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  1. Any body got strong views on the efficiency of the original metal cased FTC cover seals versus the modern all rubber replacements, I will be tackling that part soon, if I have no more snags!! Cheers, Andrew
  2. Bob, a kind offer, I have just ordered a set, although I now have another problem, I need to replace one of the cam bearings, I am learning a lot!, cheers, Andrew
  3. Hello, an update, a bit difficult to send it back as it has been on the shelf in the garage for 3 years (it's a long story). I have a piece of float glass and various grades of emery paper so have now got the clearance to 5 thou, all spins as it should. Of course one thing leads to another and crankshaft end float is just outside the acceptable, 8 thou, I will fit one pair of 5 thou oversize thrust washers on the clutch side of the housing, so we should be within a couple of thou of spot on, it is not a racing engine, I am rebuilding it to try and resolve a number of oil leaks, as always, th
  4. 4 cylinder, piper cam, I bolted it together off the engine and I have no clearance between the rear of the cam bush and the face of the cam, Cheers, Andrew
  5. Hello, still bolting the engine bits back together and the next hurdle is the camshaft, with the camshaft fitted (new), bearing in place and cam sprocket bolted on there appears to be no endfloat, in fact the cam sprocket is tight up against the front cam bearing and it won't turn, I have searched on here and read both manuals and information is scarce. Looking at the setup I think I have to remove a few thou off the rear of the cam bearing to get my end float, the front can't be changed as the cam sprocket is hard up against the bearing, am I right?, as always, thanks, Andrew
  6. Hello Keith, when you put it all back together remember to put large washers or even better a plate behind the nuts to spread the load, there are some photos on here of my chassis where the nuts pulled through a less than 10 year old chassis due, I suspect, to the point loading on the small washers, cheers, Andrew
  7. Hello, struggling to locate the backlight seal that goes between the backlight and body, tried the usual suspects and either out of stock or not even listed, thanks in anticipation, Andrew
  8. Hi Mike, converted my 4a, not with a revington kit but with second bits bought from here and there, it really is an excellent mod, also I was able to reuse my Surry top, cheers, Andrew
  9. Stuart, thanks for clearing that up, Andrew
  10. Apologies for hijacking this thread, I see there are loom clips at the bottom of the valance, all the pics I seen have the loom over the top of the radiator shroud (or whatever its proper name is), where should the loom run, cheers, Andrew
  11. Coverdale in Lancashire, https://www.carcarpets.co.uk/triumph-91-c.asp always find them to provide a good service, and quick, and they will send samples, cheers, Andrew
  12. Just fitting a set to my 4 pot rebuild, like you, 89mm Pistons, fast road cam, only comment I would make is the complicated way the gudgeon pins are contained, instead of a circlip they are kept in place with what looks like a spring, block back next week so I can start putting it all back together, cheers, Andrew
  13. Peter, you are so right, 'They would look good'!!, about 90% of the work, at huge expense, done on my car!, cheers, Andrew
  14. The pink plasterboard has a 30 minute fire rating and is the one used for garage ceilings, I always understood that a good airflow was the best cure for damp, and you should have that with a carport, cheers, Andrew
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