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  1. Strange one of the pics shows the chassis then not in others? 150k more so if its just a tub! Only good for a re shell.
  2. Thanks Ed Had another go this afternoon, put a thicker layer of zinc on the parts, washed, cleaned with brake cleaner then 30sec in the chromate and a final wash. Seemed to "stick" a lot better and give an even coat. Going to let them air dry for a couple of days and see how they turn out.
  3. Hi all Being stuck at home and bored and instructed "No noise its Mothers Day" or else I thought I give my plating kit a go. Given me some lovely bright zinc plated bits and bobs. The trouble I is when it comes to dipping them into the yellow Passivate after a Nitric Acid dip/wash. The yellow adheres but rubs off tried clear first as instructed in the kit no difference same result. Any plating gurus out there with a suggestion as to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks Andy
  4. With such safety critical parts I get refurbing a MC in the past given the issues with repro units but now they are resolved why bother when the costs are considered. Same for the Servos which for most won't be a DIY proposition, rusted thin in areas. Unless you are dead set on originality I'd consider fitting new for peace of mind. Just my two pennies worth! Andy
  5. Could try here? https://bresco.com/index.html
  6. Hi Tim Sounds rubber related to me. Nothing to say a lead balancing weight hasn't come adrift might be worth having them all rebalanced and check for any "eggs" (bulges) on the inner tyre walls while they are off. Andy
  7. 40k!!!!!!! Having a laugh at that price I honestly can't see where they get a lot of their prices from. The escort shell is probably harder to make at 6K and IIRC a mini shell is around 6k and a MGB 8K. The escort shells are already been passed of as genuine cars with the VIN been cut out of scrap cars buyer beware!
  8. PodOne


    Hi Dave Look on e bay lots of wet/dry 1000, 1500 and 2000 grit, just used some to flat back some clear coat applied to my dash then polished it came up like glass. If you have put plenty of paint on even if its like orange peel you can still get a decent finish with lots of elbow grease just be careful near any ridges as you can soon burn through to the primer. Best of luck with it. Andy
  9. Nice find Kevin added to my favourites for later! Thanks Andy
  10. Hi Jerry Think your right the only way to get to all the internal corrosion would be to dip it and see what's left, repair and dip in e coat, or unpick the spot welds and blast the components repair and weld back up. The problem would be heat distortion in the frame. Which ever root I'd look for the best one you can find first. Going forward making new ones could be viable when there are none left worth repairing but the cost would be high £800-1000. Andy
  11. Evening all Just in the process of building the dash back up as I'm fed up of welding and I'm missing the wiper and washer switches. I understand that the original switches are no longer available or when they do come up on flea bay very expensive. So as usual a few questions; 1) The original wiper switch was it two speed or intermittent plus two speeds? a) What's the alternative(s) now and who sells the best ones? 2) Washer switch who sells the best ones? As ever thanks for any advice. Andy
  12. Evening all If you like old WWII planes and there restoration have a watch. Great watching got to get myself a Spitfire! Well at least a model. I wonder if they will have on a Mosquito at some point would be even better. Andy
  13. I've had Zicotec ceramic coat cast iron exhaust/turbo manifolds in the pasts and it does make a difference to under bonnet temps. I think with the TR with the inlet above the exhaust there might be some mileage in using a an 4mm insulating gasket for each throttle body and a ali heat shield to keep the inlet temps down as this makes a bigger difference to the point I could quite happily put my had on the plenum after a good few laps and esp for road use. Or I could be just trying to apply Turbo principles to a 50 year old car where it will have no impact! Andy
  14. Hi Rob BBC Radio 4 and breakfast. But then can you ever believe of late anything they say. The focus was on bring the change forward to next year to meet climate change targets. Are the metering unit o rings and seals E10 tolerant? Andy
  15. Hi all What's everyone's thoughts on the governments proposal to switch to E10 by next year which will see an extra 350,000 cars scraped and off the road/year and importantly what impact will it have on our cars and PI's metering unit? Andy
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