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  1. Hello Les, So sorry to hear your news, even though TS952 was sold some years ago as Patsy could no longer ride in her I still look at the register site every week or so. I am certain that your 2 will eventually go to a member that will complete what you started, you have certainly (in my opinion) done most of the hard work. All the best - Nigel
  2. Even though I have TR less for a while now I still keep an eye on the forum! To remove the bezel wear a rubber glove (marigold or similar!!) to grip the bezel, works well. Regards to all, Nigel (ex TS952)
  3. Hi Tom, I'm still about!!! Weller 9200ud for a single heat, but if you can justify it a weller DP650 dual heat. I have had the dual heat one for over 30 years now and it's still going strong and a great tool. Use lead (60/40) solder or 37/63 as some now call it. Nigel
  4. Collecting it up next week Alan, will send some pics. Nigel
  5. Hang on Tony, section 2.2 of MOT testers manual allows 75mm of play (3") at the rim for motorcars with non rack & pinion steering. Suggest it may well be within limits. Nigel (ex TS952, now something uniquely French!)
  6. Not a brilliant photo but TS952 had thin veneered ply overlaying the original metal dash (plus the inevitable cutout for the clock). Nigel
  7. The hub in the photo is original and as Stuart say's the nipple is was a standard fitment but as Roger stated not really needed. According to the owners handbook they should be given 'five strokes of the grease gun every 5000 miles'. Obviously a total loss system! Nigel (with TS952)
  8. This may not be relevant BUT when I rebuilt the 2 many years ago I could not get rid of a vibration (like an off balance wheel), I had the wheels rechecked etc. and even changed the wheels! It turned out to be an off balance 'repro' brake drum. I made up a jig from a spare hub and could not believe how out of balance it was, I got some weights from our local tyre depot and attached them with JB weld. The amount needed can be seen on the photo. Never had a problem since. This cropped up many years ago on the forum and I think the consensus was that there is no way a drum can be out of balance causing vibration, believe me it can be and it was. It was only in your thread that you stated removing the hubcap improved matters. Have the drums been replaced at any time? Nigel
  9. Just make sure the points are closed when measuring the voltage Nigel
  10. Bob - great minds etc. Fitted the double switch to the 2 in 2002. Nigel
  11. To save an extra switch I replaced the wiper switch with a headlamp one. First pull wipers, second wipers and washer........... easy . Nigel
  12. I agree with Alan, digital multimeters can be a pain on vehicle electrics. Get hold of an analogue one if you can, an avo is one of the best as it is very rugged. Picked mine up for £10.00 in a junk shop a few years ago. Nigel
  13. Ciggy lighter socket in the rear of the glove box. Advantage is that anything that is charging can be hidden away in the glove box, (also somewhere to put it while charging). Nigel
  14. The thing I have used on many occasions like this is a 'Nutsert Tool', look it up on ebay & youtube and all will become obvious. It has got me out of many 'holes' in the past getting fixings on blind panels. It's one of those tools that you don't use for ages and then wonder how you would manage without it. A self tapping fastener should screw in to the right size nutsert with no problem Nigel
  15. Body definitely looks better than TS952 when I got her but the mechanics on ours were in a much better shape and at least our car was virtually complete. As Menno say's - a fair bit of money for a resto, perhaps I am out of touch with prices. Nigel
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