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    Audi Allroad 4.2 P1 GOP sold
    TR6 BUO536L current
    Audi RS6 RS 06 FUN Sold ! :-(
    TR3 UOV713 current (well its the wife's really)
    TR5 VPK 453G runs but bit of a project

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  1. Thanks Ian I have dropped him a message
  2. Nothing sinister just wanted to have a quick chat about the rebuild of your car. many thanks Graham
  3. Isn’t Mike Papworth based somewhere near Leamington Spa ?
  4. The plenum panel on my TR5 has rotted out and the repair panel isn’t available, is it possible to use a 4a plenum panel and weld plates on the 4a air vent holes or is the panel a different shape altogether ? ATB Graham
  5. Yes was in there yesterday topping up BUO at £1.70 a litre
  6. Thanks Phil didn’t know about this will get it downloaded
  7. A friend of mine was showing me his new car the other day, its a Tesla, now can't say I like the look of the thing or even sitting in it, a bit soulless for me, but what I did find brilliant is that the IPAD thing that passes for a dashboard has an app loaded on it that shows the location of all the charging stations. Was thinking that it would be really useful to have an app on your phone that would show the location of all petrol stations that supply E5. My local station has only ever sold 'vin ordinaire' (at 'vin extraordinaire' prices) sure there must be a lot of local service station
  8. Looking to purchase a property that’s a little of the beaten track. No mains gas/water/ drains. It it does have mains electricity and a very big barn ! But it doesn’t have a phone line either so was looking at one of the 4G boxes that have an aerial to provide broadband, anybody have any experience of these and what the download speeds are like ? After 42 years at BT I should probably know more about this than I do, but a bit like when I was at when I was at school I didn’t pay enough attention
  9. I’ve been doing some work in a local classic car garage and the have stopped using Helicoils and now use these instead. https://eshop.wurth.co.uk/Product-categories/Insert-nut-Time-Sert/31086006010704.cyid/3108.cgid/en/GB/GBP/?pk_source=google&pk_medium=cpc&pk_campaign=005_DSA-All&pk_content=DSA_CAT_Hand-tools&pk_kwd=&pk_cid=1730377819&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-5PNq_zg8wIVaoBQBh1BdQANEAAYASAAEgI_a_D_BwE
  10. That looks like Enginuity in Acton
  11. Anybody know the whereabouts ? Previous owner enquiring
  12. Ask for Mark or Jerry they are the co owners
  13. Lee personally for me it would be Enginuity they set up the suspension on my 6 and I’m really pleased with the way it handles now.
  14. Graham

    London's ULEZ

    Aren’t historic vehicle exempt from ULEZ ?
  15. 'Walter' my wife's TR3 needs some new boots, can't really justify £160 plus for CN 36's recommended by Longstone and want to keep him on 155's as thats the size of the spare and want to keep steering at parking speeds as light as possible so as far as I can see the more 'budget option only leaves me Blockleys or the Verdistien classics any body any views on pros and conns of either please.
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