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  1. Yes it is the new registration system the F denotes it’s been done this year. Not sign of paperwork yet to know more.
  2. Very funny guys but trying to help the lady out. So can we keep to the thread? Cheers Clem.
  3. Hi all, Yesterday i was invited by a lady whose husband had recently died to have a look at his car collection with a view to selling and moving the cars on. There is a RHD CP model within the collection and i said i would post on the club website the details to see if anyone may be interested in bringing the car back to life? I have some photos that i can forward onto interested parties, The car is here in SW France on french plates, Complete but needs TLC and has been tinkered with wrt changing carpets, steering wheel etc it is on Strombergs and i am not sure if the original fuel injection s
  4. elclem1


    How do you know the big ends have gone? As you said “ you are no mechanic” so as the rest of the guys suggest a little investigation is in order. turn over the engine by hand with the plugs out first. No tight spots continue by spinning the engine on the starter, you should get a bit of oil pressure. If successful, go for a start. Monitor oil pressure and then decide what to do
  5. Only wedge in the department I think! Retired and living the dream, some great places to go here all in easy reach, especially the mountains.
  6. Yes I still have it. Friends and family use it to go out on trips when they visit me in France.
  7. Very nice pinky but not an original grille. I was hoping to adapt an original one.
  8. Josh, It’s a vote for leave as is, I have fitted an in-line strainer Incase there are any big bits of crude floating around, also an isolating valve to make maintenance easier. Clem
  9. Doesn’t look too bad I have seen a lot worse! I normally change to an ally tank for restoration. A clean tank is a happy fuel system. Lol Clem
  10. Thanks guys I have pm’d mike hoping to discuss. I have a spare grill here so I have a way ahead. I think
  11. Hi all, really sorry to have to post this but I am struggling to find a thread on radiator lights, I seem to remember it was on the forum a while ago. But when I search radiator grill lights it doesn’t come up can anyone point me in the right direction. Many thanks in advance. clem
  12. Hi all can anyone tell me what the original length of the hose from the Lucas pump to the PRV fitted to the chassis is please? And where to find a new one? Cheers Clem. The moss number is 215585.
  13. It not the fact that it can be fitted by a skilled person like Stuart. If you have someone to hand that’s great but you still have to pay them to do the work!
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