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  1. Same for me the BMH wings, floors, sills, boot panels all needed hours of work to fit something like and get the gaps right without recourse to piles of lead which I'm reserving for the seams and rear deck its the most enjoyable bit for me. Love it making it all fit better and stronger than when it left the factory. Or maybe I'm just a sad git!
  2. Take your point Roger regarding the presses required to shape the original gauge so yes go for thinner materials but design in such a way to give the same strength in use. As it is it seems the bridge spring pans will need attention. I bought it in good faith thinking these kind of issues would have been considered in retrospect I should have repaired what I had which is a situation I'm finding with a lot of repro parts from lots of suppliers which need adapting to fit as the holes are in the wrong place etc. I don't see the logic in it why not drill them correct in the first place! Andy
  3. Thanks all for the feedback. The bridge as is seam welded both sides of the uprights, pins boxed in and would be a real pain to remove so its staying put. The gauge is thinner so given the issues in the pics I'll beef up the spring seats as Roger suggests and triangulate them as well. Begs the question that when suppliers remanufacture safety critical parts that they should meet the OEM spec as a min standard and then QA what they receive before sale rather than as cheap as possible causing all involved in having a poor reputation and lots of extra work. Glad the body isn't yet in situ. As to the CTM situation I'm seriously thinking of setting up a friend into making new TR chassis/sections. Currently he makes from scratch TVR replacement chassis and repair section which by comparison TR chassis are dare I say "simple". If CTM aren't around then it may make it a lot more viable. Andy
  4. Hi all Update Rimmers have checked their stock of two one is correct one is wrong and notified their supplier. So I have a the wrong one. Initially the offered to replace the part free of charge, not much good given the amount of work involved so as suggested above I'll do a alteration in situ. As recompense Rimmers have sent me a nice Xmas voucher so I'm happy with the result. Andy
  5. Thanks all for the input will get in contact with Rimmers and see what they have to say and report back.
  6. From the pics so far it looks like the notch has been manufactured in the wrong side. Rimmers must have had Stevie Wonder measuring this up, not a happy bunny.
  7. Hi Folks I was ploughing through some photos of the car looking for something else when I noticed that the diff looks offset to the notch in front of the bridge in the attached photo. The bridge was bought from Rimmers and welded in place and the tub mounts well to it but I'm left thinking that either; 1) I've some how rebuilt the diff case and front hanger the wrong way around/upside down? The ali diff pan vent is on top but I'm struggling to find a pic of where the filler sits above or below the horizontal line in the cast has anyone pics of the diff fitted standing from the front and passenger/drivers side so I can see if the filler is on the correct side if that makes sense. 2) The new bridge is actually made wrong? If it is do I need to alter it? As ever thanks in advance Andy
  8. Hi Chris As said I'd drive back the 70 miles and ask the seller to sort them out which I'm sure they will or you have the right to reject her. Despite the issues she looks a lovely car. The interior is a perfect match for the blue tempted to do the same when the time comes. Andy
  9. Hi Waldi You could make short sections using a short length of scaffold pole as a dolly and a bit of metal bashing, give it a go. Easier with 1mm rather than 1.2mm. Andy
  10. Shot blasted mine checked for cracks and then painted them with two coats of POR15 silver. Time will tell if it lasts. Andy
  11. PodOne

    Horn Bracket

    Hi Ian Why not just make one using the one you have as a pattern if your struggling to find one? Andy
  12. Hi Allan 1) I'd remove it to see what's lurking beneath thick or otherwise as if any moisture has got in it remains trapped and rusts out while looking solid on the outside. Worse case you may be faced with some welding. 2) Depends how far you want to strip he car. I'd suggest taking the wings off to get at the inner wings and fully assess them. The wings can then be dealt with easier. The underside will be much harder if you intend leaving the chassis in situ. As to the actual removal depends how brave you are to use a blow lamp (which is what I did) just to the point where it softens to allow it to be scraped off and then white spirit to remove what's left. It will stink and have compressed air and a wet cloth to quickly put out any flames and in a well ventilated area. Or you could just use white spirit but it will be long mucky process. 3) Will depend on what you find, if its back to paint and its sound I'd key it, brush paint and apply black stone chip and then spay over with wax. Hope it solid for you. Andy
  13. Hi folks I thought I'd spend an afternoon trying to sort the original LUCAS waster motor and bottle. I'd planned to simply fit a new motor to the top of the bottle as the original was just a pile of rust when I split the case but the new one looked naff and I wanted to keep it looking original if possible. Its a squeeze and took a fair bit of fiddling but from the outside it looks original and works well. Just need to sneak the washer bottle into the dish washer which makes a good parts washer just don't blame mw if you get caught! The plastic Motor case needed filling down to allow the screw heads to sit lower and the motor/wiring was all sealed in silicone
  14. Hi Phil Think your right another test drive first. For what's its worth I think its condensation give you didn't drive her far, it colder and you say she has a slight miss-fire. Get her red hot and see how you go. Fingers crossed. Andy
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