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  1. Ok intrigued now so what is different between the 4 and 5 to require different glass, the windscreen frame, door shell, and backlight are all the same (aren’t they?) I’m planning on fitting new glass to the 5 as the existing is all scratched but given I have a backlight of unknown origin I’m now concerned I will struggle to get the gaps to an acceptable state
  2. Graham


    Mike yes the car has inner tubes
  3. Graham


    Following on from my post about tyres for the TR3 I’m a way off needing them but thought I would ask the question so I can do some budget planning, so tyres for the TR5, I want to use the car as a ‘tourer’ so want to go full profile for comfort, torn between 165/80, 185/70 or even 185/80 so interested to hear peoples experiences/recommendations
  4. Graham


    Have to say the Continentals look like a bargain, think I might get a set of those
  5. Graham


    Need to replace the tyres on UOV my wife’s TR3. The car is only ever driven gently so thinking of a set of Blockleys my question is should I go for 155 or 165 I see a lot of suppliers are recommending ‘upgrading’ to 165 but just concerned that it will increase the weight of the steering at parking speeds something my wife wouldn’t appreciate, any (constructive ) thoughts great fully received
  6. I would be inclined in the first instance to check they are not sitting in the cam followers, pull the pushrods out then check with a torch and see if they are sitting there you may get lucky, if not theI would drop the sump as that’s the next easiest option, but if you don’t find them then more radical dissemble may be required
  7. Can anybody tell me if the strengthening rib and the recessed bores both came in with the CR block or where these changes done during the CP era ?
  8. Wow have you read the caveats in the listing
  9. John many thanks but I have now ordered some spacers along with some 5/16 rod to make some new steering stops and with Stuart’s suggestion of grinding back the top arms think I have all bases covered. With me doing it what could possibly go wrong
  10. Yes I’m running 6” rims and on full lock one rim is just ‘kissing’ the top ball joint, but have CDD updated hubs and bearings.
  11. Ah thanks Stuart I might need to go for some thin wheel spacers then
  12. Does anybody have or know of a source of 156111 steering locks stops, I believe the centre hole should be offset to provide a degree of adjustment, just gone to adjust mine and found they have the hole drilled centrally so no adjustment, I think it’s the repro ones that are drilled centrally. Failing that is there anybody that could make me a couple of sets ? More than happy to provide beer tokens in return. many thanks
  13. Any use Pete ? no connection https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334393871112?hash=item4ddb6d8b08:g:U20AAOSwTZFiTX0P
  14. This is the one on my 5
  15. Anybody able to tell me the tapper clearances for the above cam please TIA Graham
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