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  1. Thanks Bob, but still dont get it. Can see how you can sort posts by ascending/descending, but not replies within an individual post. What am I missing? Colin.
  2. Hi, simple question I hope. When a post is up and running the order is first post at the top and you have to scroll down to the bottom to view the latest reply. Is there any way to set this up so the latest reply is at the top ie in descending order. I can`t seem to find a way to do this? Thanks, Colin.
  3. Thanks Bruce i`ll go have a look. Colin.
  4. Hi Bruce, didn't know I had an air bleed screw let alone venting it every two years. Can you share where it is, looks like, photo etc? Cheers, Colin.
  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. Think I will try some of that "99 cocktail" petrol now, If it still pinks the your other suggestions will follow. Regards Colin.
  6. Sorry forgot to mention. Use a small flat blade screwdriver, find the two ends of the circlip in the groove and then gently lever up on end whilst sliding the screwdriver around the groove. Also to correct a mistake. I brought my internal replacement O rings from Chris Witor. Colin.
  7. Yes Mark, discovered this a few weeks ago, and dismantled two injectors to replace the forward O ring which had gone flat and was rattling and dribbling.As long as you are careful it can be prised out of the groove, but it will "flyaway" so best to do it inside a transparent bag, Once the circlip has been removed the inside valve assembly can be removed from the rear end, the old o ring can be removed and replaced with a new one using a little oil. As long as you don`t adjust the nut on the valve assembly they seem to retain their spray pattern. Reassembly is the opposite of dismantle, but I found it a bit more difficult to replace the circlip The O rings are available as spares form a number of suppliers but make sure they are the correct grade of Viton, others will confirm which grade is suitable but I believe Viton B 75 Shore Hardness is correct. I bought 6 from KMI Injection Ltd, approx £5. Sorry but I don`t know or not seen spare circlips for sale. Give it a try. Regards, Colin.
  8. Thanks for the input. To answer some of your questions: The MOT printout results do not give any other explanations other than what I highlighted in my first post. I have retarded the timing from 11°BTDC to 8° and my advance is approx. 26 - 28 max at the crankshaft. I use standard supermarket petrol 95 RON, and have a fast road camshaft with a stage 2 conversion, as was a US 125 bhp but converted to 150 with higher compression . Tappets are 14 and 18 thou, vacuum at idle is 9/10" Hg, all BP6ES plugs are light brown, but still get pinking or what I believe is pinking. My thoughts are: Try 99 RON? Retard ignition further? Tweek the MU to add a bit more richness? Cheers, Colin.
  9. Just looked at some past postings on this topic that seem to indicate 2.23% CO at idle is a bit lean and going to say 4% could stop the dreaded "pinking" which I seem to have. So as a experiment how do I increase it a bit, metering unit tweek, advance/retard timing form 8°BTDC etc Colin.
  10. Thanks guys, yes they have never measured the exhaust gases before, but I paid £45 and apparently that includes the cost of an emission test eg a modern car, so asked the engineer to give me a print out for interest. He did say they were much higher when started, but soon came down to these values above. If the results indicate a generally healthy car (at idle) then that's good. Guess it may not be so healthy at higher rpm`s though.? Cheers, Colin.
  11. Also does it tell me anything about the state of my engine ie rich, lean, good, bad etc? Regards, Colin.
  12. Just a question from my MOT pass yesterday regarding the certificate. (1974 TR6 Injection) Under heading ....................."Non - Catalyst Equipped Vehicle" its says: Limits: Actual Value: Max 4.5% 2.23% PASS Max 1200 ppm 481 ppm PASS Do we know what these gases are,
  13. I moved my TR6 switch from the column and down to a momentary switch on top of the gear knob, together with an overdrive logic unit. I found it difficult to operate the column switch without moving right hand off the wheel. To change gear you have to move your left hand and that's where the switch is to then engage the overdrive, so much easier. Colin.
  14. c.hydes

    PI Injectors

    The O rings from Chris Witor were purchased about 5 years ago, and no receipts, they were cheep so not too bothered. when disassembled the valve just fell out and indeed were totally flat. I don`t have any air source at present and thinking of getting a straight screw adaptor made to fit the thread (if we know what it is), to attach air line and guage. Colin.
  15. c.hydes

    PI Injectors

    Thanks Andy the PI Lucas document is very informative not seen that before. Yes I agree, it isn`t that complicated, as long as all components are cleaned and reassembled in a clean environment. As stated my problem was getting the valve back in again, it was very tight Waldi gave me some measurements for the o ring and mine from Chris Witor dont agree. Did you see this and can you confirm or comment from your expirence? A member suggested soaking the o ring in petrol prior to fitting, do you do this? Cheers, Colin.
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