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  1. Chris last year I bought a Revotec blower fan therefore fitted in front of radiator as that is the set up I required as I am leaving the standard fan to perform as normal. I will only use the blower fan when and as necessary, ie coming to a halt on the motorway etc. I have noticed no difference whatsoever in normal running cooling temps since I fitted this blower fan. As stated above I would fully flush the rad out first and then if no better replace the rad. Then sell the fan and buy a blower unit. Alan G
  2. Not the 1969 steering wheel though Dave, the TR6 1970 to late 1972 wheel was not quite the same as the Spitfire Mk 4 as it had a hard bakelite type finish to the rim whereas the TR6 wheel had a composite type finish to the rim which was more maleable and frankly better. Alan G
  3. I have always used a Bosch unit ending in 996 which certainly would appear to be the unit of choice. Alan G
  4. Conrad I sincerely hope you enjoy your big 70 birthday today my ol' friend. Hearty congrats! Blimey just learned you have been suffering recently with very painful acute Sciatica, thats put paid to any Birthday Bash celebrations then. Hope you improve soon Conrad. Alan G
  5. Big plus one from me too. Alan G
  6. cp25616

    TR6 Seats

    Andy, you can't point a stick at "improvements" you can't see. My point was with the seats, although I certainly could point a big stick at spurious shiny blingy parts that the specialists sell, only because they can't be bothered to have the original parts remade properly and the profit margin and availability on the chromey blingy is far greater. Shame really. Alan G
  7. cp25616

    TR6 Seats

    Agree to a point maybe you should buy an MX5 and put TR6 seats in to it and get the best of both worlds! LOL Alan G
  8. cp25616

    TR6 Seats

    If your own seats need reconditioning then get this done and enjoy the originality of your fine TR6, with TR6 seats. It is a TR6 not a Mazda or MGF. Too many thrones going about nowadays which look totally out of character with what the TR5 and TR6 stand for. Sorry to be so negative but I do not give TR's a second look if they have been bastardised with "foreign" items. Alan G
  9. Agree with the above, over £400 for something that is no better then the original, although the CR set up is poor. Find a set of CP manifolds and linkage and welcome the improvements. Alan G
  10. cp25616


    Hi Tony You have just described what I cannot get my head round why this has not happened to 2.5Pi's? The rockers fitted to the TR5 and TR6 are part numbered 109023 and 109024 and have the very small drilled hole in the top of each rocker to aid lubrication. However the 2.5pi rockers which should have be identical are numbered 139896 and 139897 and certainly do not have the small lubrication drilled hole. Outwith this drilled hole they are identical so how come the 2.5pi didn't need this vital drilled hole then? Alan G
  11. I normally do not care for pinstripes but have to say on your green car it looks just fine. Alan G
  12. I like this, most entertaining. Alan G
  13. Bruce CP75000 was a 1972 model year car so production of recessed block and associated gasket would have been after the summer break in 1971 circa September. Alan G
  14. Well for me is standard seats all the way, I find them very comfortable actually. Personally I hate MX5 seats its the look of them more than anything else, they just dont look right in a TR. Tin hat gathered so should avoid major injury! Alan G
  15. Just put Saffie back onto a nice pair of lever arms last week ironically did this because I was not happy with telescopics and the rebound quality. Alan G
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