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  1. Look better with the thick end at the back
  2. Hi Dave and all I'm in the position in Wakefield anyone have any one out there with any recommendations? Andy
  3. Hi Mick Thinking about it your right with regard to the boot, bonnet and possibly the doors I think only the wings will get the pyolised. Andy
  4. Hi Allan After 18 months of debating if I should go for dipping v blasting after research and advice from Stuart I've gone for blasting as it seems the acids used are trapped in seams despite washing. These then come back to destroy paint finishes at a later date. Also cavities which had paint coverage remain naked and you can't be sure if subsequent rustproofing is going to cover them again. I'm going to have the panels baked, blasted and etch primed and the tub blasted and primed again to avoid removing any paint already there within cavities/hard to get to places. Andy
  5. Used Cometic HG's on a number of boosted motors over the years and never had one fail.
  6. PodOne

    Best fuel

    +1 for Tesco Momentum I've run a lot of motors on this with no issues along with Shell V Power.
  7. Hi all Thinking which way to go with the engine rebuild and sending the dizzy to the Distributor Doctor for a rebuild. After speaking with Martin/Liz it all depends to a degree on what cam I go for. I'm not building a track car (not allowed) but one for the road so it needs to idle well on the Lucas PI system. 1) Any mileage in building around a "Fast Road Cam" v Std? 2) What's the advantage and disadvantages from those that have gone with mod and who makes the best one? Thanks Andy
  8. I've used Waxoyle for 30+ years on my dads cars/vans and a 2007 Honda Jazz from new (wife's car) and it has worked well as long as it was put on a clean surface to start with and is reapplied every couple of years no rust problems at all. I just wish it did not stink as much as it does. Also tried Bilthammers wax on a MX5 or two and it seems to work well over powder coat and POR 15 after 5 years. I think the key is to keep topping the wax up.
  9. No designed to go over bare steel even better after shot blasting as it gives it a good key. The finish if you use a good brush will look as good powder coat and it flows well into any seams.
  10. Two coats of POR15 Chassis Black, Powder coat from my experience not as tough.
  11. Hi folks Just checked mine again its a 41542B made 08 1974? which is for engines numbers from CR2846 so I guess its the wrong one as it also has a vacuum fitted. So I need a 1969 spec 41219 with no vacuum for my engine which is CP26015HE. Thanks Andy
  12. An eighteen month mission and the eagle has landed! Tub went straight on without any issues so I thought I'd push her out for a wash and polish. Next up is bolting all the panels and doors on and getting the gaps right.
  13. Thanks Waldi I'll dig it out again and have a look. Andy
  14. Hi all I was reading a post on here yesterday which suggested the correct dizzy would be a Lucas 22D? I was going to send mine to the Dizzy Doc for a refurb but I need to be sure its a 22D I cant see any stamp to say it is and worryingly its marked 08 1974 which suggests its not the original one from the car. Is a 1974 a 22D and anything I should look for? Or do I need another one? Thanks Andy
  15. No experience of Upol but POR15 Chassis Black works very well and gives a very good finish
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