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  1. I have just done this conversion for a friend here in France complete with LEDS.
  2. Might look impressive but 6 of those are awaiting or being restored.
  3. Thanks guys, i see rimmers do one for a fiver. local branch in france - not a chance 2CV maybe.
  4. Hi all does anyone know where i might get an uncut key for a TR7 my friend has lost the original but i have a good spare but want a second as standby? There used to be a chap at stoneleigh who did them but i think he passed away. Clem
  5. i have cars with both fitted the injection one looks and sounds the best imho. like Tom says find someone who knows how to tune it you wont regret it. clem.
  6. elclem1

    Speke plant

    hi Steve, I am thinking of selling my speke built (restored) TR7. V plate coupe, the reason not poor build quality but too many cars in the stable. At the moment the car is here in France and has been used to lend to friends who come and stay and want to enjoy the classic car experience. I would like it to go to a good home. it recently flew through a French Mot with no advisories. If your are interested then PM me Cheers Clem.
  7. Paul Bishop +1
  8. Halfords satin black?
  9. elclem1

    Hardtop wanted

    Marki pm me I may be able to help.
  10. elclem1

    Hardtop wanted

    I have a fibre glass hard top here in France free to a good home, but it needs collecting. ..............clem
  11. Have you checked the operation of the master? Is it a new one? Have the seals inside been changed ? I have found in the past even the new masters can pass the oil over the seals and you don’t get the full amount of oil operating the slave piston. So you may have fluid loss over the seals over the plunger in the master and therefore less oil to move the slave pistol and therefore reduced travel ? I also noticed that you have a braided pipe to the slave is this expanding when you operate the system under pressure? Try the original pvc one. Clem
  12. elclem1

    High revs

    Hi all thanks for the replies, it was a sticking throttle that remained open when it should have been closed! As suggested, a small adjustment was required and hey presto! Back to normal. Panic over thanks everyone for their quick suggestions.
  13. elclem1

    High revs

    Please help, On starting the car it goes straight to 3,000 rpm checked the usual stuff, nothing, MU?
  14. Hi all is there anyone out there who has a CR oil pressure gauge in good condition that they can post to France, please regards Clem
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