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  1. Thought I'd repair the vent lid only to find it was too far gone so I went to try and order one, no chance none currently available so I thought I'd have a go at making one. Only one side of the hinge was worth saving. The lid is 18g and the hinge made from the remains of one of the sills. Four hours later and I'm happy with the fit just a pity the aftermarket rubber seal was a better fit.
  2. I used a "ball" the other side of an old alternator pully made out of the remains of an knackered rear drop link, Drilled it through and cut it off worked fine. Nice bit of upcycling if I say so myself
  3. I'd look at the cable connections/terminations for signs of Verdigris/oxidation as this will lead to increased resistance and heat Remake any dodgy ones. Old copper wiring itself can deteriorate/oxidise (goes black) again leading to increased resistance if you remake the connections and you have enough wire strip it back 4-5 cm and see if its nice and shiny.
  4. PodOne

    Supercharged TR6

    Moss no longer do the kit. Was there a reason for it being discontinued as it would seem a better period route to go than Turbocharging.
  5. Find your local nut and bolt supplier they usually have lengths of metric high tensile rod/nuts. I used an old alternator pully/washer and two nuts on the bottom and washers and two nuts on the top worked fine front and back.
  6. Thanks Both Much appreciated. Andy
  7. Evening all Trial fitting all the panels and getting the gaps right etc before getting the tub blasted so the boot lid/lock needs reinstating to make sure it sit flush. Can someone confirm if I need bolts or screws and the size/length. I've tried looking but the old imperial measurements don't register well in my post decimalization brain! Thanks Andy
  8. PodOne

    ECU help

    Hi Rob Is this a new install or one that's been running ok and developed a fault? Not familiar with the emerald but dose it allow you to see live data on you lap top as this will help track down faults? First I'd suggest revisiting all the wiring as its generally poor noisy signal voltage to the ecu or bad earth .Hope your not using cheap connectors and have used a good crimping tool Next I'd check for vacuum leaks using a can of easy start. You don't say if you have a TPS sensor on the inlet as the carbon tracks can stick/wear leading to a loss of signal also they can bind if not exactly aligned even from new. Keep us posted. There are a few people on hear who use the Emerald so hopefully they can help more. Andy
  9. Any consolation one of mine came off easily bolting the flanges together the other needed about 20t and went with a bang while we drunk a cup of tea.
  10. PodOne

    PI Fuel Pressure

    Hi Both Given all the problems with the pumps Lucas or Bosch has anyone run a modern in tank pump where it will be cool along with adjustable external pressure regulator/gauge similar to a modern EFI set up? Andy
  11. I used to make my own front and rears links for my MX5 from rose joints and threaded bar/nuts so I could pre load the ARB's never had them fail using some stiff roll bars. The std TR6 ones l ordered do look cheap and I can't see them lasting long. The uprated ones form Rimmers don't look too hot either at £40 a piece! Think I'll make some over the winter and post some pics seems a better way to go. Andy
  12. Hi Ian I'm not familiar with Emerald but have self taught and done a few cars with Adaptronic Universal 420e with the last Turbo MX5 with traction/geared boost control running for 10 years before I wrote it off! Yes it was a hard road at the time but I learned lot and I'd love to do the same with the 6 but I'm now banned by the wife from moding anything with wheels but she might soften with time. Consider running the 12v heavy gauge supply to injectors direct from the ignition key as they will draw the most current hence the heavy gauge. This should also trigger the fuel pump via a relay wired direct from the battery to avoid voltage drop at start up. Link all the earths together and ground to a single point on the shell to avoid ground loops. There might be another set of grounds from the injectors that need to go to the block. Ground any other earths either to this point or back to the earth on the ecu especially sensors as the ecu will appreciate a clean 3-5v readings. The injector triggers should go back direct to the ECU pins. Use a separate 12v wire direct from the battery for the ecu which is better being inside the car passenger footwell but not on the floor behind a ali plate under the carpet. If your concerned with regard to the crimps then solder them as well for added security. I know some will say don't but if you heat shrink them they will be fine. I had more issues with wires rubbing through due to poor routing so take time to secure the loom well away from anything that might rub. No beer feel sorry for you! Plenty of tea and biscuits it is. Keep at it and up dating look forward to hearing she has started up which was a great feeing for me believe me. Andy
  13. PodOne


    9.9k and a respray but what's underneath it?
  14. Hi Ian Don't give up! Better you have wired it up yourself as you will know where every wire goes and what it does. If you were closer I'd give you a hand I've done a few custom looms using Adaptronic ecu's on various cars over the years. Have to agree having the best tools, ratchet crimping plyers (usually need a couple of pairs to cope with individual types) and using the best connectors you can get along terminating any wires using heat/resin spades/bullet connectors etc will save you much grief down the line as 95% of problems have their basis is duff wiring. Run the loom through plastic ducting and keep it well away from anything hot. Have a beer, walk away for a few days and review the situation. Andy
  15. All wrong its for planting spring bulbs.
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