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  1. Ian, look in bottom of the door, that is where I found mine! Cheers, Andrew PS Part number 604156 in the Moss catalogue.
  2. Hello, if anyone fancies having a go and doesn't want to pay the full price I am trying to recoup the many thousands of pounds on the latest project, it includes .5kg stick of lead, over 100 grammes of solder paste and a couple of application brushes, offering it on here before fleabay, I have decanted the solder paste into a small jar so it takes up less space, £12, including postage, less than half price!! Plenty of clips on YouTube and also Stuart's excellent tutorial, only thing I would add is if you are dealing with a hole in the wing clamp a piece of wood to the back! Cheers, Andrew
  3. Hello, many thanks for the responses, it looks like I have a hybrid system as it does not correspond to the advice, hopefully the pics will add clarity, my switch is off/on only yet the motor has two spade connections and an earth,
  4. Hello, searched the forum but no reference to my setup which I suspect is not standard, my wiper switch has three contacts on the rear, two joined and one single, so effectively two contacts. The wiper motor has two lucar contacts plus earth, the wiring diagram shows three separate contacts on the switch. I am struggling to see if any of the connectors, switch or motors, are marked or identified, I can't see anything. Without the benefit of a setup that matches the wiring diagram my thought is the supply goes to one of the paired connectors, with the other paired connector providing the par
  5. Hello Steve, another for parts list and wiring diagram, it is for a 4A with single speed motor, am I correct in thinking I could replace my pull switch with an off/on/mom toggle switch?, cheers, Andrew
  6. Any body got strong views on the efficiency of the original metal cased FTC cover seals versus the modern all rubber replacements, I will be tackling that part soon, if I have no more snags!! Cheers, Andrew
  7. Bob, a kind offer, I have just ordered a set, although I now have another problem, I need to replace one of the cam bearings, I am learning a lot!, cheers, Andrew
  8. Hello, an update, a bit difficult to send it back as it has been on the shelf in the garage for 3 years (it's a long story). I have a piece of float glass and various grades of emery paper so have now got the clearance to 5 thou, all spins as it should. Of course one thing leads to another and crankshaft end float is just outside the acceptable, 8 thou, I will fit one pair of 5 thou oversize thrust washers on the clutch side of the housing, so we should be within a couple of thou of spot on, it is not a racing engine, I am rebuilding it to try and resolve a number of oil leaks, as always, th
  9. 4 cylinder, piper cam, I bolted it together off the engine and I have no clearance between the rear of the cam bush and the face of the cam, Cheers, Andrew
  10. Hello, still bolting the engine bits back together and the next hurdle is the camshaft, with the camshaft fitted (new), bearing in place and cam sprocket bolted on there appears to be no endfloat, in fact the cam sprocket is tight up against the front cam bearing and it won't turn, I have searched on here and read both manuals and information is scarce. Looking at the setup I think I have to remove a few thou off the rear of the cam bearing to get my end float, the front can't be changed as the cam sprocket is hard up against the bearing, am I right?, as always, thanks, Andrew
  11. Hello Keith, when you put it all back together remember to put large washers or even better a plate behind the nuts to spread the load, there are some photos on here of my chassis where the nuts pulled through a less than 10 year old chassis due, I suspect, to the point loading on the small washers, cheers, Andrew
  12. Hello, struggling to locate the backlight seal that goes between the backlight and body, tried the usual suspects and either out of stock or not even listed, thanks in anticipation, Andrew
  13. Hi Mike, converted my 4a, not with a revington kit but with second bits bought from here and there, it really is an excellent mod, also I was able to reuse my Surry top, cheers, Andrew
  14. Stuart, thanks for clearing that up, Andrew
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