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  1. Stuart, and you have reminded me as well, you need the brackets with the longer studs from Revingtons to get the plate and nuts behind, after the damage to the chassis leg on the rear I was taking no chances! Cheers, Andrew
  2. Hello, not strictly technical................ I am flogging a couple of old Bosch lights on Fleabay and there is interest from Japan, initial search brings up costs in excess of £200, with additional packaging the parcel will weigh in at 4kg and be around 600mm x 400mm x400mm, can anyone help?, cheers, Andrew
  3. Also fit a plate behind to spread the load from the nuts, do the same at the rear, there are photos knocking around on here to show the results of fitting washers on the rear instead of plates, and my CTM chassis was less than 10 yeas old!, cheers, Andrew
  4. Hi Rob, it is out of the car, major work going on this winter! Cheers, Andrew
  5. Hello, how do you test an ammeter?, my thoughts are that somehow you need to draw various currents to check the deflection but how you do it I have no idea, I have a meter so can take readings, cheers, Andrew
  6. Hi all, Fireman Tom sent me a photo and it now all makes sense, engine crane arriving the 24th, no going back now!! Thanks for the responses, cheers, Andrew
  7. Hello All, getting ready to lift the engine out and I wonder if anyone has a photo of the arrangement using the lifting eyes, I have worked out how the front one fits but the rear one looks a little odd, it is the correct one that was supplied but not fitted when I bought the car, cheers, Andrew
  8. Hello Alistair, I checked mine, or had them checked for me by a chap who owns a garage so he used a top end piece of kit, I got 180,180,180,190, I have a 4A, 86mm pistons, standard head, it sounds like your rings are worn, much blue smoke on start up? Cheers, Andrew
  9. Hello All, thanks for your responses reference overdrive switch, when I bought the car it had, I think, the saloon gear knob with the O/D switch on top, I replaced it with the spring loaded switch, at 2 O'clock as Ian suggests with Revington's Logic Box (huge improvement in driving experience - the logic box, not the switch), as I don't race or rally the car I do like Racetoration's offering and they will supply it without the control box, their stuff is expensive but good, and it works, thanks for your advice, cheers, Andrew
  10. I had a 72 square wheel arch midget, I could burn off the XR3s but not the XR3is, bit lively in the wet but what a lovely car, great gearbox, easy engine to uprate and cheap parts, and it had chrome bumpers, BAY300K owned it for 17 years, happy days!! Cheers, Andrew
  11. Is that a push button switch on the gear knob for the overdrive?, if it is it is exactly what I am looking for, can anyone help?, cheers, Andrew
  12. Coming direct from China, not via Germany?
  13. Hello, I once had a flat away from home, a nail and tyre went down overnight, I could get the scissor jack under but what a job to lift the car, Popeye would have struggled, fortunately I had my foot pump, inflated the tyre, final couple of inches with the scissor jack and fitted the spare, cheers, Andrew
  14. Jase, apart from the one light blue, all the rest were dark blue on dark blue, look at white paintwork, red interior, does go well, cheers, Andrew
  15. Hi Lee, I have Efi on my 4a, you will need a return on the top of the fuel tank, I have an aluminium fuel tank and bought a male boss which I had welded on, I used Goodridge fittings all round, -6 for supply and return. I always thought the swirl pot was below the tank so filled by gravity so can't help with that one I am afraid, my fuel tank has baffles fitted so no need for a swirl pot, also I used the Bosch 044 or equivelent, my setup needs 5 bar, you will need a pressure regulator set at the required pressure on the return, cheers, Andrew
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