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  1. Hi john I may have one but I am not in France at the moment back on Sunday I will have a look. Cheers Clem
  2. The trouble is the French can't be bothered to import here ( too much hassle) and there are not enough hours in my day to get involved. A business opportunity for someone with the time.
  3. Prices here for a good original LHD TR6 are on the rise. For some reason people here, around the south west like originality not restoration. €20000 is a good guide for a GOOD,' solid, original LHD car .
  4. Justin I have one but it needs some serious work on the hinge area. pm me if you are interested with your number e mail cheers clem.
  5. Used on tractor Power drive take off splines.
  6. elclem1

    Heater fan

    Hi Keith I might be interested I will be on stand 569 hall 3 if you haven’t sold it by then. Cheers Clem
  7. But only if it’s for personal gain, which it isn’t for me just doing a friend a favour.
  8. Richard I know that openroad has a motor but no fan fitted. Not sure what he will charge but could be an option? PM him. Cheers Clem
  9. elclem1

    Alan Burwood

    Sounds like wires on the back of the ignition switch are wired incorrectly and that you have an ignition wire crossed so it stays live after starting. Until you disconnect and then the relay operates and stops the car. I would check the relay connections and ign switch wiring .
  10. Could be a little tricky now with brexit happening tomorrow I may need paperwork to accompany and goods brought to the UK!
  11. Yes but that’s a lot of photos! basically I 1. Removed the pedals from the tubes 2.welded the clutch pedal at the end of one tube and as you suggest manufactured a piece to operate the master clutch cylinder and align with the slot. 3. Rewelded the brake pedal to the tube and using the piece of metal taken from the clutch tube welded this to operate the master brake cylinder and strengthened with a piece of steel to the pedal. i also cut the pedal stalks and realigned them to suit the foot operation. i did have a Rhd pedal box to copy though.takes about an hour. This is why it’s easier to show people how I do it maybe I need to do a u tube film? Cheers Clem
  12. Just going to the garage to modify another pedal box I will explain in detail how I did it when I get back to the laptop. Cheers Clem
  13. I think Colin isn’t far from me, I do come over with an empty car trailer from time so could carry a couple to deliver in the uk?
  14. Had the same problem as you but it was a short in the switch try taking that out of the circuit , use a feed + direct from the Battery and touch the green and yellow and the other green and colour to see that high and low speed work. If they work then it’s your switch shorting inside. Cheers Clem
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