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  1. Suspension back on Diff next weekend.
  2. PodOne

    Front Hub Issue

    E mail already sent!
  3. PodOne

    Front Hub Issue

    Thanks Roger In retrospect I should have used some 2000 linishing belt when it was feeling tight but the inevitable call came "Tea is on the table in 10 mins" so I rushed. Its on and it feels reasonable no play I did debate pulling it back off but like you say it would most likely destroy the bearings. Will just have to see how goes. It's another Rimmers part that's not quite right, I don't get why a supplier this big can't spec the parts correctly. Going to try TR Shop for the next batch of parts.I'm finding renovating as many of the OEM parts a better bet just wish I had more tooling to do it like Ed. Andy
  4. PodOne

    Front Hub Issue

    I've just fitted my hubs today and went for the cut down felt option as I already had them using new bearings and a new stub axle on one side. The remaining old axle bolted up fine with the new bearings the new old was very tight with both bearing needed to be drifted on to allow the D washer and nut to go on to press the hub on. Are they supposed to be this tight pulling it back off might be fun! Saying that the old one looked like the internal bearing sleeve had been turning around the axle shaft and scored it.
  5. Hi all Hubs and discs going on tomorrow and after reading about the felt seals I wondered if anyone had replaced these with a proper seal rubber/synthetic seal? Googlized it nothing coming up. If anyone has what did you use and how. Cheers Andy
  6. Thanks Nigel/all Like you I've used Gaz on quite a few road and race cars over the years and had good results and reliability but didn't want to go with them without asking the question first. As it is I've gone with them as there seems no real consensus so will just need to see how they ride. Andy
  7. PodOne

    Front Brake Calipers; reseal?

    The compressed air worked a treat and pushed the pistons out they are stainless and the bores are all good. Clean up and a reseal tomorrow.
  8. PodOne

    Her first start

    Best of luck Waldi its great feeling of achievement when she fires for the fist time.
  9. PodOne

    Front Brake Calipers; reseal?

    Hi Waldi Nothing to be sorry about better than loosing an eye! Think a lot of accidents could be avoided if people spent a few ££ PPE and seconds just thinking about the job rather than cutting corners. Andy
  10. PodOne

    Front Brake Calipers; reseal?

    Thanks all for the pointers. They have been soaking in WD40 since Weds so with a bit of luck they will play ball.
  11. PodOne

    Front Brake Calipers; reseal?

    Hi all UK supplier if anyone needs any http://www.thewedgeshopstore.com/caliper-o-ring-for-girling-caliper/ Nice site. Its not Taunton Devon but Taunton near Cape Cod! Going to try Pirtec.
  12. PodOne

    Front Brake Calipers; reseal?

    Hi Rodger LOL I'm sure I will be asking a lot more questions than you ever will! Splitting them as the pistons are refusing to budge so it will be hopefully easier to extract them and clean them up. Also they look new but I have no idea if they are any good after years of idleness and need to be sure there going to work! Andy Thanks John Most likely the case as these calipers seem to be used across a range of MG's. Andy
  13. PodOne

    Front Brake Calipers; reseal?

    Hi Roger Seems a shame not to while the caliper is split given it will likely be a £1 for both, or me been me I forget where I put them! I'll keep searching. Thanks Andy
  14. PodOne

    Front Brake Calipers; reseal?

    Hi all Just got the calipers out of storage and thinking about where to go with them. My car is a UK 1969 PI and hasn't turned a wheel for at around 8 years looking at the history file. The calipers I suspect have been replaced sometime just before the car came off the road as they look like new with SS pistons along with the pads which will be replaced as the discs were toast. The caliper casting indicates 16P but the seals would suggest PB which seems strange, are there hybrid calipers out there? The pistons are very tight but the dust seals also seem like new that said I'm thinking they will need stripping and resealing rather than risk fitting them. The kits on offer all seem to be minus the "O" ring that sits between the caliper halves anyone suggest what size they are and where to purchase them and the best seal kit? Thanks Andy
  15. Hi all Some might know the difficulties with the current standard offerings which means I will most likely be looking for alternatives. I was hoping to wait until I'd driven her as standard before thinking about "up grades" as suspension set up I feel is a very personal choice and dependent on how you intend to use the car. This one for a change for me is going to be a keeper and as standard as possible in all areas apart from fixing known weak areas eg chassis and safety issues and used as a road car for days out and about when the weather allows. So what's your experience of the above? Any others I should consider? The rear will be kept with the OEM lever arms for now which have already been rebuilt. Thanks Andy

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