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  1. Ah shame that, but I understand completely thanks graham. But the offer still stands for a visit.
  2. I have used ST Marc or as the uk would say Flash the stuff that cleans floors without scratching ( Scottish accent) mix the crystals in a bucket of warm water until dissolved, empty the rad and engine of existing water as best you can usually by the bottom rad hose. Put the mix into the rad and top up. Run the engine until at operating temp making sure the heater valve is open, After 20 -30 mins leave to cool down and drain the system. You will be amazed how much stuff comes out sometimes slurry like. Top up with fresh water and repeat until the water is clear that is being drained, or if you have access to a hose put it on the heater hose and another pipe from the heater valve and flush that way until clear. I usually remove the thermostat to ensure good flow and to move all of the muck. When you are happy that all of the crud has gone top up with anti freeze of your choice. Simples!
  3. I didn’t realize that we could do it in the club, how does that work for an imported into the uk tr6 but about to start a restoration in France?Do I need to pay mileage and lots of wine for graham to come and look at it?
  4. elclem1

    Wiper swap !

    They will fit but beware of quality, the new ones are a bit rough around the edges and flimsy, ask me how I know!
  5. Hi Steve I would be interested in the wings and bumper parts do you have an idea of size of donation in mind? Cheers andy

  6. Watch this space for a picture!
  7. No like Waldi’s photo
  8. I use stainless welding wire and make it fit to a nut on the underside of the exhaust manifold I will try and post a picture later of the set up.
  9. Not sure one’s better half would approve though, clean it well before it goes back in the kitchen drawer!
  10. I have just fitted an interior, the key is to do it in a warm garage so that everything is subtle I glued the foam to the wheel arch with carpet spray glue.
  11. Hi roger I have just made one for a glove box using a lamp holder from an old wiring loom, I made the item 47 and used a led lamp. I can send photos on my return from hols . clemClem
  12. Buy from woolies trim.
  13. Hi Colin, what does the heritage cert say, originality is everything? I like the powder blue interior with a dark blue exterior, cheers Andy.
  14. Hi all this is where I put the pump and filter under the left rear wheel arch. There is no longer any pipework in the boot the delivery to the filter leaves the tank directly underneath along the top of the fuel pump /filter and enters the filter at the rear of the photo the pump discharge goes to the prv that is mounted on the chassis bracket and onwards to the MU or returns to the tank in the usual way. I have also mounted a Lucas type pump in a similar way using the saloon mounting bracket and a standard CAV filter. The electrics pass into the boot where a relay is situated, this can incorporate a tracker/ anti theft device. Never had any bother with either set up. Also to protect the electrical connections I have made a plastic cover out of a spray can plastic top with a hole drilled to allow the discharge pipe through. The positives are easy access for maintenance no smelly boot anymore no diaphragm required hoses used are standard fuel hoses of the required diameter and I use jubilee clips - no leaks! negatives a little fiddley to fit. not something you buy off the shelf. cheers Andy
  15. I have bought from moss same item and never had any bother with it, I have also bought second had and same result, I don’t think it really matters IMHO. Cheers Andy
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