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    Austin(proper)Mini JHP531V sold
    Mk 2 Vauxhall Astra 1.4 J857OAD sold
    Mk2 Ford Mondeo Ghia estate can't remember sold
    Mk2 Ford Mondeo GhiaX estate can't remember but written off
    Audi Allroad 2.7 can't remember sold
    Audi Allroad 4.2 P1 GOP sold
    TR6 BUO536L current
    Audi RS6 RS 06 FUN Sold ! :-(
    TR3 UOV713 current (well its the wife's really)
    TR5 VPK 453G runs but bit of a project

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  1. Graham

    Binky 34

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when they go to insure it and the insurance agent asks the question ‘has the vehicle been modified’ it will take a week to list it all
  2. This little 'nugget' may be of use to any of you that have fitted Electric power steering to your car. I found out about this while doing some research into issues my daughter is having with her Alpha Mito. It shares the same electric power steering stystem as used by Vauxhall on the Corsa. The issue is that the power assistance simply stops, leaving you with a car that almost impossible to drive due to the weight of the steering without assistance. Turn the car off and back on and all is good until the next time. 3 things can cause this, failure of the steering position sensor and fail
  3. Thanks Phil I emailed them after Christmas never got a reply so let us know how you get on
  4. Not a fan of wing vents they look like the have been made out of a selection of bits from various RangeRover wing vents.
  5. Anybody recommend a company in Bucks ?
  6. ‘Walter’ my wife’s TR3 is due some new tyres, at the moment he’s fitted with 155 Michelin XAS’s tyres and fitted with inner tubes. When I replace the tyres should I change the inner tubes at the same time.? Tubes as the tyres are 10 years old so guessing the answer will be yes but didn’t want to spend money if I didn’t have to as with retirement looming the money tree is getting a bit bare
  7. Description reads; HERE I HAVE FOR SALE.... A ShackTune Metering Unit Vacuum Dump Kit... To Suit Cars With LUCAS MECHANICAL FUEL INJECTION Pi . The Lucas Pi system is great most of the time... Until you add a camshaft with too much overlap between the inlet and exhaust valves. The overlap on the valves causes a huge jump in the amount of vacuum presented to the MU. This high vacuum normally occurs around 4000 rpm as the exhaust scavenging becomes efficient. As a consequence, just when you need full fuel the MU is tricked in to leaning the mixture out.... Th
  8. Ah sorry missed Tony's comment but thanks Stuart I can now sleep easy until the next time a bit of crucial information comes up
  9. Just found this ?? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SHACKTUNE-Triumph-Pi-Metering-Unit-Vac-Dump-Kit-Tr5-Tr6-2000-2-5Pi-/143940101527?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292&fbclid=IwAR1pQ9jDldWbmI5llHxO_hS-k7frl4y0oZ36LifHRhLKCbA-UdgjkU7ZW7w
  10. 5 Variants ? ok I'm intrigued now Short bulge Long Bulge TR4 Long Bulge TR4a Long Bulge TR5 What Am I missing ? ...............in the bonnet list department that is
  11. I'm sure I had a T shirt with that logo on it once, heaven knows where its gone now, mind you even if I still had it I don't suppose I could wear it as anything other than an arm band now !
  12. Graham


    Well the spam is bad enough but it doesn’t even make sense
  13. Just tried to book tickets and can't get the link to work...............?
  14. Well Mifit you asked my thoughts; My initial reaction was outrage but after reading the 'measured' debate on the forum some good points have been brought up. However nobody, I'm sure, would disagree that the outcome for Chris is awful. With regards to the actions of the 2 individuals concerned was there a 'need' to climb to the top of a mountain or a 'want' and to be honest I don't know, Was the weather forecast for fair and fine sky's , I don't know, where the individuals previously fully healthy or had they both been advised to refrain from any physical exercise again I don't know,
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