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  1. Well said David. I agree with your comments. I too struggle to find useful hints/tips when the thread title is not succinct. The database search system ought to work but seems to be not accurate. My brother has just started a similar task on his TR2 engine and we are at the - what bits do we have/need stage. Originally the bottom end lighten/machine/balance/nitride/straighten/shot peen, was all done by Oselli. The reason for the strip and rebuild is to get the head decoked. The valves were badly coked and all the guides were worn. That has been done by Pete Burgess, so all we need
  2. Choke connection rod was originally adjustable to reduce the lost movement you are experiencing. https://www.revingtontr.com/tr4/triumph-catalogue/h
  3. Yes and no Originally the bolt was 1/4 and on later cars (TR5/6) it was upped to 5/16. The clamp with 1/4 bolt is split down part of its spline length only whereas the coupling that uses the 5/16 bolt is split along the total length of its spline clamp. Yes it was was HT 1/4" bolt. You could go to 1/4 unf unbrako cap head screw but I think you will also have to consider lengthening the slot/split so you get a good squeeze when tightening - like the later coupling. I think boring the 1/4 hole out to 5/16 may mean you also have to relieve the splined shaft so the bolt can pass i
  4. Is your challenge to drill the 4 holes in the correct places and your lathe has too small a height from bed to centre, thus not allowing the disc to be mounted? If so I would think about making a stepped bar (73.5mm to 79.5mm) that both the vented disc and the original TR disc will mount on concentrically using their round centres as registers. Fit the two disc types to the bar so their flat faces are in contact. Turn up a guide bush to fit the attaching bolt holes of the TR disc and drill through it into the new disc one hole and then clamp the two discs together with a nut an
  5. Central clutch pedal and left foot braking then Peter W
  6. Simple test Take the air filter out - run the car - does the noise go away? If so you are in the right area. If not seek elsewhere. As an aside Original Triumph fitted PI air cleaner elements had a punched wire support frame around the inside of them to stop them collapsing into the intake hole. The standard element that was supplied for carb fitted cars were just concertina paper without the metal frame. Peter W
  7. Yes you are right. The principle is in the photo - just bore a hole through a spark plug to make your own. This is the 14mm version https://www.britbikes.co.uk/top-dead-centre-tdc-timing-tool---universal-598-p.asp Here is a guide to the task. https://www.wikihow.com/Find-Your-Engine%27s-Top-Dead-Center-(TDC) Peter W
  8. Something like this as Roger has said. https://britishmcspares.co.uk/store/index.php?seo_path=specialist-workshop-tools%2Ftop-dead-centre-tdc-timing-tool-fits-all-10mm-and-12mm-spark-plug-threads
  9. BlueTR3A-5EKT

    Diff oil

    This issue burbles along around the world - I am old fashioned and stick with API GL-4 spec for both axle and gearbox with overdrive. https://bobistheoilguy.com/forums/threads/differential-oil-gl4.268674/
  10. Your alternator wiring sounds like mine. Direct output from alternator to the battery cable at the solenoid. I get little or no positive deflection of the needle. Negative does shew for original wired ignition switch controlled items like wipers etc. All my accessories and headlamps are wired through fuses that come direct from the battery. I run a volt meter plugged into the cigar lighter and that is my yard stick for if the alternator is charging. The voltage running is 13.5-14.5 Cheers Peter W
  11. BlueTR3A-5EKT

    Diff oil

    Spec. GL4 should be used as GL 5 is said to eat the yellow metal thrust washers on the sun and planet differential gears. Peter W PS. How do you get the oil out your axle. Do you have a drain plug or use a suction method?
  12. On special off from Racetorations http://www.racetorations.co.uk/triumph-c56/tr4-c6/tr4-engine-c15/racetorations-closed-engine-breather-kit-tr5-6-p144
  13. Yes I too suffer lack of functionality on an iPad running ios 9.35, which is the most recent operating system that version of iPad will update to and on an iMac running Maverics. (10.9) The iMac I will not update the ios on as all my legitimately owned Adobe programs are then blitzed with a virus from Adobe telling me they are pirated. No, they are legitimate and I have the licences to prove it, what they want is to get me to sign up to 'generation rent' Happy to do that Mr Adobe, just refund me my purchased licences. Peter W
  14. PDF of the original repair operation manual here. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2H2NJt34OffMDVmOTZlZWItYTcyMy00ZDhkLTliOWEtOWU1OWRhNDZhYmRl Peter W
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