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  1. Can any one recommend a wind deflector that works well and wont break the bank? There are many mesh ones around £100+ but do they work. What is the best shape?
  2. I had this problem on another classic I own. It would run perfect for 10 miles or so then start missing, back firing etc and then stop, no spark. tried every thing, new plugs, points, capicitor, leads, cap, rotors, coil, etc carb rebuild. In the end I swopped the complete distributor and its run perfectly ever since.
  3. If Rimmers have a laissez-faire attitude to what could be a very life threatening situation I would take the issue up with the DVSA or your local trading standards, thats what they are there for.
  4. Just taken a seat swab apart to get the foam out, what a struggle, however I found a nice little file inside and a 1956 sixpence. I have recieved an accessory catalogue from MGOC and note foam seat bases for an MGB is a mere £45 plus VAT, what a difference to triumph prices..
  5. Brilliant thanks guys, photos very useful.
  6. Both my 4A and 250 could do with the seat bottoms overhauling, its the usual tale of the foam disintegrating. I got a bit of a shock when I looked up the price of replacement seat foam sets. I realy only need the bottoms but every one appears just to sell full sets. Has anyone come across a cheaper alternative?
  7. Range Rover 4.4 tdv8. Will see off most sports cars.
  8. I fit new injectors and spark plugs, no improvement. In the end I took the car to TR BITZ which is my nearset specialist. It came out a different car, no misfire, good tickover, and it drives smoothly. Evidently the main problem was the throttle linkages between the throttle bodies etc.
  9. Cars look good but the clear blue sky looks better.
  10. Thanks for the prompt replies.
  11. I had the same problem and used K-seal as a temporary measure 2 years ago and the car is still going.
  12. Are wire wheels and the adaptor kits ( adaptor hubs, nuts and spinners) interchangeable between TR3A, TR4A and TR250? My TR250 has Minilite alloys on which I do not like so I am considering moving the wire wheels over from one of my other cars.
  13. More to the point, why do modern drills need resharpening so often? Back in the early 60s when I was doing my apprenticeship, it was very rare that a drill was sharpened. Now you can buy a set of so called quality drills eg Draper, drill 2 holes and the drill needs sharpening. Can you buy good drills today or are they all poor quality?
  14. My temp sensor does not work. If I remove the cable from the sensor and earth it the temp needle goes up to hot. I have replaced the sensor but it still does not work. Any ideas?
  15. Just an update. drained the tank, new fuel, new filter, reconditioned injectors, the previouse owner replaced the pump and metering device. I notice the choke is not working, it looks as though the cam has been put on wrong, however the engine starts but hunts like hell., any thing between 800 and 1200 rpm, any one any thoughts on what would cause this?
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