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  1. +1 Its not just you have to pay twice to do the job its the time spent re fitting components sometimes only weeks old, plus in my case a leaking brand new master cylinder ruined a bare metal respray ................not annoyed at all.
  2. I'm sure there is a company that 're sleeves' originals but can't for the life of me remember who it is !! sure somebody will be along shortly to advise
  3. Thats a hat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. John any good ? The used panel is one of Marks (flying Englishman) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Tr4-4A-Stanpart-Rear-Valance/133107449584?hash=item1efdd27ef0:g:UmUAAOSwJkhbcynt https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR4-4A-Lower-Rear-Valance/143323670661?hash=item215ec1a885:g:03oAAOSwFRtdI6Ur
  5. Graham

    Wha Hoo!

    Yep I think you can safely say I've reached the limit of what I can afford................ but possibly not what is achievable.
  6. Graham

    Wha Hoo!

    As soon as I get the hard copy print outs I will scan and post them
  7. Graham

    Wha Hoo!

    Deggers many thanks your obviously more up with the technology than me !! one thing I need to point out is that the cars isn't doing 176mph its 176KPH!
  8. Graham

    Wha Hoo!

    I'm still waiting for the Dyno dumps to be sent to me, apparently Enginuity are going 'old school' on me they are going to print them off and post them to me (and they are waiting for new printer ink to arrive as the recent hot weather 'cooked' the printer) But for those of you that 'do' Instagram, ( I don't nor do I really understand it ) the Dyno session has now been posted there apparently you need to search for Jerry @ Enginuity ?????
  9. Phil just been out to the shed and found the pump went to test it and it had sized the motor tried to run but the pump was stuck pulled of both the hoses and gave it a good squirt of wd40 wired it all back up again and it now works so suggest you try the same with your pump and it may well work just make sure you run it to get rid of the oil before you put the pipes back on otherwise you will end up with a very smeary windscreen !
  10. Phil I would in the first instance check if anything is jamming the pump if it's getting that hot its drawing a lot of current if you need a spare in a hurry I may have an old one in the shed but if the mot's tomorrow that may not be any use
  11. Graham

    Wha Hoo!

    No to be honest it had a very small flat spot at about 3000 rpm and a slightly bigger one at 4000 apart from that it ran really well, now it pulls like a train
  12. Graham

    Wha Hoo!

    Jochem engine is on a +40 bore so to be honest not sure what that makes the engine CC wise, cam info Duration 292 Valve Lift 0.504" Valve Clearance 0.014" Full Lift @105 degrees ATDC
  13. Graham

    Wha Hoo!

    Mick from memory I think they crossed at peak torque 5250 or perhaps I'm getting confused and the traces crossed at 5250 but the peak torque figure was different ! TBH it was the first time I've ever put a car on a Dyno so although the guys tried to explain everything to me obviously I should have paid more attention or taken more of it in a least ! Dyno was Enginuity like I said they have promised the traces so will post them when I get them I did try to take photo's of the screen but I should have turned the flash of as I have a number of great pictures of the flash reflection in the screen. Just looked at one of my rubbish photo's and yes torque and power cross at 5250 and this was peak torque 185.9 ft/lb
  14. Graham

    Wha Hoo!

    Ok yes totally accept one Dyno's 194 BHP is another's 174 ! So yes totally happy to take this figure with a pinch of salt. The main reason I put the car on the Dyno was I thought it was running to lean and it was. The power hike was totally down to an uprated MU. Yes tyre pressures were raised but that was to lift the car a bit as the exhaust was bottoming out on the ground when the car dropped into the rollers. Power figure quoted was at 5750 ( power was still rising all be it slowly but engine is on standard crank so we all agreed that was far enough) max torque 5250 Mods Increased diameter plenum with high flow filter, Oseli modified big valve head, 10.5:1 compression. Rally cam, extractor manifold and shouty exhaust KMI 'Sprint' spec metering unit. Plus the usual stuff you do to the bottom end to stop it going bang, and it runs on a mix of V power and some Devils brew additive tha Fuzz Towsend sells. Dyno promised to email me the Dyno traces ( for what they are worth) will post the when I get them.
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