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  1. I recently fit a reconditioned lucas pump to my 1973 PI. The old one was ok but in my wisdom I decided to give the car a treat. Since fitting the pump the car is bad to start when stood for a while eg overnight, once started it runs ok and starts for the rest of the day. Before fitting it started well. Any advice would be useful.
  2. There are some wings on ebay.
  3. Thanks for the insight guys. I made an outright purchase for 1 injector as I wanted to try and identify the cause of the intermittent misfire, I did not want to go to the expense of replacing all the injectors. I had never seen an injector without the needle so was not sure it was correct for the car. It appears this type of injector was fit as standard by the factory for a period in the 70s. I will give it a go.
  4. My TR6 has an intermittent misfire at low revs, commpressions ok , new plugs, new distributor, reconned fuel pump. I want to try changing the injectors and have a couple, one is a reconditioned unit. Although both are push in types they have different nozzles. Which is correct for a 1973 model?
  5. Hi Thanks for the intrigue, I got my answer by reading the web page more thoroughly, its the same part number for two models early TR2 and later TR3 but they are different panels, I need the boot lining panel 901648/647 for my 3A but these are not available. https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-800640.
  6. This may seem a stupid question but I notice that when quoting parts numbers for body panels some times there is a choice between the panel listed under the parts number and a "pressed" panel. The pressed panel being more expensive. What is the difference and is the pressed panel worth the extra?
  7. Make sure its 70% alcohol, any thing weaker will not work.
  8. An interesting topic, I used to judge concours cars at shows and this was the very thing we looked for.
  9. Thanks for the information guys. I have had a word with a local fabricator and he tell me its no problem to make an infill. One question I have though relates to the join between the quarter panel and the tonneau saddle, on later TRs you can see a join line is this the same for the TR3A or is it filled?
  10. The filler has been removed. The area of bad metal is slighly larger than that shown in the photo. However the fact still remains that the tonneau saddle/deck is not available so would still need a repair panel slotting in. I just wondered if anyone made them.
  11. I am aware that you can buy the rear quarter panells for the TR3 but the tonneau saddle does not appear to be available. On my car both parts are sound apart from the area shown in the photo. Is any one aware of a company that makes a repair piece for the area shown in the photo?
  12. JP weld works, I have used milliput in the past for small tank leaks. Any of the apoxy putties that are oil/fuel resistant should do e.g Pro Seal Fuel Petrol Tank Repair. Plent on ebay.
  13. Last year I registered a 1949 Land Rover. I did it through the series 1 Land Rover club. The vehilce had to be complete and you have to have signed photos. Do it through the register when you have finished it, that way its quite painless.
  14. Ebay, I bought a couple some time ago but unfortunately I cannot remove the two screws that locate the present set up. They are seized solid.
  15. Thanks for the advice guys very helpful.
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