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  1. After trying time and again to place a classified ad on the classified site and failing, I'm using this to say that, if anyone is looking for a complete TR3/3A axle to upgrade their TR2/early TR3, then I have one for sale for £500. Exactly as removed from a car many years ago and stored since, and very hard to find now, Bill Piggott
  2. Hello again Philip, Mary certainly lived in a grand house in Bearsden when I visited her in 1998 to interview her. Her husband had a GIANT model railway in the attic that I was shown....wonder what happened to all that? She had no offspring as far as I am aware. She was able always to get 888 numbers as I seem to recall that her father was in the motor trade, which was how, she told me, she was able to get one of the earliest TR2s at a time of shortage and use it in the March 54 RAC Rally. The interview is still unedited 20 years later....your posts prompt me to get this done and put onto dvd from the vhs where it sits....will let you know when I get round to it ! Bill P.
  3. Hello Philip, I met Mary Walker twice, and wrote up her exploits in my 1995 book Triumph by Name, Triumph by Nature. I also have an unseen video interview I did with her in 1998. You won't find her, as sadly she died about 6 years ago. She came from Northumberland but went to live in Bearsden, Glasgow when she married a Scottish doctor and became Mary Frazer. It was whilst she was single that she rallied extensively and successfully, almost always in TRs, in the 1954-1964 period. Her cars always had 888 number plates. OWK 888 was a very early TR2, and her second TR2 was JJR 888. VWA 888 (Lanark registered) was her 3A......I'm not sure if she ever had a TR3...she didn;'t mention one. VWA 888 is still shown on the dvla website as existing, but long term off the road, so it is out there somewhere, but they won't tell you where...….When did you receive the picture from her? She must have been a generous lady, as she gave me her two RAC rally finisher's medals, for 1954 and 1955, which are still in my office......Bill Piggott
  4. I've had TR2/3/3A s and Healey 100s for 50 years now.....both are equally good but in entirely different ways. Were the best parts of each combined into one car, it would have made a fabulous device.....Bill P.
  5. Well Tom, think hard before you do it...….the BN2 is about the best car Healeys made, especially in "M" tune......it is the car all the Healey family considered their collective favourite.....BMC forced them to use the 6 cylinder engine in 1956 against Donald and Geoff's judgement. The 3000 is a heavy old beast, especially in Mk 3 form...it shakes rattles and rolls a lot more than the Hundreds and ALWAYS uses a lot more fuel for the same result! I know, I've had 'em all...…(all 100s do leak in rain -but even the best late 3000s are never fully dry) That said, if you do proceed, the TR wires will generally fit Healeys, BUT the later 3000s have a different thread for the k/o nuts, 12 tpi instead of 8, so k/o nuts not necessarily interchangeable.....Bill P.
  6. Thanks everyone for the offers of help, but I've got one coming now from relatively near me, Bill P.
  7. Thanks Hamish, I'm in Herefordshire, but I'll contact the bloke on ebay and see what it will cost to send..... Sadly Ian the cheapest on MYtyres is now 60 quid plus VAT, candy floss included ! Or they will sell me a new Michelin XAS 165x15 for nearly £500 with the VAT......good gawd, that's two thousand quid for new boots for a TR2......does anyone buy them? Bill P
  8. Ah well, thanks anyway, Bill
  9. Hello Rob G, Ian Cornish has just tipped me off re this thread, which I don't usually view......yes, I would be happy to give your aged Cints a home if they are indeed 155x 15 size and not 165s.....whereabouts are you based? Bill P.
  10. Does anyone have an old but legal /serviceable 155x15 tyre I can use as a "get you home " spare ? On my early TR2 a 165 tyre won't fit the spare wheel compartment, even deflated--a well known problem with early TRs built for 5.50x15 cross-plies. Bill Piggott
  11. Can't agree about Roy North being the first to fit a TR2 with an anti-roll bar Roger....the factory tried them in early '54 and Vic Derrington was marketing his as early as late '54, Bill P.
  12. Hello Tom, ah, so it was Roy North's car.....he used to run a motor accessory and tuning bits business in Watford in the late 60's....used to advertise in that wonderful rag Cars and Car Conversions , our bible in the University of Bristol Motor Club circa 1968, when we all had tuned 850 Minis with Peco exhausts......would that I still had my '59 Mini now that they are making joke prices.... I patronised Roy's shop a few times....even stumped up £25 for an exchange polished and ported Mini head once and carried it home on the bus ! As to TFN 500, no details ever on the Register as far as I know, and DVLA doesn't list it as current......Bill P.
  13. It is my guess that this IS a TR3A block (from a later car) , but that the "T" that should be in front of the "S" is very feint.....I have seen similar cases over the years and suggest minute inspection with a torch and magnifying glass after cleaning that part of the block may reveal traces of it.....Vanguard blocks usually commence with a "V" prefix not surprisingly, Bill P.
  14. Yes, a team of vicars will help you on your way to Rhode Island...………….BP
  15. It's worse than "difficult", it is downright impossible in many cases...….always remember that of the 55 or so D type Jags built only around 100 still exist ! ! BP
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