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  1. PodOne

    Good Bye

    It's called informed choice as an adult you have the freedom to make it when confronted with an argument or statement. Standards are those made by other people on your behalf perhaps but it dose not mean you have to agree with them and they should be subject to challenge like it or not or debate and law is a waste of time and nothing evolves or is resolved. Censoring the debate serve no purpose the majority of opinion should serve as the outcome as a democracy otherwise we have dictatorship and we know where that can lead. I stand by the decision to give your opinion or say nothing or ar
  2. PodOne

    Good Bye

    Hi Roger Very sad to read your decision. But I hope your still reading to know a lot of people including myself owe you a debt of gratitude for all the help you have given countless people over the years to the point of thinking you are a decent bloke with only the club and fellow members at heart. This forum is my local branch and you are one of its leaders so please don't leave it would be a sad waste of all your efforts and talent over the years to walk away from leaving the forum in a poorer state. Moderators I don't think you can afford to let Roger leave without trying to
  3. Good result Roger Thanks Will have to check mine before its fitted. Andy
  4. Hi David No expert but if the idle was ok prior I wouldn't adjust anything yet and first check for air leaks. Bit of a pain but refit the points does the idle stabilise? Are all the butterflies shut with no choke and throttle. Andy
  5. Hi Pete Makes me think the box was never stripped down at all. At best the top was removed for a quick look and then bolted up to a fashion and the case cleaned. Nothing short of robbery, hope you get some recompense for the inconvenience and extra work incurred. Andy
  6. Hi Mick Think you're right it's never going to move once fitted loctite or not. Andy
  7. Ok but this one is capable of been adjusted and is the same 82mm length as the other taken from my MC, so is 82mm correct or 78mm? Strange I have two the same length claiming the correct part number. Just looked at the Rimmer's site and the pic of "Push Rod Assembly - LHD - 148607" for a 0.7" MC looks very much like to one I was sent as a 122296 my guess is they have mixed them up in the parts bins! How I've got two the same is I suspect that the car I have arrived mostly in boxes so its possible a LHD MC/rod was sourced in error? That said the LHD is even shorter. Said it before nev
  8. Hi John Old 122296 rod top and new with the bag it came. Both 82mm new is adjustable for a RHD 0.7" MC so I'm as confused as you now! Same part number for 250, TR5 and 6. Andy
  9. Sorry John But they have either measured it incorrectly or are now supplying a different version of the part. I have said part from Rimmers still in the bag with the label and its defiantly for a RHD car measuring 82mm. It will lengthen but is at its shortest length due to no further threads. Andy
  10. Thanks Stuart I'm sure the recommendation will help a lot of folk searching for advice in the future. Andy
  11. Rebuilt mine a few years ago and is sat on a shelf since so just to reassure myself I'll re-strip it and check the bore. Out of interest Stuart which supplier would do you use for replacements or is it worth getting Past Parts to re-sleeve/recondition the original Girling? Andy
  12. Hi Les/Stuart Even with the circlip out mine stayed in the bore even with the crud removed from the top of the bore I had to keep pushing the piston down the bore against the spring and releasing it until it popped free, perhaps a weak spring or it maybe a normal? I've not stripped enough of them to comment further and rebuilt it using the old spring. The spring for the 0.7" I couldn't find a supplier but the 0.75" is listed by Rimmers. Anyone know a source for the 0.7" spring for future reference? Andy
  13. The length is 82mm with the threaded portion of the rod flush to the rear slot in the clevis pin if that makes sense. So at its minimal length without the thread entering the clevis slot. Andy
  14. Hi Les I have 122296 from Rimmers I'll hunt it out tomorrow and measure it for you from the clevis pin hole centre to the end. Andy
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