcmaster.com/products/o-rings/
  2. I’ve got a used 7/8” bar lurking somewhere if anyone is interested. No fixing kit though.
  3. Which thermostat type have you fitted? Take it out and dunk it in boiling water to be sure it actually opens at the specified temperature. I’ve had the job of testing new thermostats for another type of car and believe me they do not all work as expected or specified. Does the cooling system loose water? Is the sump oil level rising? Just to be sure that there is no internal or gasket leak.
  4. Post a photo of the pump and impeller. it wants to have a square cornered impeller to match the base of the pump housing NOT sloping like a TR 7 pump impeller Measure the protrusion of the impeller and the depth of the housing.also measure the thickness of the gasket Do some sums Impeller to pump housing clearance. You want 0.010” minimum when all bolted up. Turn by hand to confirm before running. Probably 0.040” max. I added a shim 0.080” thick in the base of the housing on my car to get the Lucas green box high performance water pump impeller to be in the correct dep
  5. Put a jack under the rear corner of the chassis and lift. Does it close the gap? Add shims under the B post to chassis mount. Do same at front.
  6. Fitted standard on TR3A which is a single line system. Cause more problems with disc brake drag. Took it off Properly adjusted rear brakes should be ok without such a valve Fronts had ir there to stop pad knock back due to flexing stub axle and front wheel bearings. Solved by solid spacer in hub.
  7. Think about doing the V2 rocket launch site at St Omer.
  8. …and the rack Plus. absolutely slather it in grease before fitting
  9. Best pegs I have had to use were from Roadster Factory in the US. The right thread. Fully threaded and ball shaped not pear shaped peg. You would need to ask them if they are still able to supply since their fire. part number. 553827
  10. Took mine off lighter steering and you don’t need to saw with the steering wheel in corners. The alternative is fit front and rear bars and mess with spring rates Revington will guide you down that route quite satisfactorily The steering lever mod is a goody
  11. Agreed this is the solution for remade wheel boxes. Richard I suspects has original items fitted which will have been pressed correctly.
  12. Gien on the Loire Saturday saw some classics. The TR7 is sporting what I thought was TR8 corduroy interior
  13. It has a saloon gearstick gaiter. The od as Stuart posted is not TR. the gearbox might be Check the diameter the clutch spline shaft.
  14. Check that the rubber seal comes out from the base of the float chamber. It fits on the flex tube last. So. It goes Tube nut, backing washer, rubber seal. Get it wrong and it drips fuel.
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