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  1. Wouldn't be put off by a PI car once set up by a specialist pretty much fit and forget in my experience, in fact the problems come if you start fiddling with it. BTW I've had a PI car since about 1985.
  2. I've got an engine that has one of the letters of the engine number stamped sideways, guessing it must have been done on a Friday afternoon after a looooong lunch Hic
  3. Filler, Bonda Rust, Bonda Rust Bonda rust, Filler, Bonda Rust ??
  4. To be honest Nigel I’m with you on. This one if I’m looking to buy an engine for rebuild provided it turns over the I’d rather have one in a single lump than in bits heavy or not, but now it’s a ‘parts kit’ I would leave it as it as. Had a quick look on the bay and complete engines listed (not saying selling) for around £400 but as you don’t have a head and it’s now in bits £200-£250 my guess
  5. Pete Sure you are correct as given Triumphs history in these matters sure there will be late TR4's with 4a style bonnets and early 4a's with 4 style bonnets and then a few in the middle that might have an early scuttle re enforcer coupled with a latter style of longitudinal strut fitting, then throw in nearly 60 years of ad hoc body repairs and I don't think any of us will unpick it all !
  6. This is what I believe to be a TR4 bonnet despite the 4/4a listing note no locating fittings for ‘locating cones’ and location of longitudinal strut https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Tr4-4a-bonnet-Original-Rust-Free-L-K/402315308479?hash=item5dabdc6dbf:g:IccAAOSwssdeje6p
  7. Sorry got that totally wrong just been out to the garage 1 hole from the side of the bonnet 4a 250 and 5 2 holes from side of the bonnet Tr4 .....In addition Tr4 Bonnets won’t have the sockets for the locating cones at the scuttle end
  8. red one is a 4 bonnet, only 1 hole from the side of the bonnet, 4a/5 are 2 holes from the edge Got this wrong red one its a 4a/250/5 bonnet one hole from side of bonnet 4's normally 2 holes from side of bonnet
  9. I see from the tin for applying top coat its 6-24hrs after the applying Bonda Rust or leave for 7 days, would it be the same for a second coat of Bonda Rust assume it would be ? if I left for 7 days or more would it need a light scuff with a scotchbrite as well ??
  10. Anna only thing I could suggest is talking to the London based TR specialists ie Enginuity and Crown Classics (sure there are others) who might be servicing the car, again due to GDPR they (shouldn't) be giving out details but again they may be willing to pass your details on to the owner.
  11. Anna might be worth contacting Derek Graham at saffrontr6@outlook.com Derek is the TR Register TR6 registrar due to gdpr he won’t be able to share any details he has with you, but if the car is owned by a member he may be able to pass your details to them
  12. Graham

    Tr4a Hard top

    TBH any TR parked on the street at night is a risk ,hard top or not, IMHO. The standard TR door locks are hardly high security, personally would go for the soft top and a steering wheel lock if you are concerned about theft.
  13. Hi Stuart TBH I don't even need a manual bead roller, but on a whim thought I might try having a go at putting some ribs of some sort in the bonnet gusset plates I'm making (from your templates, you lent me !) then got to thinking about modifying the bead roller ............just the way my mind continually races to the next project. Bought a big but cheap gun cabinet a few years back now, you know the sort of thing big ugly box with a big keyhole in the front. By the time I was finished the inside was lined with Wilton carpet and fitted out with White Oak shelves and gun racks. Extra storage in the door and an electronic combination lock operating a 'shoot bolt' system. Totally over the top and unnecessary but thats me !
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