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  1. Sad news indeed about your Dad. We too went on this trip and well worthwhile, looks like you arrived at Melle just after us as cousin Derek's saffron TR6 was just before you in arrival shot. Good memories of that trip and even more poignant ones for you. You have a lovely video there. Alan G
  2. Hi John After collecting far too many original TR250 and TR6 articles over the last 40 years I have an American article which is quite specific with regard to converting a manual carb TR6 into an automatic type. I can send you a copy if you send me your email address via a PM if you want? regards Alan
  3. Nice fit now, well done. Alan
  4. Hi Jase Can you supply a side elevation pic please that shows the arms in what should be a locked position? Alan
  5. well that's a +3. Alan
  6. Absolutely correct Laurence. Alan
  7. Well being a Scot, living in Scotland I find myself living in a very strange place at present. The general concensus of "the Middle Belt" , thats the populated area between Glasgow and Edinburgh think the sun and moon shine out of " Tufty's" arse. Why? As Ian has stated earlier in this thread its for two reasons really both of which are very disturbing. Firstly there is still the deep rooted, ancient and frankly stupid attitude that these people have of "its us and them, the Auld Enemy, if you like". It has become so engrained over a period of many years, centuries, that along with deep
  8. cp25616

    Oil Pump

    Just bought a blueprinted one from James Shackford recently. This chap has been doing 2.5 pi's for a long time now and he has probably forgotten more than I will ever know. Very clever chap, If you are interested send me a pm and I will send you his phone number. I have no connection with James other than my recommendation. Alan
  9. cp25616


    John thats a genuine BL hardtop for sure and yes it does need the side fixings. I think you could get away with a white hard top on a colour like Damson or Carmine but the red on your car, hmm no! Looks like you got a great hardtop there though well done. Alan
  10. Well if the TR250 owner has actually spent $110k then I would presume that he had gone to a specialist. I tend to do my own work outwith body and paint which I would be useless at! Alan
  11. Eek, we're rumbled! Its the Sweeny ! Alright Guvnor I'll come quietly ! I'll cut a deal for a lighter sentence, honest mista! You are so right John, I don't. Safety comes first out there mate but blinking heck its boring! Alan G
  12. Mike its not you who's missing something here, its this TR250 owner. Once you have made your mind up to go for a total rebuild with most of the work done by a specialist, you have to commit yourself to NOT having to sell your car. You are never going to get your money back, in fact nowhere close, as in this situation. If you need to sell your expensive re-build you firstly have to have it as original looking as possible, originality counts today. This car is in a non standard colour ( big boo-boo) with an interior which at best you could describe as dubious (another boo-boo) thats 2 of t
  13. Graham give me a wee while longer to get the pencil well and truly sharpened and then we will see...............! Nothing survives the "Graham Pencil" you know, lol. Alan G
  14. $26,800 he should have taken it ! Alan G
  15. Totally agree Mike, and its in a non standard colour to boot? Then there is the interior, jeez ........ least said! If I say any more the "Forum police" will reprimand me no doubt! Alan G
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