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  1. Hello, all sorted, in the end I found a thicker copper washer in a draw, opened out its internal diameter, annealed it, some wellseal and all sorted, the washer was 10thou thicker than the original. I did order some from RS but they were lip seals and too thick, so if anyone needs any lip seals, 18mm id, 25mm od and 4mm thick, cheers, Andrew
  2. Hello Peter/Roger, thanks for the response, I think you have identified the problem, I have no rubber seal fitted so that explains the spring holder bottoming out on the filter housing, I am sure I can find something suitable and in any case will report back on successful outcome, or not!, cheers, Andrew
  3. Hello, finally tracked down an annoying oil leak on my rebuilt engine, I have the Purolator full flow filter head, the oil leak is between the housing and the threaded spring holder, not numbered in the Moss catalogue, there is a copper washer between the housing and the spring holder which sits in a recess, the copper washer is 50thou thick and I annealed it before fitting. When I took it apart to inspect there where aluminium shavings where the nut on top of the spring holder was bottoming out on the filter housing, it looks as if the copper washer is too thin, it is the original, am I miss
  4. No one has mentioned fracking, made USA a net exporter, talking to a friend (with an interest) he claimed the limitations on the sites were totally unreasonable and designed to fail, just a thought!, cheers, Andrew
  5. Hello Myles, have just gone through what you are planning, excellent article by Revingtons on calculating your compression ratio, https://www.revingtontr.com/information-sheets/is0064-compression-ration-calculation , you will have to find the link on this page, you also need to measure the head volume, I used a sheet of Perspex with hole drilled and sealed with grease I then used a medical syringe to measure the volume, I used methylated spirits, bit cleaner, My CR is 10.1 with 89mm pistons, Good Luck, Andrew
  6. John, I would, if I could, unfortunately it is behind a paywall so I think my only option is copy and paste, happy to be educated if I am wrong, cheers, Andrew
  7. Article from the Spectator, they have been consistent in complaining about the draconian measures to deal with covid but there appears to be no sympathy for Djokavic, the Chinese must be rubbing their hands together, plenty of fallout in the free world! The Australian government’s decision to cancel the world number one tennis player Novak Djokovic’s visa was inevitable in the end. Things started well for Djokovic. On Monday he won his initial match in the law courts when his QC-led legal team successfully challenged his visa cancellation as a breakdown of procedural fairness. A
  8. Hello, you may have seen a Covid doctor telling Sajid Javid why he wasn't going to be jabbed, in the spirit of fairness to the 'other side', of which I am not one having been fully jabbed, here are his views, cheers, Andrew Dr Stephen James article in the Spectator A few months ago, Sajid Javid was asked how he could justify sacking unvaccinated care home workers if they had been infected with Covid and had natural immunity. The Health Secretary replied as if such people were plainly idiots. ‘If they haven’t taken a vaccine — despite all the effort that’s been made to persuade them,
  9. Hello, thanks for the suggestions, I think I will try Stuarts suggestion first, I can fit a rod and mirror without making any irreversible mods, an aluminium block with a tapped hole at the appropriate angle at the top and an aluminium strip held in place by the window screen bolt at the bottom to hold the bottom of the bar, will post pics when finished, ally bar from ebay, mirror from Holdens, cheers, Andrew
  10. Hello, after fitting ROB I have a restricted rear view and my son-in-law who is 6'5" has even less, has anyone fitted a mirror as below, I think the the Healeys had them fitted, I don't want to drill the dash so any help appreciated, thanks, Andrew
  11. Ian, look in bottom of the door, that is where I found mine! Cheers, Andrew PS Part number 604156 in the Moss catalogue.
  12. Hello, if anyone fancies having a go and doesn't want to pay the full price I am trying to recoup the many thousands of pounds on the latest project, it includes .5kg stick of lead, over 100 grammes of solder paste and a couple of application brushes, offering it on here before fleabay, I have decanted the solder paste into a small jar so it takes up less space, £12, including postage, less than half price!! Plenty of clips on YouTube and also Stuart's excellent tutorial, only thing I would add is if you are dealing with a hole in the wing clamp a piece of wood to the back! Cheers, Andrew
  13. Hello, many thanks for the responses, it looks like I have a hybrid system as it does not correspond to the advice, hopefully the pics will add clarity, my switch is off/on only yet the motor has two spade connections and an earth,
  14. Hello, searched the forum but no reference to my setup which I suspect is not standard, my wiper switch has three contacts on the rear, two joined and one single, so effectively two contacts. The wiper motor has two lucar contacts plus earth, the wiring diagram shows three separate contacts on the switch. I am struggling to see if any of the connectors, switch or motors, are marked or identified, I can't see anything. Without the benefit of a setup that matches the wiring diagram my thought is the supply goes to one of the paired connectors, with the other paired connector providing the par
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