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  1. Just a thought the old Lucas used a coil around the motor in an effort to cool the motor and hence the fuel. Has anyone tried running a small Spal or similar fan ducted to push cool air over the pump Bosch or Lucas type? I've yet to decide which way to jump with the pump (I have a reconditioned Lucas or buy Bosch type) and PRV but I can't help feeling that taking a leaf out of modern EFI systems is the way to go with an in tank pump and external PRV set to 105psi close to the metering unit as it would solve the cooling issue and other reported woes as long as the pump has an adequate 12v
  2. Shouldn't take a massive amount of pull to pop the catch. I'd suggest removing the catch and making sure everything moves freely and grease it. That said fitting a secondary cable or pull as fitted by Ed http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-84/TR6-84.html is good insurance. Andy
  3. China has its eye on economic world domination as a way of buying itself out of hunger for its massive population which has been a feature of its own long history. This is at the expense of the third world by taking their natural resources and selling the resulting cheap goods to the greedy west hooked on throwaway goods so China needs a growing population of which just a few rich "pigs" in its communist utopia are really benefiting. The third world is trying to "level up" and emulate the West's life style. As a result its exploited by its own political class while modern medicine and cha
  4. Hi Pete Been following this thread and there is some good great work been done to revive your pride and joy! Your going to have a cracking car back to enjoy. Keep the updates coming! Andy
  5. Bit off topic here and I'm not a climate change denier but its nothing new in earths history having happened many hundreds of times and the earth has survived and plants/animals have adapted. The issue is not so much its changing that's nothing new. The real problem is that there is simply just too many people and the world will not face up to it. Instead the privileged first world thinks that technology will sort it out while they can make money on the back of the "climate change band wagon". Petrol or electric will be the least of peoples problems when there is nothing to eat or drink.
  6. 5K,7K,15k,30K that's a lot of petrol! Low annual mileage will lower the battery life and in truth the alleged "greener credentials" are a myth. The Mercedes saga above is a case in point and will probably be scrapped by 7 years as will most of the present electric cars until they are the equal of fossil fuel or better for range, ease of charging and repair.
  7. IMO converting any classic car to electricity is completely against what the spirit of owning a classic car is all about to do otherwise is just producing a bit of a mongrel of an empty shell. As said build a nice engine and fill it with as much fuel as you can and enjoy her. Andy
  8. Nice idea but without a lip at the bottom brake fluid will still run down onto the paint. I'd be tempted to remove it and bend a lip into it to retain it. Andy
  9. No expert but an old shaft, new rockers then perhaps there may have been the chance of them cockling and binding resulting in rapid wear. Personally I would have renewed the whole assembly so the clearances would all be in spec. Andy
  10. Probably a stupid question but do both the brake/clutch MC generally weep as a normal thing? If so it seems a bit of a design flaw if they do. If rebuilt and re-sleeved with SS by someone like Past Parts will this offer a long term fix? In the past I've seen a SS drip trays on e Bay for the clutch from a guy in Auz. Andy
  11. As Ed says 40% got mine off e Bay. DeOxC is citric acid based.
  12. Used both DeOxC and phosphoric acid and the latter works better and is much cheaper. I've had the same bucket on the go for around 2 years and its still removing rust from anything I've put in there so far from surface rust to thick crust. Once cleaned with warm water and dry your left with bright steel in the bottom of any pits. DeOxC was used for the rear of the bumpers which were filled like a bath but it was a slow process but seemed inert to the chrome. Andy
  13. Thanks both. Unfortunately I don't have an original to have rebuilt to a higher amperage which would have been my preferred option and I want to keep her looking as OEM as possible. I'll keep an eye out or if anyone reading this has an original Lucas one fit for reconditioning please drop me a line. Andy
  14. Hi Tom I suspect any connectors of any design will have a resistance even gold plated ones. As Roger says keep them clean and I suspect they will do a good job if you want a bit of extra security then solder the bullets and ensure the wire is free of oxidation. I find that if I can't solder the wire its time to change it. Andy
  15. Morning all I need a new alternator for my car (1969 UK PI TR6). The car will be fitted with electric rad fan, Lucas fuel pump, electronic ignition, period looking radio, feed for sat nav/phone charging point and running LED lights apart from std halogen headlights. The loom will be new. From a bit of a search I was thinking 45A will be adequate. So before I order one which suppliers offers the best quality options? Thanks Andy
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