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  1. I had a selection of 9/32 sq drive sockets back in the 70’s. Bought from a man in Chelmsford who sold ex military tools through the Exchange and Mart. I fitted the 1/2” af one to one of those universal jointed yellow plastic coated T handle plug spanners, after removing the plug sized socket. It served me years as the drive to turn snap on easy outs when taking up aircraft freight bay floors. Invariably these needing the retaining screws drilling out as the titanium tri wing screw drive heads were knackered.
  2. You will need new sun gear washers too while you are there.
  3. You can minimise the play but do not tighten it beyond factory spec. The diff gets very hot when running and all those dimensions will change with the heat. Triumph fitted cooling ducts to the axle on some of the racing cars plus an alloy finned axle rear cover is now an useful racing accessory.
  4. Hi Marco, Yes drill and tap the casing for a drain plug is a good idea Yes the sun gear thrust washers might be bronze or fibre type material. They are interchangeable as a set of two, of matched thickness and material. Peter W
  5. Still looking excellent. Peter W
  6. Sounds like what we describe as a differential re-shim. Torque the pinion flange nut up to factory spec. Before you start to strip anything internally do a tooth contact engineer's blue check, this is so you have a guide of how it is now and what you expect when you have re shimmed the assembly. Remove the crown-wheel carrier and differential gear set - Do not mix up the bearing caps position or orientation or the bearing outer races. Carefully spread casing to lift out. The sun and planet gears will need attention first. Try fitting new thrust washers behind the sun gears fi
  7. Coo - Bargain - Stainless steel too - Postage might kill it though @ £4.90 https://www.nero.co.uk/Catalogue/Fittings/Threaded-150lb-Fittings/BSP/Hexagon-Plug I guess you would simply go to your local chandler or plumbers merchant
  8. Sorry I had misread your original post. Peter W
  9. Take a look at this Acknowledgements to Chris Witor for providing this research https://www.chriswitor.com/datasheets/head_applications_chart.pdf
  10. You still have one half moon but to locate the copper contact so some sort of securing system needs to be created to hold the contact to the post
  11. I have rubber mounted my float chambers using original SU items that look like this just be sure to get the correct angle set so the chamber tops are horizontal there are different ones available try Burlen Services
  12. That slot only holds the parking switch contact. I’d probably glue the contact back in place with its clip using araldite or JB weld. Leave to set them reassemble. No fiddling about with 14 W motors and the different mounts, switches wiring or sweeps. KISS principle here Peter W
  13. PM ALANT on this forum if you get stuck He may be able to help with the gear and shaft Cheers Peter W
  14. This item was discussed in TR7/8 forum
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