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  1. Hi Colin A good spot and thanks for sharing. Your issue might save some one a lot of work and head scratching! Andy
  2. Hi both Thanks for the pointers. The bezel I’ve now got it’s the lock nut I’m struggling to source everyone’s either out of stock or no longer available. Found some switch lock nuts on e bay but I need the size/tread size. Andy
  3. Hi Bob The solid I felt would give a more direct feel with less slop so more precise control that's the theory anyway! The heater cables are also solid and bonnet release IIRC. Still struggling to find a suitable locking nut don't suppose you know the size and thread? Anyone? Cheers Andy
  4. New with the old. Think it looks race inspired. A £9 make over good value!
  5. Hi John Give it a go nothing to loose. Remove the C clip from the outer threaded body. Pull the cables out. The outer sleeves will remain in crimped in the end of the body, cut flush and drill the remains out open out the crimping with a suitable punch/drift to receive the new outer. The cables will be crimped into the end of the knob section. You will see two small holes us a 1.5mm drill and drill into the shaft, be careful not to drill all the way through. Clamp the cables in a vice and pull one of mine came out fully the other snapped inside the shaft so I used a sharp 2mm drill t
  6. Evening all Couldn't bring myself to pay over a £100 for a new repro cable which might turn out not to last so I'm in the process of repairing and refurbishing an old one. So far I've managed to sort the cables/sleeves but its missing the chrome bezel (part 146987) and lock nut (part 515789). Don't suppose anyone has them stashed away in a tin and willing to part with them? Failing that anyone know the tread TPI and nut I'd need. Thanks Andy
  7. Evening all Found these on E bay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Tr5-6-new-crank-pully-and-damper-assembly-with-timing-marks-3-8-groove/274646153993?hash=item3ff22fbb09:g:UNkAAOSwOVZf~uWk Anybody had experience of these? Thoughts appreciated. Cheers Andy
  8. As said Phosphoric Acid its cheap and very effective just need to find a tank big enough for what you want and keep it out doors and away from inquisitive children. Next up would be to have it blasted. Of the two I like the acid treatment and have then DIY zinc plated a lot of bits and been very happy with the results. Andy
  9. About time they were made to have licence and insurance given the Highway Code is something to carry if they get caught short. Cyclist don't you just love em! Andy
  10. I've used Zircotec in the past on exhaust manifolds and turbo housings where it makes a bit of a difference but not as much as claimed in my experience. Looks nice as it stops rust but the cost has increased to silly levels now to the point I wouldn't bother unless you are planning on competitive racing I'd save your money and invest the saving in something more worthwhile like petrol and use the car more! Maybe worthwhile considering isolation/insulating gaskets on inlet side to keep the charge temps lower these defiantly work and cost relatively little if you can get them for your appli
  11. Thanks for sharing Roger. Bit rich for me new but I'll make a point of searching flea bay for something with a similar spec/size. Interestingly I was only in Machine Mart today buying a new base unit for my tool chest paid for by my better half! for Xmas in an attempt to allow me to find the tool I need without 20mins of searching for the dammed thing because I've forgot where I put it! Andy
  12. Sorry but there are plenty more deserving people for the title "Sir" like engineers, scientists and medical researchers etc who sadly receive little recognition for their efforts who contribute more to humanity than any sportsmen or women ever do while receiving indecent amounts of money and avoiding their dues and playing politics. Reality check needed just another example of playing to the social media masses IMO. Hard hat on! Andy
  13. All the best to you Marco and thanks for the many interesting posts in 2020! Andy
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