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  1. Hi John, a PI MU expert (can`t remember who), once told me which screw to adjust, to stop backfiring on the "overrun" ie from a WOT to idle and indeed which way ie C/W or AC/W to reduce it? Can you enlighten me again please? Colin.
  2. Lived in Oakdale/Canford Heath then latterly Wimborne, left 2018 C/
  3. No problem, where in Dorset are you, lived on Poole for 48 years. C/.
  4. OK thanks, that's quite fine. Do you know if it is classified as "high flow rate" suitable as a Bosch pump pre filter? Colin.
  5. Thanks Bruce that`s reassuring. Seems that a course filter circa 100um is best for the pre filter can I ask what make etc. you have fitted? Colin.
  6. Yes Bruce point taken. It does have a small flange at the bottom, so was thinking this would be a tighter fit an a pair of good quality hose clips should help. I could also put some Hylomar on a s well? So on your 40+ home made fitting did this sit above the inside bottom of the tank to prevent entry of crud? Cheers, Colin.
  7. Hi John, they told me the dimensions and that it would screw directly into the tank boss once the old one is removed. I dont have any thread gauges so can`t measure the TPI. A Vernier indicates that the internal bore is 7.97mm all the way through, the thread diameter (across pitch) is 12.41mm (0.489"), and is parallel over whole length. Polished brass and seems well made. I assume that it will seal on the fibre washer and was going to add some Hylomar Universal Blue to both the threads and washer, and make sure that the tank boss is flat? One question though. The thread length to wa
  8. Hi all, anyone know the CAV filter porosity in microns (ie um), for the GFE 5296/ Delphi 7111-296/HDF 296 filter element ? Thanks, Colin
  9. I had this problem and brought a brass 5/16" x 18 UNC hexagonal insert online. Drilled a larger round hole in the wooden gear knob and cemented into the hole with two part Epoxy. Also have the locknut underneath to orientate to the correct position. C/
  10. Its time to make a decision and get a new pump now. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences, advice and suggestions. I propose to replace my Bosch 0580 254 996 with a Bosch 0580 254 053 which has the following specification: 175L/hr at 5 bar, 11A at 5bar, 60mm x 160mm. I have a new larger tank outlet fitting, will add a tank shut off valve, as well as a new tank to pump large bore coarse filter to replace the existing original CAV filter. I will take advice from the Bosch dealer on the requirement for a finer upstream filter as some say this is desirable to protect the MU. A
  11. c.hydes

    Fuel filter

    Thanks Steve, sorry gents its which "big Sytec FILTER" you have fitted that interests me. C/
  12. c.hydes

    Fuel filter

    I am in the process of replacing my 996 pump, but yet to decide which one, so this topic interests me. Can you gents tell me which "big Sytec" pump you have, and specific part No`s would be great? Colin..
  13. Looks like an original Girling to me. Had the same problem a few months ago, leaking from the rear seal and some fluid had seeped into the servo. I used Past Parts as well, they fitted a stainless sleeve and then bored it back to the original dimensions. They also replaced all other seals, including the seals on the reservoir/lid cover which I returned to them, and re-silver electroplating the body. Returned in two weeks, now fitted, all lines blead and works like new. Would highly recommend Past Parts. Colin.
  14. Thanks Cas, so can you explain which Bosch pump you choose and why it works so well for you? Cheers, Colin
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