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  1. Hi Henry Run both a separate earth and 12v to the pump. If it fails to improve Id suspect that the battery is on its way out. Rob may have another solution. Andy
  2. Here you go Roger. I tried the 3m backing pads which worked fro a little while until compressed and worn through by the pistons after which the squealing was back. Following Marco's advice plus Mintex brake grease everything remains quite. Andy
  3. You sure you're not dreaming Roy! Its so dark here we have the lights on and the rats are throwing themselves on the traps in distress.
  4. I cant remember a more dismal summer to date with barely more than 10 summer like days so far in the north with nothing on the horizon its rained just about every day. Anyone remember a worse summer? Andy
  5. I know this has been discussed lots over the last few years but based on my own experience of a selection HT sets for TR and MX5 you get what you pay for in terms of reliability and performance. Biting the bullet a few months ago and fitting a Magnacore set once again made a definite difference plus they last, connect positively and don’t fall apart inspiring confidence that this part of the ignition circuit is optimised. Expensive but not much more when you have thrown two sets away getting there! Andy
  6. If she fires up with no choke that would suggest she is running a tad rich? Andy
  7. Unfortunately I'm still on holiday with the two youngest grandkids so couldn't attend this year. Looks like a good gathering and I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. Hope to catch you all next year. Andy
  8. Given Neils and Robs comments I'd suggest all is well and simply ignore and enjoy the car if she is otherwise running fine. Andy
  9. Long shot based on a similar problem with a puck type clutch I fitted to my MX5 race car which turned out to be related to inadequate release bearing travel resolved by adjusting its throw. Now the theory as the clutch components expand with heat perhaps the movement is then slightly reduced resulting in judder. Do you have 15-17mm of movement from the slave cylinder? If not resolve this and see what happens. Andy
  10. Ingenious ideas gentlemen but given the zillions of drain plugs out there surely there’s a market for a proper sockets which grip the flats to stop folk rounding them off. I’m sure it would save a lot of skint knuckles and pain going forward! Andy
  11. I know a lot of folk use a hex socket for these square drain plugs and I’ve searched in the past for a uk source for square 3/8 or 1/2 inch socket to fit various drain plug sizes but they seem almost unobtainable anyone have a UK source? Andy
  12. Sounds just like my PRV symptoms when it was sticking. Swapped it out for a modern one no issue since. Tested it by hooking a fuel pressure gauge to the MU the pressure was dropping to 30psi. Left her for a couple of minutes and she would start before the same thing happening again . Good place to start after checking you have no electrical issues short out the inertia switch and see what happens. Andy
  13. PodOne

    Brake pads TR6

    Hi David Personally for what pads cost I’d bin them as there’s no guarantee the bonding to the metal/pad hasn’t broken down. Possibly when you most need them! Besides material technology has progressed in 30 years. Andy
  14. Hi Colin On 82c off 68c can't see why you would want anything higher or lower otherwise the engine would be running outside it optimum heat range and the oil if too low never reach its optimum temperature > 85c. Mine seems happy with this set up and cuts in and out in traffic and so far I've never needed to use the override switch for continuous running. TRGB sell both the pipe and thermo switch to suit. Andy
  15. Hi Colin Most of the usual suppliers sell the stainless pipe and stat. I use the same fan/pipe set up and it works well for me. Only thing I did different was to have the radiator core uprated which may also help with cooling. Andy
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