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  1. Job done all works well now. I have had land rovers for years and never had this problem before.
  2. Hi Phil I bought a boot bag for my TR6. It sits one a mat and is strapped to the boot lid. Totaly waterproof nad you can get alot in it.
  3. I have renewed the rear brake cylinders on my 4A. When bleeding I cannot get fluid through the left hand bleeder. I have disconnected the pipe and no fluid flows through, the brake pedal is solid and no matter how hard you press it. The o/s bled ok. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  4. Problem solved. With a bit of a struggle I did as suggested. steering column now rock solid. Thanks guys.
  5. Phil Read

    tr6 misfire

    I have an intermittent misfire on my TR6. It is worst at revs below 2000 and when on light throttle. When you go to full throttle it pulls away fine once over @ 2000 rpm. My first though was ignition but i have a new electronic distributor, new plugs and new plug leads. Do injectors give the same symptoms as you would get with an ingition problem or do they go off and not work at all?
  6. How will you hold it in place while the glue sets?
  7. Thanks for the super advice. I have found the problem. The column is moving up and down on the spines down at the steering rack end. Its a pig to get to but I managed to get a couple of spanners on the bolt and found it was stripped and so not tightening. Now waiting for some new high tensile nuts and bolts.
  8. Thanks for a quick reply. The outer column is firmly fixed, it is the inner column that can be moved up and down, is this normal?
  9. I am presently making a TR4A which I recently baught roadworthy. I have repaired the drive shafts and rear brakes and now I am starting on the front end. I have fit new trackrod ends, which were worn, but notice there is up and down movement of the inner steering shaft, the steering wheel moves up and down @ 1/4 inch. What is the likely cause? Apart from the bushes at the top and bottom of the column, that appear ok, I cannot see any thing else that would cause this.
  10. Thanks for that, I will get drilling.
  11. Hi thanks for thet. There are no holes in the bonnet so it is the bonnet location measuremnt I need as I need to know where to drill the holes.
  12. Could anyone give me the exact dimensions/placement for fitting the world bonnet badge on a TR4A.
  13. Phil Read

    eBay scams

    Ebay do not appear to be able to stop these scams. The same scammer has over 30 motors listed. Ebay eventally delete and then the scammer highjacks another account and relists. I am fed up of reporting these scams.
  14. Another scammer popped up today. they had 52 vehicles listed.
  15. There is no reason why lever arm dampers should not last as long as telescopic dampers. Many cars have been fit with them in the past with litte problem. They also have the advantage that they can be topped up with oil. This was a common service practice back in the 50s and 60s.
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