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  1. removed as this should have been a PM 

    1. RobH


      Sorry to disabuse you Graham but that message is public. I don't know what happened but I can see it as a 'status update'.

    2. Graham


      Rob thanks for letting me know 

  2. Reads more like Geordie to me,
  3. Not everyones cup of tea but to add an alternative view to the ongoing discussion, https://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/2020/03/peter-hitchens-is-shutting-down-britain-with-unprecedented-curbs-on-ancient-liberties-really-the-bes.html We have just had the very sad death of a young healthy woman who had Covd19, that is probably half the number of healthy young adults tat died from recreational drug use. Like Hitchens, from day one I have been amazed at the response, we are probably crippling the world's economy for the next generation, and the hysteria is being well and truly fanned by the main stream media, I have kept asking myself why? and the only conclusion I can come to is two fold, the embarrassment to the government if the NHS were overwhelmed and secondly the break down in social order if there was widespread panic. Here we are stockpiling toilet paper and canned soup, in America it's guns and bullets. Unless there is evidence to the contrary, I hold China responsible, cheers, Andrew
  4. There seems to be enough evidence to point to the wet market in Wuhan, remember SARS, originated in China, I guess these things will happen but what is unforgivable is the action of the Chinese government officials post discovery, their denial and lies will cost the world economy Trillions of dollars and worse, thousands of lives. China wants to be part of the civilised world ( is the west civilised? more than most) yet the actions of the present and previous governments, Tiannaman Square, illegal trade in wild animals (Chinese penchant for a tigers penis - why??) Uigher re-education programme, bullying its neighbours in the South China Sea, pollution to name but a few. And we have turned a blind eye because of money, Chinese investment to be exact, I don't know how much of Britain's infrastructure is owned by Chinese interests - interested to find out. I hope when all this is over China is made to pay for the financial and emotional pain they have visited on the world. I found the following in a Chinese journal extolling the fact that China had learned from SARS, Please, do not slow down our steps towards a brighter future. The SARS pandemic promoted the establishment of a more open government, an improved public health system, and, even a healthier life style. It called us to respect life, science, common sense, and rights. They are all the cornerstones for the realization of a “Chinese Dream”. God help us!!
  5. Crawfie, any chance of a photo, a couple plus close up, some fir trees can grow to 300 foot, cheers, Andrew
  6. Mike, looking to get my engine rebuilt and was contemplating doing it myself but looking at yours there is no way I could do such a good job, would you mind telling me who did your engine?, thanks, Andrew

    1. BRENDA1


      Sorry I have only just see you post, I had my engine done by Chase Engine of Siverdale Newcastle. I have been very happy with all there work, I was able just to pop in at any time to look at the progress as it was only 10 miles from home. You do need to ask around I spoke to about 5 machine shops before I chose chase they were the most expensive but I had more confidence we them than the others.

      Mike Redrose Group 

  7. Dynamos are fine if you don't go out at night, I prefer to see the corner as I take my foot off the accelerator, had an alternator for 15 years now and wouldn't go back, Andrew
  8. Hello, thanks for the response, done all the usual visual checks, I think it is heat related as the thing cuts out completely instead of showing a fault light, my next course is to tack down the heat switch, any clues to its whereabouts gratefully received, cheers, Andrew
  9. Hello, not sure if this is where I should post, but here goes, I have an ecoair dehumidifier, DD122 Classic Mk5 that is playing up, briefly, it switches itself off after 20 minutes running on all three settings, I have checked the manual, no help, after having searched on t'internet it appears it could be a thermal cutout, anybody on here got any advice, experience, wiring diagram before I consign to the tip and buy another, it seems such a waste as the thing is not long out of warranty, cheers, Andrew
  10. Hello Stuart, I hope you don't mind me contacting you direct, in a thread in 2016 on re-furbishing door hinges you mention Chris, who does your hinges, uses roll pins, do you know what size he uses?, my hinges are off a 4a and the pin is 5/16", should that be the roll pin size I use, thanks, Andrew

  11. And a three year guarantee, if you can find your receipt!!
  12. Richy, you may already know this but vital the trigger wheel is centred, the clearance between trigger wheel and sensor is about 5 thou, if you struggle I had mine done locally in Harrogate by a one man machine shop, the bloke in there wears a brown coat, always a good sign!, cheers, Andrew
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