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  1. interesting point you raise about head phones, I'm guessing its all down to what the headphones are for, as in military vehicles driven on public roads its not unusual to either have ear defenders on or crew/commander comms, but in neither of those case are you listening to music, although at times I sure they wish they were !
  2. One listed on EBay now for £10500
  3. Slowly picking away at the 5 and its clear that both the passenger inner and outer sill are toast as is the bottom of the B post, however my question is that at some point the sill closer flange ( the bit of the floor pan) has been replaced badly. So my options are to either repair this again properly along its full length or simply replace the whole floor pan, I'm edging towards replacing the whole floor as I'm thinking its going to be simpler and less welding (floor also needs a repair in the top left of the footwell) Just canvasing the thoughts of others who might have already done this? ATB Graham
  4. Anybody have any history on TR5 VPK 453G I'm the current owner and would be interested in any previous history prior to its export to Europe in July 82 or what happened to it between 1982 and 2018 when it was re imported . ATB Graham
  5. Any body suggest a media blaster near Aylesbury please. Neither the company at Wescot or Bicester answer their phones or return messages and the chap located in between both of the who I've used before and would throughly recommend only does smaller items and I want a chassis cleaned. many thanks ATB Graham
  6. Wayne I know you've had a lot on your plate lately (AGM) but did you get anywhere with this, just intrigued as to what is going on.
  7. Chris look at the cylinder head identification chart https://www.chriswitor.com/technical.php
  8. Chris just pm'd you the link
  9. Chris personally wouldn't bother having a 250 head ported, would go for a UK spec head and start from there sure I saw one on the 'Bay' the other day listed at £30
  10. Hi Chris welcome No connection to either but a couple of possibilities for you to consider, whereabouts in the country are you ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Tr-250/233018191538?hash=item3640f76eb2:g:ow4AAOSwIS9b-QF7:rk:3:pf:0 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR250/132863355775?hash=item1eef45eb7f:g:tY4AAOSw29Jb9UJi:rk:17:pf:0
  11. Hi Friend of mine had them in his 6 and subsequently replaced them with the MX5 ones as he found the Suffolks made him sit to high in the car, he's not that tall either so just consider this before purchase. Try and see if you can sit n a few different types before you part with your cash
  12. Ian many thanks for you kind offer, but I managed to get a Makita one and cut it down to suit.
  13. Here you are Roger just looking for exactly the same except with an M14 threaded hole ! ATB Graham
  14. It's the same as the nut in the 3rd link Bob posted
  15. Just had a 'moment' in the garage. I was trying out the new 'shrinking disc' kit I had recently purchased. I got it from the States so it turned up with an AF lock nut/sleeve, rather than the M14 one needed for a uk spec angle grinder. No problem thinks me, sure I have one with my existing angle grinder, said item duly located and fitted and off I go. 2 minutes into the process queue very loud bang followed by boot lid which was working on flying one way across the garage and the disc flying the other. such is the energy in the disc it took a good minute ( i kid you not) to stop spinning on the garage floor. Upon examination of the angle grinder the sleeved locknut head had sheared off, then I released the ones provided with the kit are steel and then one I had fitted was alloy. Anyway to my point anybody know what they locknut thing I broke is actually called, I though it was just a locking collar, but that refers to the flat threaded locking rings used with cutting/grinding discs and I need one with a threaded sleeve on it like you would use with a sanding disc.
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