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  1. Just took the bellows stat out of my car and replaced it with a Tridon item which is a modern wax type item without blanking sleeve. The bypass has a restriction down to 8 mm in it.. Reason for doing this change was erratic temp. Under 185 for entire 100 miles to IWE them a needles width over 185= all the way home later in the day Temp is now solidly on 185 including motorway and A roads. Cheers Peter W
  2. Looks too wide for my garage
  3. Did the head get re torqued? That may be an issue as you only have done 300 miles on this engine. it will run hotter if it is a new engine. Peter W
  4. Wind tunnel tests proved the mesh item better than the perspex thing. All to do with position and height. This was on a modern 2 seater. Peter W
  5. I note the wipers wiped the screen frame from new. ....and I want that shirt. Peter W
  6. No I do not know final costs yet so any given price may change. Peter W
  7. Here is a pic of the wiper motor assy on a TR5 which is same as TR4A https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr5-6/electrical-system/wipers-washers/windscreen-wiper-system-tr5-6.html The scrolled bit is part of the armature which is removable as an assembly. Undo the two slotted screws at the brushes end of the motor and the fields and armature can be removed as an assy. The slotted screw you are seeing at the gearbox end sets the armature end float. Cheers Peter W
  8. ...and it is the U bend vent pipe that is often neglected by after market tank makers. The U bend is critical or the tank will self empty by syphoning if the tank is ful lof fuel and car is parked on an angle. The later car 'vent through the cap and/or filler neck' is a better arrangement. Peter W
  9. Part Number 602219 Prototype plugs are with me now. Lots of hand finishing work required to ensure fit prior to production and sale. I have made a mock up spring from stainless and loosely riveted it to the plate with an old nail, to see what the final fitment will be like. Plates are good but slightly bigger overall o/d than orig - which really makes no difference in service. Concourse boys might get out a file to reduce the diameter slightly..... Intend to get the things corrosion protected, probably by e coating, so they can be sprayed by the end user. First production batch should be available by October. NOTE - These will fit ALL TR's from TR2-TR6 instead of the rubber bung pt no 603384 Cheers Peter W PS I will put one in my TR if someone wants to touch one at IWE on Saturday. following are pics of plug in and out of floors.
  10. De coke and re do valves. re ring and flex-hone the bores fit new be and main and thrust bearings as required inspect and recon oil pump these few actions would re vitalise the engine. All can be done with engine in car. Fiddly doing crank bearings upside down Cheers Peter W
  11. What oil do you use? I found switching from supermarket 20/50 to Millers 20/60 reduced my oil consumption. Peter W
  12. Fit an alternator... I'll get my coat. Peter W
  13. Yes a gasket pack would probably fix it. https://sucarb.co.uk/carburettor-kits/gasket-sets/h-type.html Do not forget the spanner sizing may be BSF/BSW if you feel the ring spanner is sloppy and at risk of rounding the hexagon off. Once the air cleaners are off the access is quite good. No real need to remove the carbs. Cheers Peter W
  14. Ah, but SU HS4 or their equiv later HIF (ex MGB) will come close as the flange is diagonal mounted. So will be able to fit the TR4A inlet manifold using a simple adaptor plate. Someone on here did this a while back and I have a photo of the installation somewhere. HIF (?Horizontal Integral Float?) has an integral float chamber, not the pot hanging on the side. Alternatively use HIF44 ( HS6 replacements) then the flaot chamber is not touching the bulkhead heater adaptor. The Mini boys have these to make it all scream a bit louder. You will need the linkage from HS6 with TR4A inlet manifold or make up a cable kit as we did in the past. I have the installation instructions 'wot we rit' somewhere. Below is a shot of how I did it in 1975 and is still working today. Cheers Peter W
  15. +1 Read this it has been covered before. My pdf XL chart demonstrates the change in toe in during bump with standard steering arms vs Revington outward bent ones. Cheers Peter W Bump Steer Sheet1.pdf
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