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  1. I have been trying to get my n/s front wing to fit correctly before painting. unfortunately I cannot get the gap fully close between the wing top and bulkhead., its about 2-3mm Any tips.
  2. is there no paint code on the commision plate attached to the inner wing?
  3. Thanks. I am a little warey with regard buying fuel pipe myself. There is so much Chinese rubbish about. A couple of years ago I bought a braded fuel hose for my 49 Land Rover from a reputable trader, fit it but did not start the vehicle for 4 months as I was working overseas. when I came home, straight into the garage, started the car and fuel sparayed from the hose through multiple micro holes. Since then I have bought rubber fuel pipe, with all the appropriate information stamped on it for other vehicles and found that within 6 months it starts to crack.
  4. I had the same problem on both rear sides with my 4A. I noticed the drums getting hot when they shoudn't. I think I found a post on this forum about binding rear brakes due to hose failure, which led me to the rear flexible hoses which were duly replaced.
  5. I am not planning to have this done in the near future, but are their any firms offering a service to ethanol proof the fuel systems on PIs?
  6. Therein lies you problem. Put at least 500 to 1000 miles on it. If it does not improve, then do something about it. Are you racing it? If not apart from the first test on number 5 the compressions seem ok, i would not worry.
  7. Both outer skins are the same, with raised handle mounts. The only difference is that the studs on the wooden frame door screw in but on the metal frame door they have a nut at the back.
  8. Doors removed and stripped, however they are different. One has a wood frame the other metal. I assume the wood framed door is from an earlier car.
  9. Its a good job it was not a "smart" motorway.
  10. I have an ex 1966 USA TR4A it was alocated an F reg.
  11. Have you tried no leak? https://www.goldeagle.com/tips-tools/using-no-leak-to-prevent-minor-oil-leaks/ I have nevr used it but it might be worth a punt.
  12. I have also been thinking about a lift. Unfortunately my garage does not have the hight so I have been looking at mobile mid rise lifts. Has any one any experience of the ones listed on ebay? Advice would be appreciated. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284382368672?hash=item42368293a0:g:VzYAAOSwTFJg-s4h https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334090869457?hash=item4dc95e1ad1:g:VtYAAOSw-sVb~VIQ
  13. My tickets have arrived. I bought Classic Car Weekly, all the details are in there.
  14. I paid for my weekend tickets back in April. The web page says the tickets will be sent 2 weeks before the weekend. I have not received mine yet, has any one received theirs or is there a delay?
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