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  1. Hi all can anyone tell me what the original length of the hose from the Lucas pump to the PRV fitted to the chassis is please? And where to find a new one? Cheers Clem. The moss number is 215585.
  2. It not the fact that it can be fitted by a skilled person like Stuart. If you have someone to hand that’s great but you still have to pay them to do the work!
  3. I think it should be around 4.5. It is achievable also a leaking exhaust can affect the reading.
  4. elclem1

    Leaking MU

    Well done more than one way to do things. That can be the downside of using a forum everyone has their own idea that works !
  5. elclem1

    Leaking MU

    If you leave the pedestal in place having already set TDC no1 firing when you fit the MU it should align with the dog and No6 port should have a an amount of hole showing. Remember you are not rebuilding an engine from scratch you are just changing the MU. If you remove the pedestal then you have to retime the pedestal gears to the cam shaft.
  6. Update on the rear valance, they were supplied to moss from Germany. They were manufactured using original presses which appear to be worn out. At the moment there isn’t an alternative supplier making these items,, so basically it’s take it or leave it. IMHO the part does not justify the price as I consider these to be what we would call in the day “seconds”.Let’s face it you wouldn’t pay £500 on a pair of Gucci jeans to find that you had one leg longer than the other and the store said you had to adjust them yourself to fit , would you ?
  7. Looks like someone has hung the two sports back silencers from the floor pan not the chassis?
  8. elclem1

    Leaking MU

    Hi Robert, TNT are great. Just wait for the customs bill to arrive.
  9. elclem1

    Leaking MU

    By the way have you got the quitus fiscal dated before brexit otherwise you will need 856a to prove you have imported your car into France and paid your duties. Ask me how I know!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. elclem1

    Leaking MU

    Hi Robert, I am probably a bit far away from you but if you need to call for advice etc etc I have done loads of these. So I know my way around. After your local garage has played around inside the MU it’s a wise decision to get one refurbed. I always have a 150 one spare here. Heaven knows what they have fiddled with. It happened to a friend of mine who took his TR6 to a local garage and in the end the garage suggested it would be better to fit SU carbs! The sad thing is the garage was run by brits....... who talked a great job but completely wrecked the recently New and working PI system try
  11. Just replaced a gearbox and had a similar problem. The one removed was an original 4 speed the one that replaced it was an overdrive the dowels on the engine cover didn’t match up with the holes on the new gearbox ie top LH side, I removed the dowel and hey presto it slid into place. IMHO check that the doles have holes to go into on the new box and that the 3 studs on the top line up too otherwise you will be there forever.
  12. Great colour just did one last year in that colour for a friend - his choice but turned out very well indeed.
  13. Budget matters John. Up to 9k will find you something rough but maybe a runner. 20k will get you something that may require refreshing but has an mot. 30k will get you something that is very good. But perhaps not concours 35+ will be in very good condition have some history probably off body bare metal respray rebuilt chassis and rebuilt engine. after that it’s difficult to price. The PI system is fine if it is well maintained there are some specialists out there but it is really a simple system just don’t fiddle with it when it’s working. Engines are robust a
  14. Tricky job just finished doing mine today. I had removed every thing off the car to do the body tub properly. The pipes I cleaned out of old grease the mechanisms were in pretty good shape so cleaned up ok. I bought new parts to fit the mechanisms to the front deck and new nuts too. Replacing was a pain as I have sausage fingers not nimble ones that are required.using the two small accesses I fitted the mechanisms first then the tubes. Lastly I used the wiper motor. Wire to check the movement of the mechanisms. About an hours work.
  15. Rob any chance of a photo to see how it looks as I don’t have any references to work to. Cheers
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