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  1. capslow

    Tr6 challenge

    Hi everyone.does anybody fancy a barn find tr6 .the reason I say challenge is it is in need of total restoration.its a uk rhd cp car 1970 so nice and early .i pulled it out of a barn with the intention of restoring it but circumstances have changed and it as to go .i can send pictures.I'm looking for £4500 cheers nick
  2. Hi stuart. Never thought. About body. Colour. Underneath. With it being dark blue do you think I should of. I went to Newark auto jumble last month and ken was there selling all is wares are you going to stoneghleigh cheers nick
  3. Thanks for the compliments lads good idea for the fire wall. The colour I choose originally was royal blue (got the number out of the book). John painted the tub in the spray booth. I thought it looked good , but once it was taken out into the sun light it looked too purple, so hence the call to stuart . He put me in touch with Ken and now it's stuarts blue. Not so much purple and i'm much happier now. How's it going Dave are you going to stoneleigh? I'm looking for lights front and back you haven't got any spares have you? Hope to see you there mate cheers Nick
  4. Evening all I've never posted anything on here before but have been a member for some time and a regular reader of the forum.. Just got my car back from the paintshop and very pleased with the result and the price so i thought i'd share it with you all. I know when i'm looking for some work to be done it good to go on a recommendation so thought this may be of use to some of you, its the second triumph he has done in the last 3 months.. I would like to say a big thanks to stuart for putting me in touch with ken the paint man, if any body is interested he's located in lincolnshire and would be happy to pass on his number... All the best Nick!!
  5. hi murray i think its great idea i think the mile marker car looks really good i looked for ages for something different from your revs minilites wolfies couldnt find anything so i gave up so im very intrested on how you get on if theres any fitting issues cant wait to see your car how much are they are you going to the iwe
  6. hi dave stan laurel here got back alright then hope everythings ok had agreat week end good laugh still waiting to hear from the tr6 man about my surrey top though av you got any bright ideas

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