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  1. Hi Roger - I'm rebuilding my 5 and today started to fit the trailing arm studs nylocs. Unfortunately, one of the studs on one side has stripped it's thread in the trailing arm. (Oh no! - not another one I hear you say :wacko:)

    I've looked on the forums and seen that you recommend using 5/16th UNF thread inserts rather than the UNC ones, so I've decided that I'll fit the UNF inserts to all 12 studs. I also saw that you have/had a kit to replace the studs.

    I would be extremely grateful to either borrow your kit, or know where to buy one from. Can you help please?

    regards Bill Mahy

  2. Thank you everyone for your help. I've managed to locate and buy an overdrive with gearbox now. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to anyone who reads this posting. regards, Bill.
  3. Thanks for your advice so far. I've found the contact info for Tony at Kingston Sportscars off the internet, so I'll call him later. I've also been in touch with Mike Papworth earlier this year - a few different options from Mike to think about. And, I've contacted Mike at Classic Sports Cars who responded to an earlier thread (last month) for an A type overdrive - more options here as well. I'd like to keep this thread going in case anyone else out there has an overdrive which I might use or trade in against a reconditioned unit. I'm still keeping my options open....... regards Bi
  4. Hi, I'm looking for an A-type overdrive to fit my "standard" gearbox TR5. Or, I could be interested in an overdrive with gearbox. I recently bought a gearbox with J-type overdrive from a 2500 saloon, but would rather have the correct parts for my car (I know the J-type parts may be stronger, but.....). Does anyone have one, or know a man who might? Very cautiously optimistic.... regards Bill
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