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  1. I have a standard, non-assisted setup on my car, with uprated pads (Mintex) and shoes (from TR Enterprises), MOT man said my brakes were better than some modern cars, however they have ABS! Cheers, Andrew
  2. C&S Tyres Middlesbrough, the owner races a TR4, a very satisfied customer, cheers, Andrew
  3. John, and when you do your rear suspension put the 'squared washer' mentioned by Marco behind the nuts and washers at the back of the rear suspension mountings, I had one pull through on a fairly new, 15 year old, chassis, cheers, Andrew
  4. Hello Bob, I have already thought of that, in my case an alarm and a 12v supply in the boot to power my warning light ( https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Durite-0-442-00-LED-R65-Amber-Warning-Light-Flashing-Strobe-Warning-Lamp-12-24v/133115361722?hash=item1efe4b39ba:g:tEoAAOSwBnZatOVp ) much more effective than the indicators, so I have separate earths that run to the appropriate side of the isolation switch. Cheers, Andrew
  5. Hello Roger, I am going through a similar process at the moment and to add to Peter's comment above, I am fitting an isolation switch in between the battery and earth, I believe Austin Healeys used to fit them and period rotary switches are available. There is a reason to fit it on the earth side but I can't remember what it is! Cheers, Andrew
  6. Hello, there appears to be three different types available, all rubber, rubber part metal and original all metal housing, any views on the efficiency of each type? Rebuild continuing slowly, too busy at work! As always, thanks for the help, Andrew
  7. Hello, about to start engine rebuild and as recommended by many on here, about to check liner heights. Would it be acceptable to clamp the liners with shorter bolts so removing the need for spacers, I ask as I am struggling getting the spacers, tubing I used and cut to size deformed under the pressure of 105 foot pounds, cheers, Andrew
  8. If you have a morbid interest in aircraft accidents, 'Flight X' on YouTube, astonishing graphics and I take comfort in the fact that after every accident a forensic analysis and measures ae put in place to reduce the chances of it happening again. Cheers, Andrew
  9. Ian, I see you have a header tank, is it off an MG? and how is it mounted?, cheers, Andrew
  10. John, only the free world (and I know some may think it relative) counts in my book!! Cheers, Andrew
  11. Roger, thank you, not a pensioner yet, Henry (the dog) is 8, cheers, Andrew
  12. Thanks for the information, I did read it and tried to make sense of it, of course the catch 22 'those goods could be subject to both acquisition VAT and import VAT.' 'Those goods' being ones bought and paid for before the end of 2020but delivered in 2021. I am not a business and it appears there is some responsibility on the transport company to collect dues, whether correct or not, leaving it up to the individual to claim back monies paid. That is my understanding so a no brainer, hopefully it will sort itself out into something a bit clearer in the future, ie website will calculate total
  13. In the news at the moment, however, the bit I cannot find is for goods purchased and paid for in 2020 but not delivered until 2021, I have asked the seller who says, 'We confirm you as you already paid VAT on our website and as you place order in 2020, you will not have to pay additional taxes. Only order placed from 1st january are concerned.' I have searched online for confirmation/information with no luck and I am suspicious that my European friend is being overly optimistic, Cheers, Andrew
  14. Try Car Builders Solutions in Kent, they do all sorts of stuff for the kit car market, cheers, Andrew
  15. Hello, I am looking at sorting some rust areas in the hope that once sorted I can hang up my tools and leave any further work to my son-in-law once I am gone, the attached photos show some rusting between the two sections that make up the inner wing, do I need to find the spot weld and break them to separate the two sections and clean out the rust? or is there an easier way. Unfortunately both inner wings are similarly afflicted. The wing beading has been removed in the photos, cheers, Andrew
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