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  1. Presumably Sean these were going from point of delivery (from Canley) to the respective dealer who organised the personal export. if you look closely you will see that the TR250 does not have the Rostyle trims fitted which would tie up with my assumption. These of course would still be in the boot. Alan G
  2. Blue/white logo for the CP cars, changed to plain Triumph wording for the CR cars. Alan
  3. As Rich states its American Walnut for sure. If you doubt this maybe you have a replacement dash fitted in your car? Cheers Alan
  4. overdrive all day long Nige. Huge difference and adds a lot of character and enjoyment to the driving experience. Try ORS (overdrive repair specialists) yes they are not cheap but wonderful quality. Hang the cost...... it will be worth it. Alan G
  5. Thing is, its not a Laycock clutch plate thats featured in the TRaction, looks more like an AP plate to me. If the clutch refurbers can't tell one from the other then what does that say exactly. Just my tuppence and all that rubbish Alan G
  6. Vince it was matt black not satin black that was applied when these fine cars were new. Alan G
  7. John I would try a hotter running plug. Sounds like your PI is running ok from the figures you have supplied and I don't know which brand of plugs you are using but I find the NGK BP6ES to be fine for me so just as an exercise try using NGK BP5ES or BPR5ES if you need a resistor plug. These run hotter than the 6ES and might, just might, help with your "city fouling" of your plugs. Its certainly a cheap starting point in your quest. Alan G
  8. cp25616


    Yes 4life for me too, used it for many years now with zero problems. Quality product and I bought my last stuff from Demon Tweeks. Alan G
  9. Yes great news about Malvern not too sure about Stafford but time will tell. Looking forward to 2021 already! Alan G
  10. Oh yes I love VBH, she's just such a minx!
  11. However, the price of £57k does seem excessive, though as it was an auction result, 'the market has spoken'. If I was looking, I would prefer to find a more original car in top condition, which should be achievable for little more than half what was paid here. Ditto that Nigel. Funny I ask myself the same question whenever I see car like this : "When is a TR6 not a TR6"? Afraid to say this one doesn't rock my boat either. Alan
  12. I have to say in my humble opinion the TR5 hard top just doesn't suit the lines of the TR6. Alan
  13. all TR6's had the kidney panels.......yes. Alan
  14. Sorry Tim but the repro's feature a circular rubber section which restricts the door shutting properly as air gets trapped in this circle, yes there are very small holes every now and then but this is not a good idea compared to the original "eyelash" type. Alan
  15. Its the rubber profile thats incorrect with the likes of the replacements from Woolies and the like. Has to be NOS I'm afraid,,,,,,,,,,,,, anyone? Alan
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