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  1. Thanks and no grease nipple on the shaft nor the UJ`s. Will not add further grease to the gaiters. Colin.
  2. Thanks Peter, but I don`t seem to remember a thread on the half shaft where where the screwed cap would fit. So back to my rubber boot, should it be filled, half filled, or just left empty before attaching the two tie-wraps? cheers, Colin.
  3. Thanks for all the reply's. I have removed the old perished rubber gaiter's over the splined joints, and taken out the half shaft`s and cleaned out all the old dry grease. Applied some new grease to the bottom of the "female blind end" and filled the male splines with grease, and reattached the two halves together. My question next is: ........................."should the rubber boot covering the splines be filled with additional grease or just left with the grease that oozed out after pushing together? " Thanks Colin.
  4. + 1, likewise. I also had the same problem last month, big leak from RHS below the LUCAS black plastic cover plate, had to be transported home by AA. I removed the MU and had it refurbished by Neil Ferguson (K.R.S), brilliant service at a very reasonable cost. Refitted with no problems, but then found inlet main hose was also faulty and leaked fuel. This was replaced with new from TR Trader and now all seem good. I would say however, that these two components have lasted for 20 years without issues, so cant really complain !! Colin.
  5. Hi all, my outer half shaft rubber dust boots have perished. Am I right in thinking that if I undo and remove the 4 nylock nuts/bolts on the inner differential universal joint, that there is enough clearance to angle it sufficiently to remove the splined end to fit a new boot? Can`t find any information on if this is possible. Cheers and thanks, Colin.
  6. As Ed has said Viton is the material to use, BUT it must be Viton B specification. Colin.
  7. It that case, I’ll put the drums back on and adjust the brakes up according to the BB and see if there is any difference. Cheers Colin.
  8. Ok Roger thanks, when pushed with a screwdriver the brake cylinder moves left and right probably about 4mm, but doesn`t return. It has to be pushed again in the opposite direction with screwdriver, is this correct? A small amount of oil on the sliding parts helped it free up a little more. Colin.
  9. You mean push the cylinder with say a screwdriver from either side and it should move a little and then return ? Colin
  10. Ok Roger but how can you prove that it moves with both the foot pedal and hand break with the break drum fitted? Colin
  11. So, I`ve taken both rear wheel brake drums off and everything looks clean plenty of brake shoe lining left, and no signs whatsoever of any brake fluid leaks. When handbrake levers are pushed away from the backplate, brake pistons move out of the cylinders and push forward shoes out at the top and return when released. Is there any other parts that should move and return and should the whole cylinder assembly move and return when footbrake is depressed? Also what actually movers the rearward shoe rearward? Cheers and thanks, Colin.
  12. Cheers and thanks for the tips.
  13. Ok thanks for that. Yes I have a drip from the timing cover, gearbox and diff, so hopefully the rear cylinder will just need adjusting etc. Thanks for the MOT clarifications Colin
  14. Ok thanks Roger. So all of these comments in your opinion, are for the rear N/S brake drum only and the other 3 brakes are ok - correct? If so, I’ll concentrate on this brake only and see what I can find with regard to the leak? cheers Colin
  15. Can someone please advise the sequence and what to look for/test and inspect on my TR6 brakes as found on my latest MOT. On the MOT certificate is states: Oil leak, but not excessive [8.4.1 (a) (i). Brakes imbalanced, requirements only just met and It would appear that the braking system requires adjustment or repair. Rear (near side reading lower [1.2.1 (b) (i)] Service brake fluctuating, but not excessively - Front [1.2.1 (e) On the garage document it states: Minor oil leak . N/S/R brake reading low. Front brake reading fluctuating. What do we thing
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