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  1. Apologies as this will be of only passing interest to a few of you and NO interest to most! Many of you will know that I and my far better long suffering half have been looking for a new house having sold ours back in the summer of 2020. I have previuosly posted asking about the pro's and con's of listed property and thank you to those that responded your input was very helpful. In the end we decided non listed was the way to go for us. So after looking for months we finally found 'the one' an unlisted Hop Kiln in Leominster Herefordshire, 2 acres so enough space for a BIG wor
  2. Thanks Stuart happy new year to you
  3. Sorry should know this but it was 40 years ago that I brought BUO home for the first time with the hard top fitted, I subsequently removed it and never felt the need to refit it until now as the house move looms. So when fitting the hard top do I need to drill out the pop rivets holding the soft top to the rear deck or does the hard top fit over the soft to. TIA
  4. Loads of kids books Enid Blyton secret 7 Mallory towers loads of others might be useful if your kids/grandkids in lockdown good condition all FOC going in skip if not collected ( all charity shops shut☹️)
  5. Oh correction from SWMBO the electricity bill was £2k not £2.5k
  6. Iain to be honest a lot of it is Vodoo to me from my understanding is that during the summer they use the immersion to heat the water rather than run the pump but during the winter the pump provides both heating and hot water system is 10 years old
  7. Hi Iain I'm guessing it must work ok as this is the only source of heating the place has doesn't even have a log burner (yet!) electricity works out at £2500 PA and thats everything apart from an LPG range cooker and an immersion heater, currently I'm paying that for my LPG alone plus electric but yes take you point about burying the coil, the sellers are not aware of the specific location of the coils only that 'they are in that field there !" so I may have to get a GPR survey done to fine the exact location hopefully they are not where I want to stick the garage !
  8. Any experts out there on Ground Source Heat pumps ? Hopefully we will be moving into a property shortly which is heated by a ground source heat pump, my challenge is that possibly the area I have earmarked for the new garage is also the area where some of the heat pump pipe array is so my questions are; Can I 'float' a garage foundation slab over the array, the coils should sit at a depth of 1.2 Meters and I don't anticipate going that deep for the garage slab. I believe that even if I could build over the array the 'shading' that this would create plus the general shading the garage
  9. I’ve just thrown one in the skip PM me your address and I’ll dig it out and send it to you
  10. Hope you all have a Great Christmas Lets hope we can all get out and about in '21 ATB Graham and Liz
  11. Thanks Phil think I will put one of those on the wish list post Christmas but will wait to let you get your order in first
  12. Yes rather foolishly I had just 'stripped' my centre pad and ordered the spray foam to repair my pad in anticipation of buying a cover from them, now I'm in a worst position than I was ! oh well first world problems .........
  13. Just had a reply from the Roadster factory the covers are now OOS with no date for replenishment.
  14. Should the Boss and spokes on a 5 steering wheel be matt of gloss ? what paint is left on mine looks gloss but not sure if its been 'got at' in the past
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