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  1. Phil Read

    eBay scams

    Ebay do not appear to be able to stop these scams. The same scammer has over 30 motors listed. Ebay eventally delete and then the scammer highjacks another account and relists. I am fed up of reporting these scams.
  2. Another scammer popped up today. they had 52 vehicles listed.
  3. There is no reason why lever arm dampers should not last as long as telescopic dampers. Many cars have been fit with them in the past with litte problem. They also have the advantage that they can be topped up with oil. This was a common service practice back in the 50s and 60s.
  4. Thanks for the info I managed to get two second hand ones from TRBITZ.
  5. Hi Its just the hooks. The female parts are there.
  6. The TR4A I recently bought does not have the door restraint/anti burst hooks fitted pt ZKC3464. I have tried the usual stockists but it appears they are no longer available.. Does anyone one know of a supplier? Thanks in advance. Phil
  7. Phil Read

    Car cover

    There are also many reviews that are positive. I have a TR6 outside under a cover and it suffers from the same problem as the one that started this thread, damp under the cover. If a car has been painted properly it should not microbubble. This is usually caused by moisture in the paint when painted and over a period of time it causes very small bubbles. I have never garaged a vehicle and I presently have 5 Land Rovers all from the 1950s, a 2002 Rover 75 and a newer 2011 car. None have problems with the paint or rot All of the Land Rovers have been re painted at some time. I cannot remember any of my past cars suffering from microbubling. The only issue with leaving out all year is the paint dulling if not polished regularly. The main reason I cover the TR6 is to protect the new Mohair top and stop water ingression, not to protect the paint or body.
  8. Phil Read

    Car cover

    Has any one tried one of these? https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-cig81020-heavy-duty-instant-garage---da/?da=1&TC=GS-140613572&gclid=CjwKCAiA_MPuBRB5EiwAHTTvMUwn0WuJB-EJpwvNDAKsdiq3mgIwscmwYqFS2WieP4lBC6PTWhrTsRoCfWAQAvD_BwE
  9. Sounds good Thanks
  10. Could any one give the the dimensions of the alloy tag that has a 4A body number on. It is the one rivetted near the brake and clutch. Note it is not the one with the comm number on.
  11. Apair on ebay now item number:184015615669
  12. Hi Andy I undestand the rereg bit I have just reregistered a 1949 Land Rover. What is an anomaly is the fact it was exported as a left hand drive to Florida but there is no L in the chassis number.
  13. My TR4A final drive is leaking badly from the output shaft oil seals. I note that Paddock motors do a recon unit for the TR6 (JPS322L) which includes new bearing, seal etc. Will these fit the TR4A? I note from the parts books the inner axle shaft has different part numbers but are the complete units inter changeable?
  14. Its the chassis number on the V5c and on the heritage certificate (CTC 73165) which states it was exported as a left hand drive. It also lists the body number as 72571CT.
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