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  1. Ah Ian, he'd tried to buy Morgans, without success, earlier in the 50s but still had hopes and wished to keep them sweet, and he had a personal financial interest in the Doretti project that hadn't been disclosed to his fellow directors.....naughty eh?, but then he ran ST as a personal fieffdom at the time and paid the price...… Bill P.
  2. As far as Iknow "Flat-rad" plus 4 Morgans had Vanguard engines and post 1953 cowled rad plus 4s had TR2 engines...…..one of the reasons John Black was "sacked" by his own board at the end of 1953 was that he was quietly diverting engines from the TR2 line to go into both Morgans and Dorettis at a time when there was a dire shortage of TR2 engines for TR2s ! Bill P
  3. Good news chaps, the tyre is out.....thanks for all the advice.....I used a combination of washing up liquid and a softwood lever which just started to move it enough to work it side to side and it gradually came out. I've now used a scissors jack with wooden spreaders to raise the boot floor slightly and the deflated 165 now goes in and out , and yes, I did put a pulling loop round the spokes first, just in case! Bill P.
  4. Thanks Folks, but can't of course get to the valve and can't get a tourniquet or similar round it as can't get to round the back....the thing is well and truly in.....trying to force lubricant in might help, (would WD40 or grease affect the rubber? a shame, as it is a good tyre) , but otherwise, as you say, a deliberate puncture might be the answer, in which case I'll demand the clowns mend it for free....being a wire wheel it is of course tubed, Bill P.
  5. Help.....! a clown of a local tyre fitter has managed to stuff my TR2 spare wheel into the spare wheel tray such that I cannot remove it......It carries a wire wheel and 165 tyre and I normally fit it in with the tyre deflated and carry a foot pump, when a 165 will JUST fit in...….this twit, presumably thinking he was doing me a favour, inflated the tyre when the car was left with them for other work and managed to force it in the tray...….can anyone think of a way to get it out ? I've just acquired a 155 tyre for future spare use to avoid the problem , but first I have to remove the 165...…..Bill P.
  6. SHP 520 is looking good now, yes, but you should have seen it when I found it in the 1990's after 25 years open storage in a garden in Norwich ! Not a tribute to that particular previous owner, who'd managed to park it with the handbrake hard on ! After 25 years, we had to smash both rear drums to even get it off, as well as cut the apple tree growing through where the floor had been...….Bill P.
  7. Same book John, but one edition was published by Motorbooks in the USA, and the rights were later taken over by Herridge and Sons here in UK, who republished it when it went out of print. It is still available new from Herridge's website as far as I know......Bill P.
  8. Interesting....still they turn up ! MJY 608 was 1st registered in Plymouth in March 1957, chassis no TS 16720 according to my records, and it was once on the Register...…. looks pretty original too....BTW who are the film makers Stuart? Was this on TV or something? Bill P.
  9. Good, but I do hope it turns out to be the right book, as I can't find it on Amazon and there are lots of Triumph books with vaguely similar titles...….Bill
  10. If you want to see many historic Frank Callaby Triumph pictures then seek out a copy of my largely -forgotten book published in 2000 called "Triumph, the Sporting Cars" published by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd. It contains dozens of excellent quality pics , largely from the BMIHT archive, as I compiled it in conjunction with them.....they got a share of the royalties. Sadly Alan Sutton disappeared soon after that into the Haynes maw, and all efforts I have made to have this book reprinted have failed, Haynes of course no longer being interested in their old motoring titles...…. Although I regularly see copies of most of my other books on sale secondhand at dealers etc, I never see this one, yet I know that 2500 copies were printed and sold.....where did they all go? Would that I had stuffed a hundred copies under the bed back in the day. Bill Piggott
  11. Ugly, innit? I turned it down in 1979 for £395 when it belonged to Andrew Ledingham…..its running was as rough as a bear's bum...…. Why so much loot? Well, it was a famous Goodwood entrant around 1959/60 in Bill's hands and won the Motorsport Brooklands memorial trophy series....I think, without looking it up, two years in a row.....winning a number of marque sports car races at Goodwood and elsewhere....I researched its history for Darrryl a few years back and it has certainly been well rebuilt recently, but 195k....? More than somewhat optimistic I'd say, especially in today's bloody awful market (ask any dealer.....)…..still, should be a Goodwood entry "golden ticket" as they say......Bill P.
  12. I have the same non-Addco bar on the front of my TR2 ……..I bought this 2nd hand from Buckles about 35 years ago and have transferred it from car to car since.....II think I've had it on 6 TRs over the years....it works well but I've always wondered who manufactured it.....definitely a professional job....and PLEASE gents, can we use the English phrase Anti-Roll bar for the front bar, not the American anti-sway bar...…..Bill P.
  13. Roy, you'll need to contact our V765 man via the club office to ascertain the latest dvla rules re completeness of car I'm afraid....note that "completeness" does not mean the same as "Originality" …...Bill
  14. Hi Roy, 3154 BT is a number issued by the old East Riding of Yorkshire circa late 1960, which stacks up with your car's date. The old archive records for BT numbers DO still exist, and were held in Beverley, E Yorks, though they may now be at either York or Hull record offices.....however, you shouldn't need this as you have the old style logbook to rely on, and you will be able to retain the number provided the car is largely complete and in one piece and passes an inspection by the club's V765 officer, Graham Andrews, who took over the job from me. Good luck, Bill P.
  15. What is the original reg number? Having recovered over 400 reg numbers for members over 26 years 1990-2016, I know what records are where....Bill Piggott
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