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  1. Banjo joints shouldn't need sealer either Richard. A banjo can take far more pressure than the couple of psi that the fuel pump gives, without leaking. If they leak, either the mating surfaces aren't flat or the washers are faulty. Annealed-copper washers were the original I believe but Dowty washers with a viton ring can be used instead. Beware that some of the readily-available 'copper' washers sold now are actually plated steel and won't deform to seal properly because they are too hard. Re-used copper washers ought to be re-annealed before use as they will have work hardened.
  2. +1 The seal is a metal-to metal compression one at the olive, the threads do not need to be sealed. If there is leakage when the joint is done up tight, something is wrong either with the olive or its seating and that should be sorted rather than bunging things up with goop.
  3. The motor has its own built-in solenoid switch Ian as part of the engagement mechanism. The motor won't run until you power its solenoid.
  4. RobH


    They and some historians would have it the other way around Kevin. Certainly the Russians had by far the highest casualty rate (but they didn't enter the war until June 1941 and Barbarossa - until then they had a pact with Germany). As Stalin is reputed to have said - the war was won by British brains, American brawn, and Russian blood. I have an excellent book called "Prisoners of Geography" which goes some way to explain the Russian fear of encirclement which apparently still drives much of their thinking.
  5. RobH


    A rather dangerous time I agree -and one where a common front is needed against potential aggression. Unfortunately Germany is in hock to Russia because it desperately needs Russian gas, and the West collectively 'needs' Chinese manufacturing having dismantled our own, so there is no common opposition to either. Putin is a calculating opportunist but as yet he has got away with everything - literally including murder. Biden appears to be weak and confused, just when a strong and confident leader is required. It does not bode well. I don't think an invasion of Ukraine would trigge
  6. The current is only around 5A per seat so the seat switches will be fine handling that without relays Ed. It's only the ignition switch that needs saving from the extra current since it carries enough already. I don't know whether the MX5 seats that Peter has, have the intermediate connections which allow series/parallel connection of the squab and back pads which would give two levels of heat, but you can certainly do that with the separate pads sold on e-bay.
  7. The RB 106 uses a single bobbin for both voltage control and to limit current. There is no adjustment for the current - the overwind acts to limit the maximum but at the cost of poorer voltage regulation particularly at low loads, and is a fixed value so it is a bit of a compromise. It is described as 'compensated voltage control'. Nonetheless it works perfectly adequately. The RB 310 and 340 use separate bobbins and so provide better voltage regulation and the ability to adjust the maximum current. The main difference between the 310 and 340 is really the way the adjustment is done. The
  8. Assuming then that the connectors on the seats have just two wires (red and black):
  9. The C40 produces a higher maximum current than the C39 - approximately 5 amps more - and the matching regulators are different. Some web sources say it is possible to swap the internals over as the basic casing dimensions are similar. The field coils are the same resistance but the armatures are bit different and have different part numbers. The brushes are different so you may have to use the C40 rear plate and brush carrier to suit the armature so even if the date is right the appearance will be slightly incorrect - the later C40 rear plate has more holes in it for better cooling. Th
  10. I think the answer is going to depend on what seats and matching MX5 switches and wiring loom you possess as I believe there were differences between the marks. Some have multi-way plugs with connections for seat-occupancy sensors as well as for the heating elements. Any chance of a photo of what you have? You will need to take an un-switched power feed from the battery (brown wires) to a fused relay with a 15A fuse fitted. The heaters take 10A or so for both seats so this needs to be a new connection, not picked up through an existing wire. The relay coil should be powered from the ign
  11. Wired that way so you must have dipped heads on as well - not just sidelights. As Hawk says - you can't use high beam in proper fog because the back-scatter means you can't see anything. It does seem odd though, not to give you the choice.
  12. Normally when you switch the overdrive on, it stays on even if you change gear (between 3rd and 4th on a J type). With it on you find yourself going from 2nd to 3rd OD to 4th OD changing up and from 4th OD to 3rd OD to 2nd when changing down. With a logic unit the overdrive is disconnected at each shift, so you go from 2nd to 3rd to 3rd OD to 4th to 4th OD - like having a closer ratio gearbox. On the down change you go from 4 OD to 3rd so you get greater acceleration. If you want overdrive you have to switch it on again after each gear change. Instead of the standard on-off overdr
  13. No need for a relay Andrew. The J type solenoid draws only around 2 Amps which is well within the capability of a normal switch. Are you intending to have a 'logic unit' ? Many users consider it worthwhile; as the name suggests it makes the operation rather more logical. There have been several alternative circuits posted in previous threads.
  14. Just one relay needed to do all that Pete: https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/adjustable-delay-timer-relay-delay-on-or-off-12v-10a.html Activate with a momentary push-button, turns off after a set time of up to one hour.
  15. Or maybe the irony of my comment was lost.........I thought the emoji was a hint. Perhaps those pedestrians were commenting on the noise but how can you tell for sure ? People are welcome to their opinions but we don't have to take any notice of them, do we?
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