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  1. Graeme does this roll bar restrict the seat travel or do the seats slide inside of the main hoop leg .
  2. Or https://classicleatherfobs.co.uk/product-category/triumph/?product-page=4
  3. Miles to be honest I don,t know much more save to say the clean air zone extends quite a way to the West of London as far as I’m aware so not central London and the horse box was built on an ex fire brigade control vehicle Oh and the best bit is it still has the fire engine horn on it .......so useful on a horse box
  4. Spoke to a friend the other day, He was telling me that he was taking his wife's horse box for an MOT, found the garage that was doing it but was told to take it to another site entrance, he managed to get a bit lost and in doing so he entered the London emission zone and got fined £1000. He managed to get it down to £200 on appeal but a bit of a shock never the less. Nor was he happy with the MOT garage for not warning him!
  5. Graham

    TR6 Radio

    Hi Foz You can fit a 'DIN' style radio to the original console by simply enlarging the existing hole, but be aware once done there is no going back ! The PO has done this on my 6, but point to look out for is that the newer style radios are larger ( obviously) and they tend to have a chassis which you should fit into the hole in the console first and then you slot the radio into that. With my radio its so big that you have to fit the radio and chassis in as a single unit because there isn't the 'wiggle room' to do it properly. This does then need a lot of fiddling about to get a firm fit. Only my experience with my radio others may be different. If I was doing it from scratch I would be tempted by one of the old style radio's with new giblets to get you blue tooth and iPod connectivity if thats what your after.
  6. Was Friday quieter than Sat/Sun I went Friday and was surprised how busy it was.
  7. Graham

    Rear Bumper

    Keith I had same problem made worse by me liberally coating the gaskets with wax oil prior to bolting them up. In the end I dug my old ones out and cleaned them up. Possibly you could use impact adhesive to stick them to one side or other of the joint to hold them in shape while tightening them up ?
  8. Graham

    TR3 UOV713

    Julian many thanks
  9. Guys good to meet up with you all and even caught up with Mark and John from London and TVG groups
  10. Guys anybody know if this car is around anymore
  11. Graham


    TRGB £75k TR5 https://www.trgb.co.uk/cars-for-sale
  12. Would be really interested to know if you have any more information on where the photo was taken Etc
  13. Julian many thanks for the picture, still has the aero screens but appears to have lost the wing mirrors and spot lights
  14. Picture from Wotton Aution Room site
  15. So am i correct in thinking if you are looking for an engine to use a basis for rebuild this would be the type to go for i.e. strengthening rib on block and the 'fire rings'
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