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  1. Just watching Morning Live on the biased broadcasting company while I quaff my porridge, a question comes in from the public asking are there any benefits from taking vitamin D? The resident doc says yes, everyone in this country, particularly those with darker skin colour should take a daily supplement. You should follow the advice from the NHS which is to take 10mg, or 400IU daily. One of the resident hosts chirps that she takes 1000IU daily. The Doc, hesitates a little, then says well that’s better than not taking any at all. I suppose that as ever he can only trot out that line as tha
  2. 28 days apparently in sunny Essex from today Mick......
  3. Interesting to hear sir Patrick valance just now on the Peston prog. In answer to a question from a viewer in Essex,” why are we not being recommended to take vitamin D to fight COVID-19?” his response was “ the evidence for vitamin D protecting against COVID-19 is questionable at best.” He further went on to say that it does have its place, and we are recommending it to protect against a whole host of important medical conditions. Thanks Patrick, I for one am not convinced and will continue with my 5000iu........
  4. Agree with all comments about this programme, far too me, me,me. when we did get onto sunshine and it’s benefits, no mention of geographical location, angle of the sun etc. And, when we have been bombarded in recent years to apply suncream, even 15spf will eliminate 99% of vitamin D absorption. like others, one word, useless.
  5. So Matt Hancock states they are “working hard” on this subject..... Really? Surely the body of evidence is overwhelming, and until this comes to being accepted by the “authorities” , a volume take up by the nation will not occur. For me, I received my vitamin D test result today, 68 nmol/l which my app monitoring my supplement tells me I’m now at 72 nmol/l a rising figure. just as well since the app also tells me I am 111 days away from “my next d opportunity from the sun”......
  6. 168 0n the petition now.
  7. Brilliant guys, Peter, that link to your talk suddenly looked familiar, having binge read the 43 pages I recall seeing it. i had a salient lesson in awareness of vulnerability about 3 years ago, when I was struck down with encephalitis, and due to delayed diagnosis, a month pretty much in a coma before diagnosis, it’s been a long road back to normality. As a result, and turning 60 this year, I don’t take health for granted anymore.......
  8. Thanks guys, prompt and informative as ever. Peter, if I may...... I recall somewhere within the 43 pages you refer to vitamin D3 as a hormone, not a vitamin. Why is it that all the suppliers of the supplements quote “vitamin” on their packaging. Without taking up too much of your time, and perhaps to someone who can rebuild a TR overdrive, but has limited knowledge of biology, what is the difference between a hormone and a vitamin? regards Bob.
  9. Hi Peter, I have been following this interesting thread for sometime, in fact I went back 43 pages and read the lot to get up to speed. Having previously been prescribed vitamin D by a doctor, I considered that maybe in “ normal” life I might be borderline anyway for what is considered acceptable levels of vitamin D in the Uk. I have therefore started to take a D3 supplement such is the strength of the argument portrayed here. Having followed the link and read the report attached to your latest post, I note the author states that he too is now taking a D3 supplement. He states
  10. Hi Everyone, If any of you should be looking to buy a TR3a, be aware I have just listed on classifieds my newly completed car. Many more photos available on request, car comes with old log book, and invoices for parts and labour that are eye watering...... Regards Bob
  11. Thought I’d give an update, if only to help others in the future. I took the gearbox and overdrive out of the car, then separated them. within ten minutes established that: the operating valve is bent, the accumulator piston is stuck, the two metal strips holding in the operating pistons have both been bent, a large circlip, now in two pieces, dropped out. Finally, there was bronze coloured filings in the residual oil. Put all that together with the split solenoid mounting bracket, and something very bad has occurred...... I spoke with Dave at Overdrive spares in Rugby, who had
  12. Hi everyone, Many thanks for the replies so far, I thought I would update with progress so far, and perhaps obtain more advice given what is now known. I have removed the gearbox tunnel, which has revealed that the od operating lever cannot be moved with the hand. The solenoid mounting plate has split, there is a gap of 5 maybe 6mm on the back edge lower down. No wonder there was a large oil leak, I suspect that all oil has now run out, as it continued to weep when parked up. Although the solenoid can be seen attempting to move the operating lever, this only occurs i
  13. Thanks for comments thus far everyone, I have unbolted the propshaft to enable pushing the car where I need it, basically out of the way of the front of my garage so I can get the up and over door down! The solenoid is drawing power as indicated by noise and the ammeter flicking. Reassuringly perhaps it will only do this in second third and top gears, not first or reverse. That said I think the overdrive may just be on all the time. When driving about today for the first time, it seemed much higher geared than my tr2. Something occurred as I reversed out of my drive onto the road, but onc
  14. Good evening everyone, reaching the end of a long restoration on my 1959 tr3a, I went for my maiden drive today, and all things considered not bad. bit more air to come out of the brakes me thinks, throttle sticks, oh dear the carpet is in the way, that aside it went well, and frankly seems much more refined than my 1954 TR2. However once home I noticed there is a large oil leak from the gearbox area, this appears to be where the solenoid housing joins the side of the overdrive, ok I'll add it to the snag list. I hasten to add, that although the solenoid clicks the overdrive doesn't work.
  15. Brought my 3a interior from skinners last year, excellent quality, but quite a lengthy lead time for delivery.
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