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  1. You are indeed correct an air leak into the exhaust will upset the reading quite dramatically. However a good mot man will know this,
  2. Stoneleigh is always a good place to sell that sort of stuff.
  3. Richard interesting comments. What sort of guarantee do you give, time or mileage or both? The guy that repairs mine is as good to his word if he rebuilds one of mine and the parts he has put in fail it’s repaired FOC transportation costs covered too.
  4. To fit a overdrive to non overdrive box is a world of pain and expensive. Been there done that. Best off buying an overdrive box and maybe having it checked out on a test bed to see how it goes? If it ain’t broke.............
  5. Yes o/d is the way ahead. Bruce no names no pack drill on the supplier?
  6. Tim D this brings me back to my question of what is a gearbox refurb? And spec? It would appear that there isn’t a definitive answer due to the variety of budgets and rebuilders. So should a refurb be of just the parts that are broken or worn out or an inspection with a view to giving the customer a estimate of the works NEEDED to be done to make the box a runner again? Perhaps this is why the estimates vary so much?
  7. So guys what do you class as a “proper refurb”then. Is there a specific schedule of requirements laid down somewhere? Its not just necessarily the big boys that are good at what they do there are also bit players who do the work to a very high standard for pin money because they enjoy what they do and can do it well. I really would be interested to know what a refurb consists of.
  8. elclem1

    123 dizzy!!!!!

    Has this been fed back to the 123 guys in holland? If they are unaware they can’t remedy the problem?
  9. elclem1

    123 dizzy!!!!!

    Apparently the 123 requires a coil of 1ohm resistance the normal ones are 3 and that gives to weak a spark. Now I need to find the correct advance curve setting.
  10. elclem1

    123 dizzy!!!!!

    Update - 123 fitted with new Bosch red coil and original leads - started 1st time. Lesson learned fit the recommended coil with the 123.
  11. elclem1

    123 dizzy!!!!!

    Update - the 123 has been returned to me from Holland, and I now await the Bosch red coil from the uk should be today or tomorrow. I know that the plug leads are good as I spent the weekend racing around a track in Albi department of Tarn and the car never missed a beat. I am sure all will be good. As the car is on Webber’s and not PI it should be easier to start. As mentioned it fires up 1st time on a normal dizzy on points. There is also a high torque starter fitted. So standby for further update over the next couple of days. Clem
  12. elclem1

    123 dizzy!!!!!

    Hi yes all set up wrt the instructions in the manual. The red Bosch coil and carbon leads recommended are ordered and I will await and see the outcome when everything arrives here.
  13. elclem1

    123 dizzy!!!!!

    Hi all I have any annoying problem with a 123 dizzy and wonder if anyone has any ideas with what to do next. The dizzy is fitted to a Webber’s carbs engine with a fast road cam. It will not start the car. I have set up iaw the instructions and I am using a coil and ht leads supplied by power spark. The engine would not start so I changed the dizzy to an old one on points and behold it started. I put the 123 back in and nothing doing. Out it came again and in went the 123 and nothing! I changed the coil nothing, I changed the leads - nothing. Went back to the original and she started first turn. After a frustrating morning I contacted 123 in holland and they were extremely helpful with a number of suggestions but still nothing doing. They then suggested it was a faulty unit and I sent it back to them for investigation. They have checked it to find nothing wrong and suggest it may be the way it is set up? Grrr i now wonder if anyone else has had this problem? I have fitted 123’s before without a problem but this one is proving difficult. Any suggestions out there please? I understand that some HT leads may not be compatible with use on a 123? I am looking at fitting mangy cours leads but it’s not a cheap fix to get wrong.
  14. Unbrako socket cap?
  15. Stuart, yes from moss or the supplier to moss, I check all of the others I have here and they are all in the same orientation as the one I finally fitted. Maybe a rogue one? It’s one thing I will check before fitting next time. For sure!
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