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  1. Bruce, thanks drawing would be good. Colin.
  2. Very good John, my "spindly legs", would match a chicken. Think I`ll leave it well alone for now, but thanks for the info, at least I now know which adjuster on MU is for leaner or richer. Colin.
  3. Hi Bruce, here attached is a photo of the other non locking Lug Nuts. All of these also have the Aluminium washer. Thanks to others for the information updates, so research now required by me. Regards, Colin.
  4. Bruce/Chris, thanks for the replies. Only occasionally has it been to a garage, so its mainly me that have removed the wheels over the last 21 years.3 Must be me then but they are all slightly oval, so dont want this design/manufacturer again. I was told to torque to 65 ft.lbs is this right? Chris and all, can someone recommend exactly what and where to buy that would be correct for my wheels on the TR6? Cheers, Colin.
  5. Hi All, I have Minator 5 1/2" J, 15" alloy wheels fitted with a locknut on each wheel (see attached photo). The lock nut has three pins and on one has gone oval making it troublesome to loosen and tighten up. I believe they are manufactured by TRILOCK and I have a security code which came with the car, but I can find a website to see if they could send me a replacement nut. Has anyone had this problem and an idea if this is possible? Also some other questions please: All wheel nuts fitted have an aluminium washer, is this normal and are they special nuts that would be only for the Mi
  6. Hi Rob Y, all TR`s seem to be slightly wired slightly differently due to PO`s adding circuits and other accessories. What I did is as follows: Firstly: Ascertain how your car is actually wired and how the lights operate. On mine, in the ignition position and when running, no lights are on except the brake lights when the foot brake is pressed. Light position 1 operated the front sidelights the rear tail lights as well as the number plate lights. In switch position 2, all was the same except the headlights came on. The main beam would come on in either position 1 or 2 except if the li
  7. Cheers all for the information and suggestions . Colin.
  8. Ah OK thanks Rob, I didn't realise that modern car running lights switch off at night. So are they controlled automatically by an LDR or switch off when you purposely turn on the headlights? The LED`s fitted are 4W "bright cool white", 4000K, 200 Lumen, dont know how this compares with the 12V bulb, or whether it would dazzle oncommers, what do you think. If you think they would dazzle at night, guess I could turn them off via the second switch position (headlight switch), or voltage/ resistor limit current to reduce lumens. Regards, Colin.
  9. Hi Rob, I have just done this to my TR6. Basically the two front sidelights had bulbs (very dim) and come on with the first switch position of the light switch. I wanted to have them on all the time a bit like modern cars, for additionally safety during dim daylight. What I didn't want is the rear lights to come on during daylight, as people think you maybe braking. I upgraded to LED`s in the two front parking lights and added two diodes in the feed to these lights. This means that when the engine is running the front parking lights are on, and the rear lights are off,. in position 2 the
  10. Hey this sounds good. My PI used to do this slightly on overrun, especially on hard acceleration, so whats the secret to getting it back play with the MU adjustments? But which one, dont want to mess it up or take it too far out? Regards, Colin.
  11. c.hydes

    New tyres

    No John, both tyres are not new, both are 21 years old. Colin.
  12. c.hydes

    New tyres

    Thanks Dave and Stuart for replying with the two previous and to answer your input: Yes, I purchased all 5 wheels at the build in 1999 they are Minitor 5 1/2 J, 15". Current 4 tyres are Yokohama A-509, 185/65/15. When you compare these on the car and loaded they have a flatter surface profile on the ground of 150 mm compared to the Goodyear 195/65/15 which measures at 140 mm ie 10 mm wider contact but for a tyre that in theory 10 mm smaller. This is what I dont understand. Seems to me that the Yokohama has a much "squarer profile", but sadly cant get this tyre anymore ??? Colin.
  13. c.hydes

    New tyres

    Understood Bill.
  14. c.hydes

    New tyres

    Yes Bill glad you came to similar conclusions. Think i`ll go have some conversations with my local tyre experts before deciding on tyres and tyre widths etc. P.s do you have any photos of the car on 245/45/16 and 255/40/17? Cheers, Colin.
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