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  1. Graham

    Missing part

    I've got a late CP 6 (with steering lock) and it doesn't have one fitted, not sure if that because its got lost over the years or it was never there in the first place but don't appear to have any issues due to lack of it.
  2. Guys as the owner of a Saphire blue 6 (BUO) would have to agree with you, however it can cause issues at large TR gatherings, as so many 6's are now sprayed Saphire Blue you loose the car in the car park ! For the 'virtual' rebuild on my 5 (VPK) I'm planning on going for Aston Martin California Sage Green
  3. Can anybody tell me if its possible to fit the ANSA quad pipe exhaust system and still fit the Racetorations style rear anti roll bar IE the ARB that fits under the rear chassis legs. On BUO (TR6) I have the single box exhaust system and ARB and thats a snug fit but it all fits. For the rebuild on VPK (TR5) I was thinking of replicating the suspension set up I have on BUO as I'm really pleased with it but just conscious that the ANSA exhaust and ARB might want to share the same space !
  4. Hi micro blister caused by car cover has been discussed here https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/71025-car-cover/&tab=comments#comment-644856 think it will be use the car as is or respray
  5. Roger thanks for the heads up on the Metropol looks a nice hotel might well give that a go this summer
  6. Yes think the RBRR might be a little extreme for what I was thinking of, I was going along the lines of a nice drive in the country with some nice hotels for the evening stops think the RBRR is more an endurance event rather than a tour, TBH think the car would be up to it not so sure about the driver though !
  7. Now that BUO is finished and completed 'Shake Down' we are looking to put some miles on the old Girl in 2020. Could anybody let me know of any UK based touring events for 2020 that still have availability please.
  8. Not quite a J type or a TR for that matter but have a look at JY Classics facebook page for 9th May but they have done the OD in a Mk2 Vitesse without Gbox removal, but personally I would go for removing the whole G/Box Overdrive. My back is past its best but I find its not just heavy lifting but also awkward twistingg ! and I would guess there would be a lot of this involved if you were to attempt splitting the box from the OD in situ.
  9. Hi Bill my thoughts; Can you get to the valve to deflate the tyre .......I assume not Do you want the 165 tyre fitted as a spare at the moment if not would be inclined to stick a drill through it but be careful of the back blast when it pops Spray the cavity with a lubricant to try and ease the tyres passage out Final nuclear option would be to try and loop a strap round the tyre tie the other end to something solid and very carefully edge the car forwards to 'deliver' the tyres the way James herriot used to do with calves !
  10. Hi Stuart hopefully there won't be any rot as the chassis is a NOS one thats been dry'ish' stored so just surface rust.
  11. In the spring planning to media blast the chassis I have, any recommendations for what media to use, was thinking of either crushed glass or garnet appreciate the latter is more expensive but was wondering if it was more effective and so I would use less material and time ?
  12. Tush I have a template for the badge and some measurements where it should go but if you have any photo's would be much appreciated.
  13. I acquired an original back light and ali lid for the 5 a while back but as I fancied fitting a roll hoop as well looks like the Revington one would be the way to go for me especially as the Revington roll hoop doesn't impact on seat travel. Andy do you know if your modification will work on a Revington backlight? To put this into context this work is currently done in my 'virtual' rebuild world, the world were the spares catalogue is your best friend, you can carryout all of the body repairs yourself at virtually nil cost, you fit all the nice shiny bits the you ever wanted, and finish with a car that you would struggle to fit a fag paper in the door gaps, completed in a year all for about 8 grand. Reality will be no doubt somewhat more protracted and more expensive !
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