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  1. RobH

    Flasher Unit

    OOH! Just as well you found that Phil.
  2. RobH

    Flasher Unit

    If its wired as per the earlier cars with the dashboard tell-tale across the switch, it could be that bulb is is shorted out Phil. That would connect both L and R indicator circuits together. You could try taking out the dashboard bulb to see if the fault clears.
  3. RobH

    Brake pads

    You are quite right Marco - the information is very scattered across all the different cars and it would be very useful to have common headings for common parts. However it would still be difficult to prevent people posting those topics under their particular model so it may not help much.
  4. Well if it's a tubed tyre a very small puncture through the centre of the tread (scriber?) won't ruin the tyre, and the tube may even be repairable afterwards. You might just have to wait a while for it to deflate.
  5. Are you sure it's less than 900 Marco? I run a 17mm belt on my '3a with an 18ACR alternator. The belt is numbered 17A0965 making it 965mm long. I wouldn't be able to fit a shorter one as the alternator won't go any closer to the engine block.
  6. Photobucket changed their terms a couple of years ago to prevent embedding of pictures so the links are u/s now David. Nothing much can be done about that for old posts. One reason why 'the cloud' sometimes isn't that good an idea.
  7. Yes Jim. As you say. Battery connected to the one at 9 o'clock, starter to the one at 3.
  8. Health and Safety Executive - same as OSHA
  9. My November '59 - built 3A has it pointing to the side.
  10. The fuse I used is related to the kit I power from the socket rather than for the charger Miles. Its 10A which is for the largest load - an electric scissors jack. My conditioner is a cheapo Lidl one but it did come with a cigar plug as well as croc clips..
  11. I have a cigar-lighter socket connected direct to the battery via a fuse. Not only can I power equipment from it in the usual way, but it also enables me to plug in a charger without the need to disconnect anything.
  12. RobH


    It looks as though the phone companies have decided the old style pay-as-you-go, where the top-up has no time limit, doesn't make them enough money from people who seldom make calls. The 'bundles' mean they get a minimum income from you every month because the allowance is lost if you haven't used it within that time. There don't seem to be any of the old style deals available now in the UK for new customers. Of course if you don't mind having to get a new phone number you could transfer your present old-style PAYG sim to the tracker and go for a new one for your phone, where you might use the bundled allowance.
  13. Have you looked at Burlen? http://sucarb.co.uk/float-chambers-spares/float-lid-assemblies/h-type-t2/later-style.html
  14. It is impossible to keep the indicator head static Des, as there is no way you can clamp the inner stator tube while still allowing the outer shaft to rotate. Bastuck make a slip-ring device you can fit which retains the original switch functions but the head goes round with the wheel and you lose self-cancelling. Your only other options are to have switches on the dash or to somehow fit a stalk, though the steering hub arrangement doesn't leave much space for that. Here is a recent thread on the topic:
  15. John - this doesn't answer your question but there is a thing called "the way back machine'" which archives the internet and so saves lost data. I did a search on it and found this: https://web.archive.org/web/20190407160702fw_/http://www.trregistry.com/start/registry/html/TR3/index.htm It seems to be live as the last change is dated Nov 2019
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