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  1. Plenty of inspiration so far. Well its 25% of an engine bay! Andy
  2. Thanks Vince thats the one. I ended up making one out of a bit of 1.2mm sheet in the end not too difficult. Andy
  3. Thanks both for the feedback should have been more clear in my thinking so yes 6 amp for the solenoid. Confused now! So if I stick with the OEM Lucas no advantage in changing the wiring arrangement. If I go Wasp relay required if so how? as 41A through the switch seems like asking for trouble if running it as pre-engaged set up I guess there must be a lot of Tr6's wired like this. Retaining the original starter solenoid Rob seems not very elegant as my TR6 has no bulkhead relay (unlike both your TR3's) So I use the ignition switch trigger wire to the starter soleno
  4. Evening folks. As ever a few question to you. I've managed to gather all the different current/amp figs for the fused and unfused circuits and plan to use a number of additional relays and fuse currently unfused circuits. The one amp figure I'm struggling to find is the current draw for the original starter motor so I can rate the required thin wall cable. 1) Anyone know the current draw for the OEM Lucas starter? 2) I was also toying with fitting a Wasp high torque unit and the only figure I can find is 41 amp? 3) Is it worth fitting a high current relay for either t
  5. Hi Richard Perhaps not what you want to hear but for what its worth I've found upgrading braking systems in then past usually requires two master cylinders and balance bar to achieve the set up you want. As said balance been the key to ensure the braking is predictable which may take a lot of experimentation to get right even with a dual MC set up. A lot of the kits are based around generic callipers to appeal to a wide range of applications. Rarely are they car specific and often not much better than a well maintained OEM set up with good pads/shoes and some simply add weight to the susp
  6. Evening all Just putting my dash back together and as usual I'm missing one of the metal "straps" which hold the air vent to the back of the dash and it seems they are no longer available. Don't suppose anyone has one kicking about in their box of bits? Thanks Andy
  7. Thanks Stuart seems the most logical place. Only other place I gave thought to was on the rear scuttle board behind the passenger seat. Andy
  8. Hi Blair Think Mick has covered it for you. My engine/box is built and in the car with no oil just Grahaogen/Clevite on everything and will stay that way until I start it which will be no time soon. Accept that some will run off but will pull the rocker shaft/rods and redcoat the lobes when the time comes and turn her over until the oil pressure comes up. Had a few new engine builds Kicking around for 12 months or so can't say there was any issues for me anyway. Keep warm Andy
  9. Thanks both for your help. Stuart your pics will help fitting back the loom. Peter I see the diagrams have the switch connections numbered are the same numbers stamped on the switch or are there 2 spade connectors on position 1 and 3 on position 2 etc. Typically I have the same circuit diagram minus the numbers! One last thing anyone where would the best place to fit the auxiliary fuse box and relays in the cockpit? Andy
  10. Evening all Spent some time stripping the wiring loom(s) prior to making a new one and judging by the state of them the PO's didn't need a heater they just waited for a small fire or two or for the loom to heat up. Baked in a lot of places! Anyway I've traced all the wires and removed a pile of bodged repair sections but would appreciate if anyone could post a picture of the rear of the ignition switch (mine was missing and I plan to fit a new Lucas one) so I can see where the loom wires connect to it. Can't seem to find anything on the webb. Thanks Andy
  11. RIP we are unfortunately never likely to see the likes of him again. A sad loss to us all, the Queen and county. Andy
  12. Up to me I'd keep her Damson but Yellow nah bit too bilious for my taste on any car
  13. Was unpicking the rear loom this afternoon and its just confirmed why it needs replacing! Can't beat a quality repair.
  14. Thanks John I tracked this one down but it won't hurt having it here of others in the future I'm sure. Andy
  15. Thanks Graham lovely original car! I like Damson never knew they had no wing mirrors at all how do you find driving in modern traffic without them or do you have a stiff neck. How does the trim stay in place is it simply sandwiched between the deck/wing using the tabs on the trim? Andy
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