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  1. I don't get the suppliers thinking when a couple of pence or them specifying the correct OEM spec to the suppliers would gain them loyal customers. Think I'll have a look at my new one as well and drill it out and use a nut and bolt if it will allow and beef up the hook to stop it bending as it looks a bit weak at the top end.
  2. PodOne


    I always use their online valuation which is generally higher than the dealers at trade in time as a bargaining tool. Costs you nothing. Andy
  3. Hi Mike Might be talking rubbish but how about tapping the thread with a metric or UCF which ever gives the best chance of a decent new thread? Practice first on a bolt the same as the diff pin in a vice that way you don't end up with no option but to replace the pin which would be a real P--- in the A---. Andy
  4. I was lucky a mechanic mate put me in contact with a old boy who was retiring so I bought his leading kit off him the sticks alone made it worth it.
  5. Sorry Mick I have to disagree what's left of our traditional way of life and values would be completely submerged. Hong Kong developed under our past influence and legacy to what you describe are you saying we need help to do it again here in the UK? Unfortunately I suspect we probably couldn't as we have become a soft touch to be pushed around by liberal idealists but I still like to think there are enough people here with the spirit to take it on. As for China needing foreign currency they are raking it in while ever the rest of the world allows China to effectively soft steal there natural resources and then sells them there products a lot of which is cheap low quality knock offs using stolen technology and in the longer term a waste of resources. Cut that off and China will fall back that's why they send large numbers of students overseas to enter ours and others universities to obtain knowledge which is more valuable than the fees the universities take which have become dependent on the income and are more akin to businesses rather than educational institutions. This has reached a stage where countries around the world are beginning to question of outsourcing production to China I for one try to avoid buying anything from them on quality grounds. France and Germany seem to value their engineers and industry and take steps to support it perhaps with BREXIT we can go further. Andy
  6. After watching Stuarts tutorial on Lead Loading I thought I'd give it a go this afternoon on the door bottoms which needed full length repairs which after blasting had a few pin holes to fill. I'm really happy with the results and can see why its superior to Bondo its ability to seal joints etc is great as you can sculpt it into shape with a sharp chisel, body file and files. So if anyone is thinking about it give it a go I really enjoyed doing it and plan to use it on the repaired deck area and boot channel joints. Thanks Stuart Forgot to add I'll skim with some Upol B fibre Glass just to fill the low spots then Bonda Rust Andy
  7. No we all have a in house cook but the pets best look out!
  8. Hi Roger I'm not sure they won't. Three million is a mere handful of troublesome people to China but a great tool to cheaply destabilise a western county. it's what I would do if the boot was on the other foot for long term influence. Andy
  9. Hi all Thought this would have popped up by now so here's a starter for 3 million more mouths to feed. It seems uncle Boris's cheese has finally slid off his cracker with the recent announcement to allow a a starter population 300,000 Hong Kong British passport holder to settle here in the UK with the remaining 2.7 million having the right to come here and seek citizenship. Is the man simply stupid at a time of growing unemployment, housing shortage, BREXIT, a public sector on its knees and the risk of civil unrest around cultural differences to think we have any capacity at all to even consider this? I'd suggest the last time we undertook such a monovalent exercise in the 1960's it was a short sighted disaster then and has contributed to a lot of the current ills and a growth in both left and right extremes. Boris and co need to realise we are no longer a world imperial power with a few rowing boats to protect an empire to worry about and as such no responsibility for those countries which are not within our jurisdiction. As it stands China could swat us like files industrially internally and externally as in truth what have we to offer China other than a market for its products and growing influence making blusterous empty statements is well, stupid. The real risk is China calls our bluff and actively pushes 3 million people here for us to look after which will keep us all busy when anyone with a spare bedroom will be asked to take them in and schools have to dilute further the education they offer making us even less competitive. China on the other hand have then removed the problem, keep Hong Kong as planned and have a good few thousand industrial spies nicely implanted for generations to come and a imported a culture with the potential to influence our politics in favour of China for generations to come. Win win in the long run. I say no let China have Hong Kong, no right of residency as eventually the Chinese system of government will collapse as the majority realise they are been exploited by the few and will change it internally which we should sit back and watch playing the long game, a game China has played for thousands of years. Or maybe natural disaster takes them out as a result of famine then no doubt we will be sending them aid! Andy
  10. Thanks Rob I can relax then I thought it might be another part I needed to find! Andy
  11. Hi all Novice question but what is a control box? Fuse box? Andy
  12. Good thread both Marco/Roger for a long standing problem I knew nothing about. My gearbox has been rebuilt with all the usual weak spots addressed apart from this one. While its under the bench I think I'll drag it out and box in the area in as you suggest Roger as I hate oil leaks as our two house cats like walking it all over the house and I get earache from the wife! I'm thinking of using Ali as I have a mate who is a dab hand with the TIG. Out of interest how much oil leaks in practice. Is a drain back to the GB really needed given the mod/catch tank stops any escape will it not simply find a level and return back and if so are any seals required at all? Andy
  13. Cheers Paul I'll look them up. Your the first local TR6 owner I've come across so far thought I was living in a desert! Andy
  14. Managed to salvage the rear bumper not perfect but will do for a while. Anyone know a good chrome business in West Yorkshire for the front which is toast as the chrome is peeling off. The problem was the back very rusty so how immerse the long section in 20l of Deox c? The two other short bits just stuck them in a bucket and reversed came out well. Considered domestic plastic soil stack but the volume of Deox too small so I came up with this which might help someone in the same position a bit of silicone, plastic from the Deox C bottle and washers/self tappers. Working a treat in its own bath. Plan to use some Silver POR 15 on the backs. Andy
  15. Hi James Got mine from Moss. I'd just say don't bother ended up using only part of it and binning the rest, appalling fit and waste of money. I'd suggest repairing what you have or making the required patches that's what I did for both sides in the end. Andy
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