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  1. Oh well that will be none then ....
  2. Mclaren and Morgan I believe are now the only Wholly UK ‘owned’ manufactures
  3. I'm trying to convince SWMBO that it would be cheaper to put this one back on the road than rebuild the one I have sat in the Garden.
  4. Bit of a polish and jobs a ‘good’un’ https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic/saturday-24th-august-2019/1968-triumph-tr5-pi-1/ Any thought on what it will go for, I'm guessing circa £35K ?
  5. I had my complete body shell 'processed' by one of the 'Chemical dip and Bake' companies. On reflection wish I had gone down the blasting route now. Interesting that (love or loathe them) the Car SOS lot normally blast rather than dip and bake.
  6. Thanks guys just ordered a new mechanical one
  7. Andy If you want to build a car to hill climb then read on no more, I wish you well in your search for parts. If you want to hillclimb then my suggestion would be to try and find a car already modified, it's normally a LOT cheaper I spent about £12K building a 'Locost' race car https://www.750mc.co.uk/formulae/locost.htm I sold it for £3500 and it hadn't turned a wheel in anger !
  8. My wife was following me the other day whilst I was out in the 3 and she commented that my brake lights seem to 'come on at the last moment' the 3 still has the switch in the brake line and I wondering if this is a 'feature' of the system or if there is an issue. If former is there any sort of upgrade to overcome this, if its the after assuming its a replacement ?
  9. Neil my twopeneth would be blocked filler cap breather or rubbish in the fuel system causing a blockage.
  10. My first reaction was If it keeps them in the nearside lane great' but can you imagine a platoon driving at 56 MPH in lane 1 with a second platoon trying to overtake in lane 2 at ....56 MPH. With Mrs Miggins in her Nissan Micra trying to overtake both in lane 3 at 57 MPH, as George says they should be going by rail......so should Mrs Miggins
  11. I’ve concluded I’ve one of each Calliper rebuilt using the latter pistons, as I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the car and rebuild it or sell it on I’ve fitted new piston seals and re fitted the callipers. appreciate wouldn’t be what you want for a car on the road but this car is quite a few £’s from being put back on the road I just need to be able to move it when needed.
  12. Graham

    Exhaust Fumes

    Phil can't comment on the effectiveness of the ARO modification, but I can say he's very helpful and in the past has helped me out with both the 6 and my daughters Alfa would thoroughly recommend him and Gavin ( paintshop pro's) who is based at the other end of the same business unit, just a bit of a chore to find them first time. Have a look on Google earth first to locate them. I only live 'round the corner' ( well next village) and I struggled first time to find him.
  13. mines fine like that but it is the original 50's plate so its quite a thick lump of ali
  14. Not very familiar with 7's but does this shed any light https://www.revingtontr.com/product/rtr9139r/name/full-cage-tr7-8-rhd ??
  15. Many thanks guys bits arrived this morning got the pipe made up and fitted, found that if I bent the pipe roughly to shape off the car using the old one as a template, then 'started' the pipe threads on the calliper and flexi whilst the calliper is unbolted, then bolt up the calliper, then nip up the fittings on the pipe all went well. I do still have nightmares of the first time I tried this, some years ago, with both the flexi pipe and the calliper firmly bolted up ....not a good afternoon !
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