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  1. Last year when I picked the car up from voluntary MOT, the Overdrive switch was in the on position and the car had been reversed into parking bay. The switch may have been accidentally knocked or used as lights/indicator. Would the inhibitor switch prevent damage, although I would rather not risk it.I really don't want to give a toolbox talk on the workings of a TR when I take it this year, and was thinking if it is possible to pull wires on relay switch, I have two red, a white and green, can anyone advise if this is possible and what wires to pull. Any advice greatfuly received
  2. It's what they're good at, They once sent me a tax bill for £00.00
  3. He don't like being called that, you're be getting a visit from the boy's with the special perfume.
  4. Get yourself a bag of cold lay macadam from wickes about £8.00. Warm the area as you fill it you will get better adhesion
  5. mkmick

    New tyres

    I will be changing my aged tyres from 195 to 165, in the hope that it will be easier to steer at lower speed. Would it be necessary to make any changes to camber, toe in/out etc. I won't be doing this myself but it would be good to know.
  6. We have overcome problems in the past (ie- when on the many occasions the French have blockaded the Calais docks) I'm sure we will overcome this
  7. Would it be possible to take the weight by the head, lift off the floor 10mm so that the weight of the block can work in your favour. Might be worth temporarily replacing the studs loosely so you can keep control of the block. ps I'm not a mechanic and might be talking a load of s*it
  8. Hi Richard, I changed my radiator about 10 years ago (long story). Have the old one in the garage, as far as I know nothing wrong with it. Mine is a 72 cp model which is as far as I am aware is the correct one. I am in Bletchley and your welcome to it for a small donation to help the heroes. Not to clever on PM contact but I'm sure that a meeting can be arranged. Mick
  9. Black is black I want my baby back, it's grey it's grey since she went away ooh ooh,what can I do for I am feelin blue Los Braves (1968)
  10. If my memory serves the choke to the manifold was sometimes not connected because the original oil filter used to drain of oil, and upon starting a fast revving engine could have little or no oil until oil pressure built up.
  11. Been out for a run with solenoid disconnected all seems OK, will check wiring & connections and change oil in gearbox hopefully that will sort it.
  12. Solenoid horizontal assuming it is definitely J type, the problem I have is overdrive seems to intermittently engage on 2,3,4th gears with switch off. I have disconnected feed to solenoid I will take it out tomorrow to see if it continues. Wires and connectors looking a bit tired so hopefully it might be bad connection.
  13. I have a relay switch on a J type overdrive, according to the Moss catalogue it shouldn't have one. Not an expert on this but found original bill confirming o/d was fitted in '91'. Not sure that the car left the factory in 1972 with o/d. Am having problems with o/d and just trying to get my head round electrics
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