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  1. Hi Richard, I changed my radiator about 10 years ago (long story). Have the old one in the garage, as far as I know nothing wrong with it. Mine is a 72 cp model which is as far as I am aware is the correct one. I am in Bletchley and your welcome to it for a small donation to help the heroes. Not to clever on PM contact but I'm sure that a meeting can be arranged. Mick
  2. Black is black I want my baby back, it's grey it's grey since she went away ooh ooh,what can I do for I am feelin blue Los Braves (1968)
  3. If my memory serves the choke to the manifold was sometimes not connected because the original oil filter used to drain of oil, and upon starting a fast revving engine could have little or no oil until oil pressure built up.
  4. Been out for a run with solenoid disconnected all seems OK, will check wiring & connections and change oil in gearbox hopefully that will sort it.
  5. Solenoid horizontal assuming it is definitely J type, the problem I have is overdrive seems to intermittently engage on 2,3,4th gears with switch off. I have disconnected feed to solenoid I will take it out tomorrow to see if it continues. Wires and connectors looking a bit tired so hopefully it might be bad connection.
  6. I have a relay switch on a J type overdrive, according to the Moss catalogue it shouldn't have one. Not an expert on this but found original bill confirming o/d was fitted in '91'. Not sure that the car left the factory in 1972 with o/d. Am having problems with o/d and just trying to get my head round electrics
  7. Just been out for a spin in the 6, and noticed that the J type overdrive appeared to be randomly engaging in 2nd 3rd & 4th gear with the switch on the steering column in the off position. Once home I tried overdrive with ignition on and could hear solenoid in 3rd/4th gear, am concerned that overdrive might engage whilst reversing into garage. Has anyone else had experience of this problem and if so could you point me in the right direction.any advice would be most appreciated. Mick R
  8. Lucky the old bill didnt notice the number plates on the drive across Lancashire
  9. got mine from rimmers but you need to order fixing studs & tool if you intend to fit yourself
  10. mkmick

    Which clutch

    Hi Jas I fitted a borg & beck clutch last year the release bearing became noisy after 500 or so miles, would reccomend fitting uprated bearing costs extra but less hassle
  11. mkmick

    Door Pull

    Hi All, Can anyone advise me on the best adhesive to stick door pulls on, I have tried several with no long term joy I am thinking of trying "no nails" but this might be a bit extreme.
  12. with the engine running the ignition warning light stays on,going out intermitently, the ammeter jumps from the -to the + when the light goes out. How do I check if the ammeter or regulator are at fault. or could it be something else. Any help much welcomed.
  13. Spot on Pete choke has only 1 cable going to metering unit other appears to have been cut off I will order correct choke cable. Thanks all for your input. Mick
  14. Hi everyone,my 1972 6PI fires around 3rd attempt but needs a bit of coaxing with choke/throttle to keep running.(I use fuel additive) After about 2 mins runs fine.It has been like that since I bought it 4 years ago and assumed it was part of the fun of ownership. I took it to local garage for MOT and a tune up they told me it was not how it should be and might be a problem with injectors or cold start?. I think they were not to sure about PI system and glad they left well alone. Any ideas or reccomendations to expert garages within 25 miles of Milton Keynes would be welcomed.
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