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  1. Thanks Mick. The title of the discussion was wheel bearings and I could not understand the problem as you usually get warning signs when wheel bearings are giving up. It appears from your very good description that is is the hub itself that fails not the bearing.
  2. Phil Read

    E10 fuel

    Another example of scaremongering. I have been running E10 since it came out, no option round here. I have done a couple of thousand miles, use an additive and all is ok, I check hoses regularly. The fuel pipes will get changed to E10 compliant in the next couple of months and I will continue using additives.
  3. There are a couple of Surry tops on ebay at the moment.
  4. As a matter of interest how many people have experience rear hub bearing failure in normal road conditions.
  5. Four years ago I bought a TR6 for a reasonable sum. Ran ok, started, stopped and the overdrive worked, with a sports exhaust it sounded great. The body looked good. I fit a new hood, which was one of the few things it needed. Fast forward two years and cracks began to appear in the paintwork. No problem I have a mate who runs a body shop. When the car returned, I was told the best thing to do was get rid as it was full of filler. So my advice would be to anyone looking for a project is take a good magnet with you, check all areas for "filled" panels. An engine with slightly low oil pressure, o
  6. The Russians say it is not a war.
  7. I cant find any reference to these. Does this mean there are no retaining plates?
  8. In the northern part of Cyprus petrol in around £1 per litre. The government are insisting the price of fuel is adjusted daily.
  9. My windscreen has no inner finisher trim. I note there are two types, moulded Vinyl (RR1229M) and vinyl material (RR12291/). Before I purchase either I have a couple of questions. Can the finisher be fit without removing the windscreen? And which of the two items is the easiest to fit? Any advice would be useful. Thanks in advance
  10. I use a rubber mallet. Much gentler on the chrome spinner.
  11. I recently bought one of these off ebay 125008657186 Heavy Duty Car Steering Wheel Pedal Lock Security Adjustable 51-78cm Anti-theft. Its quite solid and good value for the price. My car also has an alarm fit.
  12. Thanks for that, its interesting. The stamped number is 219018 which is not on the list, however the raised casting nuber is 313248. accoring to the application list it looks as though it could be from a number of engines so I am no wiser..
  13. These comments are not helpful. Would you like someone making comments like this about you?
  14. Thanks for that, there is no tab so I assum its the non recess type. I have been given a gasket set which has a tab and on the set it clearly says for recessed blocks, which is why I made the enquiry. Looks like I need to buy another gasket set.
  15. Hi thanks for that. I intend to do some touring so want to buy a gasket set just in case. the engine itself has only done 2500 miles and runs well.
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