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  1. Forgot about Laskey's. There was one in Leeds as well.
  2. Must be getting old Tandy, Maplins and if you lived in Leeds Headingly Radio Spares amongst other Aladdin's caves for ex MOD valve tackle and components. Spent many an hour rummaging though what many would describe as junk in search of parts to build DIY HI FI amps based on Leak, Quad and Williamson's circuit designs as I was skint Then there was the amateur radio rallies another good source of interesting gear including my last reel of solder- Ah all gone replaced with with a true description of junk namely computer junk. Kids don't know what they have missed! Andy
  3. Thanks Rob I'll invest wisely this time around. Andy
  4. Thanks for the feed back both. Panic not gents I just pushed three random fuses in so my tiny brain could visualise the circuits better and run the wires to the right spots. Hence all the labels. Agree the fuses are cheapo rubbish ones. I've had previous experience with these rated at 10A melting everything rather than blowing. after buying a life supply job lot in a nice box from Machine Mart. Out of interest who supplies reliable blade and Lucas Fuses that will blow at the stated current? Andy
  5. Evening all My reel of flux cored solder which must be 30years old at least is unfortunately almost done. I tried using some supplied with my gas iron and it was shall we say well C..P. It must be some kind of lead free stuff. Can those folk with an interest in electronics and thing electric recommend the best product to buy? Thanks Andy
  6. Thought I'd post this as possible way of installing a panel to give good access a I personally hate struggling to get to things. It's made so it will pull forward to ease of installing the wiring and later maintenance. Hopefully it will work out. I will update as things go one way or another so people can improve their own efforts if they wish. Andy
  7. PodOne


    Thanks for the replies chaps. Long time since I rebuilt the engine now but everything was well coated in assembly lube Chris which will be repeated prior to firing her up. Waldi I found some other pics of the new rocker assembly which is torqued down fully and I think there is a plug in the rear end, front I cant tell so will check when I take the rocker cover off. Sticky label applied or I'm bound to forget !! Some other pics of the old and new rocker assembly had the two Spring Washers (Part No 40 on the inside of the pedestals back and front so hopefully assembled correctl
  8. PodOne


    Here's my rocker shaft and rockers purchased from Chris Witor complicit with holes in the rockers and split pin. This post has me thinking should there be a spring washer (Part 40) I forgotten beneath the split pin. The new shaft has no plug either at the front (No1 Cylinder) and is solid at the back. The plugs NCA. Do these new aftermarket shafts not need a plug or spring washer? She's not run yet so it would be good to know before hand. Thanks Andy
  9. Hi Stuart/Roger This is the circuit diagram I'm using for the OD and the old sub loom mirrors the new. I'd no yellow wire in stock so have used the Purple/Yellow 2.0/32 16Amp back to the OD switch you can just see it bottom of pic. So that should provide the power from the white relay ignition on through the OD switch on the steering column. Andy
  10. Thanks Waldi and Roger for the confirmation I'll label them up. Andy
  11. GAZ coil over green adjustment spanner perfect fit if you have one knocking about. Andy
  12. Evening all Just made up the sub loom for the OD this afternoon but I've lost my original pictures as to which are the two interlocks. I think they are as in the picture can anyone confirm? Thanks Andy
  13. Thanks for the above all. A bit better search, but it seems to be a negative step by e bay for sellers and buyers experience alike. Why has PayPal withdrawn protection?
  14. Hi folks I might be doing something stupid my end but have E Bay changed the way it works in terms of searching for items? Eg I've use "triumph TR6 car parts", "triumph TR6 car parts used" or "triumph TR car parts" as search terms for years now and its worked fine using Newly listed or Best Match. Last few days all I get is listings days or weeks old with none of the usual folk who list parts on there. Any pointers? Thanks Andy
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