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  1. Cheers peter I will look at all options. Andy
  2. Hi all, following a visit to the NEC resto show on Friday and seeing a TR7 with a wabasto sunroof near the register Stand I now have an urge to fit one to my 78 tr7 coupe. However I don’t think I realized how hard they are to find. If anyone knows if there is one available new or to restore condition not important could you contact me please. The car is currently off the road having suffered a visit to a deep ditch here in France so I think it’s the ideal time to do all of the work at the same time. Hopefully someone out there can help cheers Andy.
  3. elclem1


    I think I am sorted thanks Wayne
  4. **** in the fuel tank or system.
  5. elclem1

    Tr7 FHC 1978

    Dave all sorted now cheers
  6. elclem1


    Hi all does anyone have dimensions of a tr7 bodywork in order to jig a tub? My 7 was put in a ditch by a friend and I need to check it’s still square. A quick check using a tape measure shows it has a bent front end by about 1.5 cm. But need to find a datum to work to. Any suggestions? Cheers Andy
  7. elclem1

    Tr7 FHC 1978

    Hi David thanks for the offer, I have friends that live in chatteris that may be able to help out, I will discuss and get back to you. Cheers andy
  8. elclem1

    Tr7 FHC 1978

    Hi all does anyone know where I can buy a sub frame from, they seem to be discontinued or NLA from the usual suppliers.
  9. Great Dave thank you.
  10. Hi all I am looking for a TR250 choke cable that works to fit to a carb engine any condition LHD car. Cheers All.
  11. Hi I have the part you are looking for, GUJ116 ? I live in the midi pyrenees but am in the UK at the moment. However a friend has keys to my garage and if he can find the part and send it would you like to try that as a fall back? Cheers Andy
  12. Hi all does anyone out there in the Motorsport world know of a full roll cage that maybe for sale and fibreglass bonnet and bootlid to fit a TR6? I am in the process of collecting bits to build a lightweight car. - on a budget I may add. I can collect anywhere in uk or France damaged within reason is ok cheers Andy
  13. Yes I think you have two different ones an early and a later one. I have a pair like that here too!
  14. elclem1

    Classical Dash

    Strong stuff roger. I have dealt with Ian at classic dash and found him very helpful. Not sure Facebook is the place to start trolling people, surely there is a proper process to follow? Both sides of a story etc etc. mediation first ? there was an article in tr action ref S&M triumph is it a similar line to that episode? Perhaps a complete misunderstanding, not for us to say, is it?
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